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Tyko and Abella had been traveling for days. His last encounter with anyone had been with that dark brute… What was his name? Malakai. He had made a deal with him to trade him Abella for a dagger – he was still waiting on the dagger. He promised to be in the area, but he had to move on. He needed to move around and find things for himself. Perhaps he would come back down towards Anathema afterwards, or maybe he would just stay in the area period. He was looking for things, and he hadn’t found any of them yet.

Despite the fact that he didn’t know anywhere that he would find a dagger, or even a weapon, he still travelled around fine. He didn’t manage to unknowingly trespass yet, probably because he was always using his nose and his brain. And if he wasn’t using those, Abella was. Even though she was his slave, she did pipe up here and there with suggestions and ideas. He liked her for that. Today, however, they had been walking across the barren lands below the Halycon Mountains. He hadn’t ever seen anything like this- the lands were so burned there was no wildlife, no plant life, and no life in general except for him and another he spotted. She had a horse with her, and he hurried along to catch up to her. He wasn’t afraid, ever actually. She seemed to be some kind of trader, and he smiled wickedly. So was he. Maybe he could find some things he needed from her. A loud cackle sounded in the back of his mind as he hurried nearer. The voice had no intention of pushing through the walls today, as it took too much energy that they didn’t have. Abella watched the black male with wide eyes. She could tell the type of face he got when he was conversing inside of his head. She remembered the last few times when he lost it. She didn’t want to be around for another one of those.

Tyko was now nearer to the trader and he called out to her, ”Hey! Miss!” He was polite when he wanted something, and he was a ladies man. Though, it wasn’t advised that anyone got too close to him if you looked back on his history. He hurried more, Abella almost dragging behind him with her tongue lolling out of her mouth. Tyko came up to the side of the walking woman, and he looked up at her with hopeful eyes. ”You wouldn’t happen to be a trader, would you?”

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Amy looked over with sharp eyes, hand moving to her weapons. This was a barren land. Few roamed here, and those that did weren't trusted. Amy wasn't exactly someone to trust. She might be honest in trade, but that was the only place in her life where it touched her. Everything else was free game. Her eyes roamed over the black male with suspicion, wondering why he was approaching. She might be heading out to trade again, but she wasn't in the usual territories yet.

Pulling the horse to a halt she stood at it's head, watching the girl that dragged behind him before her eyes returned to assess the threat. I am. Do you need something? Her words were polite if cold. Amy didn't see anything on him that could possibly be traded. Just the girl. Amy wasn't interested in picking up another slave at the moment though, simply preparing for her trip to cross the lands again. She had others who could help her already.

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The female looked him over with suspicion, and Abella cowered behind him, though not obviously. She didn’t like being in strange lands where there was potential danger. She could probably defend herself if she needed to, but she wasn’t aware of that yet because it never came to be needed. Tyko stood silent as the dog looked him over. ”I need a horse. I’m willing to do you any favor that you need done because I have nothing to give you at the moment. Any favor you need, big or small, I will do it for you.” Tyko was good in keeping his word. He couldn’t trade the woman anything because he didn’t have anything.

Abella stepped out from behind him feeling that the tension was seemingly over between the two. Her beautiful eyes fell on the pale faced horse behind the dog woman. His color was a nice brown and he seemed to be well-tempered. The horse was beautiful too, strong and handsome. He would make for a good riding companion. She wondered if the woman would give them that one. Tyko looked over the other, ”Well? Do we have an agreement?” He was still waiting on his dagger from the other male he made a deal with, and it didn’t reach him quick enough. He couldn’t rob this woman because he had no weapons to give him an upper hand. He had to do an honest trade with her, even though that kind of thing wasn’t really his style. Tyko shifted his weight to his other leg, which wasn't injured. He put his arm around Abella and they both shifted their eyes to the trader, waiting on an answer.

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This was an unusual offer. Very blunt in it's nature. That wasn't all that made it unusual however. Most would be wary of offering a favor as payment for a task to be completed. Especially one with no limits on it. The trader studied him even closer, looking for even the most minute detail to tell her that he was trouble. He was dangerous, no doubt about that. Dangerous and troublesome were two separate things for Amy though. She dealt in danger all the time. Trouble was something separate, not what she necessarily decided to do.

His sharp words drew her lips back, fangs flashing. A hot temper can get you in deep water quickly out here. She looked over to the horse that she'd noticed the girl eying. Stepping over she untied the horse. You can have her, as soon as you enter into the agreement with me. Knowing he might not quite understand Amy continued. It's a more formal agreement than the one you just spoke. You'll repeat an oath to me. If you try to break it, I will know.

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His impatient manner seemed to annoy the female trader, but it didn’t bother him. He was who he was, and she agreed with his offer anyway. He smirked hearing that he could have the horse under the conditions he offered. He nodded in a few seconds time, ”Sure, whatever you wish. I will get on the task as quickly as possible.” Tyko stepped forward toward the female, now knowing that they were on neutral terms. He figured she wouldn’t hurt him, and he figured she had no reason to hurt him at the moment. So, they were even in his mind.

Seeing the woman suddenly go to the horse, Abella lowered her eyes. The trader must have seen her eyeing the stallion, so she just looked away quickly. She lowered her stare to the ground below, and stepped away from the two. She went back to standing behind Tyko, though in her original place a few steps back. He stood confidently a few steps closer to the trader, being as he was ready to recite her ‘deal tier’. When the dog’s attention was off of the horse and back on Tyko, Abella returned her gaze to the pretty stallion. She fell in love with his unusual markings. She had never seen a horse with just a white face before. It was definitely interesting to her, and she eyed him curiously.

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He annoyed her. Deeply. In an instant Amy changed what she was going to tell him to say to something more binding, stripping him of any way that he would have of worming out of it. She didn't like him, but a trade was still a trade. Besdes, it wasn't often such an offer came her way. Repeat after me. By my blood, I promise to do whatever you ask of me. By my kin I will deliver what you require. By my soul I swear that I will not break this, and do as you wish. The wind stirred slightly, ash fluttering around on the ground.

Firmly she crossed her arms, meeting his gaze. Say your name afterwards, and the oath will be sealed. Amy wondered if he'd still accept it under such harsh circumstances. She wouldn't kill the horse if he didn't take it, but she had to wonder if he would have the nerve to take it after being told to enter such a binding contract. Even saying it made her excited, eager to have him under her control, serving her. Amy wasn't mad for power, but this oath always provoked that hungry reaction inside her.

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Tyko could tell the female didn’t like him just by the energies that her body gave off. He smirked; he didn’t care whether he was a pleasant figure to her or not. All that mattered to him was that he got what he needed and that was all. He stood confidently with his hands holding each other by the wrists and reciting her oath with his gruff voice. By my blood, I promise to do whatever you ask of me. By my kin I will deliver what you require. By my soul I swear that I will not break this, and do as you wish. His eyes locked with hers to make sure she knew that he was serious when reciting her oath. He would not break it no matter what, unless she did something that crossed him. Then he might decide not to.

The words he recited meant nothing to him, unlike what they had meant to her. He felt nothing attached to them, only because he didn’t know what they actually meant. He didn’t know what kind of trader Amy actually was, but he was sure to soon find out. His eyes remained locked on hers, ”Tyko Amini.” He said it with a darkened smirk, but never broke his gaze once. Abella broke her gaze from the horse to look nervously from the two. She felt the power in the oath, but apparently her master didn’t.

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Their eyes locked. He was serious, he'd accomplish her oath. That was wonderful. Amy was floating as he spoke, just absorbing in the power of what he said. The oath was a drug to her, taking away someone's will and replacing it with her own. He would have no choice but to fulfill it, to do as she wished. The consequences if he didn't, well. Amy might enjoy them. He would definitely not find the situation so pleasant.

Nodding her head with satisfaction Amy turned away. You'll know when I am ready to use the favor. Amy believed in the oath's strength, that it would carry her message across to him. Of course, she would howl for him. Amy just believed that it wasn't necessary, that no matter what the distance was between them he would come to do whatever she asked him to. She wouldn't be giving him a choice in the matter.

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Tyko went ahead and took the horse from her. He agreed to her oath and so he would take what was his now. He walked up to the large beast and untied his harness from her wagon. Then he led the horse back over to Abella. "Well, then. I'll be seeing you soon." Tyko had experience with horses before, but coming to the land without any type of anything, it was hard to tell he was an experienced man. He made no work of jumping smoothly up on the horse, and pulling Abella up with him. She situated herself on the creatures back, then wrapped her arms around her master's waist.

Tyko winked at the trader, then kicked his heels into the horse. The horse did not hesitate to run in the direction that it was steered to, and away from the site. His strong legs carried them out and away from Halycon Mountains and out toward the western packs. He would explore there and get a feel of the land and possibly find somewhere to settle down.

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