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8D 20th december

There had been a snowstorm in the night. Frodo woke up from his little hut to see a bit of thatching missing. The man had spent the majority of the morning repairing it. At least it hadn’t been as bad as yesterday; yesterday he’d woken to see his horse spooked and running about the place, the little area of fencing ripped from the ground. Anxiously, he’d put the fence back where he found it. It gave him the creeps anyway, made him think he was a thief. And so Strider was back in the stables. It was where the stallion was best off, really. With all the other horses. Frodo was a bit suspicious that Strider might break into another stall and sexually assault a mare, though. But the man just didn’t have the heart to geld the mighty beast.

Frodo stretched as he exited the hut, a bow on one shoulder and quiver on the other. He was naked apart from his bandana and chain necklace. It made better to dress lighter for hunting. Humming to himself he strolled the familiar path, out of the AniWayan village and soon to the stables. He opened the barn door to see a boy already in the stable, somewhat odeling some of the horses. Mornin’. he smirked cheerfully, eyes sparkling at the awe that seemed to radiate off Ahiga. He walked straight past him to the very end stall, and standing on a bale of hay he looked down at his steed over the stall-door. Strider was asleep. But Frodo was greeted by his secondary companion with a loud squeak. The squeak was startling so he found himself partially fall down, but soon he’d regained his balance and was petting the small rat that crawled on the door. He fingered a piece of dry biscuit from the ship that lay in the pocket of his cloak, before handing it to Pantalaimon with a sigh. The rat squeaked and ran off with the food in it’s jaws immediately. Oh, thank you, Frodo, for feedin’ me. Frodo droned sarcastically.

He whistled for Strider to get up, but the horse did not oblige. Up ya get, come on, lets get shifted. Up and atom. Jingle those bells for the standardbreds, jeeves. he shouted, his way of making the horse listen. He threw and waggled his fist until Strider rose with a groan. Instead of opening the door, Frodo simply hopped over it, and went to his horse. The man went about brushing and grooming the horse’s hair, and then the mane and tail, until Strider’s coat shone a pristine white. Then Frodo held open the door for Strider. Once the horse was out, he put a hand on it’s shoulder, steadying the beast so it wouldn’t suddenly bolt or spook. With no lead, bridle, or any sort of gear on Strider, it was mere trust that enabled him to keep control of his horse. He was surprised to see Ahiga still there. I’m Frodo Silvertongue. he introduced himself with a grin, then patted his horse. This is Strider. Are you plannin’ on ridin’ any of these horsies or are we just curious, johnnycake? he paused, eying up the younger boy. ‘Cuz if you are, boy, you can come huntin’ with me. If you want to, that is. Could do with a helpin’ hand, skipper. Frodo walked smoothly past Ahiga and out of the stables, his horse with him. When they were both outside, Strider safely out in the open, Frodo turned back, opening the stable door to lean on it casually, watching Ahiga to see his reply.

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White filled the land, matching his natural fur colour and pleasing the young lad; snow allowed more camouflage for him than it did for others, normally the one standing out like a saw thumb, his clear coat blended in nicely with the snow. Shoving his hands into his white hoodie's pocket, he hummed happily, playing with his assortment of lock picks inside his pockets as he wondered around Aniwaya's lands mindlessly, only paying enough attention to where he was going so that he could find his way back if he needed to, his spear hung across his back and leather bag over his shoulder as was becoming the norm for him. Time passed and his idle wanderings led him to the stables, the stench of horses initially causing him to back of until he remember the weird stranger who'd taught him to ride... kinda; one could only learn so much in two lessons, but from that short experience he knew that despite their smell, horses were useful and fun to ride.

Pushing forward he entered the stables, eyes widening at the array of beasts gathered. Despite knowing that Aniwaya was meant to have many animals and knowledge of them, he himself had never really seen animals aside from the odd spirit guide and had assumed that outsiders had thought spirit guides as pets. But looking at these beasts it was clear that Aniwaya truly did have many magnificent animals. Moving from stall to stall he stared in wonder at each horses, taking in their different coat colours and attitudes each displayed as he approached them. One particular horse caught his attention; a white mare, he colour as pure as his own and her stomach slightly large. Stopping before her he stared longingly at the mare, wishing he could own a horse as beautiful as she was. It was then he heard the barn doors open and a darker coated male enter, the strange male saying a form of greeting as he passed the young lad.

Dipping his head slightly, he said nothing to the stranger and turned his attention back to the white mare. Placing his feet carefully on the stool door, he managed to prop himself up a little higher so that he could get a better look at her, hand outstretched in an attempt to stroke her, but the mare was stood too far back for him to reach. His attention was pulled away from the mare as the strange male whistled, Ahiga's head lifting and turning to look in the direction of the sound as a reflex reaction. Silently he observed the male, frowning slightly at the males strange way of speaking, but it seemed the stranger owned the horse at the end and so he pulled himself up onto the mare's stool door and sat and watched the other groom his horse.

When the male introduced himself Ahiga simply dipped his head again, not bothering to introduce himself yet; this strange male had done nothing to earn his name and so he would not tell him it. Listening to the other talk about riding his frown deepened slightly. I don't own one so I have none to ride he explained, watching the other leave with his horse then return. Shrugging his shoulders he hopped of the mare's stool door, landing with a low thump. Unless ya have another horse I can't help you he said, wondering if the male had another he could borrow.

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ew look at this reply. ewww....

Thoughtfully he leant back against the stable door, looking at the young male while scratching behind his ear, wondering what to do. It seemed wise to just go on without Ahiga, for if he had not a horse of his own he wouldn’t put the trust in it while riding and hunting - he might be on edge, and easily startled, therefore giving the horse he rode a reason to spook too. But something about the situation told Frodo to hold back, and try and work round it anyway. The young lad looked lively and determined enough, and they would be a good team with the right amount and balance of both patience and practice. Gently he held out a hand for Strider to stay where he was outside, and then he walked back into the stables again, looking around while Ahiga spoke.

I ‘ave Rohan ‘ere… he said, gesturing to the bay mare. But she’s far from ready ter ‘unt, my lemon sherbet. Take…Buck. The leader wont be mindin’, I’m sure. he said, gesturing to a fair looking horse in one of the stalls. Buck had actually sired the foal of the white horse that Ahiga had been eying up earlier. Perhaps it was a sort of connection. Perhaps not. Casually he strolled back to the door and held it wide open, once again leaning against it, holding it open for Ahiga and Buck to come out of. That was, of course, assuming Ahiga would come with him anyway.

The man anxiously fingered the necklace and bandana at his neck and sniffed deeply. Actually, despite looking determined and strong, there was something about Ahiga that Frodo couldn’t quite put his paw on. Perhaps the fact he hadn’t given his own name in return when Frodo had introduced himself, or the secretive way he held himself, a little thief looking. Still, Frodo was used to thieves. In his youth he’d often stolen from the gypsy stalls they’d had going as a child, and one of his good friends Terra was perhaps a master in the business too- at least until he’d taught her to hunt for herself. He noted the spear hanging against Ahiga’s back and knew at once that was the weapon he’d use when hunting whatever they were going to hunt. Awkwardly, Frodo tapped his foot, impatient for them to get going and be straight into thew activity he lived for.

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And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can't replace
When you love someone but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?
Word Count :: 415 Eeee, this post sucks <.< Sorry! <3

Silently he watched the other, forest green eyes full of impatience to hear the strange males answer; it had been awhile since he'd ridden and now that he'd thought about it he truly wished to own a horse of his own. Following the others movements he listened to the other speak, pleading silently to who knows what that there would be a horse available for him to ride or borrow; as the dark coloured make spoke of a horse he found himself looking over to 'Rohan' as Frodo gestured towards her, then turning to look at Buck. Stepping away from the mare's stool he made his way over to Buck's stable, barley stopping himself from rashly running over and startling everything within the stables. Propping himself up on the wooden door, he peered over the stool door to get a good look at the horse and found himself grinning like a pup on it's birthday as soon as his eyes fell upon him; the male was stunningly coloured like the white mare, but in shades of cream with a thick, long black mane and tail.

Turning his head back to Frodo, he flashed the older male a huge, childish grin, “Can I really ride him? He don't belong to anyone?” he asked, double checking that he'd heard the other right. Not waiting for the males answer he went and fetched a saddle and bridle that looked like they'd fit buck; having been taught to ride with a saddle and bridle he chose to go with what he knew, rather then attempt to show of to Frodo and ride without them. Entering into Buck's stool he quickly secured the tack onto the stallion, stroking down the horses cream neck slowly.

Opening the stool door he turned back to Buck and quickly pulled himself onto the stallions back, grasping the reigns lightly and praying the horse was fair tempered. Applying pressure to Bucks sides he was pleased when the thoroughbred responded without any trouble and within moments he was out of the stable. Bringing the stallion to a halt he waited for Frodo to catch up, fiddling with the reigns and fidgeting so that he got more comfortable; as well as moving his spear around so that it sat in a more accessible position upon his back. “Hurry up. Ain't got all day old man” he shouted to Frodo, buzzing with expectation and excitement for the coming hunt, despite having no idea how to hunt from horseback.

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does it heck!. word count; 485

Yup. He belongs to AniWaya, does Buck. was the reply Frodo gave the boy. The narrow shouldered wolf gave Ahiga and odd, sideways glance and then waited for the kid to make himself useful. Obviously he had nothing better to do; his parents, if they were here or if he even had any; musn't have had any chores for him or anything to get his hands dirty, so pushing the boy into work seemed the next best thing. Ahiga was only a child, and so it would be great getting him to learn how to hunt, and the ups and downs of weaponry and horse back. Sure enough, he obviously knew what he was doing as he boarded Buck with sure and steady vigour, and rode him out of the stables without a care in the world. Admiration flooded through him while Frodo looked onwards, and he snorted at the comment.

I ent no old man, ye jolly rodger!! he cried, putting a hand against his chest as if it had taken him great offence. You're just an imp, boy! he carried on looking shocked, and then gave him a wink and a smirk, before tottering over to Strider. Bareback and bridle-less he boarded the great stallion, and then drew a full circle clockwise, so he was facing Buck and Ahiga. Right, I'm hopin' yer know how ter use tha'. he said, gesturing with a hand at the spear on the boy's back. Frodo had a bow, but a spear would prove just as useful. Frodo hoped he knew how to use it properly, otherwise the results of the friendly trip would turn disastrous. However, if Ahiga proved to be promising, Frodo would probably ask him out hunting again, and take him in as an apprentice of sorts. Rule is, throw it from a distance and collect it laters, you follow? he asked. Without waiting for an answer, he nudged his horse around and they started at a lazy trot across the mud.

He'd gone roughly a long way, but it was all over flat ground, the fields outside the stables were long and lush, and easy to see the horizon over. Ahiga would have easily been able to follow. Just to make sure, Mr Silvertongue flashed a searching look over his shoulder, albeit half hearted, before suddenly flying into a canter. He bent down and lifted up over his horse as they cantered diagonally up a long hill, and leaned back considerably as they went flying down it again. By the end of the hilly area, the woodlands was near; the place where Frodo spent most of his time hunting. He knew there was a herd of reindeer near here that had crossed for the winter, but he'd follow just his nose from this point. When he passed the first tree, he slowed into walk, as they wouldn't want to be disturbing any potential prey.

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And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can't replace
When you love someone but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?
Word Count :: 523 Ahiga finds his speech hilarious xD

The stallion beneath him was seemingly well trained or so first impressions had led the young hunter to believe, for Buck, as the old man had named him, was responding to touch smoothly with only a small amount of delay between rider and horse. Childish glee flooded through him and he couldn't wait for the other to get out and mounted, couldn't wait to ride again. Stroking the horses neck lightly he couldn't help but admire the pale colouration which contrasted nicely with the stallions pitch black mane. “Buck is it? Ya gonna be mine now, ain't cha” he whispered to the horse, claiming ownership of the cream beauty and already plotting and designing how he would alter the horses coat with his dyes, for nothing was better then a living canvas; he himself was a living breathing example of his own spontaneous urge to paint and dye things, the black tribal design swirling up his side and on of his arms.

When Frodo responded he simply blinked at the darker males then broke out into hysterical laughter, Buck only startling at the sudden noise a for a second before settling down. Still laughing when the other appeared out from the depths of the stables, he flashed green eyes to the spear he had recently acquired and carried with him; one that he had no idea how to use, all he could do was point out the, well, pointy end and that was about it. His smile fell a little, but he refused to admit to a stranger that he could use it properly, for he was a Nishant and he would not allow another to think he was incapable of using something as simple as a spear, for no doubt his sisters and brother would laugh if they found out. Stubbornly he raised his head, “I know 'nough 'bout it” he answered without really answering the males question. Listening to the rule the other spoke off he pulled a face before he could stop himself, for what the male said sounded stupidly logical and he became paranoid that the other was already treating him like an incompetent child, looking down upon him, undermining him.

Still, as the other urged his horse on the young hunter followed suit, pleased and happy once more as Buck eagerly responded to his commands, speeding up when he applied pressure and slowing down at the gentle pulling upon reigns. Being able to ride once more was thrilling and it relaxed the young lad greatly, his grip loosened on the reigns and he was thrilled when it seemed Buck understood or was trained enough to know to follow the other horse. Jerking suddenly when Buck sped up he frowned at the darker male and snatched the stallions reigns up and kicked Bucks side, the stallion kicking of at great speeds after the old man and just as he was catching up Frodo slowed down to a walk and so he followed suit, easing Buck beside the strange male and his steed. “What we do now, ya jolly rodger?” he asked Frodo, making a point to mimick the males strange talk from earlier.

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Sorreh for the wait :< word count; 692

It was funny to watch Ahiga with the horse. Such a powerful friendship was formed when you sat upon a horse, especially if it was the first time you had sat upon that horse. It was not always that way; sometimes you just felt as if you were borrowing the horse, and you knew in your heart that it was not truely yours for the taking, but Frodo could tell out of the corner of his eye that the young boy fancied Buck for his own. And he didn't doubt that Buck would indeed belong to him once the day was through; he'd been given the communal horse Rohan easily enough, so why wouldn't Ahiga be given the privalege of a horse as well? True he was young, but that made him all the more excited about horses; at least it had been that way when Frodo was a boy.

Frodo slipped another glance in Ahiga's direction to watch him ride; like all luperci general riding came naturally because of their strong legs and easy balance, but Ahiga had something more than that. A fine apprentice to take on in the art of riding and hunting, Frodo thought to himself. He had a parental urge to ruffle Ahiga's head and tell him he was doing just fine, but of course it wasn't his place. All he could do was be stern yet encouraging with the boy, and see where it went from there. However, he picked up on the sour face and snappy comment towards Frodo's intructions, yet merely shook his head with a small smile. Ahiga was stubborn and, like most boys of his age, probably thought he knew better than everyone. Well, he'd learn soon enough - Frodo vowed - that listening to your elders took a lot more intelligence than doing the opposite.

As they walked to the edge of the woodlands he scratched through his mane and inhaled deeply, tasting the fresh air with his senses. And then suddenly he stopped and looked at Ahiga when the question was asked. Frodo had a bemused expression on his face, for Ahiga had just repeated his little quirk from before, but he said nothing of it. Right, ye limey shark biscuit. We gotta look for these pommycobblers, so lets dip our lids for the bludgers in the brown. No being a cheeky larikin, as we gotta fetch our fleabags and our dasies from the devil dodger. he looked around the trees, deadly serious, and then broke into a short trot straight through the middle of the woodland. He continued talking without turning around; Watch out for other hunters, an' the weather, an' we should be able to avoid being chinstrapped. We just gotta keep our meat tickets about us, because if we don't, we'll be a landowner. at this point he couldn't hold his nerve and let loose a smile, because of course he was being as confusing as he could to have a little joke. But then he decided it was best to let Ahiga know what he was doing. Basically, we go catch some reindeer, freestyle! he commanded. No specific way to hunt for the moment, he'd just see how it flowed.

It was a while of trotting until he finally caught the scent trail of a herd. It seemed they were not at their usual crossing so he had to change course, drifting through the grass silently on the white stallion. The wind changed direction once or twice but eventually he could see the herd, a smaller one with a single calf in it's midst. Frodo sighed. The herd had the calf bundled into the centre, there was no way they'd catch it. But there, on the edge of the group, perhaps outcasted and shunned, stood a young cow with a wound in it's shoulder. Now, bishop. Tell me which one we're goin' for. And think before you speak. Frodo would easily be able to tell from this little test whether Ahiga had a hunter's eye or not. Frodo smiled mentally, and simply sat calmly, his fur swaying in the breeze as he waited for an answer.

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Twisting in his seat he faced the darker male and awaited his response and as the male began to speak the young lad found himself concentrating immensely on the simple task of not laughing. It seemed as if the older male chose random words and strong a sentence together, resulting in a whole lot of nonsense that the young Nishant couldn't make any sense of. Still, since the other had agreed to take him out and he hadn't ridden in such a long time, he held his laughter and the insulting words that spun through his mind back, eager for the other to start actually making sense so that he could get to the fun part of hunting. When the other male started to look around, the white boy followed suit in an attempt to appear like he understood a word the other had spoken, but all around was woodland and he couldn't see anything of interest nor figure out what the other was looking for.

As Frodo resumed speaking again he made a little more sense then he had initially; a warning about the weather and other hunters. The rest of what was said made no sense to the boy but he nodded his head in agreement anyway. Just as his head rose from the nod he noticed the others smile and instantly frowned in confusion; wierdo. The insult longed to be spoken aloud but once more he stopped himself and continued to listen to them male who finally made sense.

Silently he followed the others lead, growing slightly unsure and highly doubting the others vague plan of 'go get Reindeer'. Finally a herd came into view and he peered over to the older male, shifting Buck's reigns around to free his right hand so that he could push his fringe back. As he lowered his hand back to the reigns Frodo addressed him and he blinked at the question and for once he did as he was told; he thought before he spoke. Young or injured are the easiest to catch or one separated from the majority of the herd he spoke aloud, staring at the herd and paying no attention to his companion. Running his eyes over the herd, his eyes falling onto the form of a singular deer, somewhat away from the bulk of the herd. So that one he said, dropping the reigns with one hand so he could indicate to the one separated from the others.

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and liek a month later...I finally reply. word count; 421

Frodo couldn't help but let out a cheeky snort at Ahiga, due to the way the young lad pretended he knew half of what Frodo was going on about. The curly-furred male smirked, eyes twinkling, for it was just a bit of fun. Really though, there was no chance anything could go wrong. It was a calm and carefree day, the hunt was already good in the pack, and so it didn't matter if they failed. Just a bit of fun. Though Frodo was still determined they would catch something, and catch something soon. Sending one more sneaky smirk in the aim of the white boy next to him, Frodo spurred his horse on with his heels, until they were just at the edge of the herd, out of site, but perhaps not out of mind.

The dark male cocked his head to listen to the boy's explanation. Turned out he did have a brain, after all. Or at least had been brought up with the right sort of guardians. If my jammy dodgers are true, you're makin' some sense, pansy. he cooed, baring a single fang as he admired the cow with the wounded shoulder. Wolves were not wild animals, to be hunted down like they had by humans in the past. They did not hunt for fun, but to survive. Though Frodo got a thrill out of hunting, he always made sure to pick off the sick or weak who would not live much longer anyway. They cast out the sick and made way for the healthy. That was what wolves were for. I bring my 'orse on its left side, inbetween the herd and the cow. You go on it's right, trapping it from escape. Drive it away. Then try an' make the kill. if Ahiga hadn't plunged his spear in after a certain time, Frodo would kill it with an arrow. But he was wanting to give the boy a chance to prove himself, first.

NOW! He suddenly shouted. They were close enough that the herd, when startled, wouldn't have a chance to get away. Frodo set off at a gallop, weaving to the left side and cutting off the cow from the protection of the herd. He whooped and hoped Ahiga was on it's other side. Whether he was or was not, the cow started running straight anyway, which was the whole plan. Frodo ran by its side, a little behind it, urging the cow on, separating it, and alive with the heat of the hunt.

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Geh, hate this post. Full of fail, but meh, gets things moving. / +370!

Jammy dodgers? Old man, i'm really starting to question your sanity he responded, giving the other a comical cautious look as if insanity was contagious. And don't be calling me a pansy, grandpa the last part he slurred and spoke softly, not really wanting to start an argument with the other but feeling compelled to defend himself somewhat against the others ever confusing words. Never before had he encountered someone who spoke in such a confusing manner and every time the other opened his mouth and spoke the young hunter found his head hurting more and more. Moving around he grabbed and positioned the spear he had brought with him so that he could easily through it; if it hit the neck or softer areas of one of the set targets he had a chance of taking one down... but the lad was pretty sure he'd miss, but he intended to try his best regardless.

As the darker male explained the plan he nodded and look towards the herd, visualising things as they Frodo spoke. Faffing with the reigns and spear it took him a moment to figure out how to both ride and direct Buck, but once he figured out a way that worked well enough he kicked his heels in and was off after the darker male with only a few seconds delay. Following the given instruction he brought himself and Buck along the right side, cutting off their targets escape route. As the cow began to head his way he readied his spear, not confident in his throwing and so he planned to stab it through the cows neck once it was within his range. Yah! he shouted, urging Buck back into action he poised the spear ready and waited, holding back just for the perfect opportunity. As he moved towards the cow it turned, revealing it's neck and with that opening he lunged out with the spear, digging it feebly into the target's shoulder, Shit, I missed! Old man!! he shouted, the deer turned and began to run back to Frodo, the young Nishant's spear fell to the ground, green eyes looked desperately over to the other and he hoped the male could correct his mistake.

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Thread end! Powerplay confirmed by Kitty-cat :D word count; 405

Jammy dodgers indeed. Frodo stated curtly. Heh. I tell yeh, there aint nothin' sane 'bout nobody these days. he replied with a wink, squeezing his horse on. He simply chuckled at their parting comment before the action started. Frodo galloped to the left side, as promised, continuing to drive the deer away. Woo, thought Frodo, this is going to succeed. Or at least, so he thought, until something told him it was all falling apart.

At first everything was going well. He watched Ahiga jump to attention, riding like a natural, holding the spear like a pro. The boy actually looked like he knew what he was doing; and boy, Frodo was impressed, for Ahiga's young age. He smirked to himself, a knowing smile, waiting for the thud as the spear shot into the beast's neck and it fell to the ground. But it never happened. Out of the corner of his eye, Frodo saw the way the spear was thrown just as the deer moved. And it missed the target, instead barely scratching skin. Oh, frogspawn and roller coasters! Frodo "cursed", as the spear fell limpy to the ground and Ahiga called out for Frodo to do something.

Frodo shook his head. He'd really wanted the boy to accomplish something'; it would lift his spirits and make him more eager to hunt the next time round. But Frodo supposed he'd have to finish of the kill, there was no use wasting good meat. Lifting his bow nimbly, Mr Silvertongue simply knocked an arrow with practised hands, pulled back the string, and watched the arrow zoom through the sky to sink right into the deer's eye as it tried to escape. The deer let out a shriek, and Frodo brought the deer with a secondary arrow to the neck.

Things calmed down. Frodo slowed Strider to a halt, dismounted gracefully, and leant by the fallen beast. All sign of life was gone. No worries. Frodo said then, turning to look back at Ahiga. You did well. And a good 'unter learns from his mistakes, so he does. he stated wisely, before pulling out a dagger and slitting the deer's stomach. He split out most of the organs, leaving them for the scavengers, and then hauled the rest of the meat back to the village with the help of Ahiga. It had been a good day, thought Frodo, even if things didn't go exactly to plan.

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