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Been a while since I've roleplayed, so sorry for the rustiness. XD

It had been three days since Hrafn had seen open sky. He had traveled in from the North, hugging the edge of a Mountain range through thick brush, the chill of fall nipping at his hands and feet. The hybrid traveled by day, bow and arrow in hand in case he came across prey or something less savory, having been raised to be wary and vigilante for bandits. Finally he could feel the sun on his face.

It was early afternoon, a fog that had clouded the forest and beyond had dissipated and Hrafn paused out in the open to get his bearings, switching his bow to his other hand so he could stretch the cramps out of the previous, bright blue eyes taking in the vast plains from handsome merle features. The muddled brown and charcoal saddled hybrid had been travelling for some past six months now, yet to have stumbled across another colony like the one he had been a part of with his uncle. It was disconcerting to the tall and trim young male, not seeing a living soul for so long, it made him wonder if there were many others like him out there in this world besides the few he had known in his youth, but not even a day ago he had came across a strong, affirming scent that spurred his progress to the South when he would have gone North.

Here he knew he could try and make a home for himself. Practice his craft and perhaps learn more as that was all he knew. Running his free hand through dark, wavy shoulder length hair he continued forth, following the progress of a nearby river that led further South. He could tell he was nearing a settlement, he could smell it in the light and cool autumn winds, along the paths that crisscrossed the plain and he remained increasingly vigilante, notching the arrow for he could sense a presence nearby.

And suddenly it appeared, a rabbit shedding its summer browns into a motley of grey's and whites, standing alert quite some distance away but not yet aware of the Luperci as he crouched to one knee and seamlessly drew his bow, all breath leaving him as he looked down its point to the barely discernible leporidae in the distance.

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(440) Tralala. :D

Eris is by Alaine!

The marshes of Drifter Bay were familiar to the sable hybrid. She had spent much of her time in Inferni actively avoiding the remainder of the clan, and these lands to the west of the coyotes were her favored escapism spot. Even before Salsola had formed, these lands had been her preferred spot. Now, she traversed them frequently, spending most of her time in Salsola and the rest of it exploring these outlands, always on high alert for any signs of outsiders. Their knavery and trickster's ways were well-known to the sable coyote. Only Salsola could be trusted, and even then, not all of them could be completely trusted.

Her usual walking stick clutched in hand, the hybrid stepped forward gingerly, grumbling to herself. Today was the first clear day in a string of overly foggy ones, and Eris thought she would use it to her advantage. However, the terrain was muddier than she was used to, squishing beneath her feet and squeezing between her toes. She sidestepped a large puddle, and continued onward, tail flickering in annoyance. There was nothing to be done about the weather, though. The coyote lifted her head, nose twitching with the new scent on the air.

Some long yards away, she saw a rabbit moving. It was molting, losing its summer coat in favor of thicker, pale winter fur. Eris was glad her period of shedding was over and done with. Those were long weeks losing clumps and patches of hair. Now, her thick winter's coat had grown in completely, and she was readied for the cold weather. The hybrid watched the rabbit a few long moments, contemplating whether she wished to give chase or not. Her belly was not particularly hungry, but one could never pass along an easy meal, and if this rabbit wandered any closer --

Thwack! The moment Eris recognized the faint whistling sound for what it was, the arrow stuck into the rabbit's side. It keeled over immediately, twitching and jerking. There were no noises -- Eris presumed the arrow had pierced a lung -- and the death was quick. The dark woman's crouch became more apparent, and her chartreuse eyes scanned the area for the source of the arrow, curious as to who might make such a shot. She stood on the edge of the thickest woods, having intended to take her trek to the forests sweeping down the sides of the mountain and into the Drifter Bay terrain, and paid close attention to the treeline, chartreuse eyes seeking movement. The shooter would come for his quarry, she thought, and she would meet him -- or her.

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With his longbow he could shoot fairly far distances, which was good in a hunt, but that always meant a bit of a trek when retrieving prey. Hrafn set off at a trot, bow in hand as he followed the edge of the wood, oblivious as of yet to anyone who might be nearby, caught off guard by the easy meal.

After a minute or two of jogging he made it to his catch, crouching down with a grin and holding the rabbit against the damp earth, before swiftly retrieving his arrow and thrusting it in the ground to clean off the blood. It was then as he lifted the rabbit by its ears, his tall frame crouched to the ground, that his icy eyes spotted her. He had lain his bow to the side when he had retrieved the rabbit but now he picked it up as he straightened out, though made no move to grab the arrow and notch it.

Instead the brown agouti hybrid stood with ears at attention, eyes flickering to the stick she held then back to her darkly framed, chartreuse eyes. Hrafn had never been eloquent in the ways of speaking--having spent a year with his silent uncle and six months on his own in travel--so instead of parting his lips to expose his gruff voice he nodded his head towards the woman, slinging his catch onto his shoulder so one of his hands might be free in case their meeting somehow went afoul.

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Eris is by Alaine!

Her stick clutched close at hand, the green-eyed woman peered forward eagerly, watching the small figure approach. It had been a shot -- a distant one, too. The coyote did not move forward as the man approached the corpse; rather, she shrank back further into the underbrush, increasing her crouch until she placed one palm on the ground, the other still clutching her walking stick. She watched his stride, noting the casual gait of one certain of his solitude.

She was content to watch him pierce the bloodied arrow into the earth, and only began straightening then, as the man grabbed for the rabbit's ears and stood. He had noticed her, then, though he was quiet, offering only a nod as he slung the kill casually onto his back. The Auxiliary straightened fully, taking only one step forward and out of the underbrush. Her stick was brandished casually, held away from him. She could swing it if need be, but she was not the sort to attack without provocation, after all.

Instead, her lips lifted from her teeth in a smile, and she herself nodded toward the rabbit. What a shot, she commented, clearly impressed with his range. I think you pierced a lung -- maybe the heart, she said, shaking her head as she marveled. That he hadn't noticed her didn't speak well of his awareness, but the hybrid didn't think that mattered much. After all, if one could make such a shot at such a distance, why did he need to care about closer enemies? In a pack, his fellows would watch his back and ensure none snuck up on him unaware, and he would be free to pick and choose targets at a distance. It was simple strength and weakness, and each creature on the living earth possessed some of each.

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He soon learned to not fear the stick as she held it away from him, offering her a much more casual posture along with an incredibly genuine smile. "Heart," he said, no cockiness to his deep voice but a rather neutral tone, taking his bow and placing it over his head so the cord rested across his chest and shoulder, having no need of it anymore in such close quarters with another person.

He then plucked the arrow from the pliable ground, holding the rabbit on his shoulder as he wiped the dirt off the arrowhead onto its fur—not wanting to have the mess on his own—before placing it deftly into the quiver on his back. He then stood and looked at her, running a hand along the rabbit upon his shoulder in perhaps a nervous gesture though his face did not betray any anxieties he might be facing in front of this stranger.

Finally after a small silence his hand stilled and an elongated ear flicked forward as the other flicked back in a quirky manner. "Hrafn is my name," he introduced, speaking oddly yet with no remarkable accent, just misuse of a language from not enough practice, his hand coming up to brush a piece of his dark, wavy hair back in place. "Your name?"

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Eris is by Poppz!

The man spoke a single word, and the coyote responded with a small nod. More of a shot, then, if he'd struck it dead in the heart at such a distance. She desired this one as her own, but as with most she wished to take for Salsola, there was no enslaving this one. His best use was that of a free man, a soldier, if need be. With his eyes and his arrows, he could protect their borders at a longer distance than any presently within the pack. They were not quite so used to weaponry in Salsola, especially not ranged weaponry -- Bastion fought with his deadly-sharp intelligence, Janos with tooth and claw, and Larkspur much the same.

He continued cleaning his wares, picking the arrow up and giving it a dusting, then seemed at a loss for a moment, touching the rabbit. There wasn't any overt emotion Eris could detect of him; his smile, though broad, had seemed to fit awkwardly on his face, and now there was an odd blankness to him. She wondered if he was mostly mute. Then -- an introduction. Eris had encountered a few canines in her lifetime who did not speak, or spoke as little as possible. She herself liked conversation and would fill the air herself if need be, but it was a relief to realize such things were not necessary here. His manner of speech was odd, but not so much that it obscured the meaning of his words.

Eris Eternity, she said, speaking her full name. It was rare for Eris to do so -- generally, her surname was reserved for those she thought deserved to have it. This one, though -- she wanted him, and there was no point in obscuring herself for one she intended to have for Salsola, if he would have them. It's good to meet you, she added, an afterthought. It was good to meet him. If his personality proved appropriate, and if he was resilient enough for Salsola, it would be better still.

You don't have pride in your shot? she inquired, tempering the boldness of the question with politeness of tone, her ears cast backward in preemptive apology. I've not seen such skill before, she confided, now leaning toward him and lowering her voice as if sharing a secret. There was energy glittering in her chartreuse eyes, and she seemed animated, though she did not fidget and shift her weight.

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Hrafn had never saw himself as anything. Not a warrior, a traveler, a craftsmen, yet these things seemed to see him as he grew older. He had always been a modest boy, even man, and often times did not realize his own potential until it was pointed out to him. It was then he would excel and be grateful for it.

He nodded with a smile when she said it was good to meet him, radiating a sincerity of his own that did not require words. "Eternity," he repeated, tilting his head slightly to the side in thought. He had heard that word before, but he could not help but find it odd as a name. "You are forever?" He asked somewhat naively though an intellect shone deep within his eyes. Perhaps with time around more talkative people his speech and knowledge of language would improve, yet another thing Hrafn had been deprived of in his youth.

"I am proud in what I do well," he said with a smile, "though I do not need to say it when I show it." He had never been taught pride; had never received praise from his uncle for doing well thus not becoming overly cocky about anything. The last person who had complimented him on anything was his mother and it had probably been over a trivial thing. Perhaps his first word. He did not feel like he was lacking in such things though, maybe due to his lack of contact with others, but still when he received praise like this he took it graciously.

"You said so many nice things, I need to give back." He murmured, slightly flustered and perhaps a little confused about her intentions as he grabbed the rabbit from his shoulder and gaped some of the distance between them, reaching out with his gift.

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Eris is by Poppz!

Her surname was repeated, lacking nothing in pronunciation. The question that followed, however, surprised and delighted her into broadly grinning, a short giggle erupting from her muzzle. If only! What she would not give to live forever and ever, to true eternity. Her namesake would grant her no permanence, however, and Eris was not convinced immortality was a true thing. She would have wanted it more than anything, if it were a real and achievable thing, but she did not think she needed concern herself with myths and falsities.

Ah, yes -- this is good. Too much pride and you'll become arrogant, the dark woman said, clearly unaware of her own arrogance. She stepped forward to receive the rabbit, grinning from ear to ear. Here was a gift, and she hadn't even had to ask for it. The sable hybrid did not think anyone had spoken to this one of Salsola -- from his rusty speech, she did not think he'd spoken to anyone in a long time. She remembered her journey northward, and the long stretches of weeks between seeing another living canine. One's voice tended to rust as old metal, to creak and squawk with disuse.

Thank you, she said, still grinning as she retreated the step she'd taken, not wishing to crowd him. She transferred the rabbit to the hand clutching the stick, shifting the driftwood back to sit in the crook of her elbow. I speak only truth, though, Hrafn. Her sleek head twisted in the direction of Salsola, seeming to contemplate a moment. The gears behind her yellow-green eyes were churning, churning. Is there a place you can call home? she inquired, deciding this was the best route of conversation. He might yet balk at their ideals and customs, surely, but there wasn't much point in speaking to him of those things if he had sworn an oath to a different group.

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Her giggle perked his ears forward instinctively and he couldn't help but smile by the surprise of it. Hrafn himself could not fathom forever. To him it could have been a day, even an hour, depending on the circumstance.

He nodded in understanding to her words of pride and arrogance, finding it best not to think of those things beyond this point. He had better things to worry about. A place to sleep the night, his next meal, even getting a fire started. Nodding in reply to her thanks he hooked a thumb through the cord of the bow, rocking back and forth on his feet as she spoke for he could not stay still for long. "No," he replied honestly, shaking his head as well for he was more used to the movement then the word.

"Left home one month--four months ago. Don't know." He added, rubbing the back of his head abashedly, ashamed he had not remembered. In reality it had been six months since he had seen another soul strangely enough, having inadvertently avoided all the right places, perhaps even explored where no one had explored before.

"You have a home," it was more of a statement then a question, he could smell the scent of many others mingled with her own unique smell, though a home to him was a structure one lived in, not a community or pack.

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Eris is by me!

There was a particular set of traits the sable she-wolf sought in Salsolian wolves. This was not to say all those they had added to their ranks were the same; certainly, one could not compare Denver Mathis and Liliya Russo. They were as different as night and day -- and yet, there was something they shared that the hybrid had seen. Even the dark Auxiliary herself could not say what that specific something was -- if pressed, she might have suggested it was intelligence, for it was true, both Denver and Liliya were smart. Still, in her heart, "intelligence" wasn't exactly right, and it was something else she sought. Not quite cleverness, not quite adaptability -- perhaps it was some mix of the three.

There was the physical aspect, of course -- all those accepted to Salsola were capable in some way or another. Hrafn had proven his worth physically, at least. There was hardly a question of that; the dark woman thought even Sirius might give a little squeal if he learned of this one's talents. It was his personality she had yet to test, and it was this she now intended to explore, posing her questions and studying his answers as if they were exam preparation materials. She smiled when he seemed uncomfortable; she assumed he would not wish to speak of the place he'd come from, or he was embarassed at his lack of positive answer.

Time isn't so important, The Auxiliary said, shaking her head as if to dismiss it. She herself could not say how many months it had been since they'd founded Salsola on this razor edge of the world, after all -- it felt like she had lived her all her long life. I do, yes -- but my home... hm, she said, answering honestly. There was no point in deceiving him, though the coal-hued woman generally had no qualm lying about Salsola to outsiders. My home is a strange place, at least in these parts.

We ask for loyalty and trust, above all things, the hybrid continued, considering her words carefully. Outsiders are not to be trusted, and so you must understand if I am vague, she added, almost apologetically -- both ears flicked backward, and a small smile appeared on her coal-hued muzzle. I am not sure such a place interests you. If you seek soft ways and soft wolves, I advise you continue to to the south, or head to the mountains.

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Hrafn had little to no idea of this women's intentions—which was what perhaps made him uncomfortable—remaining wary yet accommodating, unawares that she was in a sense sizing him up. He had spent so long on his own that he found it hard to tell when someone was being kind or malicious, his perception of others actions perhaps a bit skewed after so much time alone.

He did not have the vocabulary or rudeness in him to ask bluntly what she wanted and instead found it much more simpler to believe in peoples better intentions at this point, especially since Eris had been so kind so far.

Hrafn smiled in agreement to what Eris said. No, time was not important to him. He lived for his trade, for knowledge and to just live, beyond that little else—especially time—seemed unimportant. His merle features would soon crease into concern though as she continued, taking pause in her words when they had seemed so eloquent before. Once she had described her communities life though he shrugged. "Seems not strange to me," unless something was being left unsaid but he felt she would voice it if she wanted to.

"I just practice trade. Don't want soft things, want hard work." He had a feeling now that Eris could help him with that. "I make woodwork. Bow," he started, patting the cord on his chest, "arrows, buildings, furniture. Helpful things."

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Eris is by me!

There was a faint smile on the hybrid's face as Hrafn said such a place did not seem strange. Clearly, he was new to these parts -- those other packs did not value loyalty and strengths. They were each a mecca for weakness, and none demanded the loyalty and secrecy of Salsola. This was something Hrafn could learn in time, however; he needn't hear of the other packs' pitiful excuses for hierarchy and structure. Salsola was the important part.

The dark woman listened intently, nodding enthusiastically at each listed skill. So, he could shoot and create these weapons? A salvo of excitement exploded within her, though one wouldn't know it, looking upon her face. The coal-hued mask remained much the same, displaying that same curiosity and friendliness it had in the prior moments. A grin split across her face as he finished, however, and she gave a final, single nod of her head, as if deciding something. Perhaps she had.

Your kind is much desired within Salsola, then. The name of the pack was given, then -- Hrafn's time to turn away was short. Her look quickly drained of friendliness, her demeanor brisk and business-like. We would ask your loyalty, and we would ask for your trust. You would be expected to keep our secrets, and work for our well-being. In return -- you would have a home, and a Family, for that is what we are. The offer was made -- she looked upon him keenly, awaiting his response.

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"Salsola," he repeated so he might say it properly, slightly curved tail swaying contently behind him.

All her words seemed fair and the thought of a family was a welcome one. He had not had a family since he had been with his parents and after they died there lacked very little community where he lived with his uncle once he stopped talking. Now though that could all change for him and there was no hesitation when he said "yes." A huge grin lighting up his merle features and cool eyes.

"Could I make space? Set up shop and make gift to you, to family?"

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Eris is by me!

The dark woman herself was more than happy to have Hrafn, and she assumed Sirius would be, as well. The Boss was as scrupulous as she when it came to newcomers, but Eris did not think he would be disappointed with this addition to Salsola. The sharpness of demeanor vanished once more as her companion spoke his agreement, her own tail wavering happiness. Another for their family: Hrafn would have his place within her pack, and Salsola would have another pillar of strength within its ranks. Hrafn was, additionally, different from most of their new recruits. She prized Denver for his cleverness, Magnolia for her dedication, Clover for her sweetness of demeanor. Perhaps she would prize this one for his physical skill, but there was more to learn about him still, too.

Yes, and yes again. Come with me, she beckoned, shifting the still-clutched stick to her hand, able to grasp both the rabbit and the piece of wood in one hand. I will show you all there is to see within our lovely home, the hybrid said, her pearly teeth showing clearly against her coal-hued muzzle. She would take him over the border and instruct him in their ways herself, as she had done with many of the newer recruits of the pack. They had expanded far beyond their foundation, though some had fallen to the wayside. They might not return, but Eris would keep Salsola's blood and life from growing stagnant with this Hrafn and others like him, others worthy of the pack's security.

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