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The sound of the crashing waves calmed him down some. Tyko perched himself on a rock on the shoreline, avoiding the cold waters of the ocean. Abella was stood before him, letting the waves crash at her feet, dealing with the freezing water’s bite. If goosebumps were possible on a canine, she would have them. She subtly wanted to shiver, but the air around her was warm enough to keep her temperature stable. Her purple eyes scanned out into the rest of the ocean as she stood there with her arms crossed, in front of her master.

Tyko sat quietly on his rock, but yelled out to her, ”So, you’ve taken a liking to that brute we met at the brook… What was his name? Scorpius..” He accused her because he caught her giving him subtle, interested glances. He gave her what she wanted, and yet she still seemed upset. ”I let you fuck him, and yet you are still cold with me. Come here, girl.” He commanded her over, and even though she listened to his words with her back turned to him, she wasted no time in coming when she was called. She stopped before his rock, uncrossing her arms. Yes, Master?” Tyko didn’t waste time, he got up from his rock and stood before the female. ”If I ever catch you staring at another male like that again, I will leave you to the rogue wolves!” He threatened her with the situation they narrowly escaped. They left him with a horribly injured leg while he saved her. ”They will surely do worse things to you than I will! And when you’re begging for your life to be taken, they’ll look at you and spit in your face! They don’t pity the weak.” The back of his hand smacked her in the muzzle, and her head turned with the force. It remained turned as tears welled up in her eyes. She dropped to the ground before him on her knees despite the crashing waves against her, I’m sorry, Master! I’m sorry! It won’t happen again!

Tyko didn’t bother saying anything to her. Instead, he left her kneeling with her face to the ground and walked over toward the beach, now letting his own feet get wet with the icy water. ”It better not…” He mumbled almost to himself, but he was sure that the slave heard him. The tan coy girl remained on the ground, crying. The waters were pushing against her body and cutting off her air for a few seconds every time they rolled in. She cried audibly and she was a wet mess. The dark male growled audibly, and turned his head in the direction of her sobs, ”Get up from the ground! You’re a mess.” He didn’t move from his spot. His thoughts were claimed by his kids and why he treated her so horrible. He didn’t care about her life like he did with his kids’ lives, and the thought ate at him. Where was Axelle? His mind hadn’t cared about the female until now. Why did he care so much now? Was she nearby?

The coyote girl lifted herself from her pitiful position, still crying quietly. Her face, arms, and legs were wet from the salt water, and she rose to lean against the rock. She wiped the burning water from her wet eyes, and tried to regain her composure. What did she agree to? Why did she agree to become this horrible soul’s slave? She deserved better, but she didn’t have a choice. The beautiful femme was nothing but a servant in this life.

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Kai's mind had gotten the better of him lately. He was doing mnore thinking than he had ever done in his life, and it was all her fault. Axelle's. He had always known who he was, what he was good at, what he was useful for, and more importantly, how others saw him. Kai always fed off of others' fear and respect for him and his lack of mercy. But now, since her, things were different. In her eyes, he saw a different reflection of himself. With her, he was kind, gentle, affectionate, patient. His behaviour and attitude towards others hadn't changed - with them, he was a snarling, vicious guard dog, ready to attack as much as talk. But with her, he was the most loyal protector, and only she had the power to calm his rage when it rose in him. One word, a touch, a mere look was enough to turn him from one to the other.

So involved in his thought was he that he had wandered a lot further than he had expected and anticipated and lifting his head as he walked in his Lupus form, preferring two legs to four, he glanced around. He had no idea where he was. But he could hear voices nearby and so following them, sniffing the air as he did so, inhaling the scent of the water, he eventually found the owners. His dark colouring hid his form well as he saw the female fall to her knees before the male, seeing his aggression and displeasure. A slave perhaps? He had never met anyone with a slave before but the thought made him smirk. Someone to be used and abused. The old Malakai flexed his muscles within his mind. He watched as the female sobbed, Kai began trotting towards them both, a darkness about him now. Perhaps this was his opportunity to get back to what he was used to. Pain, torture, hurt. "Seems to be you have disobedience on your hands. It's a shame. Of course, if you wanted, I could instill a sense of submission in her... So she knows who is in charge." Kai's eyebrows lifted in curiosity as his gaze swept over the female and then the male in charge of her. Kai's way of instilling submission involved pain, but he got a sense that this male would understand that particular brand of punishment.

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The dark male continued to gaze out over the ocean. He heard Abella’s quiet sobs behind him, but he paid her no mind. She would stop crying soon. Though, when he heard the other’s voice only his ear moved to the sound. He didn’t turn toward this male, knowing he was much like the same. There was no hostility in his voice, and if he wanted to attack quietly, he could’ve without giving himself away beforehand. Abella heard the new male’s words and silently shook her head vigorously, with widened eyes. Noo… Noo.. She kept switching glances between the two dark brutes. Tyko remained as calm as he was and spoke to the wolf without turning, ”That won’t be necessary.” She didn’t need to be abused anymore, unless she were to embarrass him again – then he would have to take measures. Abella’s frantic body language seemed to relax as he refused the offer.

Once he felt that he couldn’t resume his thoughts knowing that there was a stranger behind him, he turned to face the other. ”What do you want from me, Stranger?” He found that he usually was the one approaching others because he had been looking for family, but for someone to approach him seemed a little absurd. He didn’t have anything to offer this male except for sex, from Abella, and his name. He carried nothing with him and held nothing to his name. He had nothing for the time being. Abella had fallen quiet now, her crying stopped and she stood quietly near her rock. Her eyes remained on the ground; she didn’t want to be accused for anything else, and thought she would play it safe for the time being.

The loner limped toward the other, closing only a little more of the distance between them. He stood beside Abella, a few feet between them and about maybe five feet from the stranger. He gazed at the other carefully – males were much more territorial and he didn’t want to strike up an unnecessary problem. He overruled asking him about Axelle, Nero, and Kimat because he seemed to be ignorant. He had an interesting smell to him, but he wasn’t sure if it was a pack smell. He didn’t know what the pack scent smelled like anymore.

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Kai's dark, wild gaze settled once more upon the slave girl, and he gave her a disarming, dangerous smirk, like he had plans for her. Dark, twisted plans all concocting in his head, moulding themselves together. However, as the male in charge of her dismised his offer, the male snorted some, his plans for her unnecessary, going to waste. When the other finally turned to face him, Kai was able to get a better look at him, a better sense of him. The way he stood, the presence he commanded. He saw him move closer to his slave, and Kai smirked - possessive or protective, or both?

When asked what his business was, Kai merely shrugged somewhat, idly beginning to pad around, moving a little closer to the lapping water as it lolled against the beach, only to move close enough to get his paws wet, the water freezing. No swimming today, certainly. "Who says I want anything from you? Or her?" Kai nodded to the girl where she cowered by the large rock, and his interest peaked. "Though I am a little curious as to her. She your mate? Or something else?" He suspected he already knew the answer to the question he posed - that she was merely a slave, a belonging like a table or a chair, to be used as he saw fit. Kai tilted his head a little as if trying to get a better look at the girl, or to get her attention. "I heard the shouting. You've obviously displeased him in some way, Sweetheart. Do you not know your place?" His eyes turned back to the male. "I'm sure the benifits far outweigh the costs but inform me... Is she sometimes not more trouble than she is worth?" Kai had noticed the way the male limped a little as he had moved towards the girl, and he let his gaze drop to his leg. "I do hope she's treating whatever pains you, too. No good for her... mate, master, whatever you are, to be incapacitated. I mean, if you couldn't chase her, she might escape..."

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All the questions the other had kinda pissed Tyko off, but he remained calm and collected. There was no change of emotions in his face, body language, or voice when he spoke. He was very good at concealing what he really thought or felt at the moment. The calm male moved to sit back on the rock, resting his injured leg. ”Something else.” He told the other coolly. Abella looked at the other as he spoke to her, but said nothing. She couldn’t, it was disrespectful, and she wouldn’t sacrifice good behavior to talk to this male. She moved away from the two, returning to her stance at the ocean’s shore, returning her composure to as if she were thinking and staring out to sea, but she was really listening in on their conversation.

Tyko moved to the middle of the rock now with Abella gone, and sat there casually. He had his arms crossed and a thoughtful look on his face, but it quickly faded as he looked up at the male. ”She won’t escape. She serves me because she wants to, and she is punished because she’s disobedient. She knows this. If she were ever to escape, though I doubt she would, I would find her and kill her. She owes me her life because I risked mine saving hers, and if she were to revoke the deal, she would die.” His voice had a casual tone to it like they weren’t just talking about the death of his friend. Tyko suddenly looked impatient. ”Look, if you’re looking to trade – you can have her for an hour, and do whatever you want with her,” It literally meant anything. She was a slave and a sex slave all rolled into one with a ribbon on it, ”… and pay me in a favor. What do you say?” The favors usually included bringing him items he needed, and right now he needed a weapon. Tyko rolled the items over in his head, trying to pick out the one he most needed. He did need a dagger quite desperately to protect his and Abella’s lives. He did need a horse to get around, though, but he could find one somewhere. ”Your name, Stranger?” Why not exchange names?

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Malakai's feral, yellow eyes locked onto the male as he shifted himself to sit on the rock, resting his leg. With the limp, and him now easing the weight off his leg, Kai knew the male carried an injury - something always handy to know about strangers was their weaknesses. His was physical. As he spoke so carelessly about the life of his... friend, Kai swept his attention over to the female. And then, his offer. A trade. An hour with her, in exchange in favour. An interesting deal, he had to admit, and his muzzle broke into a dark smirk as he trotted just a little closer to the male, his head tilted to the side. "Your offer does sound very tempting... I can do anything with her, you say? I will hold you to that. But I do ask that you specify your terms a little clearer. What would you require from me if I were to accept?" Kai knew exactly what he would do to this girl if he had a chance with her.

A few weeks ago, Kai would have agreed in an instant. He would drag her away from her master, and have his wicked way with her, using her for his physical pleasure in all sorts of positions before returning her. But not now. The thought remained lurking somewhere in his head, but with Axelle in his life, his dark desires for females had been sated. She would give him anything he needed, or wanted. No, Kai had a specific plan in mind for this girl, who stood in the water, casting her thoughtful gaze out to sea. So far, the only animals he had been able to practice his various torture techniques on had been rabbits and a deer. Nothing that could talk back, or at least nothing he could understand. This would gve him an opportunity to see what hurt most... This male hadn't specified what condition the girl had to be returned in. Kai would keep her alive, of course, but there was a high chance she would return with injuries.

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Word Count :: 310 || Points: 3 His leg injury is wrapped with a white bandage.

Tyko looked toward the beautiful coyote slave that he collected; how she stood there gazing out into a sea that she would never sail. She looked so hopeful, but he knew the day would never come. If she were to ever leave him, she would be killed one way or another. He returned his magenta gaze back to the male, now impatient, ”I asked for your name, boy.” He gave Kai a hard stare before answering his other question, ”Yes, you can either use her as a slave or a prostitute, but nothing more and just for an hour, if you bring me a good dagger to protect myself.” The black male pushed himself off of the rock, and called his slave over. She came toward the two males without question and hesitation. She stood next to Tyko and looked at Malakai with her purple eyes. She was beautiful; the perfect mate to some lucky male, however, that would never happen for her. In this life, she would be a beautiful slave and a beautiful prostitute. Both items low on the power totem, and never being promoted. Tyko looked her over, almost checking her out, and then turned to the man before him. ”Well? What do you say then?”

He looked at Abella again, who stood beside him so hopeful and laidback like she would serve him till the end. She was so ignorant to the fact that he would now take advantage of her loyalty and use her to get what he wanted. He would use her up and dry her out until she was no longer useful, then kill her. Yes, just like that. He didn’t need her with him because he could take care of himself. She was only just another mouth to feed, despite the fact that she did all the hunting for now while he was injured.

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Malakai's firm gaze locked onto the male, regarding him closely, and Kai couldn't help but chuckle a little when he asked once more for his name. "Malakai. My name is Malakai." His attention once more switched over to the female slave, hearing that he could use her for a slave or prostitute. What he had in mind didn't include simply having sex with the girl, nor using her as a slave. He wanted her as a victim, of sorts. He had things in mind, but he knew her master wouldn't allow the girl into his care for a few minutes let alone an hour. And now it seemed he had to find the male a dagger as payment. Kai didn't have any weapons, and didn't know where to find one, either.

Considering the male's offer, Kai thought over the details. He would incur the male's wrath if he took this girl and carved her up as he had planned to do, but he wouldn't get the chance if he didn't find the male some sort of weapon. Kai let his eyes drift to the male's injured leg and the bandages that wrapped it. Something approaching a smile drifted over his features as a plan began to form in his mind. "I'm not really the weapons type, to be perfectly honest with you. I don't carry a blade myself. I don't need one." A slight dig at Tyko - Kai didn't need a blade because he was a good fighter, and if this one did, he obviously wasn't. "I don't know this area too well and I don't know where abouts I would even find a dagger. But I can go and look for one." Kai took a slow step closer, towards the female. "I'd very much like to spend an hour alone with you..." His tone was dark and malicious, and it his attention glanced over to the male once more. "Now you know my name, what might yours be? And hers? I'd like to know what name to scream out in the height of lust..." He had no intentions of sleeping with the female. His intentions for her were much darker and would be much more painful for her.

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Word Count :: 355 || Points: 3 Once Kai gets the dagger, we’ll have the second part of the this :)

Tyko looked disgusted, ”You shouldn’t be screaming out anyone’s name. That’s your mate’s job.” As if he knew Malakai had one. Tyko’s head turned from the younger brute and fixated on his bandaged ankle. He still walked with a limp, but the pain had subsided a lot since he got medical attention from Emanuelle at the Inferni borders. Abella hadn’t been with him then, or else things might have gone a little bit worse with her being a coyote slave and all.

Tyko snorted, sensing the male’s stab at him. ”Well neither would I if I could shift, but since I have to let my injuries heal before any of that can be done, I need a dagger. Just for things.” He really didn’t need to explain himself to the other, but he felt the need to get his point across. He certainly didn’t want to come off to this guy as any kind of weakling, and he certainly didn’t want to have to take care of this fool either. ”My name is Tyko.” He nudged the slave gently, ”Go ahead, girl. Tell him your name.” The pretty coyote looked up from the spot on the ground she had been staring at, now with a swollen cheek. She raised her eyes to Malakai, My name is Abella, sir. Her voice was sweet and girly. It would probably sound really sexy screaming someone’s name during the heat of the moment, however, too bad that wouldn’t happen between her and the younger male. She quickly returned her eyes to the spot on the ground near his feet, afraid to get punished again.

Tyko pushed himself off of the rock, standing next to Abella now. ”Well, you know where to find me when you have my item. Just howl.” Tyko limped passed Malakai, tagging Abella along by the arm. He wasn’t going to let this male have her just yet, not until he got his end of the trade. He liked his payment upfront, just in case he had some swindlers on his hands. Abella looked over her shoulder and smiled at Kai before turning and leaving with her master.

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