Missing you, despite my best intentions...

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Evening in the Village. Teo's feeling depressed.

He'd never known what life was like, left alone to his own devices. However many times people would tell him they hated him, despised him, wanted him to die or burn... he was never alone.

So why did he feel so... lonely?

Teo sat on the roof of his house in the village, staring at the northern horizon dotted with trees... and the mountains. The Howling Caverns. Anathema.


Teo shook his head and scowled. Not anymore. Those caves are just a bitter memory, Matteo. Don't go back there. But his mind rebelled against him, dragging memories of what he'd left behing back to the surface.

Alaki. Miwa. Naniko. Giuseppe.

Demi. She was dead, unlike the others, but he wondered for a moment what she would've thought of his current situation. Would she have sided with him? Or with Alaki? ...I could really use your guidance, old friend... Everything's gone to shit. I don't know what I'm doing anymore. He mumbled, lowering his chin to his knees as his eyes lingered on the mountains in the far distance.

More memories, happier ones. Alaki teasing him about his hair, about how long and fine he kept it back then, about how girly it was. He remembered slapping Alaki for it, but not hard. They'd laughed about it for hours afterwards, keeping poor Camilla up despite their best intentions. Sleep had been optional back then.

...times had been easier back then.

...Then Ivory and Ebony... The thought of his lost children brought his heart to a standstill. Had they survived... what would he have done? Would he have left Alaki to be with them? To be with Gemma like he was now? Back then, during Gemma's pregnancy, he wanted to fight for custody of the kids, to raise them to believe Alaki to be their second parent, beside Miwa.

Frustration clawed at the back of his mind and he growled in response to it. Alaki, you stupid jerk. You should never have paid me any mind back then... I would've been okay with Giuseppe... His anger turned to sadness in an instant. ...Gemma never would have come to Anathema... and I would never have fallen for you... and you'd be the Rakeeb without a broken heart...

Tears fell from his eyes, though he was unaware of them, too lost in his muddled thoughts to pay them any mind. ...It's all my fault, isn't it? I shouldn't known better...

I'm so sorry, Alaki...

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King of the Jerks arrives

Like it or not, Anatole had to get used to living with these two-legged ideas in mind. He had not yet abandoned his four-legs for two. It was difficult for him to break from such behavior. There had been no force applied by the woman who was leader, and for this he was thankful. She was not the type he wished to make an enemy of, despite her false pacifism. Anatole recognized this early on and had no desire to cross the leader of his new home; he snorted at the thought. Home. He hadn’t known a real home in well over a year.

Thus he had begun relearning the layout of this village. He was moving at his standard half-jog, sniffing about. There were new buildings, and many, many scents fading. How many had died? The idea was staggering. From what he had learned, this Maska would have forced him into slavery simply because he chose a four-legged form. That would not have lasted long; Anatole was free-born and he would have died before accepting such a fate. No one played his hand, especially some pompous leader.

He was moving through the claimed homes when a voice floated down from above. Anatole slowed and fanned both ears forward, listening intently. After taking in the length speech, he rolled his eyes and sneered, mouth twisting into a frown. Advancing around the corner, he took the turn at length and spotted the pale figure atop the roof. Coyote? Something like that, he reasoned. “Who are you talking to?” He called loudly, indifferent to the whimpering he caught with the wind.

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500w :: mind if i join as well?

Now that peace had been 'restored' to the southern packs, Luna was now able to relax and focus all her attenion on the duties of her rank. Which was harder now that the winter was slowly gaining land and the medicinal plants had either died or were hidden beneath the ground, waiting for the harsh months to pass before appearing again. Luna always felt amazed by the way nature survived through all the difficulties it came through with. How it seemed to die as the northern winds arrived and suddenly bloomed when the snow was completely molten.

Right now, as she strolled through the deserted village after a fruitless day of recollection, she thought of the flowers that sometimes adorned the valleys, and missed them. She missed that sparkle of color that those flowers gave the forest, even if they only appeared every now and then, partially hidden by the folliage. And she also missed how she would pick them and tuck them in her wavy hair. Instead, pine needles and other plants gave her hair that hint of color that she considered pretty and feminin.

A whimper brought her out of her train of thought abruptly. At first she ignored it, but as she walked further, the voice became more clear. It sounded as if somebody was speaking, and not with a very happy tone. She followed the sound, finding her way on the all too familiar place, until she came upon one of the few buildings that were still solid enough to serve as a permanent home. Citrosum-colored eyes traveled to the closest figure, a male who'se color reminded her of dry earth and dust. He had spoken to somebody else, and when she followed his gaze, it fell on a white-colored canine. His features were not as robust as a wolf's, so she infered that the foreign male's blood was that of a Coyote.

"What's happening here?" She inquired, approaching the circle slowly, cautiously, ears low and the tail, which barely peeked out from under her tattered skirt, held high. A dark colored hand rose to brush off a strand of hair that was not there, a habit that had perdured even after she decided to wear all her hair back, keeping it away from her face. her hand returned to her side as she eyed both males, but found the albino more interesting to look at, and so she stared at him, wondering what did the absent look in his eyes mean. Was he mourning over somebody? Even though she had just realized that these men were strangers, she shoved the thought aside and moved closer to the building that the white coyote had climbed on. "Are you ok?" She forced some trust into her to soothe that waryness that had began to grow inside her. After all, if they had not been part of the pack they wouldn't have come so far into the territory without being found by somebody else and chasen out, right?

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ohaithar! :D Teo's a bit racist. xD

Long ears flicked back at the sound of someone else's voice calling up to him and he turned his head to look down over his shoulder at the owner of the voice. An earth-hued wolf, pure from the looks of it. Teo resisted barking at the male to leave him alone; he didn't want company. Especially not company that would remind him of why he'd been upset in the first place. Besides; wolves were all the same, right? Uncaring, selfish and cruel to anyone smaller than them.

At least, that's what Teo believed at this point. He'd yet to find a kind enough person to tell him differently.

Then another joined them, before Teo could respond to the male. This one he'd seen before, but not up close. She was the other Kunikoti, if he remembered correctly. Luna or something like that. She asked if he was okay and he sighed, accepting his fate of having company. He moved a hand - hopefully nonchalantly - to wipe away a couple of tears on his cheeks and then turned to face them both.

I'm alright. He reassured, forcing a smile and a calm, indifferent tone as if he'd rehearsed it a thousand times before. His eyes flicked from the girl to the other, ears flicking forward. To answer your question, I was simply thinking aloud.

Another smile, then he shifted to slide down the roof to the edge, legs hanging off the side as he leaned forward to look down at them both. I'm Matteo... the new Kunikoti. You're... Luna, right? And I'm not sure I know of you, sir. He addressed them both with a friendly voice, though it was a bit too clear as to which he preferred. Despite them both seeming to be pure wolf, the girl earned more of his interest simply by being another Kunikoti; surely a healer was kinder than her kin? Hopefully. Maybe.

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King of the Jerks arrives

Not long after he had broken up the whimpering, another scent crept into his nose. Anatole looked to see a dark woman on two legs approaching. He snorted bullishly, as if her accusation offended him. After all, he wasn’t the one whining about breaking someone’s heart. Frankly, it was downright pathetic. The bulky wolf stayed where he was as the woman neared the building and rolled his eyes, again, at the display of emotion. Had the south really made men this soft?

Flicking one ear dismissively, the scout settled onto his haunches. He needed to learn about these people if he was going to serve any purpose here. Even if they were all crybabies. “Anatole. I’m a scout. You’re not from here, are you?” It was a sharp question, one echoed by the unfriendliness in his eyes. Already he had decided this man was no more than a whimpering pup, and it certainly befit a land that had allowed his cousin, of all people, to lead them. Perhaps the war hadn’t been as terrible as everyone made it out to be.

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Luna nodded at the albino when he answered her question. "I see." She was not really convinced that he had just been speaking his mind out loud a moment ago. Well, at least that that had not been a simple rant. His eyes held something beneath them, but she did not dare asking, since she could be violating something private. Their third guest, though, looked indolent at the sight of the younger one. She eyed him cautiously, and actually smiled in his direction to break down the ice. Then, she turned to the coyote once again, happy to see that he seemed to like her already, despite his initial waryness. Still smiling, she nodded in approval when he said not only his name but also guessed hers and her profession. "Yes, i am!" How did he know it? She was absolutely sure that she had never seen him -Matteo, she recalled- ever. Perhaps she had been mentioned when their leader welcomed him into their lands. Whatever the reason may be, she thought that she already liked him just for the fact that he had decided to be friendly to her.

Soon, the presence of the third person gathered there was reminded to her when Matteo adressed him himself. The masked woman turned towards him as well, curious about what would his answer to the blue-eyed man's question. The demeanor of this wolf did not seem to provoke much sympathy on her, specially the way she looked at them as if they were inferior beings, which she did not appreciate even if the look was aimed for the skinny-looking coyote. In spite of that, she kept her smile on, albeit a bit forcibly this time.

Nothing interesting about the grizzly male came, however, except his name and his occupation. She rolled her eyes a bit at his harshness, and was tempted to make a comment about it. She remained silent, though, because she doubted that he would take it for good. He did not look like the kind of person who liked to joke just for the fun of it. Instead, she listened to the question and looked back at Matteo. "I was wondering the same thing. You come from the north, right?" Her padded fingers stroke her chin as she supported that arm with her left hand, waiting for his answer.

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I figured Teo learnt her name from pack gossip and such. He would've paid attention if someone mentioned Luna, simply because of her rank being the same as his.

Luna and Anatole. He'd remember that. A sharp question followed the male's brisk introduction and Teo sat taller, Luna echoing it in curiousity. That's right. Not originally, but I came from Anathema before here. The caves were snuffing my family so we left for a better home. So far, everyone likes it here in the Tribe. A real smile, despite the unfriendly male still glaring daggers at him.

Before that, I was born and raised in Italy across the ocean. If my parents could see me now, they'd call me a savage. He gave a small laugh after that, a hand moving to the back of his head. He hadn't a doubt in his mind that the Tribe would've been considered a pack of savages to his family back home in Italy, though Dominick and Trinket seemed fine with it so far.

b>What about you guys? Was the tribe your first home? Probably not. Very few people in the tribe these days seemed to have been born there. Ayasha was, as far as he'd figured out, but somehow he doubted these two, with low ranks at the same age as him and older, were born here.

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There was no true hostility within him for these two, but aggravation was palpable on his face and in his body. It did not suit them to mope about and whine; what good was there in it? What good was there in sympathy for someone like that? Anatole’s view of the world was simple in this way. Emotions needed to be controlled, not cast about like shiny stones for the world to see. It was as foolish as showing ones throat, he reasoned, and thus a weakness.

Green eyes flicked to the woman’s own expression of disdain for him, though Anatole made no sign he cared. Rather, his attention refocused on the pale coyote. There was much said in his little explanation—having abandoned his previous home, this man had found a place north, in some pack called Anathema (wherever that was) and then again abandoned his home to come here. Wonderful. The dark wolf squared his shoulders at the idea of being thought of as a savage, and snorted bullishly. “I was born here,” he explained cooly. “Obligation took me north for a while, but I came back to see my family.” He paused, wondering if phrasing things as he did would keep the questions about his “obligation” down. Nothing sinister had been in that duty, but his own desire to explore had meant it dragged on for far too long.

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Luna listened to the coyote with more than little attention, though that did not lessen her surprise when she heard the familiar word coming from the albino's mouth, a name that she thought she had left once she decided to move southward. She wanted to tell him about the coincidence, but manners told her to allow the newcomer to speak first.

Childish impatience manifested on her twisting fingers. However,she interrupted the action when another topic diverted her attention from the infamous pack to a slightly more interesting one, which actually made the medic grimace, a bit upset by the way the young man had described their way of life. Such a sharp description wasn't fit. Maybe in this place, 'Italy', people was much different, specially if they disapproved sleeping on a cozy cave or living in a Tribe. At least Matteo looked happy with this new residence.

Once Anatole finished, the woman took her turn to speak. "I've heard the name Anathema before. Never thought that I'd hear it again." And the truth was that she hadn't thought about the pack which had been the place of certain events that she did not wish to recall, for they were not the happiest that she had. She had not trespassed its borders since she day she delivered the unconscious body of that dark pelted warrior (his name, what was his name?) to his packmates. "And to answer your question, it hasn't been too long since i joined AniWaya. So many things have passed since I joined that I almost feel as if everything is starting again." Perhaps everything was going to start all over again. Once the new leader got accustomed to the pack (or the other way around) things would be as stable as they were the first time she stepped on these peaceful lands. Peaceful. A side-glance in Anatole's direction reminded her of the man whose demeanor contrasted to Matteo's, and even hers enormously. She offered him a smile, trying to break the ice between them, hopeful that she could soften the aura around him, as if he gesture was a medicine that could heal an infected wound.

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This is some filler ooc babble, cause yeah.

Teo grimaced, an expression not expected from the smiling coy a moment ago so gleeful. He glanced over at Anatole for a moment and that expression deepened. I meant no offense. I rather love the way we live here in the tribe. It's refreshing. He offered a smile again, this time flicking his tail for reassurance. I envy that you were born here, actually. Italy was not the nicest of places.

Ears flicked back over to Luna and he listened as she spoke, eyes taking in her body language carefully. For a moment, that envious look flashed in those bi-colored eyes again, only to be replaced with understanding. Anathema tends to be that place most people want to forget about, I find. Living in caves and practicing witchcraft. Not my cup of tea. He shook his head grimly, though the smile remained. I don't hold hard feelings for the entire pack, but there's no helping what feelings I have against the leadership there. I've more bad memories than good in that place. He hummed softly afterwards, blocking out the images that came to him at the mention, images of his brother Giuseppe and his ex-mate Alaki mostly.

When Luna went on to mention things having passed and a feeling of a new start, he nodded in clear, but unfortunate, understanding. The war... I've heard a lot about it, but we came after it had been settled. I hope nothing happened to you or your own during such time?

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Anatole listened to the dark woman at his side, who seemed to have an ill respite with this Anathema pack. It sounded like a peculiar place, especially since this skinny man had left them and his “civilized” home for a place like AniWaya. While not as feral as Anatole would have liked, he would not have survived elsewhere. Subordination did not settle in his blood, not because he wished to lead (and he did not—it required too much work, too much socialization) but because he was unable to bow his head to those he saw as unworthy. At least here, there was a less dramatic need for such a thing. Especially now, while the Tribe recovered from a war that seemed to have ripped asunder their very way of life.

He listened further to the stories of this Anathema pack. As a scout, he would need to learn of such neighbors…even if they were far away from the Tribe. Witchcraft was an unknown thing to him, but caves he knew. Expansive caves were peculiar places for a wolf to live; he understood digging ones own home, or taking a small cave for a den, but to live under a mountain? That was odd. They were more moles than wolves, as far as he was concerned.

While hostility was part of his life, Anatole had begun to settle with the indifference of the woman (and even the coyote man). He sighed and looked over at the girl, his eyes echoing the same question spoken. Their leader and his own cousin had filled in many gaps, but these were different words and experiences than those of the members themselves. What truly had gone on in the darkest days of this place, when fear was palpable and terror came in those who were supposed to protect?

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Luna grimaced at Matteo's tell-tale of his experience on his last pack. Of course, she would've also shirked a cave as a place to live, sinmply because closed spaces that didn't allow her to see the sun did not suit her good, although she wpuld've tolerated the witchery. But there was more to it, which he explained with an expression that vainly veiled his feelings towards said 'leadership'. Curiosity needled her to ask why, but she kept her muzzle tightly close. His humming after the declaration showed, with no doubt., that it would be the best for his sanity to keep anything related to that away from his mind. Anything remotely related to the questions that she had about the man she aided so many months ago could wait. She only opened her mouth to say that she was sorry. "I really hope that times get better from now on for you." She said heartedly.

It was the opposite when he mentioned the war. Her face shrunk a bit, and she broke eye contact. "It was not the nicest thing, i tell you." A small wrinkle formed on her forehead as she tried to recall something from those dreaded moments. It had been traumatizing, and her mind had kept her sane by blurring the main battle. And she couldn't complain, for the images could've been worse than what she could recall. "Most of it consisted on us trying to resist the oppressor's hand." She kept on, borrowing a phrase from one of the books she had read. "But there was also blood." For a moment she stayed silent, before suddenly aising her head, doing her best to smile. "But it is all in the past now. Things have calmed down a bit, and i hope that the new leadership will do a good job." Luna was glad to have Maska several miles away from her dear AniWaya, but she couldn't avoid holding doubts against this new presence, Uhlilohi.

When the atmosphere became a bit strange, given the auras of hostility and sorrow surrounding both of her companions, she thought of an idea to soothen it down occured to her. "Now, i was planning on going for a walk on the forest before I crossed with you." She strived to find the right words to make her request sound as casual as possible. "If you aren't busy, we can all go stretch our legs." Turning her full attention to Anatole for the first time, she offered him another smile, hoping that whatever caused his hostility would just disintegrate with the fresh smell of snow and forest, and the pleasant sensation of tendons and muscles stretching. Maybe she was putting her hopes too high with this particular wolf. But striving for somebody's sympathy was to her something as natural as walking. Plus, if they were going to be packmates, it was good to know each other. "What do you say?"

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Teo's got this habit of jumping off cliffs, so a building doesn't scare him.

He smiled weakly as Luna wished him good days in the future and nodded in thanks, feeling almost uncomfortable at the 'I'm sorry for you' words she spoke. Still, there was no getting by it. Pity was, unfortunately, in the nature of things. Once it had been human nature and it showed again as a scar in the luperci genetics. Pity. Greif. Empathy. Things normally minor in the lives of the uninfected, but so pronounced in the lives of the bitten and bled. Luperci truely were strange and mysterious creatures, even to themselves.

His rambling mind filtered out the useless trivial thoughts to focus on the other medic. Anatole had yet to say a word again, and so focus settled on Luna. Ulilohi seems a fair leader, even if she's not familiar to us. I wasn't sure what to think originally, when Claudius was in the leader's place. Such a young lad with such responsibility. I'm sort of glad that Ulilohi stepped in, to lift some weight off his shoulders, y'know? When he'd joined, Claudius had been their 'leader', at least temporarily. The stuttering mess of leadership had been careful, precise and an all around good guy for the job, but his age... He'd still be just a kid, and it wasn't fair. A war and then leadership? No child deserved such things stealing away the best years of their life.

And then, the atmosphere shifted. Luna suggested a walk and Teo thought it over carefully as she addressed Anatole. Why the heck not? He rather liked this girl and despite the hostility in the air between himself and the other male, he didn't much mind the presence of Anatole either anymore. He shammied his way onto the ground carefully-- er, wait, no, not carefully. The boy did his usual thing of jumping off his ledges, actually, sliding over to the edge of the roof and hopping down as if it were just a step. He landed with a 'thud' in the light dusting of snow beside the house and took a moment to let his legs adjust to the impact. Then, he got up without any struggle and trouble and with his hands in his pockets, smiled at both of them. A walk doesn't sound too bad, actually.

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Ack, sorry guys! Exit Anatole. ;-;

While he listened with key interest to the words of war, Anatole would forever be distanced from such a thing. He had not been part of it, nor had he seen what it had done to his home. Had he been here he might not have ever returned. Yet this distanced allowed for the wolf to disconnect, and he did not feel the scars of battle as this woman did. So his hostility lingered, and would linger, despite her friendly behavior.

He narrowed his eyes at the talk of Claudius, wondering just what this stranger thought of his cousin. It seemed little—and this further irritated the dark wolf. With a flick of one ear, the scout spoke shortly. “I have duties to attend to,” he scoffed, and left the pair at a sharp trot. While his perceived rudeness was certainly palpable, he was unwilling to force himself to settle with the aggression in the air. Perhaps in time he would make friends, but for now, his unwillingness to compromise was clear.

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