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Open for anyone. Silas is being a good boy and actually doing his duty! :o +3

The sun had yet to breach the horizon, and yet the sky was painted with the light pastels of the morning pushing back the deep indigo that dominated the night. The young Russian woke in his quiet room, pausing at the end of his bed to roll his shoulders and extend his arms high into the air above him. With any stiffness from sleep dispelled, he rose to his full height to let icy eyes travel the room. He immediately grabbed for the blue bandana, tying it expertly amongst the dark locks of his hair. Next, he pulled on the dark vest he had gotten in Halifax to accompany the torn denim jeans he had slept in. The combat knife was restored at its usual position on a belt loop, before Silas felt as if he were ready to venture out into the corridor.

Once there, quiet steps brought him down the stairwell and to the first floor. Only a minute later, and he was outside in the early morning light. Many of the clans members would still be sleeping, though others (like Cassius, he was sure) had yet to sleep. For now, he’d get his early morning rounds taken care of, so Inferni could rest assured their borders were well watched and no one could slip in past the piked skulls.

He trailed south until he reached the river Styx, and then turned to head back in the direction he had come. The coast was the one area the clan was almost always protected, for few ventured out into the waters of the Bay. It was from the mountain side that they needed to watch their borders, for wanderers often came from over Halcyon and further north in Canada. The boy easily trailed up along the Forest of Nod before the sun had fully risen out from behind the horizon, and he figured it wouldn’t be much longer until he reached Occasus Promontorium, where he had once sat with Razekiel at his strange little campsite.

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Sepirah normally was not up anytime around dawn. She loved to sleep in and didn’t want to wake until she had to. Today was not unusual, it was just cold. Winter was settling in the on the land and it would soon bring about less prey to the land. The one thing that the dark princess hated was snow. She was not used to it and didn’t really like it. She wished there never was now. Hopefully if she was lucky this year then Inferni would not be covered in the white fluff. At least the sun was beginning to hang into the sky so it would soon get warmer.

Sepirah awoke from her slumber like usual to the sun peaking into her home. It was still a bit cold and it didn’t look like it was going to get warmer anytime soon. The dark princess’ fur was helping a bit but not enough. It was times like these that she wished she was born with thicker fur. The jackal slipped out of her home and padded along to the forest just north of the mansion where she had met her half sister, though this time she was checking more along the borders rather than in the actual forest. Since she had gotten her promotion in her tier, she had been more willing to be along the borders to greet some new comers. It didn’t look like there was anyone here, but she continued along just in case.

The dark princess continued until she caught the scent of another pack mate in the area. She had become well known among the pack seeing as she had just about met everyone. Hopefully this was someone she hadn’t met yet. The caelum followed the scent until she came across the tan and black male. He had some earings as well as a blue head band. He was pretty handsome for an Inferni coyote. The dark female relaxed her posture as she approached. ”Hello there.”

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Alyssum de Fonte

Alyssum rolled over and off her stiff pillow, still half asleep, with a light blanket tangled around her from a restless night. She was informed the night before that she was promoted, and obviously skipped right over the Milites ranks. That made her so excited, that it was hard for her to sleep that night, unable to finally close her eyes until near midnight. Her bird, a peregrine falcon name Darius that Niro and her helped, slept peacefully in his own cage, his wing still bandaged with Niro's handiwork. He was healthy so far, with Alyssum feeding him bits of meat every time she caught something. His cage was hanging on a branch in the tree that the coyote slept under, since she wanted to sleep outside, like she did on her travels. She somewhat missed sleeping under the stars, and decided to do so that night.

After a moment of blurred thinking, she decided to get up, though it was still pretty early. Already in Optime form, her most favored, she slipped on a pair of tattered jeans that had holes where her knees were, and one of the few clothing that she fashioned before she joined Inferni. Originally, it was a ragged, dirt-caked long sleeved blouse that was a faded gray. But, after Alyssum got her paws on it, she renewed it to where it only showed slight stains that you could only see in direct light, and it was dyed grayish brown, similar to the coloring of the tree she rested under. After checking on Darius and putting her military knife, which she found in Halifax, into her belt loop, she slipped off towards north. She already was shown some of the coast, and wanted to see more of Inferni by herself.

As she trekked through and out of Nod, she came across two scents. The first one, which was fresher, smelled of Sepirah, the jackal hybrid that first greeted her at the borders, along with Gabriel. Then, she scented the second one, which was even less familiar, besides the usually Inferni scent, and it was older compared to Sepirah's scent. Alyssum then pondered what was going on, since the two scents seemed to head in the same direction. She followed the scent trail easily, her hand hovering near her knife in case she needed to suddenly pull it out. But, they dropped to her side as she spotted the familiar Sepirah, along with another coyote she hadn't met before. "Hey Sepirah, and greetings,"she said with a tiny smile, her second hello projected to the unknown Luperci. She was completely comfortable despite the fact that she didn't know Silas; he was a pack member, after all, so what should she be concerned about?

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The first part of his trek had gone by rather quickly and mostly in silence aside from the light sounds of nature as the sun began to rise. Silas had made it through much of the Forest of Nod before the sun had risen past the horizon, and it wasn’t until then that he finally caught the scent of another on the breeze. However, it was not anything he detected outside the borders and the young Russian soon realized it was a fellow clans member. The young Vigiles halted his gait, turning to let pale blue eyes settle on the dark approaching form.

She was unlike anything he had ever seen before - slim, dark, and completely unfamiliar. He had done well to exclude himself from most of the current happenings in Inferni, what with his recent bout of depression. "Good morning," he greeted back, finding his Russian accent to be somewhat thicker than usual. For whatever reason, it seemed as if the boy’s heritage was more apparent in his voice when he had not spoken in quite some time.

Before proper introductions could be made, another form seemed to be making its way through the forest towards their position. Silas looked on interestedly, though indifferent to his new companions. Whether or not he had company, he was determined to finish his rounds before the sun made its way too high in the morning sky. The sandy gold coyote greeted the black Jackal, and Silas let his gaze return to the latter. Sepirah seemed to be her name. "Mornin’," he greeted the newcomer, as his focus returned to her. It was strange to think that the two members that had happened to come across him that morning were two he did not recognize, but the information included in their scents told him they belonged here. In fact, they had moved beyond the Tirones, rank proving their worth to the clan.

"Zhe name’s Silas," he decided to add, looking expectantly to the sandy coyote to see if she would offer her name in return. "I vas just patrolling zhe borders, eef you’d like to come along?" He wasn’t sure why else they would have come to him, and he figured six eyes were better than one in the long run.

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Sepirah was excited to meet more members of her pack and spend time with them. Even though she hadn’t had many more duties with her new title but she was making sure to check the borders as well. The dark princess paused when she heard a voice behind her. She turned her head over her shoulder to see the new comer she had welcomed to the Inferni pack. A smirk appeared on her face as she flicked her tail. ”Ah Alyssum, it’s nice to see you again. How are you adjusting to life here in Inferni?” She beckoned the golden female to come closer and join her with the male. The jackal’s golden gaze turned back to the male, ready to hear his introduction.

The male replied to Sepirah’s greeting and introduced himself as Silas. It was an interesting name for a male to have and she tilted her head in respect to her pack mate. She didn’t know if he was a higher rank then she was so she did this to be on the safe side. ”It’s a pleasure to meet you Silas. You been a member of Inferni for long?” She was eager to learn more about her other pack mates that had been here before her.

Since Sepirah and the other two pack members were close to the borders, perhaps it wouldn’t be too bad of an idea to do some scouting. With winter here, it would be better for them to scout out some warm places to stay as well as find some food that they could share with everyone. The dark princess moved her ears around to listen for anything. ”Would either of you be interested in a bit of scouting?” The jackal took a seat and waited for the two coyotes to give their input.

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I guess so. Maybe others could join when we start tracking whatever we hunt?

Alyssum noted the man's dialect, trying to place where he came from. It sounded like he wasn't from England, for sure, nor Germany, but something more eastern to Germany. Russian?she guessed in her mind. His looks seemed nothing of the Lykoi family, which populated more than half of Inferni in some way or form. She had yet to see an Inferni member who had no direct ties to that family, so it was interesting to see that she wasn't the only one here that had no close relations to anyone in the clan. Then, when he announced his name, she wondered even more if the name Silas had Russian origin, which would prove that maybe he came from across the sea; she was really curious how it was in a country that was from Eurasia, since they were more humanized.

She felt that she didn't need to repeat her name, since Sepirah greeted her by her title "I wouldn't mind going patrolling and scouting. In fact, I would be grateful,"she replied heartily, straighting up her stance. She was most likely lower ranked than Silas, and he had probably been here longer than her; both him and Sepirah could point out some key areas they approach that Alyssum needed to know, so moving across the borders would be must. Besides, she could learn more about the two, since she only knew a few members out of the twenty others. "Which direction will we be heading in?"she asked, readjusting the army knife to where it wouldn't slip out easily from her belt loop. She had yet explored the northern parts of Inferni, mainly the coast, the forest of Nod, and the other southern parts of the territory. She glanced up at the sky; though it was still early morning, the sky was starting to lighten, mainly in the east, as the sun crawled higher.

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According to the prompt, we're not actually supposed to hunt the reindeer, but rather just track them down and report their position to a leader? The reindeer have been spotted in the Fornholdt, so if these three keep going north they will eventually find them. :D +3

The sandy coyote did not offer her name, but Silas caught it when Sepirah addressed her; Alyssum. It appeared as if they already knew somewhat about each other, and Silas wondered if they had perhaps joined the clan around the same time. Frankly, with the way his life had been going over the past few months, the young Russian had somewhat lost focus on what was happening around him inside and outside of the clan. "Zhanks, you too," the male responded to the dark colored jackal, a polite grin highlighting his features. "Aye, I ‘ave been in zhe clan for almost a year." In fact, it would have been a year on Christmas, so the male still had a few weeks to go. It was strange to think that a little over a year ago, he and his family had been living in a motel in Halifax, after arriving to Nova Scotia on their ship from Russia. So much had changed in just a year that it almost seemed impossible to imagine.

Silas had to admit that he was rather surprised to come across two other clans members this early in the morning, though he had already completed some of his rounds by now, and he supposed many of the others would be waking as well. Both seemed eager to continue patrolling with him, which he was completely fine with, but he would not break from his path. If they decided they would follow, that would be great. If not, he could continue on his way and them theirs. "I vas just doing my rounds, and vas headed up tovards Razekiel’s camp and zhen up by zhe Goldsglen Peak. You are both velcome to join me." The Russian was curious if they’d come across anything, for often times Silas’ patrols were fruitless. However, with the winter fast approaching, he would not be surprised if they perhaps found a wanderer.

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Sepirah was glad to see that Silas was in a good mood and welcomed the two females in his presence. The dark princess was a bit amazed to hear that the male had been here for almost a year. It was nice to meet some of the older members. Perhaps she would be able to learn a few tips from him about fighting and scouting. She had no idea that she was now the highest in her tier, but this would be new for her. She would be able to teach the lower ranks. It was a real honor to be able to teach someone under her, but she had no idea of which members were of what rank. Perhaps the next time she saw a leader, she would be able to ask as well as make Alyssum and Silas look good.

Sepirah was glad to hear that they were both up to scouting, although Silas was already doing a round. This was the perfect chance for her to just sit back and let someone else take the lead. The dark princess moved back behind Silas and smirked. ”Alright then Silas. Why don’t you lead the way?” She made sure to maintain a calm tone when she addressed him. It would be better to for her to not make the impression that she was ambitious and was just trying to give someone else a chance in the spotlight.

Sepirah waited for the male to lead the way before following behind the male. She wanted to try and start up a conversation, but nothing was coming to mind. Perhaps this would be Alyssum’s chance to get to know someone other than the dark princess. She paced herself along and wagged the tip of her tail. So far today was a good day. The jackal kept her golden gaze ahead trailed along behind Silas.

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Alyssum watched the sky drift to a lighter color, the darkness seeping down the western horizon. The young female thought, with not many creatures stirring besides themselves, the dawn was peaceful and relaxing, though it was still colder than what she was used to. She felt tiredness tugging at the back of her mind, since she slept only but a couple of hours last night, but she pushed the groggy thoughts away with a short rub of her eyes. "I'm up for a patrol,"she piped up, straighting up from her slightly crouching stance. She never went beyond the northern parts of Nod, so this territory was interesting and new to her.

She wondered who Razekiel was when Silas mentioned him, having to yet hear of him. It was strange to her that one was living not in the caves or the mansion, but she guessed everyone had their preferences. Alyssum fell in line behind Sepirah, nodding in agreement to the jackal-hybrid's statement about leading them; since he seemed to be familiar with the borders, she felt that Silas should lead the patrol. Though she was still new to the pack, little over a week and a half, she was getting into the routine of things, adapting to the foreign environments at a quick rate. Maybe in no time at all it will be as if she had been here for years.

"So, you patrol the borders often?"she asked Silas, her voice sorta standoffish but it was confident for the most part; it was difficult for Alyssum to strike up small talk because she didn't meet many people once she was exiled from her old pack. "Is your rank the..." The coyote thought over for a moment what ranks there were, looking through her memory for the right one, and continued with her sentence,"the Vigiles?" She knew only a few things about Latin, but she guessed that the rank did make sense, since it sounded like 'vigilant', which a watchman would have to be.

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At Sepirah’s words, the young Russian simply nodded, turning then to continue his patrol northward. The dark colored jackal flanked him and Alyssum was just a step behind her, though the two were not so far behind as to not be able to hear one another. Their formation made the perfect little scouting group. Now Silas was just curious as to whether or not they would actually come across anything.

The trio trailed along the edge of Nod, though it only took a minute or two for the landscape to change and signal their arrival into the area of Occasus Promontorium. Sure enough, Silas’ pale colored eyes easily spotted the light trail of smoke that rose from Razekiel’s camp in the distance. Their path would not take them directly by Razekiel’s camp, but they would not lose sight of the smoke until they made their way to Goldsglen Peak.

Silas turned his head slightly to one side, blackened ears swiveling to catch the sound of Alyssum’s voice. "I do," he replied simply, adding a slight not to reaffirm his words. Patrolling the borders had been one of his tasks ever since joining the clan, and it was something he had always been adamant about. Especially now, with the promise of taking care of Halo and her son, he took the job seriously. He would not be responsible for letting an intruder slip by the borders.

"Yes, zhe Vigiles." He had to admit that he was somewhat surprised to hear the young woman guess at his rank, but he supposed it was somewhat obvious. Despite all of the time he had spent in the clan’s ranks, he had not ascended any higher than the Immunes tier. "You are quick, ya?" He commented, smiling slightly even though neither of the two would be able to see it. "Zhat over zhere ees Razekiel’s camp, in case you ‘ave not been zhere before," he told them, rolling his head in the direction of the smoke that filtered into the crisp winter air.

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