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Scorpius wasn’t a very big fan of leaving the boundaries of Anathema ever since his return to the pack, but sometimes it could not be avoided. He knew the forests could provide better kindling than the area surrounding his home, and he did not want to risk over-harvesting his homeland. He was only experimenting, after all, so he did not want to deplete the pack’s natural resources by using them on his tests. So, all things considered, Scorpius found himself traipsing through the Dampwoods, away from the protective confines of the Anathema cover.

He carried with him a satchel and two bags attached to his heavy leather belt. The bags appeared to have a few items in them whilst the bag seemed to be relatively empty. He made little noise as he moved through the woods, except for the occasional rustling of the bags. He was not hunting anything today so stealth was not at the forefront of his mind, though he did his best to not attract extra unwanted attention, too.

The Dampwoods were damn damp, so it wasn’t exactly an ideal place to collect kindling. But the ground was carpeted with pine needles and the area was ripe with shrubbery that could be laid out in the sun to dry out perfectly within a few weeks. Coming up to a thicket of brush, he knelt down and began collecting sparse twigs and brushwood that could be made into proper kindling. He gathered from this spot for a while, collecting bundles and stuffing them into the satchel that he brought with him. Sometimes he chose to bundle together bunches of twigs with twine, before he secreted it away into his pack. After an hour he had wandered considerably from his original collection site, and now his bag was too full to fit anything else.

Not a bad day of harvesting, for sure. The sun was low in the sky at this point and he decided to make his way back. As he traversed the woods the sound of a babbling brook caught his attention, so he took a detour toward the stream. Could do for a drink, he figured. When he arrived he knelt by the stream, setting his bags down by a rock, and lapped at the cool, refreshing water.

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Word Count :: 443 || Points: 3 23 would be better.

Having left Inferni’s borders only yesterday, the dark male hadn’t gotten very far on his injured leg. He made the time to pick up his slave, Abella, from the hiding place he set her in before traveling to any other new location. The two travelled in a slow pace because of Tyko’s injury, Abella closely behind him and tending to him whenever he needed anything. She was loyal to him and because she wanted to be, not because he made her. The coyote female was beautiful, with sparkling purple eyes. She was alive to serve her master, and her master only. She had no complaints.

Tyko limped, but he limped quietly. He spotted another hunched over a stream and signaled the coy girl to be quiet. She nodded, understanding, and stepped lightly. The two were like wind, silent, as they approached the other at the stream. Tyko never held fear for anyone; he expected others to fear him. Tyko eyed the other’s bags to the side of him and his backpack full of sticks. ”What you doing there, boy?” His voice boomed out of the silence toward the other black male before him. He was a significant distance away, but continued to walk closer, with Abella close behind him. The older male stopped at the stream and hunched over himself, cupping the water to bring up to his muzzle. He lapped the water out of his hands, and when he was done, he motioned the girl to join him. She knelt down beside him, keeping her purple eyes off of the stranger, and cupped her hands to catch the water just as her master did. When she had finished, she pushed herself off of her knees and stood behind Tyko, letting her gaze explore the male across the small brook before them. She didn’t want her master to see her gazing at another, unsure if he would be mad. So, she figured she would do it sneakily.

As Tyko finished splashing water on his dark-colored face, he looked up at the younger male before him, ”You live around here?” He was nosey, but he was also looking for someone. It was best to know that he could make allies around so they could keep an eye out for him. A thought flashed through his brain about his first daughter, Axelle. He wondered if she would live in a place like this. He remembered her being so feral, and he couldn’t imagine her taking the life as a Luperci, though, nor did he really care. The thought just crossed his brain and left within seconds, without him feeling any remorse for his lost daughter.

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He was bent over the stream lapping water when the others approached. They had experience as well as the element of surprise on their side so it was in Scorpius's favor that they did not have knavish plans this afternoon, for they might have been able to steal up right behind him. The sound of the meandering brook was all he heard until the shady male spoke, his voice catching Scorpius off guard and making his one and a half ears perk up in alarm. His eyes followed, and his vision focused on the man and the coyote woman that stood behind him. Some might have been tense in that moment, and Scorpius was, but he doubted they planned to attack because they had broken their cover. He knew them not, but he did not take the older wolf to be a fool.

...that, or they had some kind of game in mind and others waiting in the brush. Scorpius glanced around, managing to look calm despite the potential threat, and despite the small note of surprise from the couple's sudden appearance. It was annoying to say the least, but at least that was the worst of it.

“A man like you looks like he should know when a wolf is getting a drink,” he said, less sarcastic and more casual than one might expect. The others were walking over to the stream now, and had they come much closer to him he might have tensed and moved away, but they only seemed interested in the same thing he was. His tongue lapped out of his mouth to lick up the last few stray beads of water that had collected on his muzzle.

“Might ask you the same questions,” he replied as he shifted so he was no longer crouching, now he was sitting on the ground. He wondered for a moment if they would try to steal his bags... a funny thought, he half hoped they did so they could run off with a purse full of sticks. “But as for me...”

His voice trailed off, because when he looked up from the drinking man his ruby eyes fell upon the vision of the coyote woman, now standing and looking at him. He stared right back for a moment, his bloody gaze matching her amethyst eyes, his face – or the half that wasn't shrouded by the skull mask – softening as he watched her. He might have decided to just dry his hands and be off, but something about her held him there. “...but as for me, I live around here, yes. East.” He waved in the direction of Anathema, but did not bother to declare his pack. Scorpius assumed everyone knew that Anathema's outermost borders were just a mile or two out.

“How about you?” He asked, his eyes finally turning back to the fellow dark pelted man. “I haven't seen you before, typically others don't settle so close to pack lands. I'm guessing you and your... mate... aren't from around here?”

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Word Count :: 429 || Points: 3 It would be funny if Scorpius fell in love with her O.o

Tyko squeezed the water out from the fur on his face, Friend, he said rather matter-of-factly without looking at the female behind him. ”Why don’t you introduce yourself, Abella.” He ushered her over to the male, and the female coyote quickly rushed over to the dark male and bowed lightly, ”Abella, sir. Nice to meet you.” She stayed as polite as she could, and moved away from Tyko’s view of the male. She stood behind the two, and kept sneaking glances toward the unknown brute next to her.

Tyko stood, limping slightly as there was a giant cut on his leg underneath the bandages that wrapped it. He hobbled over to a spot on the grass farther away from the other, and plopped down just as Scorpius had done. He stretched his legs out before him carefully, and then returned his magenta gaze toward the male, ”East, eh? Have you seen a black and white female near your lands that goes by the name of Axelle?” He couldn’t help his curiosity, even though he wasn’t too involved in his daughter’s life. ”No, we’re not. Just passing through. I figured to stop and chat with anyone I can find around, just so I can get a feel of what kind of lands I’m in.” He wasn’t sure if he made sense, but didn’t care anyway. ”I plan to settle down around here soon, but there are a few people I’m looking for first.” His kids.

Abella shifted from the spot she once stood, closer to the unknown male than her master, but she walked lightly over to where Tyko was sitting, and lowered herself to the ground. She kept her gaze on the other respectfully, just in case Tyko spotted her. She didn’t want another beating, not that that happened often. She was a female and it was natural for her to shop around for males. Tyko wasn’t her type, but she didn’t have a choice.

Tyko looked up at the slave and noticed her undying stare at the newcomer. Annoyance bloomed, but he didn’t let it show in his expression nor his voice, ”It seems Abella has taken a liking to you. What’s your name?” Abella was the only known one in this conversation. Both males failed to share names, and she was passed around ever since the beginning of the conversation. The purple eyed coyote sat there, wide eyed. She was caught, and she wondered what kind of horrible punishment she would endure from her master later, after he was done rubbing it in her face that she was sloppy.

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Friend, the man corrected him, and he couldn't help but feel a little pleased about it. Why, he could not say. Typically coyote women who hung around with dark wolf men weren't his type... but then again, if Scorpius explained his “type” to anyone, and then they met his mother... well his Oedipus complex would be out of the closet. Not that he kept it very well hidden with the way he followed Naniko around and swooned at her every word. But still, there was something eye catching about her. Perhaps it was her meekness, her submissiveness. She was quiet, and oh so polite when she came over to introduce herself at the man's insistence. There was something genuine within the way she did it that he liked. He gave her a half smile – or what could be seen of it under his mask. “The pleasure is all mine,” he nodded.

“Can't say that I've seen whoever you're looking for,” there was a black and white female in his pack, not that he would have told the man so, but she most certainly did not go by Axelle. The woman was named Panda, and for all intents and purposes was colored like one as well. “Can keep an eye out, though, if you think she's wandering the area.” He glanced at the coyote woman, and then back to the shadow man. “And though it's nothing but an offense of me to ask, what would you be looking for her for?”

A feel for the area? “Lots of the folk around here can be a little... edgy. Especially if you get nearer to the pack lands that way, they get more territorial. I would be myself if we were at Anathema's borders, but out here the land is just as much mine as yours.” If one thing could be said of Scorpius, it was that he always knew his place, and out here in the wilds there was no point in playing territory war or posturing games with a loner unless you wanted to get good and dead.

At one moment, as Tyko looked off, his red eyes turned to the slave and he caught her looking at him. He gave a small huff of a laugh and cracked that half smile again, a look that might be handsome beneath the mask... if his face hadn't been disfigured long ago when he was a child. Then Tyko looked back and finally, too, caught the woman looking at him. His eyes turned to Tyko and he raised a brow at the man. “Good thing she's just your friend, then, eh?” he said jokingly with a chuckle. He figured it was unlikely that a woman like this was traveling with the man and was 'just a friend'. Maybe he hired her, maybe she was something else to him. Then again... maybe she was just the quiet sort and he was a generous soul who offered her protection? His eyes turned back to her, though he did not turn his head to her this time as he said conspiratorially, (though loud enough for Abella to still hear him) “Don't mind me if I don't complain. Not the worst face that's ever looked at me, that's for sure.”

And then he stood, dusted his hands off, and walked up to the man with an extended hand. “The name's Scorpius D'Angelo. And you?” Yeah, Scorpius wasn't looking at Tyko while he waited for the man's reply.

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Word Count :: 364 || Points: 3 Hmm... I have an idea !

Tyko sat on the ground with his legs bent upwards and his elbows perched on his knees. Nosy little fuck he was... Tyko smiled darkly, but answered the man despite of what he thought of him. Maybe this male would be able to help him find her. ”She’s my daughter.” An idea clicked into his mind that had him in use of his poker face. If he could trade the male Abella, then he could get him to do him a favor. A certain favor like locating his daughter...

Tyko straightened up, ”You can have her for an hour if you promise to do something for me...” Abella straightened up too. She would be able to have her way with this male after all? She listened closely for the favor, though. Knowing Tyko it might have been a difficult one. ”If you can look around in your pack for another black and white wolf, then I won’t have to come hunt you down.” He eyed the male with a dark smile. He would give the boy Abella for an hour today, but if he didn’t get what was rightfully his, at least a report of it that he checked, then he would have to hunt the boy down and punish him for not playing ‘fair’.

As the boy rose from his former seat and walked over to give him a hand, Tyko shook it without hesitating, ”Tyko Amini. A pleasure.” He was the impatient type and wanted to know that he had a deal before they went into bullshitting. He wanted to cut to the chase and he wanted to get what he asked for quickly. ”So, my boy, do we have a deal?” He showed Scorpius a toothy grin, and Abella’s ears perked up and she looked at Scorpius expectantly. If he were to agree, they would get it on in front of Tyko, so that he would be able to supervise. He wouldn’t get between them until they were done and the deal was sealed. Then he would wait around for his end of the deal to be returned as well. After he acquired what information he needed, he would move on.

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