[CODE] Character Relationship Chart

POSTED: Thu Jun 30, 2011 12:12 pm

A bunch of people have been asking me if they can use my relationship chart. I say: go for it! I don't mind either way if you credit me -- it's up to you. I didn't come up with the idea and it's not copyright to me. I saw it on another RPG and thought it was neat, so I coded my own :}

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[doHTML]<style type="text/css">
/* Relationship Log */
.relog td .sub01 {width:25%;}
.relog td .sub02 {width:65%}
.relog td .sub03 {width:10%;margin-left:4%}
.relog #ssb {font-weight:bold;font-size:1.2em;}</style>

<div class="relog"><div class="header">Relationship Log</div>
<td id="ssb" class="sub01"> Name </td>
<td id="ssb" class="sub02"> Opinion</td>
<td id="ssb" class="sub03"> Threads </td>

<td> <a href="?showuser=###"><span class="aw">NAME</span></a> </td>
<td> L♥VE</td>
<td> <a href="?viewtopic.php?t=##">01</a>, <a href="?viewtopic.php?t=##">02</a> </td>


Relationship Log
Name Opinion Threads
Firstname Surname L♥VE, admiration 01, 02
Firstname Surname HAET D:, annoyance 01, 02

I use an alternative version for Claudius, which <a href='http://soulsrpg.com/ipb/viewtopic.php?t=13991&view=findpost&p=234367' target='_blank'>uses an alt code to display the pack affiliation</a>. You're welcome to quote the post for the code if you like it better!

Other alt codes:
█ Alt 219
▄ Alt 220
▌ Alt 221
▐ Alt 222
▀ Alt 223
▲ Alt 30
▼ Alt 31
► Alt 16
◄ Alt 17
░ Alt 176
▒ Alt 177
▓ Alt 178

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