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POSTED: Sun May 20, 2012 12:10 pm

All you need to do in change the border, background, text and speech colours!

ooc talk

Does, Thinks, 'Talks'

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[doHTML]<div class="gal01-border"><div class="gal01">
<p class="ooc"></p>

.gal01.ooc {font-style:italic; }
.gal01 p {padding:2px 20px; margin:0px; text-indent:35px;}
.gal01 b {color: #CAB802; letter-spacing:-.2px;  }
.gal01 {background-color: #EAE8D4; border:5px solid #91A90A; font-family: verdana, serif; font-size:12px; color: #91A90A;  letter-spacing:.4px; word-spacing:.3px; line-height:16px; width:450px; text-align:justify;}
.gal01-border {width:454px; border:1px solid #91A90A; margin:0 auto;}

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