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Neela had seen her fair share of disturbing things throughout her life but nothing she had seen so far quite compared to the corpse of her mother. Considering the ferocity of the fight Kaer's body was actually in fairly good condition, not counting the original wound to her face that had split her muzzle open into its characteristic snarl. Yet despite the fact that her body still held the thick, corded muscle, the fearsome visage that it had when she was alive there was something different now, some predatory hunch and tenseness of the muscles that had bled away along with Kaer's blood when she had finally fallen, Neela's knife still embedded in her neck where it had fallen.

There was a whirlwind of different emotions running through Neela's mind as she sat there on a log, gazing dully at her mother's body, but for the first time in Neela's life after taking a life, guilt wasn't among them. Neela had few, if any, good memories of Kaer. More prevalent was the bad; the violence, the hunger, the fear once Kaer had been driven off that she would return one night and find Neela. As a youngling Kaer had practically been a demon to Neela and even as she had grown and matured, gaining confidence, her mother had hung over Neela's life like a shadow.

While Neela couldn’t quite bring herself to be proud at killing her own blood again, it wasn't a shadow she was sad to be rid of.

Stillsick and twisted as she might have been Kaer was still Neela's mother and she would not leave her corpse out to rot in the woods.

Neela grunted in pain as she forced herself upwards to check on the body once more, feeling the faint itch as half healed skin twisted and broke with the movement. Neela's wounds from the fight before were unbound, the collie had spent most the remaining night in vigil over the corpse, but were mostly swallowed by the deep red of her fur. The main visible wounds were the claw marks running over the white fur of her stomach and the deep gash running down her arm, the latter still bleeding even now.

Neela's fingers ghosted through dark russet fur, almost identical in colouring to her own but short and coarse, the fur of a wolf and not a collie like Neela. Still despite the differences in texture the similarities between the two were obvious, especially when looking at their eyes, identical orbs of amber. Despite the fact that they were the same Neela couldn’t help but think that Kaer's eyes looked somewhat duller, as though a fire inside them had gone out.

"Descanso en el infierno vieja bruja." Neela muttered quietly as she ran her fingers down Kaer's face, closing her eyes for one last time. She then took a deep breath and stood back, her eyes running over the corpse, forcing the turbulent storm of emotions back away from her mind.

She could think things over later, for now she just wanted to deal with her mother's husk and get back home to Tony.

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Blood rushed through her veins as she was tackled, lips curling in a snarl as the councilman attempted to snap down on her shoulder, muzzle, throat—anything to put her down, if for a moment or eternity. Anger pulsed through her being as her gaze shifted to the faces of disbelief as she was declared banished for treason for speaking the truth. The most vivid feeling of all was the absolute chilling numbness that settled over her as she whispered to her mother, her parting words barely fitting for a farewell. She thought she imagined the woman calling after her as she turn and ran, refusing for an escort to guide her, refusing to turn around to confirm her thoughts. Alyssum, Alyssum…. Aly, Aly…

“Aly”, Macbeth chirped again, preening and tugging on her messy mane. The de Fonte opened her eyes momentarily only to turn her face away from the magpie, closing her sea foam gaze once more though she was not attempting to go back to sleep. It had been awhile since she had any sort of dream; visions of the past that haunted her sleep, and thought with false hope that perhaps that they would finally stop, so much time passing that it would be illogical for her mind to continue to make her restless with the apparitions. But, it was just another pause in the nightly fits that she experienced, and though she never allowed them to get to her, found them very stressful. She considered for a moment of dozing off, but again the bird nagged her: “Aly, get up. Report, not good news.”

Alyssum huffed, rubbing her face with her hands for a moment, and then started to tug off the rope that was wrapped around her, the only thing that kept her from tumbling to the ground from the tree she slept in. Despite the conversation she had with Adelle, she still chose to rest in the trees, at least until she got a better grip of the land around her and the Fort. “Macbeth saw wolf.” “Yeah, so?” The magpie regarded curiously, not used to having her use such a hostile tone with him, but he continued. “Wolf bloody. Casa member nearby, not happy. Red female is sad.” The hybrid perked up and started to clamber down the tree the moment he mentioned blood, and Macbeth took to the air, leading her to where he saw the event.

Her heart pumping in her chest, she finally came across to the scene, and even she had to gulp at the sight she saw. An unknown woman lay dead on the floor, and a doggish hybrid that looked just like her was standing over the body, wounds covering her as well. Not sure what to make heads or tails of it, she cautiously asked when the other became aware of her presence, “What happened here?” She scented that the woman was a Cavalier, but bonds could only go so far with instinct; if she was still hostile, angered, scared, whatever caused her to gain those wounds, she may attack the de Fonte herself, but she was tensed, ready if the woman were to jump at her suddenly.

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Neela's head jerked around rapidly to face the encroaching figure as soon as it came into range of her hearing. Despite the repid motion Neela's eyes were dull and emotionless as she looked over the approaching figure, a dusty coloured coywolf about half her age, only lit by a slight spark of alarm until her nose managed to place the figure as a Cavalier.

The young woman's words and body were cautious and Neela couldn’t blame her; between the corpse, the wounds covering Neela and the bloodstained knives - one shoved haphazardly through Neela's belt and the other still embedded in Kaer's neck, she would have been nervous at the scene as well.

"She came over the borders, attacked me and Tony." Neela's response was slow and emotionless, the words carefully controlled in an attempt to keep what shred of control Neela still held. The emotionless façade dropped for a second as Neela seemingly forgot about the stranger for a second, turning back to the corpse with a snort that held equal parts distaste and sadness, "Decided that she was gonna kill me this time."

Neela let out a deep sigh and shook her head fiercely for a brief moment, as though she could shake away her troubles like droplets of water after a swim, "She was alone and I'm the worst injured, nothing left to worry about." If only the same was true of Neela herself; Leon and the mysterious third scent that Neela had yet to place were still out there and Neela doubted they would leave just because of Kaer's death.

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Alyssum remained tensed despite the eerie calm that surrounded the red female, still not convinced that she was settled enough to be directly engaged with. But, the de Fonte put forth some faith at least, and approached the scene even closer. It did not become any clearer the more she inspected it, and it was not until the other spoke did some clarity reach her.

The hybrid listened closely to her words, to just see if any fool play was a hand in this; she dealt with liars before, and could sometimes tell when someone was only telling her folly. But, the doggish woman was rather detached, which Alyssum found odd, but it did not seem she was lying, and did scent the faded smell of another Cavalier male. “Then it was out of self-defense,” she stated distantly, glancing back at the body and then back to the woman. She was quiet for a moment, not sure if she should even ask, but curiosity got the best from her.

“Was this woman close to you? …I’m going to guess you were related.” Appearance spoke as much, but the blood that mingled in the air showed similarity as well, and Alyssum saw it as undeniable, but it was nice to ask, anyway. But, she was not too prying, and added, “But, it’s none of my business. It may be nice to share to… ease the passing.” She saw the sadness in her eyes as she regarded the body, and though she may never find out its reasoning for it, closure may help the female.

The tawny woman sighed a bit, thinking over the situation in her head, picking it and dissecting it. It was not the first time she had dealt with death, but it had indeed been a while, though she did not want to leave a fellow member hanging by herself with an obviously troubling conclusion. “In any case… My name is Alyssum,” she introduced, stepping towards the other with a light hand presented to her for an exchange of shaking them. “I could help you with the body, if you want. It’d be no bother to me.”

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Neela nodded absently when the woman said something about self defence, not really listening to her. She reached out for the knife in Kaer's neck, pulling the weapon free. A sudden wave of nausea shot through Neela at the feeling as the knife moved but she forced herself to ignore it, only showing what she felt in a brief widening of her eyes. The knife was deposited on the ground as the woman spoke again, getting Neela's attention this time.

"I.. yes, she was-" Neela's voice broke and she dipped her head momentarily as a sudden swell of sadness presented itself to her, unable to suppress a small whine. Neela had hated and feared her mother but she had no wish for her, or anybody for that mater, dead. Desperately she tried to stuff the emotions back behind her wall of control, succeeding somewhat. When Neela spoke next her voice was nearly neutral again, though noticeably strained. "-My mother." Her head remained dipped, purposely keeping the female out of her view, until a sound near her once again caught Neela's attention.

Neela cocked her head and stared blankly at the hand for a moment, confused to find hesitant acceptance where she had been expecting disgust. Neela paused a moment more before reaching up and grasping the hand, pulling herself into a standing position before taking it as had been first intended, "I'm Neela. And thank you." she said quietly.

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Alyssum watched as she tore the metal from the woman’s throat, and felt the familiar chill run down her back, even though she was not the one pulling the blade. She knew the feeling well enough, having killed a few herself with her dagger and had to retrieve her weapon in the end. It was never a wonderful experience, and whatever victory she had felt when she defeated her foe, crumbled when she had to face with the reality of what she had done.

The coywolf remained silent as she spoke that the body was her mother, only taking one last glance towards the thing that was once Neela’s dame. Though she emphasized, she knew words could fall on deaf ears. The ”I’m sorry”s and other meaningless phrases were not spoken by Alyssum during such times as the one they were going through. Instead, she helped the woman up when she grasped her hand, the other patting the amber-eyed wolfdog gently on the back to silently express her condolences.

The de Fonte noted her confusion when she had offered her hand, and thought she may as well explain herself as well. “I was in a small war once, between these two territorial packs, so I’m used to this. I saw brothers having to kill one another, children having to fight against their parents. I didn’t have family there myself,” she admitted, though continued, “but, my comrades were close to me, and their pain was my pain. It was hard to see the related fallen when you saw their face reminded you of your friends.” But, it was long ago, or at least it seemed, and she had matured and grown to become detached to her feelings when it came to things like this, and she was no different now.

“What do you wish to do with the body?” Alyssum asked after an adequate amount of time. She doubted that anyone would enjoy having a body on the pack lands, but she was unsure if Neela wanted it to remain out in the open as well outside of the borders, considering that this person was her mother.

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Neela listened politely as Alyssum spoke to her, relaying a small part of her past. The actual events, an unknown war fought by unknown luperci, held little interest to the collie but she savoured them nonetheless, their worth more in that somebody was speaking to her at all than the information they actually imparted.

Neela's ears twitched in momentary confusion when she was asked what to do with the body. Back in her village the dead had either been buried in a place they particularly valued or put onto a boat and pushed out to sea, but neither option appealed to Neela. Putting her mother to rest on a boat would be an undeserved sign of respect and the thought of her mothers corpse lingering around the lands underground gave Neela chills down her spine.

"Burn it." she said abruptly. Burning was an almost insulting form of disposal in Neela's upbringing, used to cast away the spirit of an unliked person. Perfect for Neela's mother then. "Don’t want her lingering around here." she muttered. Neela started scanning around the clearing before finally her eyes picked out a patch of sandy ground, devoid of undergrowth for several metres. "Got some alcohol on me, shouldn't need much wood to burn. Here help me drag it over." Betetr to think of the body as It, a lump of flesh and bones, not the corpse of her mother. Despite their relationship Neela wasn't a person who hated easily except in the heat of the moment and if she truly stopped to think about what she had done she would break down. For now she had to detach herself, at least until she got back home, to the safety of her house and Tony, then she could let herself break down, process what she had done.

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She knew that her past was probably of no interest for the reddish woman, but knowing someone would talk to a murderer--there was no denying that Neela was a killer, her own dame's blood on her hands and knife--was something in itself. When Alyssum had slain her first enemy, she was frightened no one would ever want to speak with her again, but her allies had killed along side her, and there were no shame among the fellow sinners. It was no different with the Casa woman as well, and tried her best to reach out a mental, comforting hand.

The de Fonte raised an eyebrow when she spoke of burning the body, but she did not question it verbally; she met many a wolf with customs that were instilled into them from birth, and she guessed that it was a part for the woman's belief to burn the decease. But, her next words cleared her confusion, and it became clear that sending the spirit away with ash and smoke was insulting for Neela. She guessed it made sense, if the daughter wished for the body to experience pyre while she believed her soul befell the same fate.

She was silent as she stepped over to the body and grabbed the feet, and half-dragged, half-carried the corpse to the sandy patch. It was heavier than she expected, but she did not complain or otherwise showed discomfort, and in fact seemed pretty relaxed about it. "I'll go gather some wood," Alyssum offered, and after a few minutes of shuffling through the trees, returned with an arm full of dry, brittle sticks. She slowly placed them around the body, making a little peak where her once beating heart laid. "These should be dry enough..."

She glanced back at Neela, and reached into her pockets for a moment, and pulled out a small box. "I have a light," She stated as she rattled the matches, "if you're really sure about going through with this." It was not as if she doubted that the dead mother deserved to be burned, it just felt right to prompt her. There was no turning back once the alcohol was poured and the fire ablazed.


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”Thanks.” Neela said when Alyssum returned with some sticks. The collie joined her by the body, placing what sticks she had managed to find herself around the body along with Alyssum’s own. Neela froze for a moment when Alyssum double checked that she wanted to go through with burning her mother, her eyes locking on her mothers corpse for a few seconds while she thought, standing completely still.

”Yeah.” she said quietly, her voice barely a whisper until she spoke again, this time louder, ”Yeah, I’m sure.” Neela spent a moment more looking at the body before she sighed heavily and closer her eyes, dipping her muzzle down briefly. ”Descansa en paz, la estancia ha ido en esta occasion” she said quietly, bowing her head briefly before opening her eyes again and reaching for her belt.

Pulling out her flask of whiskey Neela started sprinkling the alcohol liberally over Kaer’s corpse, covering most of the body in a thin coating of it. Once the flask was almost empty Neela leant her head back and drained the last of the whiskey down her gullet before holding one hand out to Alyssum, ”The light please, I’d like to set the fire myself.” she said slowly, making an effort to control herself. She was nearly done now, just a little longer and she could go home to Tony.

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She nodded when she seemed set on burning the body, and turned her gaze back to the mother's corpse. It was all quiet for a few moments longer. Then Neela started to say a few words in a tongue that was all unknown to Alyssum. She wondered if it was some parting prayer, but did not ask as she continued to watch the body as she heard the woman shifting around a bit, and smelled the familiar stench of whiskey.

She watched as she poured the drink over the cadaver, and generously as well. The smell of alcohol made her mind drift over to the nights she spent in Freetown, the memories itself a drunken blur. Distracted, she was only brought out of her revive when she heard the Garcia woman ask for her light, requesting to set ablaze the body herself. She noticed that she had swallowed down what was remaining in the bottle herself by the lingering scent of the whiskey on herself, but she did not think twice as she handed the matches to her.

She looked back at the body, the one last time it would be able to been seen in full form. In a couple of minutes, it may as well have been reduced to ashes. Though Alyssum did not look back at Neela nor did she say anything, she wondered if the woman wanted to be alone. But, she did not take a step away, nor would she until she would ask for her to leave.


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