Leaving on a mayday

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It had been too long since the female had gone to the long stretch of beach that the pack claimed as their own. There was a certain feeling that came to her there. She had not always been a coastal wolf, much more comfortable in the forest and among her guardian trees. But since Crimson Dreams had reached out and taken the beach, she had come to seek its inspiration. It was wild at times, and others... it was as gentle as a mother with a newborn, simple reach out to place a soft hand on the back of the sands. Petting lightly.

Such a journey had been her intention, and so the wolfess traveled south after she had risen at her normally early hour. Four pawed and pleasantly surprised to see that the Sun had greeted her, breaking through the cloud cover and reaching out with bright raze. She traveled alone, though Oak had offered to come with her. He was attentive to his mother after their small talk about responsibility, but she believed that there were better things to the able male to do then wander around with his mother. And it was solitude Anu sought .

Small silver splashed paws trotted through the southern lands, beyond the Hollow and towards the beach. The path was clear, a game trail she had used often. With her nose to the ground Anu moved, her thoughts drifting from his direction and towards the meeting of the pack that had left her a bit unsettled. They were small once more, their number dwindling with what seemed like each changing moon. The war had done this to them, killed their members and pushed others to seek a different refuge. Crimson Dreams had always been safe, and did not harbor those with an ill intent. Such beasts were banished, never allowed to return. So why? Why had they left? To seek instinctual gratification? Anu tipped her head, looking to the sky and then through the landscape. Her nose spoke of where she was, and her instincts played their role to their full capability. Suddenly she found herself in an unnaturally foul mood.

As well as further west then she had intended. By scent she knew she was a mile of so beside the border of their land, and no closer to her intended destination. With a huff she skirted the border slowly, her intent now to check it's security.


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(237) Sorry for the delay! I will try and spree with you now, though. XD

The night with the seductive woman had left his mind in a state of primeval delight. He had not known her name, nor did he truly care for it now. Pheromones had kept his mind carefully blank, driven only by instinct and the drives of all men. When they had finished he had left her, for better or worse, and begun the trek back to AniWaya. He rolled in fresh snow to wash away the sex-scent, and licked himself clean afterwards. Anatole reeked only of his own musk, still hot-to-trot from the liaison of the previous night, and the pack with whom he now resided in. The destination was not far now, and he did not tarry to hunt or fill any other need. He would sleep when he returned, and he would sleep well.

He did not intend to cut so close to the unfamiliar pack’s border, but the mistake was recognized quickly. Anatole veered away from the scents, though he slowed to inspect them. Two females led here, and they were both older than he. Several other scents dotted the area, but he did not have the patience to sort through them. He could smell that this was one of the peculiar scents on AniWaya’s borders and had he been a wiser wolf, he might have recognized why. Instead, he lifted his head and continued on his way, moving quickly as to avoid any problems.

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no prob!

The lines and markers were thin on the western border, so from from where the pack gathered on a day to day basis. She set her thoughts to their most basic, and brought her form to follow the boundary. Instincts such as that were set into her deeply and her rank weighed her down with responsibility and that propelled her forward. It was not hard, nor did it take her long to find a scent that did not belong. It caused her nose to wrinkle, and the sensitive fey even sneezed from a tickle that it brought her. She was used to a female drifting into its cycle, but the scent of such a heated strange male was not something she was used to or even cared for. Anu shook her coat, perhaps to clean the scent from it, but headed towards it non-the-less.

Blue eyes looked into the woodlands, scanning in the hopes of finding what had caused all the commotion in her nose. There was a quick movement, and it caused the wolfess to take to her paws quickly. Prey-drive pulled her forward, a rope attached to her chest that yanked at the sight of any movement. The slight fey had to tell her body twice to slow before it submitted to the command. The fur along her back was ruffled, tail seated high behind her, and her ears mounted forward. Though her face was stoic she felt the urge to signal her presence with a throaty growl. He was from the tribe, she had known that before she had come this close, and that still irritated her, there was no way to ignore it. Residual anger had yet to be shed fully from her mind, but then again the scar they had given her was still very visible along her neck.

Instead Anu watch him only a moment before calling with an assertive bark.


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(241) I had an idea! If she accuses him of spying he could be like "pfft lady you are crazy" and she can attack him? He won't fight her since she's an old lady (<3) and she can chase him off then?

A noise from behind caused him to still almost instantly. He had been upwind and not caught her scent, and so when the order came he responded to it with surprise. Anatole jerked around, his head high and his tail even with his body. Yet on neutral territory he had no need to submit, no fear of rank; but he was close enough to the borders of Crimson Dreams to recognize he was playing a dangerous game. Dark ears remained high, affirming his testosterone-driven idea of power, but he did not raise his tail above her. His size alone held him above the blue-gray she wolf, but he saw her age clearly and knew from the way she held herself that she was one of the leaders of this place.

He remained still, unsure of himself, and said nothing. If she had wanted him from her command she would make the reason known soon. There was an obvious and unwelcoming air about her, and he considered leaving quickly. Still, what harm would it do to try and do his job? While he was aware of the conflict between these two places, he was a stranger yet ignorant of the sheer depth and still-aching wounds of such a thing. Anatole finally spoke, his deep accented voice speaking of his native land and the French roots still present in those wolves who resided there. “I’m a scout; I’m just on my way home.”

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Anu could be a little blustery, and try to intimidate but she's not much of an 'attacker' lol but she'd love to chase him outta there.

It pleased her that he paused at her call. But it was a sort lived feeling, fleeting and quickly shooed away. His confidence however did not please her. He was so close to their claimed lands that she believed he should have poised his body to look far more submissive then he did. It was what she would have done. To appease the more dominant being was in their nature, the tone that was spoke in the lines of physic were arrogant rather then apologetic.

He spoke, words that did not calm her nerve and then left her with a poor explanation. The silvery fey stepped closer, A scout? She questioned, though left him no room to answer it. Your tribe knows enough of us, having trampled through our lands not long ago... You think it chaste to spy on us now? he was a fool to think that it was fine with the Dreaming leadership for scouts to linger on their borders, and even drifting into the pack lands – for she would not put the past the male – without calling for an escort. If any pack should have respect for Crimson Dream's boundaries and privacy it was the tribe he belonged to.

Anu was far from pleased...


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(200) She can probably get loud; he's trying to run away, so maybe her "chasing" him would work?

There was a significant difference between them; despite his desire to follow and to obey, he was naturally arrogant. This was from his mother, who had installed within him the inability to ever truly follow. While one could bow and one could conform, he often found opposition when he felt dominance was not warranted. This was not her land, this half of the border, and that singular fact filled him with the ability to behave as if he was somehow given the right to such a thing.

Never mind, of course, that he was still coming down from the high of dominating a woman physically and sexually.

Black ears fanned back, but his posture remained defiant. “I’m not spying on you,” he spat, feeling her eyes accusing him. Did she think of them as so lowly? He was ignorant of the horrors committed upon her; ignorant that she had a very real reason to hate his tribe and to blindly hate him as well. “Just calm down, lady,” he added, tail swishing once behind him. There was no outspoken aggression from her, but the air was radiating with the distrust and unresolved discord of a war not so long forgotten.

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No, Anu did not appreciate anyone lingering along their lands. This was a neglected portion that could easily be broken without their detection, and she was glad that she had caught the tribesman when she did. If she hadn't he could have let the others know that this was line of defense was susceptible to their continued "scouting". Ralla's words hung with her, speaking her to her even now as she stood before the AniWayan. Forgiveness had been given, but Anu would not forget. And this male; he rubbed her in a very wrong way. Even his scent clung to her and dug beneath her skin.

His teetering ears did not bode well for him, they made her believe that he had something to hide. He was a scout, and what else would a scout be doing if not to spy on their strength. The woman was not about to let anyone believe that they were weak. Their numbers were falling like soft snowflakes in Winter, but it did not mean that the Spring would not being them new life just as it did her garden. They, were far from weakened. The scatty addition to his claim angered her even more. You are an ignorant child. Had you thought your presence here would be appreciated? There was a deepening of her tone, and the fur the lines her spine was standing on end. Her grayed lips rose to bare her surprisingly clean teeth.

Anu took two quick steps forward. it was in their nature to claim the land beneath their paws, and she did so now. It would all be hers, every inch of the landscape around –both– if he spoke to her again with such a language and tone.


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Had she been a male, he would have responded to her challenge in a different way. Instinct did not allow him to attack her, however; she was not only a woman but an older woman and thus demanded the need to retreat father than face her. As the grayish shape advanced he took a tentative step back, ears folding down. As he moved, he felt a stronger urge to confront this feeling, but he did not wish to tempt a woman, least of all one that would push him against a whole pack.

Quickly, he wheeled and made off at a sharp trot. It was a graceful retreat but one that showed his obvious discomfort. Pale feet picked up to a trot as if she might follow behind him, and when he was beyond the edge of their border he quickened this to a jogging pace that carried him away quickly, unsure as if she would be on his heels as he most certainly imagined was possible.

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