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Okay, finally get this started! back dated to Nov 19th after this thread with Liliya along the river. So sorry for the date on this. If the date needs adjusted let me know maybe something can be worked out one way or another :x

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Family had been one of the last things Anann had expected to find along the borders of the a pack that she knew so little about. Least of all Liliya, whom she had assumed to be in Russia and likely with her father. Instead Anann had learned that Liliya had returned and not only that, but also with her mother in tow. It was news she was excited to take back to her mate. Surely he would be happy to hear that some of his family had returned and from the sounds of what Liliya had said, they were doing well.

Still, Anann had more business yet to attend to, for Liliya had only been an unexpected surprised that had temporarily delayed her from her true purpose here. Once they had caught up on the recent whereabouts of what Russo’s were known to be in the area Anann had asked Liliya if she might call for her leaders, or at least one of them, so that she could make a proper introduction of herself and her pack to Salsola.

Since Liliya’s howl Rem had come to stand by the Luna near the river’s edge. Standing just as patiently his companion as they waited. Anann’s two sabre still strapped across her back and her wide leather belt resting loosely on her hips. Weighted to one side by the two satchels that hung by their draw strings. The marks at her wrists and ankles were easy to over look now that her winter pelt had started to come in, but the marks on her muzzle were not so easily hid. Still the amber and gold of her pelt was only thin now with no bare skin left to show. Of coarse, one could not forget the ever constant dagger that was strapped to her left thigh. It’s presences nearly hidden by her thick winter pelt.

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(576) Oh man! I forgot Anann knew Liliya. <_< HERP. I'm rather silly? D:

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The dark woman's wrists itched and itched with the healing scars on them. She had ceased wearing her bandages, and the wounds were still red and raw. She had been able to stop cutting after only a few weeks of the slicing ritual, and her marks would become scars now. She kept them irritated for a few days with salt water and sand from the ocean, sure to slow the healing process and ensure her scars would keep. Now the wounds shone clearly against the fur of her wrists, bare areas that would never again grow fur. She would feel the cold in winter, but these marks were worth such petty prices, in Eris's opinion. These marks ran deeper than cold could penetrate, deeper than bone and flesh and organ and into one's very soul. That was the truth of the Cotona ritual: they marked not only flesh but spirit when they used that black stone knife.

The dark woman was seated in her home, her legs stretched idly across the floor and her back propped against the least stony wall. Still, a small promontory jabbed into her back, and the coal woman was in the process of deciding to move her position when the faint call caught her ears. She perked both coal triangles and cocked her head, looking to Molcaxitl, who stood near the doorway of Eris's home. The sable hybrid had given her no instruction, nor had she dismissed the girl; instead, Eris had simply had the little slave standing there for the better part of the last hour while she idly browsed a book. Occasionally, the dark hybrid might comment to her slave, drawing out some particularly interesting information from her book and sharing it with the coyote, though Eris thought Molcaxitl understood approximately a sixteenth of what Eris told her.

Now, Eris moved to stand and brushed past the girl, murmuring her dismissal with little care. It was Liliya's call that intrigued her, and the sable-hued woman moved quickly toward the river, trotting in her two-legged form. Her winter coat was coming in at long last, and as she walked, tufts and single hairs drifted away from her. She paid them no mind. Molca kept her coat clean enough, but they could not avoid a little winter's shedding, after all. The dark hybrid's stride lengthened as she pulled away from her home, and she broke out into a run, moving quickly. Liliya's call did not seem particularly urgent, but the sable Auxiliary would not have her Family waiting long on her presence.

As the coyote drew nearer, her pace slowed, and she peered upon a monstrously tall, well-built woman, chartreuse eyes sizing the scarred female up quickly. The dark woman offered the briefest of smiles, though her eyes remained hard and cold as a river stone in winter. Yes? the coyote inquired, politely enough. Still, there was a hint of annoyance and perhaps even apprehension at this interruption. She would deliver no less, for she was the Auxiliary; she would come at their beck and call, but perhaps she would not always be smiling pleased about it, either. The stranger was regarded with less affection than Liliya, but Eris assumed (and correctly, although she had yet to discover it) that this was some kind of emissary. Perhaps one of the southern packs -- the novation to the south of Inferni, perhaps?

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lol, thats okay, Nuki didn’t realize Anann was mated to Anatoliy until we started threading, so your not alone! xD

Annd since Ive been such a slow git, Ill just get straight point, if you don’t mind.

Naturally Anann had expected it would take some time for someone to answer Liliya’s call. She had no way of knowing how close, or far, the leadership she sought audience with might be from the borders. She was thankful she had Liliya for company. It was certainly better than waiting along the borders on her own and the small talk helped the time pass rather quickly. So it hadn’t seemed all that long at all when they spotted the sable woman approaching. Anann gave Liliya a glance to confirm that the woman was indeed who they had been waiting for before giving the Auxiliary her full attention.

It was bright pink hue of healing flesh at the black femme’s wrists that first caught Anann’s eye as she gave her fellow leader a once over. She found the marks to be rather odd. For they appeared quite intentional rather than the result of injury. A fact that became much more obvious as Anann began to notice other the marks of scarification mingled within ebony fur.

The Anann remained silent as she allowed Liliya to make introductions. ”It is my pleasure to meet you, Eris.” Anann greeted the other with a respectful bow of her head. ”I came to spread word of my pack and to present you with a token of our goodwill.” Anann then reached for the larger of the two satchels that were fastened at her waist and untied the drawstrings from her belt. Opening the leather pouch, she pulled out the spotting scope she had salvaged from Keese belongs before she had burnt the rest. It was a far too valuable thing to let go to such waste.

Anann presented the gift to Eris, laid out across both her palms on top of satchel she had carried it in. ”This human artifact will let you see over vast distances. Over land and sea. I’m sure I need not explain the advantages of that.” She said with a slight grin. In truth it was hard to let it ago. It’s condition was near perfect and to find such a fine optic intact was rare. Still, Anann knew that an effort needed to be made in these first contacts. The very intent of her pack was build a fighting force and it would be only natural for the rest of the packs to perceive that as a threat. They would have to prove peace as their goal and what better to start than to give the paranoid a way to see you coming.

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The raven Auxiliary peered upon her Family member as the coywolf explained Anann's origins and gave the customary introduction of one not seeking to join Salsola -- Anann was a friend of Liliya's, and not a friend of ours. The dark woman noted this critical difference in introduction, but made no outward indication of the importance of these words, instead offering a slight nod of her head at the cessation of the woman's lovely Russian tones. Eris had no way of knowing Anann's closeness with Liliya's family, of course -- such pleasantries were spared, and instead, Liliya gave the more formal introduction of Anann as a leader of Casa di Cavalieri, a strange name that rolled like spiced smoke on Liliya's foreign tongue.

Eris's countenance had changed upon that introduction, taking on a brighter hue. She was always glad to meet with the leaders of other packs -- this was a different matter entirely than some peon of Anathema or Ichika no Ho-en seeking their borders. This was an alpha of a foreign entity, and an emissary of the highest echelons, then. The dark woman's pearly teeth showed in a broad smile, and she received Anann's pleasantries with a bow of her own, although not quite so much as the chestnut-haired woman had offered the Auxiliary. Eris was, after all, on her own territory; alpha or not, Anann was still a foreigner on Eris's homeland.

The larger female seemed intent on making her purpose quickly, an act which the dark-hued woman appreciated greatly. She disliked dawdling around the point of things and preferred to seek the heart of the matter quickly, if lies and deception proved unnecessary -- such as this encounter seemed to be. The sable woman watched curiously as the tawny woman removed a spindly-looking thing, black in coloration and with a faint sheen to its body. The coyote stepped forward in interest, having no idea what the present was but intrigued all the same, and listened with growing fascination as the woman explained the capabilities of such a device. Eris, simpleton she was, had never heard of such a thing before, and her grin grew broader and downright greedy with the revelation if the item's power.

How lovely! she exclaimed, somehow moving with perfect dignity to take the item from the outstretched palms. She wanted to snatch it up and run away with it, climb some roof or tree, and look into it all day long, but she contained that urge skillfully, stifling the inner beast/child lurking somewhere within herself with practiced ease. She held the item up to examine it more closely, and looked into the correct end by complete happenstance. Oh! she again said, surprised at the item's capability. It tunes the eye to eagle sharpness, she declared, still peering off into the distance with the object.

A moment later, the coyote tore her eye from the spyglass and turned her gaze back to Anann, excited grin upon her muzzle. Truly, truly a lovely gift befitting Salsola's needs and purpose, the coyote said, tilting forward in a bow far more pronounced than her previous one had been. Thank you -- this is a gift Salsola will not forget -- in due time, your Casa di Cavalieri will be handsomely repaid. I will see to it, the woman promised, meaning every word of it. Of course, one's perceptions and promises change with time, and as this was no binding agreement, the dark-hued woman might forget the magnitude of Anann and Casa di Cavalieri's kindnesses.

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The Salsolian leader had seemed mildly annoyed at having been disturbed when she had first arrived, with little more than an adequate show of politeness for what had been an unknown visitor. The sable woman’s demeanor changed as introductions were made and Anann was glad to see Eris found her presence to be worth the time and effort of her journey to the borders. It was all to be expected as Anann had come without prior announcement and so why would she have been expected.

Eris graciously took to the offering Anann presented on her own palms. A broad smile on her cream and caramel features as Eris exclaimed her delight. It was almost magical how the lens could bring such far away objects into such sharp focus. It truly was as close as they might come to seeing with an eagle's eye. A description for the device that Anann wished she had thought of herself. "I am pleased to know I chose my gift well. I would hate to see such a thing go to waste. Although, it was not given without good reason." No, it had been a calculated decision and it was yet to be seen if it had been made in vain.

The intent of my pack is to help maintain peace between the packs and to provide a safe haven for those that seek it. However, with so many warrior's in our ranks I know that many may see us a threat despite our intentions. With that spy glass I hope to help prove such intentions." Why else would she give Salsola the very means to see her own troops coming over land or across the bay? Anann knew she was asking a lot already and the promise of repayment was not something Anann would hold the Auxiliary to.

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Nothing endeared a canine to Eris quite so much as a gift, though she was not so gullible as to throw all caution to the wind at a single offering. Though this gift was a rarity and perfectly chosen for Salsola, it did not mean Casa di Cavalieri was to be regarded as a non-issue. They were far enough south that Eris did not consider them much of a threat -- the Cavalierians would need to travel around Inferni to reach Salsola, and hopefully, Sirius's work with the new leader of Inferni proved fruitful, and Salsola would receive early warning of any southern pack making moves toward their borders. Still, Eris thought all this unnecessary in the first place -- if Salsola gave no cause for trouble, why should they expect any?

The coyote considered her companion's words with a sharp ear, her smile knowing. She took the other woman's meaning -- Anann's scars spoke well enough of the pack's intent, and she did not think they were a truly war-like clan, in any case. We perceive no threat where there is none, she said, her voice coated with cloying sweetness. We do not seek to make any, either -- like you, we carve our existence in this small corner of the world, and make no trouble for others doing the same. From one leader to another: in your quest to provide a safe haven -- do take care! Her warning was provided with the same jesting smile, though it was delivered truthfully, as something Eris did earnestly believe. Some seeking refuge may be too weak to hold their own, and it would do you good to avoid completely filling your ranks with such canines. Weakness breeds weakness, she thought, thinking this canine before her was an example of strength -- whether her pack was remained to be seen.

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Anann gave a simple nod of understanding at Eris wordsand finding some comfort in them. It was reassuring that the ebon femme seemed to understand the Cavalierites position. The distance between the two packs obviously made Casa less of perceivable threat than they might seem to those far closer to their own borders. Still it was a concern what the other packs would think of the news and what opinions they might form before Casa di Cavalieri even had a chance to prove their peaceful intentions. "I am glad to hear it. While we aren't mercenaries, but we are willing to offer several services, ranging from escorts to defensive training, should you or any you know ever have need for such a thing."

Anann really didn't expect that Salsola would take much interest in their services. Like Eris had said, they tended to stick to their own lands. A claim Anann could not refute, as she had found it difficult to learn much at all about the pack before coming here. "I must say, I had a hard time learning much of any value of this place before today." But why? She wondered. Perhaps it was as simple as they simply enjoyed their privacy and truly wished to be left alone. After all there were all types in the world, but Anann couldn't help but feel it hinted to something deeper. Were they hiding something, or just paranoid? Whatever it was Anann could not shake the reminiscent feeling that she was talking to the likes of the members of the Tosawi council. Where kind words and friendly smiles masked the far more nefarious game.

Anann gave a kind smile to the words of warning that Eris issued, along with a slight nod of her. "Wise advice and I thank you for your concern." And a valid concern it was. It was true they had many able bodied members, several of great size, but many lacked proper training or experience. As of yet, they were not quite the band of warriors they claimed to be, but they were far from defenseless at least. The pack was young yet and Anann felt confident that in time their ranks would fill in.

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Information was valuable, but the dark-hued woman did not think she was providing so extravagant a gift of it where this tidbit was concerned. Weakness breeding weakness was a given, and perhaps something the tall female had discovered earlier in life, in her travels irrelevant to leadership. The dark-hued woman was not so mannerless as to consider her advice any sort of boon, though she did accept the chestnut-furred woman's thanks with a gracious inclination of her head and a toothy smile.

Salsola does like to keep its own, but -- we do see the value of trade. Perhaps if we have warriors in need of sharpening skills -- or blades, perhaps? -- we can send them south. Thank you, the woman returned, grinning. Trade is our secondary interest, the woman added, shrugging. Salsola had no specialty -- their rituals were their own business, as were their slaves. They did not seek to trade their Luperci labor, and kept it hidden within the pack. Keeping our own secure and sound is our first priority. You might see how these conflict, at times, the hybrid added, a hint of sadness to her voice. She no longer thought of Casa di Cavalieri as entirely tramontane -- they had certainly shown some delicacy and good judgment in selecting their gift for Salsola -- but they were not to be trusted openly, of course.

She was not so foolish as to trust immediately, either, and it was unlikely she'd send Basilaris to the southern pack when he was of age to shift -- but a low-ranking canine of Salsola, aspiring to combat greatness? Perhaps. The coyote rolled it in her head, squirreling the information away to share with Sirius later. As for what trade -- well, we have a great lot of plants of varied uses, and livestock. Some of us are not averse to trading hard labor. The coyote added this as an afterthought, as if speaking of some low-ranking, unskilled Salsolians. This was a version of the truth, after all -- what else were slaves?

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Anann had been hoping for nothing more than a simple meet and greet with the leadership of Salsola, but as talked turned towards trade it seemed that perhaps there was the opportunity for more. Though it was doubtful that any concrete arrangement might come from this day, but more possibilities were certainly opening as conversation continued. "Oh yes. You would be more than welcome to send someone to us for training and I am sure there are several amongst us that could tend to a blade should you need that as well." Anann was skilled enough with a whet stone and she suspected that Jazper would be as well given the collection of weaponry the dark Knight had accumulated.

It was only natural that taking care of one's own should come as first priority. Members should expect nothing less from their leaders, but it was also only natural that it would come into conflict with other interests as well. "I think that is a balance that most wish to find." In Tosawi external and internal affairs had been handled quite separately from one another. Often without giving thought to the other at all.  

Amber ears perked with interest as Eris brought to mention their various means of trade. The plants and livestock both interested her, though there was little of either that they needed at this point time. Once winter had passed, however, that story would change. "I see, do you grow any grains or hay in surplus of your own needs? We have several horses and I am not confident that our current stores would get us through the winter. If you had anything you could spare, perhaps an arrangement could be made?" It would be sometime yet before they would need to acquire more feed, but would certainly put her mind at ease if arrangements could be made before they were in dire need.  "As it is we are still settling in as a pack. Perhaps in the spring I can return and see if there is anything you might have to offer that would interest us?"

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The coal-furred Auxiliary nodded as the other spoke of training and blades. There was something to be learned from this, Eris thought -- Casa di Cavalieri, provided its numbers were strong and their leader's bold talk truthful, was not a force they would soon cross. Not that Salsola sought to make problems with other packs -- as Eris hoped she made clear to this tall lady, Salsola kept to its own and fully expected the same courtesy from other packs. I'll certainly keep it in mind, and propose such arrangements with my liege, the coyote said, choosing an archaic term in place of Boss. Anann needn't any more specifics regarding Salsola than Eris deemed absolutely necessary.

The hybrid offered a gracious smile and a faint nod at the woman's compliment. Salsola did strike to seek that perfect balance between isolation and ostracization: they did not wished to be viewed as pariahs by the other packs, monsters with no use and no hearts, but neither did they wish to become overly friendly with any neighboring canines. Such relationships could easily lead to outside allegiances and alliances, and Salsola wished for none of this -- they kept their own, and sought to provide an environment conducive to longevity within their ranks.

Her interest piqued as the scarred woman spoke of grain sources and surpluses. In truth, the dark hybrid could not begin to give an accurate number on how well-prepared they were for winter, but she knew someone who could -- if Larkspur, the Ganadero, and their daughter Salvia could not provide an accurate estimate of their storage, no one could. I will need to see our livestock tender -- he would know best of all whether we have any to spare. There was contemplation across her features, and she tilted her head, considering. This is good. We may send someone south with such things before you have to come all the way back up this way, she said, suggesting this with an indication the suggestion could still be refused, if it was not to Anann's tastes.

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Anann gave a bright smile and a nod, but said nothing more about the service Casa might be able to offer. There was no need to press the issue any further for Eris had said she would keep it in mind as that was the most Anann could hope for. After all these first meeting were generally nothing more than a testing of the waters to see if there was potential for any future dealings.

It was trade between the two packs though, that was beginning to sound the most promising. Something would be made even easier if the Salsolian’s had a dock along their coast that Anatoliy to dock his boat at. Traveling across the bay would be far more simple and easier for all involved that making the journey around Inferni’s territory.

Anann gave an understand nod as Eris explained that she would have to speak with someone that knew a little more about their own stores. ”A most generous offer, thank you.” Anann said, rather surprised when Eris offered to have one of her own to deliver some rations should they have any to spare.

”It has been a pleasure, Eris, but I do not wish to keep you from your duties.” Anann said with a pleasant smile. In truth the amber woman was quite satisfied with the day’s outcome. She had not known what to expect at first and admittedly that had been some unexpected surprised, but Anann felt there was the potential for beneficial relationship with Salsola. Caution would be necissary, for there was the nagging feeling that there was more going on behind closed doors than Eris would ever admit to. A gut feeling that reminded Anann all too much of Tosawi.

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Salsola was not averse to trade with other packs. It had been disconcerting to receive one at her borders, certainly, but she had never expected her pack's existence to remain a secret forever. Perhaps if they had become nomads rather than settling in a particular space, they might retain some air of secrecy, as there truly was no one place any canine of the realm could call upon them, but this was a thought far too late in coming. She would not relinquish her ruins and her lovely territory; the canines of Salsola had spent far too long working to better their claim.

The coyote grinned broadly with the taller female's acceptance of her offer, and inclined her head, her grin becoming more pleasant and less sleazy with the woman's offer of departure. This was a comfort to the dark-hued woman -- though she adored this gift, the hybrid had no notion of entertaining longer than necessary, and it was good to see the other canine depart of her own volition. The experience had been positive, and Eris did not intend to slight the southern pack -- though, of course, her perceptions of repayment might differ from those of the Casa di Cavalieri pack.

And yourself, the hybrid said, still smiling. I thank you again, and look forward to making good on my end. She did not feel indebted to the pack -- a gift was a gift, after all, and a gift did not require repayment -- but neither did she wish to stir poor feelings by a lack of reciprocation, either. Still, all this must be discussed with Sirius, and such discussions were her intent upon leaving the territory of the flexuous Pictou River. Do take care, the coyote said, awaiting Anann's departure before she made her own.

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