so many lost when the west was won.

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Date: 18 Sept
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The tawny hybrid rode the roan horse carefully over the ground of Inferni. Most of it was flat and rolling, and she could have taken the mare to a gallop further inland, but here along the coast, there were more rocks and more spots of muck where the animal might stumble. The woman thought Eira was quite happy here in Inferni; Farai had proven great company, but a herd of other horses -- that was something.

She thought the equine had taken a particular liking to the big chestnut stallion, and Myrika had decided she would eventually move to the mansion where most of the rest of the pack lived. She had hardly unpacked in the schoolhouse, and even when choosing it, the tawny woman figured it would be little more than temporary housing. She halted the roan mare, peering curiously at the remnants of what might have been a village or development, turquiose eyes seeking movement.

Myrika had seen sheep before in this area of Inferni, and today she was on alert for them. A length of rope unfurled behind her to Farai while two more looped about her chest. She was prepared for a long day of capturing and tethering. Farai trotted up behind her, braying his happiness at being allowed to accompany them. He stopped where Eira had, however, and did not meander far. For his stubbornness, the donkey seemed to understand the good life he lived. Myri had read and heard that donkeys made good companions for sheep; she hoped these were not false tales, spun to mislead. Farai seemed the good type for this work, as he rather enjoyed keeping the company of horses, and most of the equines had tolerated him thus far, too.

A gray figure moved in the distance, and Myri stiffened, her bluish eyes hardening at the sight, squinting. She urged Myrika forward with a low noise, and the horse obliged, picking up the pace again at Myri's verbal urge. There was a small cluster of sheep, no more than seven or eight. It was tiny, in terms of herd size, but large enough so that the animals would want to stick together, congregation instincts overriding their flight instincts. Myrika slowed her horse as she crept near, and Farai followed at a distance, watching his master and her horse with curiosity.

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Symera Villisca
and the rat's in the cradle

Symera's curiosity was something that was destined to get her in trouble. Especially since she hadn't learned the ways of stalking just yet. she was much too loud to be any good at tracking prey. She still had time to learn though. There was still quite a bit that she had to learn after all. but she would eventually make her way through that laundry list of things that she needed to accomplish in order to prove herself skillful and worth something to this clan. Right now she had nothing but an everlasting hatred for wolves. What did that really account for in the scheme of things? It didn't really seem like so much really.

She had though that the male that she had stalked previously had come this way but that didn't seem to be the case. She had been invited to walk along with him the last time so she didn't think that it should be a problem this time either. But as she got close to the area that he had went the last time she didn't see him anywhere around. But then again it wasn't as if she had made it to the exact area or anything. No, she had gotten distracted by the sight of someone else before that could even end up happening.

"Why do you have two of those when you are only on one?" The question was called out to the female on horseback as she approached. She had no clue what the other was looking at or what she was thinking about doing. And well it wasn't as if she could find out without asking either. But wasn't that just the way of most things? And the small girl was on her way to finding out since she had already posed one question even if it had nothing to do with what she was doing or looking at, but still left the gateway open for it to be talked about and discussed anyways.

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She was still getting used to Freya, even though the horse was pretty docile, Valkyrie never really had that great of a time with horses. She loved that Sven was nice enough to give her the mare, sure it was great, but it was another responsibility on her lap. She not only had to provide for herself and Hextor, but now Freya and her siblings. Er, half siblings. Still she had a lot on her plate right now, and she was starting to get slightly stressed out. She needed to get out more and to socialize more. Talking to people and learning things would be good for her. She thought so at least. Today she had taken to riding dear Freya, though she did not have very much else with her, for she only had small bags to hold smaller things. She needed more supplies rather than books though, and she needed to get prepared for the winter that was to come soon upon them. A trip to Halifax would be required soon.

Along the small items that she did carry around would be a spare rope that she kept slung across her chest for easy carrying while she rode the mare bareback, with her hands holding onto the one other rope she had that Sven had given to her with the mare. She still was slightly apprehensive about riding the horse since she had been on the ground for so long that she thought the motion of sitting on something and riding it still felt slightly awkward. She'd yet get the steed into a full out gallop yet, and she was actually pretty scared of it. She had moved her way away from the caves, the steed under her at a brisk trot before that scent of that little girl she met a few days prior and another one that she did not quite know. She was curious as to who the new scent was and what Symera was doing with the other girl so she had switched her route and gone towards the scents. Freya moved at a brisk trot again and her heavy hooves thundered on the ground as she trotted her way towards the other Infernians.

When she finally came upon the two, there was another mounted woman, along with an unmounted donkey and then little Symera, whom since learned to shift. It was a shock to her simply because she had met the child only a few days ago and already she was in her optime form. She probably would freak out when her siblings 'evolved'. She stared at the child for a moment, her eyes wide. What ya'll doin? she asked cocking her to the right before she looked at both the chocolate girl and the red nosed Lykoi. Ya' related ta' Kaena Lykoi? I'm Valkyrie de le Poer. she spoke, introducing herself to the new woman with the red nose stripe.

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As Myrika carried forward, she became aware of another's presence. Her head twisted back and she spied the small form of Symera. The tawny-hued woman smiled at the girl's appearance in Optime form. It was as petite and slim as her Lupus form; Myrika was surprised to realize Sy was of age to shift. She would never have guessed. A laugh erupted from her muzzle at the question, and her turquoise eyes glittered with amusement. The russet-splash along her muzzle crinkled, and her tail swished back and forth happily. She pulled Eira to a slow stop, and the horse twisted her head around to peer curiously at the smaller Infernian. She nickered softly, and watched the other canine. There was no suspicion in Eira; the horse was calm.

Farai would sooner throw me than carry me, she explained, her tail still twitching. You can come up here and sit, if you'd like. Eira can carry your weight and mine, Myrika offered, extending a hand downward toward the ground and Symera. The little coyote was just so tiny -- Eira would have no problem carrying her little bit of extra weight. The horse swished her own steel gray tail and nickered toward Symera, a soft chortle rumbling in her throat.

A sound caught the woman's ears, and she twisted her head around, spying a stranger atop a horse. Myrika's gaze focused on this other, smiling already. This woman seemed surprised by Symera, and Myrika wondered why, though she did not inquire; rather, she smiled at the stranger's first question, nodding an affirmative to the second. I was thinking the sheep along the Bass River might be a good investment of time and effort, she said, thinking of the wool, the hide, the meat.

I'm Myrika Tears, and yes -- her grand-daughter, the woman continued, though the sentence sat strangely on her tongue. She was not used to having a grandmother, no. She had met the woman, she had seen the red splash on her graying muzzle, but she still could not quite believe it. Even for a grandmother, the coyote was old.

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Symera Villisca
and the rat's in the cradle

Symera was destined to remain upon the smaller end of the spectrum simply because she was the runt of her litter. Rather than having been cast aside her mother had taken special care of her since she had been the only girl of the litter, at least the only live one. So because she was stunted at birth there was no hope for her to get any longer than what she was at. It really was no wonder that there would be surprise that she was able to shift since her size often led others to believe that she was younger than she actually was. But the physical developmental issue wasn't one that she allowed to restrain her in any way.

She was lucky as to have met both females that had showed up on this trip previously, both having been met during periods before she was able to shift. After all shifting was a recent task for her. Still she thought that she had accomplished it well. That she had gotten it under control easily enough. Even so she didn't attempt the change too often and was fine with remaining in her optime form as seemed to be the trend. So she didn't see the need to practice if she didn't plan on switching forms all that frequently.

Symera took the hand that was offered down to her and allowed for herself to be aided up upon the horse's back. It was strange to view the world from so high up but something that she figured that she could end up getting used to. From her perch atop the horse she reached down to gently run her fingers along the horse's side, anywhere that she could reach. It was a different feel from anything that she had ever felt before. Then again she was only used to canine pelts or rats as well as prey but not much experience with domesticated animals.

She didn't bother to answer Valkyrie's questions since she hadn't an answer to give. But she did at least give a wave to the other female. Even so Myrika had ended up providing an answer anyways. And well, that answer also answered Symera's unspoken inquiry. Now she knew what the woman was doing and where she was heading which is what Symera had been following to find out anyways. Still she didn't understand what good the sheep were, or even what sheep were, but she didn't speak on it since she figured that she would end up finding out once they had gotten there. And if not then, well, she would finally be forced to ask. Even so Symera was of the sort that liked to try and find out the answers herself through observation before she would resort to questioning. But when she had to she was the sort to get right to the point and didn't bother with silly questions. She didn't understand the point of silly questions when a direct one could get exactly what was wanted to be known aired.

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The tawny woman with the red nose stripe had spoken to her about the sheep that were down along the river. She had seen the sheep before, but never thought about domesticating them because she simply would not know how to. Valkyrie nodded her head and the woman then introduced herself, and told Valk that she was another granddaughter of the woman. Made sense in a way, though she seemed to notice that there was more grandchildren then actual children, or at least she had not met too many daughters and sons of the woman, besides maybe Gabriel. She smiled at the woman though and Freya had shifted her weight under her, making the girl give a weird look to the horse's mane and her adjusting to where she was not uncomfortable. She was still new to all of this horse-back riding so she was still slightly clumsy about it.

I cans' halp ya', if ya' tell meh what'ta do.. the woman spoke to the new girl that she had met. She then looked to the tawny and chocolate colored child. Symera, ya' arr' able ta' shift now, congrats'. Does its feel awesome ta' be all Optime form an' stuff? she asked, wondering what the girl felt about shifting. She knew that when she was able to shift for the first time, there was little to no way she was going to shift back into her other two forms, and that reflected in the way she carried herself and acted. She had lost much of her natural luperci-like stance and now stood more like a human would. She looked awkward to the regular standing luperci to say the least, but she was an individual all the way around anyways, so being different was something she was so used to by now.

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Symera clambered easily up into Eira's saddle in front of Myrika, boosted up by the Vigiles's extended hand. Eira did not so much as twitch at the added weight on her back. Myrika would have been surprised if the horse had -- Symera was just so small, after all. The russet hybrid did not hold this against her young clan-mate; rather, she thought Sy was just adorable. This was perhaps patronizing in its own way, but Myrika did not take pains to make a show of Sy, either.

The coyote grinned down at her companion, cerulean eyes filled with merriment. She had ridden like Symera now was when she was young -- but Myrika had four legs. By the time she could gain a two-legged form at will, the hybrid was far too large to ride most horses as she now was with Sy. Comfortable? she inquired, ready to make adjustment if the tawny coyote required it. Myri would have to hold onto her if they got off to galloping, but she didn't plan to go that fast -- sheep weren't so smart, after all.

Sure, thanks, Myrika responded, her grin broadening as her gaze shifted to Val. Let's head that way, and I'll explain, she said, falling silent as Valkyrie inquired as to Symera's new form. Myrika would have looked upon the petite girl with jealousy at a younger time in her life, envious of her smallness. Now, however, Myrika's spirits were too high, and some of her had moved past girlhood jealousy. She might still feel a pinch or twinge of it here and there, but they were easy things to forget with the feeling of horseflesh moving and alive beneath her. She toed Eira's sides lightly, and the roan began stepping forward, still paying some attention to their new equine companion.

Farai let off a loud bray, and clopped closer to the pair of horses, approaching toward Freya with his snout extended, nostrils quivering. As Myri watched this, she laughed, shaking her head; she always found the donkey's zeal for making new friends amusing, and now was no exception. There wasn't a horse Farai would stop short of; Freya might have been a stomping, snorting stallion, all of eighteen hundred pounds, and Farai would have meandered up to the horse all the same. Myri was certain it was going to get the donkey in trouble, sooner or later.

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Symera Villisca
and the rat's in the cradle

Symera shifted a slight bit as she made herself comfortable. Or at least as comfortable as she could get from her perch as she was entirely unused to it. She didn't quite understand how the two older females were so at ease with this sort of thing. But that could also be because this quite likely wasn't their first time doing something like this either. So as she was questioned the small girl found herself shifting about again so that she could peer up at Myrika as she made to respond.

"It feels odd." And that was the only way that she could think to describe it. She wasn't certain exactly how to put into words just what she was feeling. She wasn't what she would call comfortable but she wouldn't exactly say that she was uncomfortable either. It was all just a strange and new sensation for her. Even so she trusted that nothing would be allowed to happen. Why would she be invited up only to have to something negative come to pass? She didn't imagine that Myrika would do something that would intentionally put her into harm's way.

"Thank you." The girl spoke politely as she turned her face so that she could dip her head appreciatively in Valkyrie's direction. "I am still getting used to it. Though I do like this form the best since stinky hunting should be easier." She admitted truthfully with her thoughts on the matter. Halo had donned this sort of form when they had gone out hunting so she hoped that it would also allow for her to participate more in such activities. Perhaps now she wouldn't be so limited in what she was able to do. After all it had been quite frustrating for her to not be a more active part of the hunt, having only been able to play the role of bait.

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Myrika had told her that she would like it if Valkyrie did help, and that she would explain on the way. Valkyrie nodded her head and smiled at the pretty woman. 'kay she spoke and nudged Freya in the side to get her going again. Freya had started to move forward again, and Symera spoke again, telling Valkyrie that she enjoyed her optime form. Valkyrie smiled at her too and nodded her head. Mah two-legged form isa mah favorite as well. Issa very usefuls. spoke the accented woman, with her very fake accent that was not from any particular place that she had been to. She had thrown together her broken speech from her wolf friends when she was in that traveling group of gypsies.

When the donkey had come up to Freya, the Fjord steed pulled her ears back and she took a step back and snorted at the donkey, but this did not stop him from advancing. Valkyrie grew nervous and Freya took a few steps back and nickered quietly at the donkey. She was tense at the other equine but Valkyrie whispered at the horse, which made her ears flip forward. Valkyrie told the horse that the donkey seemed to be friendly, so the mare seemed to be less apprehensive. She bumped noses with the donkey and then stepped to the side and caught up with the other roan steed that Myrika and Symera were on.

Where did ya' obtain such uh interesting companion, Myrika? asked Valkyrie, referring to the donkey whom would follow them as they were moving on. Freya's stout form had walked along side the roan steed, and Valkyrie had looked at the other mare and found the steed to be rather attractive. She almost wished that she had a stallion so that they would be able to pair the steeds and get a beautiful foal out of them, but sadly both of the steeds were mares, and the only male that was around was the donkey. She didn't want a mule, so she would not even suggest that. Maybe there was some other stallion besides Ezekiel's stallion that was small enough for these two mares that the two girls owned. She thought about it and swore that she had seen another stallion around. That Imaginifer had a stallion didn't he?

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Symera shifted around in front of her, seeming to settle in. The hybrid grinned down at her with the response, and nodded. Just wait until we get moving -- it feels better then. I think, anyway, she said. With that, the horse began moving, taking a few paces forward. Farai followed, seemingly satisfied that he had a new friend. The donkey skipped ahead a few paces, tossing his head playfully as he passed Eira. The roan whinnied her approval of his antics, shaking her own head to and fro. Myrika grinned, twisting toward Valkyrie so she might better hear the question. One hand fell on Symera's shoulder to steady herself and prevent the smaller canine from falling out of the saddle, should anything unexpected occur.

My friend, Thamur. I don't know where Thamur obtained him, though. He seemed to have been all around the world, the coyote offered, rolling a shoulder in a shrug and offering a smile. Thamur was dead, true enough, but such thoughts didn't particular disturb Myrika. He'd been older to begin with, and while she'd loved him as a dear friend, things had gotten weird near the end. Myrika could guess as to why, but she shoved such thoughts away. There was work to do, and it was far more important than her dead friend and Farai's previous owner. The coyote smiled faintly, and turned back around in the saddle, pointing in the approximate direction of the Bass River.

There are a lot of sheep living over that way, she began, allowing her hand to drop back. The other hand still grasped Eira's reigns, though they were slack and lacking any sort of tension. Myrika need only put a little pressure on either side of the blue roan to direct her in a particular way. I was thinking we could round some of them up. I've got rope, and Farai can help us, she said, nodding toward the donkey as she spoke his name. He responded with a honk of what could have been laughter, still trotting a few feet in front of Eira. His tail swished as he walked, hooves clopping against the ground.

Sheep liked to serry together quite closely, and they followed one another. Separate a small pack from a larger herd, and Myrika and Valkyrie could easily guide the sheep all the way back to the D'Neville between the two of them. Symera wouldn't be a whole lot of help, but the russet Caelum didn't mind this too much. Sy would learn things on this venture, and that was important for a youngster. Sheep are funny -- they like to group up, so we shouldn't have much trouble. Farai will probably nab the stragglers, though I don't expect we'll get many. Sheep like to stick together like that, she explained. She knew this from her books -- sheep were as many herd animals, preferring the protection of strong numbers to individualized strength.

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Symera Villisca
and the rat's in the cradle

The start of the horse's movement had Symera quickly leaning forward and gripping the horse's neck. She closed her eyes as she prepared to cling tightly for her life. It was quite obvious that she had never been on horseback before with how easily a slight movement caused her to be unsettled. It was something that would take a bit of getting used to. After all Symera wasn't looking forward to falling from his height. That really wouldn't be an enjoyable experience. Though slowly she began to relax that she wasn't falling despite the shifting of the horse.

As she felt the hand on her the small girl cracked open an eye only to see the ground below her. She wasn't certain how the other two could sit up without the threat of falling. But obviously they had experience where she did not. Perhaps over time she would be comfortable and confident enough to ride as they were. And if not? Well, she had no issues with walking wherever she needed to get to. It worked for Halo and so it could easily work for her as well.

She listened easily to what was being talked about but didn't really have anything to input. Though she did have a question at least. "What are the sheep needed for?" Clearly there had to be a purpose to end up going after them, correct? She didn't imagine that this would just be a fun little task or anything like that. At least she couldn't imagine that this would just be some game between the older women. Or maybe Symera, even though she was the youngest amongst them, was the only one that believed in doing things for a purpose rather than for fun and games as odd as that may sound. But perhaps Symera just contained an old soul was all.

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