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+3 :: This takes place in The Dampwoods near Inferni. Time is just after dawn. Hopefully someone I don't currently have a thread with will reply. :)

Since his rise to Aquila, Ezekiel had seen the death of a child and reacted by doing what his sister had suggested—chase away the wolves. While he did not find the concept deplorable, the reasoning behind it was. With Maki dead, the golden coyote was left feeling sickened by his inability to have kept the boy safe. Gabriel had been little help, with his gruff and blunt reassurance that nothing could be done. Frustrated even further by his father’s behavior, Ezekiel had taken off to the forest. He had not left Inferni since his ascension and now desired nothing more than to get away from the clan for some time. Until he was reassured that Halo and the other girls could hold the clan without him, he would not go further than that.

Viggo had been left to wander, as Ezekiel went to hunt. He was not incapable of using his four-legged form, but he found the results more favorable with the bow. This was why he had been perched in a tree since before dawn, listening. A doe and her fawn had come by as the first light crept through the wood, but the coyote had not taken the kill-shot. He hunted with the same responsibility he had been taught by his elders; kill the weak and kill the male. A doe could repopulate what was taken. A buck, while certain part of the equation, was replicable.

Ibsen had followed him but since gone off to find something more interesting than spending his morning in a tree, and so Ezekiel was alone. He had been waiting for a buck to come by, but now as hunger turned sharp, he began to look for other solutions. A plump rabbit turned out to be his breakfast, shot from above. Ezekiel had been careful with his aim and taken it through the skull—he despised the rabbit-scream and had no desire to hear it. The coyote jump-fell out of the tree and retrieved his arrow. Once clean it rejoined the others, and the combat knife went to work severing the head and the tiny heart from the rabbit. Archaic as it was, the practice helped calm the hunter, who dug a shallow pit for both and once buried began to eat the rabbit, fur and all.

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hello there!

Tak tread lightly upon the forest floor, desiring to make as little noise as possible. The loner was in foreign territory--he had been ever since he'd set off from his old home with no particular destination in mind. There was something very calming about having no where to be, it slowed down time and allowed the hybrid to live as he pleased, the world was his entirely, or so he felt. Still, Tak yearned for interaction at times and knew that his time as a free soul was limited--he would need a pack to survive, especially when winter fell, but for right now he knew he had time to wander and bask in the summer's sun that made prey so abundant, especially in a place like these woods where he'd been reluctant to leave for the past few weeks.

He was not presently hunting, though he was tuned in to the sounds of the forest, entranced by the fact that he could seem so alone, yet life buzzed all around him. The world was such a funny place and at times he felt that there were millions of tiny worlds inside this great big one, overlapping, forcing interaction, one world's pain the source of another's pleasure. So lost was the hybrid in his thoughts that he only barely glimpsed the arrow that stuck the rabbit ahead of him. The shot was perfect and Tak stopped abruptly. His violet eyes focused in on the rabbit, waiting for its killer to retrieve it. Soon enough a male appeared and Tak watched silently as he went to work on his prey. Slightly intimidated, Tak moved forward to make his presence known.

"Nice shot," he commented, keeping his distance in case the stranger did not appreciate his company. "I'm Tak an der Ruhr, and you?" he asked, attempting to stir some sort of conversation from the hunter.

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Horray, I was going to ask you for a thread anyway. :D -may try and kidnap Tak and bring him to Inferni-

Between his teeth bones and muscle that had been living but minutes ago were crushed and devoured. Ezekiel ate with little joy, only doing so because his body required such sustenance. While not as large as his father, the coyote still displayed his mixed blood in his size. Being large as he was (comparably, of course) meant that his meals needed to come more often. Luckily, his skill with the bow eliminated most chance of failure.

Despite being caught up in the consumption of his meal, Ezekiel spotted the strange coyote and tensed. It was a natural reaction—one born out of a world where he had learned to fight for food. Things were far different within Inferni, but these woods were more familiar to him than the open plains of the Waste. Here, the world still held the potential to be savage in ways even Inferni could not meet. Still, the stranger displayed no aggression and had not snuck up on him. Either he was very clever, as others had been, or simply friendly.

The blonde man offered a plastic smile that did not meet his eyes. “Ezekiel de le Poer. That’s an interesting name you have,” he commented, unsure of its origin. It certainly didn’t sound like anything he had heard before. “You new to the area?”

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