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The air was different here, more wet. The dank scent of rich soil brimming with entirely unfamiliar flora hung heavy all around her, and strange bird calls echoed in the distance of the dense, shady patch of forest. A sudden flurry of wings overhead caused the diminutive coyote to dip low into the underbrush where she froze perfectly still. Even her breath hitched to a halt. Large violet eyes rolled upward to catch a glimpse of a feathered silhouette vanishing into the canopy. Nothing but a quail. The bird could have been her supper had she lunged and snapped with predatory precision instead of laying low like some hapless creature of prey. Her stomach growled as if in chastization for her caution. The newness of the land pricked at her senses and deprived her of her otherwise formidable accuracy in reading her surroundings.

The geographic adjustments certainly played a part in her near stumble into an alien clan's territories. Giza had narrowly avoided the group to the West, evading detection when she edged by their lands by no small stroke of fortune. Had she not known how to meld into shadow, she'd have surely been discovered.

The small pads of her paws moved across the forest floor with feather weight, deftly avoiding noisy twigs and knotting roots. Her ever lowered head lifted at an encouraging sights: ominously displayed skulls and spatters of red. If she had been properly informed, her destination was most certainly near. The faintest of smiles curved at her maw for only a moment before it fell, ears flattening in apprehension. If her leads had spoken the truth about the clan's borderline regalia, then their description of Inferni's unforgiving attitude toward intruders was also likely on point. She'd like to consider herself as a visitor, but she couldn't exactly claim to have been invited. Her journey spanning continents and ocean waters had come to a sudden and total halt.

What if neither Cotl nor Marik were among them?

Giza pressed on, match stick legs moving swiftly beneath her, without giving the question another moment's thought. She'd come too far, left too much behind. There was no turning back. She tentatively moved to the marked borderline and announced her presence with a nerve addled howl. At that, she sat and waited, ears twitching and eyes darting in all directions as she attempted constant surveillance of her surroundings.

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That takes my pain away!

Cotl had been walking along the borders, slightly in front of the woman who had been on his case a lot lately. He remembered that she had come to his room and she had brought him inks and she had asked him a really off question. It had taken some time for his sober mind to figure out what the drunk ears of his had heard from the woman. She had not brought up the subject but she had been hanging around a lot more lately as if she wanted something from him besides what he already gave her. He thought about it long and hard, what she had said, and it only came back to him in pieces, he remembered him asking her to ask him again when he was sober, but the question that she had asked was rather fuzzy itself. He knew she remembered, but she had not brought it up and he had been sober for some time now. He could only hope that he remembered it soon.

The two had been walking out to the borders though and doing some maintenance on the borders and other Imaginifer duties. Why Talitha had included herself was beyond him, maybe it was just to spend more time with him since he had accused her of being too busy for him and his face. It was slightly off to him to have her constantly around, and while he tried not to mind it, it obviously didn't work because he was worrying about it in his mind way more than he needed to. The constant attention was something he was not used to, and it slightly showed when he had been just staring at the woman because she was just there. He also felt like he couldn't do all that he wanted to because of her presence. It was slightly uncomfortable. The man would twitch and give a loud NYEH from his maw as he would stop at a pike and look up at the skull that was half falling off. He took a new string from his bag and he had taken down the pike and quickly retied the skull to the spike and then he replaced the pike back in it's hole. A scent would then hit his nose, and his bi-colored eyes would jerk in the direction the smell had come from. A howl would come from the scent's direction which would also make his large rust ears move on his head. He twitched his neck and looked back at Talitha, nodded, and then he took off in the direction of the scent and it's bearer, failing to notice if Talitha was following or not.

When he had come upon the bearer of the scent, the male came to a halt and he pushed his long dark hair from his eyes to actually take a good look at this woman. She looked astonishingly close to Marik's patterns, minus the piercings and tattoos that Cotl had carved into the skin of the male. A frown hugged the man's jaw and his eyes narrowed on the young woman. Who are you?-FICK- the man asked the woman who looked very close to his younger brother.

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She hadn't cared when she took up the rather dutiful task of keeping Cotl company, even when he started to show signs of discomfort. It wasn't affection that caused her to cater; it was loneliness. Talitha hadn't brought up the issue after he'd sobered up, she hadn't asked again about taking him as her mate and she didn't plan to. In the crimson eyes of the de le Poer, he had rejected her. Rejection was never good for the ego of the frail-minded Queen.

Her duties as an Imaginifer were tended to dutifully, skulls replaced and new ones settled as Cotl committed the same repairs to the borders of their shared home. The call that erupted into the air around them caused her to drop one; she looked to Cotl, who gave a nod before taking off, and grabbed up the fallen creation to follow him. The orange male stopped at the edge of the kingdom, and she settled into stillness a few inches to his left. The woman before them was young, charcoal and snowy and so similar to the other Ulrich — Marik. Cotl seemed displeased.

He asked who she was and Talitha snorted hot air from her nostrils. "It looks like Marik." It. Blatant disregard for the humanity of other creatures was a trademark to the princess-witch's life. Fragile, feminine fingers tapped against the surface of the painted skull in her hands, blood-soaked eyes focused so intently on the features of the outsider coyote. They did indeed look so similar to the sex-charged brother of her sunshine lover, albeit female and far less decorated. "What do you want with Inferni, little girl."

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Cotl’s ticks had likely never sounded so wonderfully welcome to another living creature’s ears. The very same unrestrainable sounds were responsible for her ejection from her former home, just as sure as they were a cue she’d reached the destination of her consequential journey. What’s more, the resemblance to Lorelei was there – buried beneath his own distinctive body modifications, but there. The ghost reminder of her sister might have been jarring were she not so weary and overcome with relief. All the restless nights of self doubt and anxiety over her departure seemed to have been for naught. The welterweight coyote couldn’t restrain a tired but elated grin as her tail, though still lowered, gave a few short wags.

The smile only broadened at the mention of her father. The name ignited shinning glee in her violet eyes. Cotl’s seeming displeasure, and his companion’s demeaning comments and intense red-eyed stares were lost on little Giza. There was nothing, no measure of cruelty, which could compete with the potential arrival to a new home – to where she could find others to which she was bound by blood or loyalty to stave off the loneliness. And what an achingly solitary trip it had been.

The transition into her opitome form brought her to stand at her full unimpressive height, though her small lithe body seemed to be harbouring enough excitement for ten males twice her size. Giza fought to restrain it, to give respect where respect was due. Her head lowered slightly, and cocked mildly to the side. Her thick raven disheveled curls fell about her shoulders. Though she first addressed the skull bearing female, her eyes never reached her, falling instead somewhere near her feet.

Marik is here? This is... good. Yes, very good.” She muttered through the thick filter of her German accent. Her tone was quiet. It would have been reasonable to assume she was speaking to herself were she not directing her sights toward the Inferni.

My name is Giza Ulrich-Reinhilde.” Her cautious gaze traveled toward Cotl, with whom she allowed herself the briefest moment of eye contact before looking back toward the patch of forest floor near the female once more.

And I am here to see my father, and to join his clan, if they would have me.” She answered, smile still lingering though she stood awkwardly, as if uncomfortable in her narrow limbs.

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Excuse me, do you want to screw?

Cotl looked at the small woman, noting her tiny size. He could only start to wonder who it was. Talitha would be quick to follow behind him, and she would be there right at his side only seconds after he had stopped to look at this coydog. She looked too much like Marik for him to simply ignore and he sighed about it lightly. Where the fuck did this one come from? Talitha commented about how she looked like Marik. Cotl said nothing if only because Talitha was stating the obvious and he would have said some snappy shit to her if he had spoken to her. Instead his intense, fire-ice gaze was stuck on the woman as she had changed from lupus to optime in front of them and she had shown her skill to concentrate in front of them and change within a minute or so. When she had erected to her full height, she stood smaller than both Cotl and Tali. Cotl could only wonder who this woman's mother was. She muttered words to herself, and then glanced at him. He held the same frown that his children and he often had on their faces (it seemed that permanent scowls ran in Cotl's genes) still there, his arms still crossed, eyes still focused on the woman. His shoulder would twitch and he cleared his throat as the woman had introduced herself as Giza Ulrich-Reinhilde. Her mother was Rebekka then. Cotl's left ear had folded back and then he cocked his head lightly.

Du brothers ist here und Marik. Izaak ist dead dough. the man simply stated to the woman, telling her that Sascha and Izaak were here as well as Marik, but Izaak had died in the past winter. He was gruff about admitting that he was dead, but showed no other emotion but the anger that seemed to radiate from his body. He also didn't know of the relationship between her and her stupid ass brother, but he had been stupider than a rock, and hopefully she was not the same way. The woman would then speak about wanting to see Marik and to live here in the clan with them. Cotl looked at his lover, knowing that she had been one of the leaders now, and she would be one of the ones to go to if one wanted to join the clan. His cold eyes sat on Talitha for a moment, expecting her to have more to say, because there was always something that she had to say, he knew this oh so well. The whole 'act like a princess' thing she had going on when he was around did not fool him. He knew that she had darker tendencies, plenty of times it had been proven to him.

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Talitha grimaced as the girl lowered her head, cocking it to the side to stare past into the lands of the coyotes, but she appreciated someone who could speak quickly an intelligently. The fact that this woman was quiet off-set even that, however. The de le Poer bristled, fingers tapping ever still upon the white and painted surface of some poor soul's skull. As Cotl dealt with this 'Giza', however, the Aquila's sister remained silent. Her abrasive personality was well known by those within the clan, and even some faces outside of it, and her silence always precluded her brash and hateful words. The woman's uncle spoke on their family, how Sascha and Izaak and Marik were there, but how Izaak was deceased. Oh, he was deceased indeed, kept on Cotl's dresser in plain view of those who ventured into Ende.

And then it was her turn.

The Imaginifer turned to look at the princess and she took her moment to interrogate and belittle. It was her gift, after all. "It is not his clan. Your father ranks low in our world, and you'll do well to realize now that those who lead us are far from what he is." Of course, she did not think little of Marik; in fact, Talitha found him amusing. This girl, of course, remained to be seen. "What can you offer us that we don't have already, girl?" The proud de le Poer rose to her full height, standing the tallest in the group by several full inches, as she waited for an explanation; it was a common question, one she expected all those she met to answer before allowing them a place in the coyote world. Inappropriate answers received reprimand, and those she liked gave access into a distant group of families.

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She'd been beaten to the new world by her brothers, one of whom managed to meet his end in the process. And though the shock visibly shook her, she was grateful to have heard it from the lips of another rather then stumbling across her sibling with her own eyes. Whatever grief, remorse, or anger was inspired by the news was either belated by the numbing effects of the shock or swallowed and pressed down into her narrow chest where she amassed and ignored the majority of sensations too uncomfortable to bare in public. Tender feelings were not for the eyes of strangers. The daunting task of reuniting with Sasha weighed heavy on her mind, but she'd cross that particularly perilous bridge when she came to it. For the time being, there was no shortage of challenges directly at hand.

Cotl was angry. That was plain enough to see, but whether the wrath issuing from him in torrents was for her or someone else, she couldn't be sure. Regardless, his tempered stance only strengthened the man's ability to conjure the memory of Lorelei. Giza had to call upon every last ounce of strength to not fold into an overly submissive quivering display as father and daughter bled together in her mind's eye. Old habits die hard, and it was not so long ago she still found herself under Lorelei's overbearing influence.

It was the drumming of the female's nails against bone that sobered her and spared her from making a fool of herself. It was an unnerving tick, one Giza couldn't help but fixate upon, ears twitching toward the hollow sons. There was a comfortable familiarity in her demeaning tones. The skull toting female gave the impression of a lead, of someone of significance - at least she spoke as if she were, and Giza was willing to wager her inclinations were correct. Had she not been certain the woman was so entirely entitled to her submission, she might have smirked that she knew nothing of what her father was, or that it was near impossible to say what she had to offer that the clan was lacking when she hadn't the slightest of the nature of their members or their talents. She wasn't so dense as to be unable to recognize when to swallow her wit.

"Stealth." She answered, craning her neck to take in the woman now looming above. "Speed. Slight of hand. Surveillance. It was my former place to observe, mostly the goings on of other clans, and return with that knowledge."

She omitted the part about how she was given the task because she was thought of as to small or useless to do anything else, and considered expendable were she caught. Her eyes reflexively darted back to the west, where she had her near run in with the shadows of a neighboring clan. She'd not be so bold as to ask for an opportunity to prove herself, but the desire weighed heavy in her chest. Little Giza was always eager to please.

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I whispered in her ear:
You better fear me, for I am Death, Bitch.

His eyes slipped from woman to woman, but they lingered on the younger one, the one who looked of his brother and Rebekka. Why had they been showing up here? Why did they have to come and try and find Cotl and Marik? Why couldn't they just live their life under whatever fucking rock that they came from under? Cotl's ears both fell back lightly. It was just another mouth that he would have to feed. And what the hell took her so long to get here? Didn't she also have a sister or something? Sascha had mentioned something of a sister, or two, he didn't quite remember, but he had held a deep note-padded conversation with the vocal chord-less male that had been his son. Cotl looked at the woman as she stood there, and he snorted lightly and twitched his neck again. Talitha had jumped on and told the girl that this was not the Ulrich's clan, and that Marik was in the lower ranks. This was true, only Cotl held a high rank in their family, and even he refused to move up in rank when offered. They weren't anything special (even though some seemed to think otherwise) and they probably would never be anything special. Cotl never thought about what he could be, he always thought about what he was currently. He had no intentions of changing. He had no need to.

Talitha would press the girl to see what she could offer the clan instead of just being another stupid mouth that needed to be fed everyday. Cotl was not looking forward to having to hunt for another mouth, for it had been hard for him to keep food around with Izaak, Sascha and Marik all dependent on him for food. Why Marik and Sascha cant hunt is beyond Cotl, but the reason why Izaak couldn't was because he was absolutely retarded. He had no time to learn things before he had come to Cotl, and their mother had failed on raising them it seemed like. They had unconventional ways that were incestuous and disgusting to the rust man as well, as he learned from walking in on Sascha and Izaak at some point in time. He could only imagine what this girl would be like. NYEH the noise came from his maw, but he did not speak. He had nothing to say. Giza did though, and she spoke of stealth being her skill as well as speed, surveillance. Vhere did du komm from? the man asked, not without clearing his throat after his question.

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Her dominance was, for the most part, an obvious thing. It wasn't that Talitha took her position to mean she was better — oh, she certainly was not — but physical jealousy caused the de le Poer to preen and smile and say mean things in order to show that she was a powerful force. It was her clan, her family, her world that this pretty young thing was stepping into. The outsiders quickly learned that it was Lykoi blood that ruled their small world, and Talitha made sure it stuck.

Giza told her simple skills without question and the de le Poer would have smiled were it not for her general distaste of everything. Speedy responses were pleasing to the nocturnal siren who held some power in the form of her control over Ezekiel de le Poer. Her tail swayed behind her in a brief gesture of appreciation. She said little else until Cotl's spastic sound shattered an odd silence about the trio; the woman's fragile hand reached out to take his white-tipped one, linking her pinky to the orange German's finger affectionately. He wasn't pleased; she could tell. "You'll be working under my cousin, then; don't let her get to you, though. Sage is different. We're not all so kind as she." While she felt comradre with her strange cousin, Inferni was no so passive as the hippie Lykoi woman.

She turned her head sideways to study the man at her side as he asked a strange question; didn't he know where this thing had hailed from? Having never been outside of Canada, Talitha knew nothing of the places across the ocean, and expected Cotl to have a deeper understanding.

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The longer she lingered under her uncle's harsh gaze, the more she wanted to disappear up her own existence. Giza was prone to the distinct impression there would be no pleasing Cotl. It was unnerving to encounter anyone she hadn't the slightest hope of winning over, but the rust colored father to her sister was a particularly disheartening case. During her lengthy trek to the Americas, as her ship was tossed about in dark seas, she allowed herself to entertain fantasies of being welcomed by the men who'd sired her and her siblings. In retrospect, these dreams were unfounded childish - the kind of soft-willed fodder Lorelei would have scolded her for had she been in her company.

At least with his female counterpart there was hope. Giza's slight chest swelled with pride and satisfaction at the smallest cue that she had provided a suitable answer. Her tail moved in reflexive mimicry of her inquisitor's - though she was quick to still it. She was hesitant to believe her induction was that easy, and that she'd soon see herself working under an Inferni distinguished by her kindness. Giza kept her enthusiasm in careful check. Cotl was of assistance in this.

His question, as simple as it was, could potentially lead to uncomfortable territories if properly followed. As she mulled over her answer, her eyes fell to the pair's linked fingers. Even the small sign of affection stirred envious longing in the pits of her stomach, and she quickly averted her eyes elsewhere.

"Leipzig." She answered. Though she suspected that wasn't the response the man was after, but where she'd wandered between her birthplace and her arrival at their borders. "Rechtsfolge bei Tod."

Giza hadn't the slightest what kind of relations lingered between Cotl and his former clan, but given she'd been ejected on basis of loose affiliation to him, she suspected they weren't warm.

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I whispered in her ear:
You better fear me, for I am Death, Bitch.

Cotl knew close to nothing about this girls bringing up, and even less about her mother whom had bore her and her siblings. He could tell how Rebekka knew who's children was who's though. Giza looked nothing like him, she held no posture like he, no frown, no bitterness seeming to slither from her body. Even Sascha, whom was as sweet as a piece of candy had a frown on his face that would match Cotl's. Izaak had a smile that matched Marik's. Izaak did not look like either Cotl nor Marik, but he had physical and mental cues that had told Cotl that Izaak was not his son, and was of his brother. God were they incestuous. Izaak just couldn't keep his hands off of Cotl, or his mouth apparently as well since Marik had walked in on something naughty that Cotl and Izaak were doing (against Cotl's will basically) for he was just coked up and chilling out to come down from his high when Izaak hd come onto him. Anyways, enough of that, because that's a whole different story. Either way, Cotl still felt slightly disgusted with himself as he thought about this, and he hoped that they would not have a repeat of this with this girl. Cotl twitched his neck. -FUCKSHIT- were the only words to come from his maw as an interjection but no other words escaped his mouth then. The woman whom was standing next to him had taken one of his hands that was crossed over his chest, and he let her take this hand, almost ignoring that she had been so needy that she wanted his hand. It didn't hit him that this was also what she was asking of him the night he and his brother had gotten shitfaced and then Talitha had come in when Marik was passed out.

After she had taken his hand she had spoke to Giza once more, telling her that she would be living under one of her cousins, a kind one and that Inferni was not all kind like she. This was true, and Cotl had been one of those coyotes who could be particularly unpleasant in any real situation. Hell, Cotl had been seen as a merciless bastard at some point, having skinned and beheading his nephew's dead body and then gutting a wolf for looking at his horse as if it was meat for it to eat. He did not play very many games, and he was barely fun, except for maybe in the sheets. Cotl's rust ears pulled back forward when the woman had told him "Leipzig" because he had also been born there, but then she had the nerve to tell him what pack she had come from. Even though this was what he had asked in the first place, he was expecting her to say some other name. His muscles in his arms tensed and his tail was held very still and his shoulders tensed as well. Du shoulds habe set die lands ablaze vhen du left. was the only thing that passes his lips besides a clearing of his throat that occurred afterward.

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It was not her place to further judge the Ulrich woman, and so she found herself keeping busy by playing with Cotl's white fingers, tapping at the phalanges with careful claws just as she'd tapped at the surface of the skull. The fixation she had with keeping her hands busy was an artist's fixation — just as a smoker needed something in their mouths, so too did she need something in her hands. This could be seen in any situation, even when faced with a member of her family; Ezekiel had been forced to deal with his over-physical sister on many occasions. Men were, naturally, far more subject to her idle hands than women. Only Sage had gained such a thing from the fragile-minded de le Poer woman.

Listening to Giza speak, she made notes in the back of her mind to ask Cotl about later. What was Leipzig? What was Rechtsfolge bei Tod? All Talitha knew were the outlying packs, places like Inferni and Dahlia de Mai and that horrible place on the sea where her father's sunny whore lived with the monstrous children born to her. The world was a curious thing to her. Only recently had she been curious of the places across the ocean, or even just across the land.

He spoke of setting the land on fire and it caused Talitha to look up from her finger-picking. "Were there wolves there?" It'd been so long ago that the wolf-burning blaze had consumed her birth home, and though she did not remember it wholly, she saw it as a sign. God punished the wolves, vile creatures that they were, with fire. She didn't know it'd been Gabriel's doing; all she saw was her blind, tentative faith.

She let loose an exhale, glancing over one bony shoulder in silence. It was time to bring her brother, for he would need to see the woman. She'd call for Sage, but their fight had left her anxious. A yelping cry was cast out over the Inferni lands, hailing the golden man she loved so much. Crimson eyes found the Ulrich yet again, narrowing briefly upon her features.

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The mild singe of heartburn in her chest was a sure sign her suspicions about the stressful nature of Colt's company were on point. Giza hard to resist the urge to grasp and knead at her pale sternum to ease the escalating tension there. Her uncle's oral tick had caused her to flinch. And the sight of his tensing muscles readied her own to take flight. Though she'd heard tell of his peculiar affliction, adjusting to the reality of it would be difficult. The curses stimulated old impulses to duck and cover - to make herself sparse. There was no surer was to drive off Giza then with familial conflict.

"I'm sorry." She apologized, though she felt daft for offering her remorse for not having taken a torch to her former home before she left. It was a stupid weak willed and minded response and her features twisted in brief self loathing for having allowed it to escape her. There was no way for Cotl to know the exceptionally passive manner in which she left, tail between her legs without objection. There hadn't been any anger on her part, inferno inspiring or otherwise, just an overwhelming sense of loss. Though, she supposed it was a mere matter of time before he and whomever else so much as payed her the slightest attention in the clan, came to recognize her for the predictably mild creature she was. In time, a select few might come to see her as playful, others she found unsavory would know her lofty sense of regal entitlement inflated self worth. For now, there was only small, cautious Giza whom even she found irksome.

The female's question seemed disjointed and peculiar, Giza could not understand what had inspired it, as she was oblivious to the scorched history of the area's clans. "Few." She answered, trying to hold back her confusion so as not to appear disrespectful. "Slaves, mostly." Giza was indifferent toward the species and held nothing against them. They had comprised the few few ranks beneath her.

She hadn't noticed before, but the female was markedly underweight - and there was something off about her torso, though she didn't allow her eyes to linger on her long enough so as to get an impression of just what that something was. Strange for someone with dominant inclinations. Perhaps she'd misjudged her. It occurred to Giza she hadn't the slightest what to call the stranger, though she wasn't so bold as to ask for her name. She imagined she'd learn how to address her in due time.

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Still unused to his sister’s lack of power, when her voice rose over the tan colored hills of Inferni the coyote frowned at it. Realization came soon enough, though he was still not entirely happy with the decision. Of course, she had made it, and as he had told her before, she could do whatever she wanted. As long as the rest of the clan heeded his words and obeyed, his sister’s antics would do little to perturb him.

Without the horse, the coyote’s speed was marred only slightly. He had been hunting and traveled empty-handed towards the source of the call, a golden-roan shape against a field of tawny grass that reached his waist. The only thing that made his journey easier was the dirt trail worn by years of patrols—they stretched like spiders across the landscape (the older territory, at least) marking where the most common routes were taken. One of these was followed until he caught the scent of his sister and trailed this.

What he found was a trio of animals, two familiar, one sharing a vague appearance with the doggish male his sister called lover. The Aquila focused on her, a slight pretty thing with dark hair, and gave a plastic smile that did not grace his fierce eyes. “This one of your relatives?” He asked off-handedly to the tattooed Imaginifier, though he did not look at him. His sister’s choice in lovers had never pleased her brother much.

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