And i will walk on water

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so why am i ten feet under and upside down barely surviving has become my purpose
cause I'm so used to living underneath the surface
Word Count :: 332 Back-dated to the 14th December (:
All welcome :3 Ahiga's gonna attempt to catch some fish

Breathing in the air, he scrunched his muzzle up slightly for the soft winter breeze now clearly carried the scent of salt, a good indicator that he was heading on the right path towards the salt lake. With each step he took the leather bag slung over his shoulder bounced and banged against his hip, throwing the lads stride slightly off here and there; yet he would never leave home without the bag, especially since within it today were nets. Although he was no grand fancy hunter, the Tsisdu Kanati figured he could at least net some fish and try spearing some from the lakes; not truly knowing if he'd find fish there at this time of year and whether he was actually allowed to hunt the fish from the lake... but as soon as the idea had come to him he'd grabbed what he needed, smiling like a huge pup as he'd picked up his newly acquired spear and practically ran of down to the lakes without telling anyone where he was going or what he was up to; it was his life and none of their business, he didn't need to report his every action to his mum and elder sibling.

Placing the spear in front of him he soon found himself using it as a walking stick, the red cardinal feathers he'd strapped onto it with leather straps swayed slightly with the breeze; matching the spear he now once more wore his dream catcher he'd entrusted to his twin, it's weight strangely reassuring and comfortable. Keeping up a steady pace he reached his destination soon enough, placing the spear gently upon the ground before throwing his bag down alongside it and beginning to pull the nets free from the leather bag and untangle the mess that they had become. As his fingers worked slowly at the nets he repeatedly glanced over to the waters frozen surface, excitement building within him at the prospect of fishing despite the cold weather.

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I owed you a thread anyway. :D Anatole is just here for the food.

Though he was first and foremost a scout, Anatole had been trained by his mother to hunt and she was an expert. At least, she had been until the accident. He doubted it would hold her back for long though, for his mother was a vivacious woman and didn’t take “no” very well. In many ways he feared her, and her temper, and he was secretly thrilled to be without her in a place where his name could be made. Of course, that meant overcoming the harm dealt by his stuttering cousin. So Anatole had set out to do just that, even if it meant having to conform to somewhat ridiculous ideas.

Hunting, now, that was easy. He had mastered the technique of surprising hares, and while one alone was not enough to fully sate his hunger, he would at least be somewhat filled. So he had finished his patrol and gone hunting, managing to startle a half-white snowshoe when it failed to blend in with an evergreen. Anatole ate everything, save the pelt, which was spat out in various conformations as he ripped it asunder. A chunk of hair clung to his throat, however, and so he went looking for water.

He managed to quench his thirst at the creek, and was ready to turn back when he spotted a rather peculiar looking boy trotting off towards the salt lake. Puzzled by his outfit, and his sticks, the wolf had slunk off after him. Only once they reached this area and nets were put on display did the dark male realize what was going on. Maybe he would be able to get some fish out of this…

“Hey,” he called, advancing from the underbrush.

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so why am i ten feet under and upside down barely surviving has become my purpose
cause I'm so used to living underneath the surface
Word Count :: 339 :3 sorry about the delay

Tangle after tangle, it seemed to the young Nishant that the nets he'd packed had a mind of their own; each one had somehow managed to get inexplicably tangled and it was taking him an infuriating amount of time to sort the wretched things out; time he could have been spending hunting. Not that he was entirely sure if there were truly any fish still lurking underneath the frozen surface, but the young lad had simply thought of water and concluded that within it's depths there would be fish. All he had to do was untangle the nets and break a section of the ice and to his child like mind, he truly believed that everything in his plan was perfect and that he'd have dinner before he knew it.

As white fingers worked eagerly upon the nets his face let up as every knot and tangle fell free, his mind completely consumed with the task at hand that his was oblivious to the other's presence until the male called out. Dropping the nets he jumped to his feet, stumbling backwards slightly and reaching blindly towards where he thought he left his spear, his hand connected with the wooden weapon and he heaved it up; holding it loosely before him with no real skill. Wide green eyes flashed towards the strange male, his breath heavy and his voice stuck in his throat as his panic escalated. Stuttering and making incoherent sound effects, while the spear shook slightly within his terrified grip. It took him a few moments to finally calm himself enough to speak, “Who the 'ell are you old man” he questioned the stranger, shooting the male his best puppy glare, all the while not thinking to test the male's scent.

No, within his mind this strange wolf was a threat he had to take down. Delusional as the idea was, he fancied himself as a hero and indestructible; especially now he possessed his own weapon, regardless of the fact he really couldn't use it all that well.

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(308)I lol'ed so hard at your reply.

Instinctively, Anatole would have fought. He was used to such things. Running with a rogue bachelor pack had turned him suspicious of other men, though he had never been so friendly with strangers to begin with. Luckily, AniWaya presented little in the term of actual threats. There was one older warrior who seemed too disgraced to make any ruckus, and so far, only their leader seemed any way challenging.

Yet when the boy whipped around with his spear in hand, a flash of instinctive aggression seared in Anatole’s eyes and turned them a vibrant, terrible neon. The tips of his teeth gleamed as his lips pulled away, heavyset things inherited from a man long-dead by his birth. Corvus may have never touched his son as he had his daughter (and the other daughter whom lived north of this land) but oh he had marked Anatole in color and in size. This instant of violence was surpassed by the sudden yelp; old man!?

His mouth literally fell open, startled by the insult. Along his back his fur puffed up, but his tail comically so—his head rose sharply, though there was no true hierarchy within AniWaya (save the masters, of which they had done) and shot his ears forward. Old man? What was this kid playing? He wasn’t old by half. Frowning severely, the dark wolf trotted forward and growled at the spear-tip. “Someone who knows a kid that doesn’t know how to hold a spear. Put it down before you hurt yourself.” He grinned in a cruel way, wondering how easy it would be to snap the wooden thing out of the boy’s hand. The thought amused him in its own way, and he flopped down on his haunches to show his aggression was unfounded. “Does your mother know you make a habit of attacking your fellow Tribesmen?”

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so why am i ten feet under and upside down barely surviving has become my purpose
cause I'm so used to living underneath the surface
Word Count :: 433 He's a big cry baby ¬.¬

Fixed upon the spot he couldn't reign in his panicked breaths, couldn't calm his pounding heart nor hide the shock and fear that flowed through his eyes. Having been sheltered from the war, having been helped and protected by others throughout his childhood he had truly never been in any form of conflict, hadn't ever been in a situation where he had to truly think for himself and protect himself with his own skills. Although he'd never admit to the truth, to some level he was aware that he was nothing more than a helpless kid and that if the other wished to harm him; well, he was easy pickings. Looking at the other he could feel his hands trembling, his grip too tight upon the spear as if by holding it so tightly he'd suddenly gain divine enlightenment on how to wield it in a combat situation.

Bringing himself up to his full height he held his head high and bared his teeth slightly as the other spoke in a poor show of bravado, a grin touching his lips as he saw the males mouth fall open, his insult hitting the mark; one of the few things he'd learned was that elders always hated being called old, although the young Nishant couldn't understand whilst calling older canines old was offensive, he just knew it worked as a good enough insult. But as the older male stepped forward all humour and confidence drained from him and when the other growled and stated he'd noticed his lack of combat skills the lad couldn't help his reaction. He jumped back, hands fumbling to grab the spear and dropping it as a whimper escaped from him, ears failing flat against his skull and tail tucking between his legs, his paw connected with a rock as he stepped away sending the boy down to the ground in a pile of over grown limbs and white fur, a sharp yelp escaping him as he hit the ground was followed by more whimpers.

From his position on the ground he heard the male speak and he glanced back to the male, utterly humiliated and as he processed the words he wanted the ground to open up and swallow him hole. Breathing in he checked the other males scents, finally noticing the underlying scent that marked the other as pack. Groaning he unravelled himself and sat upon the ground cross legged, he held low and sudden interest in the patterns upon the ground drew his eyes downwards. “Don't tell mum. She'll kill me” he pleaded, his voice a soft whisper.

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There was forward aggression from the boy, and Anatole was startled despite his seat on the ground. The boy fell back and seemed utterly abashed by his behavior. Pleased by this display, as he would be if any child learned their place, the green eyes of the wolf trailed over his peculiarly dressed companion and the obvious marks drawn against pale fur. A silent, wolfish laugh pulled his mouth open, showing teeth and tongue but without the hostility that had previously laced his body.

“Oh relax, kid,” Anatole laughed, and lowered his chest to the ground. One paw folded over the other, dark tail flicked across his haunch, and the wolf let out a rumble of laughter. “Just use your nose next time; acting like you run the place isn’t going to work out if someone gets angry. You don’t look like you could take on a raccoon, let alone a wolf.” Another toothy laugh. The teasing was sharp, but not one that he considered unintentionally cruel. As he had done with the others in his life, Anatole saw little reason to still his savage tongue.

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so why am i ten feet under and upside down barely surviving has become my purpose
cause I'm so used to living underneath the surface
Word Count :: 426 Onto fishing, yes?

Green eyes peeked out through his over grown fringe, strings of grey hair blocking some of his vision but didn't quite hide the brown male from his sight. It was a stupid, foolish pups mistake; heck, he had no idea why he didn't think to check the males scent, only that he'd been caught by surprise and panicked.... just a little. Closing his eyes he desperately wished the strange male would disappear and that everything that had happened would just be a bad dream, that the humiliation and his foolishness would cease to exist. Yet, when his eyes opened the other was still there and that meant he'd have to face the consequences of his actions. Tensing his muscles he waited for the other to strike, for that's what adults did; when someone wronged them they resorted to violence.

No punishing blow came, instead the stranger laughed at him and told him to relax. Blinking in surprise he raised his head a faction more, titling it slightly he outright staring at the other in surprise and an inkling of respect began to form in the young lad... until the male continued to speak, crushing all feelings of respect instantly. Lifting his head completely he crossed his arms across his chest in silent defiance, his maw clamped tightly shut to prevent him from speaking what came to mind; he'd already made enough of a fool of himself and he planned to make damn well sure that he didn't give the other any more reasons to tease him.

Shuffling his feet, he pushed himself up of the ground and fetched the nets, sitting himself where they'd fallen, back turned to the strange male in a childish attempt to dismiss the other. Thankfully the nets hadn't gotten too badly tangled from being dropped and he quickly began to tug them about . Grabbing the end of the net he was working on he shook it out before him, smiling when it was clear he'd gotten the majority of the knots and tangles out. Without looking at the other he gathered all his courage up, “If you ain't got nothing better to do, wanna help me fish? Dunno if there's gonna be many in there under the ice, but, eerrrm, well, I can, um” his trail of thought was lost and he couldn't think what to say, his hands fiddled with the nets to give them something to do. “I, uh, I, eerrm, I can give you half what we catch?” he asked, refusing to look at the other male.

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They should become friends, since Ahiga is foreveralone now. :>

Had they been in a society that did not demand such equality of respect, Anatole would not have hesitated to teach Ahiga how to submit with his teeth. Such feral demands were not suited to AniWaya, though he, being a creature of such a feral world, understood the demands of his instincts. One would respect the strong and punish the weak—this was how his world had been for so long that adapting to the new demands of his birthpack were forcing Anatole to change his behavior. Outside of the borders, he was a different wolf entirely.

This was why his harsh words were given, intending to make the purpose of his speech clear. While he did not wish to humiliate the boy, he could not teach him by demurely guiding him by the hand. Anatole was not some elder who intended to be gentle. As the boy turned from him, Anatole shifted quickly to his Optime form. Thus two legged, he shook out his fur and rose to gather the other half of the net. “You can keep the fish,” he said, though added: “Whatever you intended to give to me you should put in the stores. As a hunter you must provide for all, not just yourself.” His mother’s lessons came back to him, from what she had learned from the pale wolf who no longer called AniWaya home.

“What’s your plan?” He asked, deferring to the boy. While Anatole was a hunter, he was not ranked as such and preferred to have those intending for such roles fill them.

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Eee, that would be great. He needs someone he respects/as a role model of sorts? / +335!

Glancing over his shoulder he watched the darker male in a guarded manner, his body held tight expecting a punishing blow for having the nerve to ask for help after being rude, tail tucked in submission towards the other; he knew he should behaviour around elders and should treat them with respect, such cultural customs had been drilled into his head enough that he couldn't forget them, but his manner of speech and behaviour were the only way he could rebel against his mother, the only way he could draw attention to himself even though the result was normally negative and ended in some sort of punishment or argument. It was a stupid and childish thing to do, but he had yet to think of another way to displease his mother so and thus he had no intention of correcting his behaviour any time soon.

Despite having asked he was pretty sure the male would reject and be insulted by the fact he had the nerve to ask and yet, to the young Nishant's surprise, the male agreed. Grabbing the nets her stood up, smiling brightly at the male and happy to have someone accompany him on one of his feeble attempts to hunt for once. As the other laid out the conditions he nodded excessively and excitably in agreement, his whole body seeming to jump up and down with the motion, tail raised and wagging happily behind him. I'm Ahiga he practically shouted at the male, And eer. Well, I wouldn't call it a plan... but break the ice... somehow... throw the nets and bait in through the hole... and see what happens? he phrased it as a question, for once seeking the advice of an elder in hope the other could help him work out the kinks in his vague plan. Or, if, you eerm, if you want to do it it another way then that's cool? he shrugged his shoulders slightly, hugging the nets to him as he awaited the males response.

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I wasn't sure which part of the river you were having them fish at, so I left this kinda vague. ^^

It was pleasing to see the once haughty boy behave as a child, showing his excitement and speaking quickly. He was still young, so for him to behave in such a manner suggested there was more to his life then the simple upbringing one would expect. Anatole wondered if he had been present for the war, but doubted such a thing. Any wise mother would have done as his had and taken her children away from such violence. The North had certainly hardened Anatole, but he was not unnecessarily cruel. His world had taught that one repressed the weak and respected the strong.

“I’ve never fished with nets,” the older wolf admitted. “But I do know how to break ice. I spent much of my life in a land much colder than this one.” Motioning for the boy to follow, Anatole headed towards the frozen water. A cautious step suggested there was enough ice to support their weight, at least for a small distance. “Be careful as you go, and avoid any cracks. We’ll try and find a soft patch to break through.” Toes spread out, Anatole took another ginger step onto the ice. A patch of darker colored ice and small cracks was not far from them, and to the scout it seemed a perfect place to try their luck.

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I had no where in particular in mind, so vague/whatever works for me? :3 And chances are this will fail badly xD But it will be a learning experience for him ^^ / +330!

Eager ears listened to the male and he nodded enthusiastically as the other spoke of finding somewhere to break through the ice, which was a good thing for, the young lad had never fished before let alone worked around ice and so he was completely clueless with the task at hand. Nets and bait seemed like a logical way to go about catching fish although much like breaking the ice, his knowledge was lacking and more or less the young lads guess work over fact or skills. Quickly he made his way over to where he'd left his bag and up the box which he'd dumped live worms into, looking at it he was impressed it was still in one piece; the box was a basic wooden cup with a large piece of bark strapped over the opening to stop the critters from getting out. Next he grabbed the scrap of thin material he'd hooked various hooks he'd found onto and shoved that into his pocket. With everything he believed he needed on hand he hurried to catch up with the old man who'd kindly decided to help his doomed fishing attempt.

As he reached the ice the others words rang through his head, green eyes stared down upon the frozen surface scouring it for cracks and anything dangerous looking. Edging forward another step he looked over to his companion, searching for consent to continue forward; although not consciously, he was deferring to the other, trusting the male's judgement over his own in regards to the ice. We're gonna need a big-ish hole. So we can spread the net out in the water and lower it although how big he didn't know; his theory was attach hooked worms to the net and lower it, wait till some unlucky fish swim over the lower net then pull it up... the plan sounded reasonable and perfectly logical to the young lad, but then he had yet to actually test his theory out.

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Living in the northlands had given Anatole an advantage in winter. He knew the ways of survival, and this was why his reinforced view of nature, red of tooth and claw, continued on. AniWaya was forcing him to reevaluate these views. The strength of the pack was the wolf, and the strength of the wolf was the pack—he had to remember these things in order to exist with others. They were only as strong as their weakest link, and as he would learn in time, some of these things would be cut to remove the fat and the soft edges of their Tribe.

The dark wolf slowed, and pointed to a patch of ice with several cracks in it. It was apparent that this was a weak patch; the color was much darker than that around them. “Keep in mind that ice like this,”“Is dangerous to us as well. It won’t hold our weight.” These lessons were ones he hoped the boy already knew, but it did not hurt to repeat them. “Now, watch,” the scout went on.

He extended his arms, curling his hands into compressed versions of their shape. His claws were not extended, but his elbows had locked up. The movement was sharp and sudden; he reared up, kept his arms fixed, and then slammed his hands into the ice. At first, this did not break it completely, but the ice cracked wider. A second blow finally had him touch water, though he pulled away quickly enough to only dampen his hands. Satisfied, he looked to the boy. If the hole in the ice was not wide enough, it was now his duty to try and do the same.

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Bah, not my best post, sorry >.< / +301!

Greens eyes lit up and watched with fascination as the other demonstrated how to break the ice. Dragging his eyes away from the hole in the frozen surface, he glanced at the nets, trying to figure out how best to use them. In his mind, things would work better if the hole was larger in both width and length; that way he can spread the net out more and lower it down. Edging around the indicated area he placed the nets down lightly upon the frozen surface and worked his hand into the shape the other had used, peeking a look towards the older male to confirm he was doing it right before slamming his hands down into the ice; his left hit the hard surface, doing little more then brushing himself, but his right broke through into the water. As his hand was emerged in water it took a moment for the freezing sensation to trigger within his mind and as the water began to numb his hand he yanked it free with a yelp, stumbling back a step as he shook his hand, water droplets flying through the air.

Frowning, he looked at the ice and the growing hole as if it was their fault he had hurt his hand and was now cold. “Needs to be both bigger and wider, more area to spread the net out” he spoke allowed, trying to calculate just how much bigger he needed it to be. So strange it was having to work around the ice; it was his first winter and many things the season had brought with it were new and strange to the young Nishant and very much effecting his capability to do any form of hunting, not that he managed all to well on a bright sunny day.

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