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Word Count :: 345 || Points: 3 It's about noonish.

The hot sun beat down on his back as he trekked along what he guessed were neutral lands, corridors that had no pack scent attached to them. As if his injuries weren't enough to slow him down, now he dragged ass because of the heat. These lands were so new to him. He wasn’t used to so many scents of other clashing with his nostrils. They were almost all overwhelming. He hardly knew how he even got here in the first place. First he was running for his life, then he was wandering around looking for Kimat and Nero, and a few weeks later, he’s here. The obsidian male stumbled along, his leg just beginning to set from being severely injured for so long. It would most likely heal wrong if he didn’t receive medical treatment soon.

As he walked along for what seemed like forever, he kept tabs on how strong the scents seemed to be. He didn’t want to cross any boundaries until he knew exactly what type of lands they were. He had no idea at the moment and figured he should probably play it safe for now. The bulky brute limped over to a tree, putting his back to the trunk; he slid down until he was seated with his legs stretched out in front of him. Then he examined his injured leg. The muscle around it was swollen to almost mutilation. It was a huge difference compared to the other ankle. His injured leg was bulbous, and it made him a bit nervous. He most likely had an infection in there.

He let go of his leg and stretched it out before him with the other one and laid back against the tree. He felt weird just sitting there so close to this other pack and not making himself known. He threw his head back and howled, starting from his low baritone voice and climbing higher into a deep howl. He would notify anyone that wanted to come and help him, or at least take a look at his injured leg.

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Finding out that Ezekiel had left the clan yesterday made the woman a bit anxious. While she did not know the de le Poer man for very long, and only met him once or twice since the three months she had been there, she could not help but feel a bit sad that he had to go. But, Sparrow was glad that Myrika was now leading them, since she found no one else fit to lead the clan, save for her sister. Though, in the back of her mind she could not figure out why Ezekiel would leave Inferni without announcing it to the clan, and the woman could only take it as a bad omen.

As if to prove her paranoia just, a howl rang over the Waste, and the mottled female, who had been walking near the boundaries and making sure nothing was amiss, growled and whined at it at the same time. While it sounded like someone in distress, it could easily prove folly, and the gentle hybrid pulled out her dagger--she would not be half-surprised if a wolf suddenly leapt out of the grass then and there. But, there were no ambush as she approached where she heard the howl, her weapon still hanging by her side. It was not as if she really knew how to properly use it, but it proved useful in the last fight she was in, so the blade felt confident in her inexperienced hand.

The messenger was nearing the source of the voice, and could scent the injury before she even saw him. She stepped closer to the tree that the wolf man was laying under, but the closest she got was a couple of meters. She refused to walk over Inferni's borders, and knew that she was fair game if she were to step out into no-man's land. She was not going to risk it so soon.

Though he was apparently hurt, Sparrow was wary, and inspected the man from afar before speaking, her tone far from its usual friendliness. "What are you doing so close to the borders, wolf?" The woman had tried to sound dominant, but it wasn't her rank nor nature, so it came out as an irritated question instead of a demand that required an answer.

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Tyko had been lost in daze before he heard the voice of another. He quickly snapped out of whatever had his mind then, and looked up at the coyote. She was cute, and she sounded pissed. He quickly rose in his spot, using his good leg and the tree to push himself off of the ground. He stood in his place and called back to her, ”My apologies; I need a medic for my injured leg. I can’t travel on it further without it being at least looked at. Do you have someone who can help?” This female seemed cold, and the attitude she flung towards him, he didn’t understand. Although he was near her border, he didn’t want to hurt her and as far as he knew, he didn’t show it either. He was in a humble stance before, if not vulnerable, and now that he rose, she could clearly see that he was putting most of his weight on his good leg. How was he going to attack her like this?

The black male was ignorant of the fact that Infernians hated wolves. Since he had been on Souls lands for no more than a day, he was unaware of the tension between the two species. He wouldn’t understand it even if he knew; his last mate had been a coyote and his most recent daughter, a hybrid. He had nothing against coyotes, and they shouldn’t have anything against him either.

The male didn’t carry anything with him, so even if he were to attack her, she would have an advantage over him with the small dagger she had in her hands. He brought nothing with him, and had nothing. Living so long in his lupus form stripped him from his Luperci ways, and even though it was a painful struggle just to shift after so long, he still managed. And then he managed to get injured after that. Tyko stayed by the tree, unmoving because he knew the female didn’t trust him, and he didn’t blame her. He was about two times her size with just muscle alone. Either he could be a good thing or a bad thing to her; it was her choice.

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The woman paced. That's all she could do. The clan meeting had gone swimmingly and Myrika - their Aquila. She was fitting for the role, she was strong and smart and she would excel with the rest of the pack behind her. However, Angel's reaction? Not so much. It troubled her and she felt lost, and so now she was pacing her room trying to figure out what to do with tears swimming in her eyes. Her tail flicked out in an annoyed manner and finally she snapped, she whirled out of her room and slammed her door before jogging out of the mansion, she couldn't take it anymore. Maybe she would just disappear and hide out somewhere in Inferni lands until she had her pups, alone and safe. The inexperienced woman's mind was just a cloud of jumbled, incoherent thoughts and she needed to sort them out so she began walking to the borders to scout. If she set her mind to a specific task surely it would help relax her.

Not long into her walk she heard the distinct sound of a wolf howl, and she paused. The Boreas hadn't announced their attacks, but it could just be a trick, maybe a ruse. She growled to herself, angry that this had to happen when she was pregnant. Emma checked herself, noting the dagger and the arrow and quiver slung on her back as well as the backpack full of healing supplies - she might as well re-stock her stuff while she was out. She would be okay, probably. Her mood backed her decision and she stormed out to where the wolf had called for her needs, stalking through the tall grasses of the waste. It took her awhile, her steps sometimes faltering. However, when she arrived to the place from which he had called her bi-colored eyes were relieved to see none other then Sparrow, so she wasn't alone.

As she strode forward she smiled at the quiet girl, waving her hand before her eyes focused on the site just passed the borders. He was a black wolf, tall, muscular, and everything she should want to wipe off her lands. His body language quickly spoke that he was injured and that he was not going to attack, at least not yet. Her gaze was cold and unforgiving and a scowl rose onto her face. " Listen, Wolf. If this is a trick to injure us, just know we are not helpless and will not hesitate to kill you lest you make a wrong move. If you are legitimately injured then I will help you. " She said, her words as cold and hard as her body language. Emma stared hard at him, her hackles raised and her lips pulled back from her ivory canines. One wrong move and he was a goner. " Sparrow, would you be able to check for any others around before I go and help him? I can't smell any myself.. " She began, glancing at her clan sister .

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She tensed when the man rose to his feet, her hand gripping the hilt of the dagger even tighter. But, he remained by his tree, and she listened tentatively to his words; she was trying to pay attention to him as well as her surroundings, still under the impression that danger was close. "We have a healer... But I don't know if she'll help you. We don't mess with others outside of the clan, but she may feel different for this case." Despite her distrust for the dark man, he was still a creature, and it'd be morally wrong for her to leave him out there to die without attempting to help him to an extent of her abilities. She guessed if no one would want to touch him, she would try to heal his leg with the very basic knowledge she had... even if it would be to her greatest displeasure.

But, as she breathed in the air to smell what was in the area once more, she became a little relieved that Emma was already on her way, and did not have to call her there herself. Her faced warmed at the sight of the burdened woman, and returned her wave in earnest, and turned back to the male with more soured expression. She became even more aware and paranoid as the blonde walked up to her; Sparrow knew that the healer was carrying, by scent and the slight bump on her abdomen, and she would be damned if she were to be attacked and she was there to stop it.

She nodded at Emma's request, and murmured, "Of course." Sparrow gave one more glance at the woman, and turned her gaze to the wolf as if just by the hostility in her pointed gaze was warning enough not to try anything funny, still refusing to underestimate him despite his disabled state. With that, she stepped over the border and went past the male, though she made sure to keep him in sight while scouted out the radius of the place.

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The male stayed by his tree, trying his best not to show any signs of anything that she might mistake for trickery. When another female approached, he suddenly felt relief. She carried a backpack, so she must’ve been the healer. Tyko lowered himself down to the ground again, using the tree and his hands to lower himself down carefully. When his rump was on the ground, he stretched both legs out in front of himself again. He watched the two females, and noted that the first one seemed wary. He had no intentions of hurting them, as long as they didn’t want to hurt him first. He needed help, and that was all that he was looking for here.

”Thank you; I won’t attack unless you give me a reason to.” Not that he really could at the moment, but none-the-less he would leave the hostility up to them. He wouldn’t provoke the coyotes at all, and if they decided that he was too much of a threat then he would have to protect himself the best way he knew how. His eyes followed the first female as she came towards him, but his head didn’t turn in her direction. He knew that she didn’t trust him, and he wanted her to see that she had no reason to be skeptical of him. His gaze focused on the second female, ”I appreciate your help.” He noticed her standing just inside her own pack’s borders, and honestly he doubted a mere scent line would stop him from killing her, if he wanted to. It wasn’t like there was an actual wall protecting her, and really even though crossing borders was against wolf morals, he could easily kill her. But he wouldn’t because he needed the femme’s help, and plus he wasn’t in the killing mood today. The voice in the depths of his mind was quiet at the moment, and he took advantage of his free will.

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ooc; can you have him explain to her what exactly is wrong? from your first post i had trouble figuring out if it were a sprained ankel or a broken leg or something else. xD

Emmanuelle growled under her breath. If he attacked either of them she would do what she had done to the other wolf that had dared do such a thing, decapitate him and put his head on a pike. Did this stupid wolf not realize just who's borders he had come crawling too? One wrong move and she would stick him up for all of Inferni to see. As he spoke she merely grunted, her tail twitching behind her in annoyance. The coyote woman didn't want him to be here, didn't want to help him, but deep down inside her she felt the primal need to help others injure. Somewhat confident that he wouldn't try anything funny she stepped over the line and walked briskly over to him, frustration evident on her normally serene features. There was nothing sunny about her today, that was for sure.

Emma remembered that she had her cloak on, and wrapped it tighter around her body. He didn't need to know she was pregnant and the smell of honeysuckle and lavender wafted off of her, hopefully hiding the hormone scent most pregnant canines excreted. Instantly she grimaced when she caught sight of his leg, it was almost grotesque. " Dear god. If you weren't treated right now your leg would have to be amputated. " She said somewhat gruffly, peering at the wound. The scent of infection hung around this wolf and she looked at him suspiciously, he wasn't rabid was he? The tan coywolf swung her backpack from her shoulder and began sifting through it, taking out all the items she would need. " Now tell me, what exactly happened to your leg. Do you think the bone is broken or your ankle is sprained? The scent of infection is so strong, you probably have an abscess that needs to be drained. " Came her sing-song voice, forgetting the prejudice for a moment as she delved into healing.

Carefully she set out the different mason jars, pausing once in awhile to adjust her cloak to hide the bulge of her stomach. There was a mason jar full of anti-septic liquid which she had created from boiling some water and meadowsweet, mixed with just a little alcohol to preserve the concoction. Next she took out some clothes and gauze, the cloths were going to be used to soak up the pus and to clean the wound, and then the gauze to wrap it. She also withdrew other items, a waterskin, several dried herbs and a dagger. The woman slowly put the dagger down and didn't pay much attention to it, it wouldn't be used to harm the man but to drain the infection from his leg. " What I know for sure I am going to have to drain the infection from your leg, it will be extremely painful at best but once it is gone it will feel better. There will be less pressure coming from the pent up infection. " She said slowly, looking at his eyes and pointing at the dagger. It was still out of reach for him, but within it for her. " I am not going to attack you with it. So make sure you don't get any ideas.. Your name? "

The healer remained poised over her bag, waiting for a report on what he thought was wrong. If she needed anything else, she would need to take it out quickly.

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Word Count :: 427 || Points: 3 Okay Aly said to skip her and assume she’s still checking around, and that she’ll come back in later :) Oh, and feel free to PP the description of the wound when she cuts into him and all that

The world quietly watched as the coy girl stepped over the border and rushed over to him. She set up shop next to his legs and took out a dagger, which he eyed curiously. He inhaled deeply and quietly, taking in the sweet scent of pregnancy, but he didn’t say anything about it. It was her business, and knowing it didn’t change his life any. His eyes widened a bit when she told him his leg would’ve had to be amputated if he didn’t find her. He kept quiet, and watched her take out her supplies.

”I was attacked by a few wolves outside of here, and I don’t think I broke it because I can still walk on it, but it does hurt a lot and it seemingly does have an infection, though I don’t know how.” The wolf explained to her as best as he could, though he really didn’t know how his leg got an infection without any serious open wounds. ”Okay, just do what you have to.” He agreed to her cutting into his leg, and squeezed his eyes shut for a moment. It would hurt like Hell, and he didn’t even have anything to numb the pain.

”Tyko. Do you have any alcohol on you that’s drinkable?” He watched her with pleading eyes. He knew it would hurt like a bitch, and if he had something to take his mind off of the pain, it would be better. But if not, he would have to take it like a man. ”Why do you think I’m going to attack you? Is it really that hostile around here?” He was a newcomer and didn’t have any knowledge of the prejudice that coyotes held over wolves in the area. All he knew were coyotes that looked up to him- his former mate’s family, and also his slave, Abella. She seemingly looked at him like a King, while serving him at her own will.

The dark wolf tried to make conversation with her as he tried to take the pressure off of his mind. The pressure was building as they were leading up to the big moment where she would cut into his leg, and he would willfully let her, while trying not to scream out in pain. Yeah, that’ll be the day. He would most definitely cry out in pain because he couldn’t just sit there and do nothing. He wasn’t being attacked, and so couldn’t attack her, and all he could do was cry out in pain to release the tension built up in his body.

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Her bi-colored eyes flicked to his as he spoke, and a snarl formed on her maw but died before it had a chance to form. “ Yes. “ She hissed, clearly displeased at the man not knowing what had just befell their pack. “ We were just in a war with your kind. Of course we wiped them out, but the hate they spread was horrendous. “ There was a bottle of vodka in her bag and she almost didn’t want to give it to him, thinking because he was a wolf he deserved to feel the pain. However, her healers heart prevailed and she stuck a slender hand in her bad and rummaged around until she found the mickey sized contained. It was luperci-made, and therefore especially strong. If he could even get it down it would numb the pain. As her thin fingers found the neck of the bottle she grasped it and removed it from her bag, thrusting it in his direction. Once it was safely in his hands she got to work, wiping the blade clean with a bit of gauze dipped into disinfectant liquid.

She eyed it for a moment, considering. Then she took a deep breath, looked at the wolf and then moved towards his leg. When the wound was re-opened it would stink but hopefully his leg would be savable. Carefully she pressed the blade against the infected area of his skin, and then dug it in and dragged it down. As soon as the metal left the skin and moved down pus and blood poured out of the wound and she moved away, wiping the blade clean once more. The wound she had created was deep and long, but with the amount of infection that came out of it clearly spoke that it needed it. The smell that raised up from it had her gagging and she stood up and walked away, hands on her hips as she took a few breaths of fresh air. Once her stomach settled she returned and got back to work, taking the waterskin and pouring some fresh clean water on the wound. The pus and blood dripped to the ground once diluted with the water and once it was clean enough to not make her sick she picked up the jar of disinfectant and poured that on it too.

It might sting, but it were natural ingredients so it might not. Either way she worked silently, using the old clothes to mop up anymore liquid that seeped out and to keep cleaning the wounds. Once no more pus came out she took out a jar and put a little water in it as well as a few herbs and mashed it up with a special stone. It turned into a thick paste and she smeared this onto the gauze before taking it and wrapping it around his leg. “ That paste will draw out the remaining infection. Take it off once it starts to seep through and then just keep washing it and keeping it clean.. “ The woman said matter-of-factly as she stood up and moved away from him, putting her healing things back into her bag.

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Word Count :: 000 || Points: 0 Ooc.

The female’s bitter attitude still threw him off, but once she explained the war to him, he kind of understood. Still, he didn’t see the reason to be bitter to all wolves, but whatever. It was her choice and he was happy he wouldn’t have to see her anymore after this encounter. Hopefully. When she fished out the bottle, he gladly took it and took a big gulp from it. He nearly choked as it went down. It burned a lot more than the human stuff. ”Damn!” His voice was raspy from the burns, but he managed to get it down. When he did, he looked in the little hole of the bottle, but then took another big sip. He could feel the contents working already, and barely could concentrate when the coyote girl cut into his leg. He did hold back from jerking, and managed not to mess her up.

He silently watched all the infection squirt out of his leg, and yes, the smell was very horrible. It was his own smell, so he was able to tolerate it a lot more than she was. He didn’t blame her. He capped the bottle and placed it as far away next to him as he could reach, toward her bag of tricks. He continued to watch the puss drip out, and when she came back to attend to him, he watched that too. He watched as she disinfected it - it didn't burn too bad - and he watched her slab a good amount of whatever the paste was and then wrap it. He was watching everything and not saying much due to the strong alcohol he just gulped. When she instructed him to clean it after the paste seeped through, he nodded. His woozy eyes watching her, and he suddenly realized: he wouldn’t be able to get up for a while. ”Is it alright if I just stayed here for a bit? The alcohol did a number on me, and I don’t want to hurt myself.” He knew she wouldn’t like the idea, but maybe she would allow him to stay. ”I will move away from the borders as soon as I can get up.” Plus, he wanted to let the medicine set in a bit, and hopefully that would take some of the pain away. He didn’t have any type of walking stick to help him along, and so he was pretty much on his own. And he wasn’t sure he could walk anywhere without a little aid, or at least some rest.

OOC Ending:
Tyko sat by the tree for a few more hours after the female packed up and left. When he felt better and could stand on his injured leg, he moved off to find his slave Abella and continue on his journey.

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