i thought i saw the sun rose in your eyes

POSTED: Wed May 16, 2012 10:18 pm

Set on May 18th. I just assumed that Jaz was a little ways off and crouching when Macbeth spots him. xD

Word Count → 471

So far, things had been running smoothly for the de Fonte. Ever since being accepted into the pack, things have been turning up for the upside following her joining. She had met a few of Casa’s members in the past two days, and found that they were mostly endearing, especially the young girl she had met. Macbeth also spoke of how he approved the location of which Alyssum decided to stay; "Good hunting here," he had explained in his raspy voice, and chirred, "Better place than clan full of ravens. More food for Macbeth. Macbeth likes Casa than clan. Better wolves too. Macbeth heard birds talk about coyote clan, say that good eating found there. Not good news." The woman found his words ominous, but she did not spend much time pondering over them; Inferni was not her concern anymore, and instead looked forward to her time in Cavalieri.

She found herself wondering around the Fort around mid-day, while the magpie either fluttered ahead when he saw something that caught his interest or perched on her shoulder when the former was not seen. Despite it being late spring, the southern hybrid still felt the slight chill that was foreign to her being, and decided to wear a burgundy shirt, which the sleeves covered about to where her elbow was, providing her enough warmth yet did not restrict her in any way; Alyssum knew that unexpected things could happen, and made it some sort of duty for her to be prepared at all times. Even now her bag was slung across her shoulder as she made her way past the barn and the Courthouse, hands resting on its straps as if she was ready to grab something that was carried within it, whether it would be her dagger or the pieces of meat that was for lunch.

It was not long until her feet drifted her to the back of the tall building, and was sort of surprised by what she found. It was covered with flowers of all sorts, their color vivid because of the refreshing spring that lifted them. She did not expect to find a garden in her path—but, expect the unexpected, she reminded herself, and pressed on, though she took her time to admire the vegetation. Macbeth also took interest in the bright colors, finding that their brightness attracted him like a moth to a light. But, ever aware, he glanced at the path ahead of them while Alyssum was inspecting a patch of the flowers her namesake was after, and gained her attention by lightly tugging her hair. "Not alone," he reported, and pointed his beak ahead where what seemed to be another member of the pack. The woman nodded and began to walk towards the figure, though something about it seemed familiar.

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Word Count → 300

Dixie and Wayne had returned yesterday, bringing with them a gift for the Sole that he would never have expected. They had come to him bearing a young owlet. It was such a strange animal to offer to another but the Knight headed Dixie’s warning that he best take care of the little thing, besides he knew that Neela raised birds so maybe they made good companions? The giant was frankly confused by the entire situation but knew that with a sprained wing , which Dixie and Wayne had made a make shift split for, that the little owl could not possibly fend for itself.

Even though the friendly giant liked to put out the image that he did not care for other animals and he was above them as a strong alpha male, after a full day of the little owlet’s screeching and odd head bobbing it had finally settled on the fact that Jazper was not particularly interested in harming it. That or the little thing had lost it’s voice. With the sun high in the sky the coal male scooped up the untrusting owlet and brought her to the gardens, a shaded place full of greens and beautiful flowers where it could wander around near by while he found some bugs to feed to her.

The soft fall of the small water falls in the back ground seemed to have a calming effect as the barn owl simply walked around clicking it’s beak in boredom. At long last the warrior managed to scoop up a small cricket. Nervously, and with a slight disgust he dangled it out to the raptor that quickly gobbled it up with pleasure. It was then that a familiar scent became more dominant and the Alpha began to panic in embarrassment as Aly came into view. Moving to stand in front of the small owl he waved awkwardly, “Uh –Hi there Aly. Didn’t think anyone would be coming back here…” His words tailed off just in time for the young bird to hop it’s way between the Sole’s legs without him knowing.

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occ here

Word Count → 385

With a ruffle of feathers, the magpie left the woman’s shoulders to rest on a tree as she approached the other. She knew that he was not one to partake in conversation with other canines that he did not know, still finding her sort to be untrusting; the only reason he had befriended her was that he saved her from his ultimate doom that was enteral ownership as a mere pet, and even then he did not plan to become any more than acquaintances with the coywolf. But, time worn on, and the two were as close as siblings, bickering as much as a sister and brother would over the most frivolous of things. She had sometime wished that he would be more sociable, but did not have a moment to complain as she became close enough to recognize the Cavalier.

Alyssum honestly had not been expecting that she would come across Jazper, and had to blink a few times in surprise. But, she pressed forward anything, a bit curious as to what he was doing on his own in the garden. It was a few moments later did he saw her as well, and thought she could have saw some sort of emotion on his face—panic? Frowning for a moment, she glanced behind her, but saw nothing out of the ordinary, just herself. But, she soon thought that he must have been doing something in secret, and wondered if she should walk away now. Again, curiosity got the best of her, and couldn’t help but smile as the tall man stuttered a little as he rose to his full height.

“Greetings, Jazper. I didn’t mean to disturb—“ the woman cut off as she saw a small shape come out from between his legs, and a second later realized it was a small owlet. “Oh, my goodness!” she half whispered, half squealed in surprise and endearment. Forgetting that she was in the presence of the Sole himself, she crouched down to the ground, one hand keeping her balanced while the other was held out to the barn owl. “Hey there, little fella,” she cooed, clicking her tongue like a bird would its beak in attempts to coax the creature closer to her both with soft words and comforting sounds of its own tongue.

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