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I whispered in her ear:
You better fear me, for I am Death, Bitch.

Talitha asked if there was wolves there, and Cotl did not answer. He didn't know the population since he had left the cursed clan. Giza did answer the question though, and Cotl figured that she had her answer, but then Giza had apologized for not doing what he had just told her. It wasn't like he cared what she had done or not, he just would have had more comfort in knowing that his mother and father were burned for their treason against their sons. Cotl snorted lightly and probably would have crossed his arms back across his chest if the woman had not been tapping her fingers on his knuckles. He wondered why she was doing this action, wondering if she was bored or something. He sighed lightly before Talitha had given out a yelping bark to her brother, the new Aquila. Cotl did not know her brother well, so he was not too fond of the man, but he was blood of the former Aquila so he had no choice but to accept the man. If Cotl really cared about the leadership, then he would be up there with them he would assume. He obviously did not care about rank. The only thing he cared about was the security. As long as he was safe within his lands then he was fine.

The golden male was quick to show, meaning he must have been in the area. He came and looked to his niece and then spoke to him. Cotl didn't appreciate the lack of eye contact, or really acknowledging he was here with some sort of greeting (Cotl had been faithful to the clan long enough for him to be recognized and greeted by the leaders he believed) and he twitched his neck and cleared his throat. Marik's daughters. was the only two words to come from the German's maw. It didn't have very much else to say. Nor did he want to say any more.

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Of course, Ezekiel came quickly; Talitha ignored the Ulrich woman's words for the appearance of the golden King, face lighting up with the most radiant of smiles seen on the hybrid's features before. She dropped Cotl's hand and gravitated toward the side of her brother — she'd come to realize that her choice in men did nothing to please the Aquila. After all, he'd destroyed the one lover she'd taken such comfort in. Crimson eyes focused on the golden gaze of her handsome sibling, body twisting to settle behind him; she gazed around his shoulder to study the woman again. Cotl gave answer to Ezekiel's question. It was Marik's daughter.

A russet hand moved to rest gently upon her twin's shoulder. "She came to live with her father, in his clan." Why she chose to emphasize the word was beyond her; perhaps she still felt annoyance at the woman's assumed presumption. Inky-tipped tail swung behind her slowly, not indicating joy or comfort rather than keeping her mind subconsciously occupied. Slender fingers tapped upon gold-clad muscle while she recalled Giza's prior words: "She's a speedy stealth artist who likes to observe." Whether or not the woman truly enjoyed observing people hadn't been said, but Talitha was always one to make assumptions of others.

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Observation was not so much a pleasure as it was a carefully cultivated impulse - one which Giza would rather be without more often then not. Ignorance of the way in which the focused golden stare boring through her did not bend or yield to to its bearer's smile would have been a blessing. It hollowed the expression of any sincerity, and made it unsettling to receive. Lacking in any knowledge of the region's etiquette, she chanced looking back, but regretted the decision the moment she crane her neck to do so. It took every ounce of her restraint to prevent her lavender gaze from trailing the countours of the dual scars crossing his left eye. She had learned long ago not to gawk at battlewounds. She'd bled for it.

Fortunately the question to Cotl offered an excuse for her toturn her gaze to her uncle. She waited on baited breath to see whether he would deny or claim her, and sunk with the slightest bit of perceivable disappointment when he did neither - in the overt sense at the very least. The slight dip in her posture was nothing compared to her crestfallen response of the fiery head's barbs. His clan - Giza had knotted the semantic noose and strewn it about her own narrow neck. Whomever the woman was, she had managed to cultivate intimate relationship's with the clan's males in ways she found enviable. Giza expected she could spend a lifetime among the Inferni before she found herself casually linking hands or easing against shoulders. She lacked that social grace.

She could have gone without noticing this disparity between them, of the likelihood the female's tail movements were born of boredom and not pleasure, or the discomforting similarities between Lorelei and Cotl multiplying with each passing moment, but observation was her purpose, no matter how much she'd rather be blind to just how small she was in the grand scheme of things.

She didn't particularly like the way in which she was described. It sounded sordid, but she stood in silent acceptance of it wearing a neutral expression which betrayed little.

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The lack of acknowledgement to the dog was not entirely disrespectful; then again, Ezekiel did not admire that Talitha chose a man with an obvious speech problem. His own prejudices made him think that different meant stupid and wrong. Even Elijah, his own half-brother, was thought of as little more than a beast. Cotl at least was capable of speaking, but his oddities made him a poor choice for breeding in the Aquila’s mind. Still, he wanted to see whether or not this girl would balk under his stare; if she would show weakness where he could accept none.

Talitha’s touch did not draw his gaze away, though his ears turned back to her voice. Something had offended her. Everything seemed to offend Talitha. Stealth, spying. Things they lacked. Sage was too obvious with her approach; Ezekiel certainly needed a pair of eyes not swayed by ideals of peace or busy with children, like Io.

“I could use a good pair of eyes,” he began, eyes finally glinting to meet his smile. “And a good set of ears. Get yourself situated to Inferni, and I’ll find use for you.” Finally, his gaze broke and he turned his face to the older German. “Cotl, seeing as she’s your niece, do you think you could show her around?”

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