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The woman giggled loudly as the fiery liquid tickled down her throat, nearly having to spit it back into the flask. But, with a stubborn gulp, managed to inhale the whiskey, and coughed slightly with hiccuping laughs accompanying it. A pair of beady black eyes stared where Alyssum was rolling over a messy bed, the owner nestled deep into his own bed as if trying to disappear from the room. It was obvious that he detested the hybrid in this state, but if she cared, she didn't realize it. "Aww, Mac, why th' long face?" she prompted when she noticed his attempts to hide. "Or, sho' I say, long beak?" "Go bother else."

Alyssum again threw a laughing fit as if his words were a joke, rolling onto her back as she rubbed her forehead. She still felt heated, and pain still tingled from the bandages under her arm where the cat had scratched her. Though she was giggling like no tomorrow, she still felt the pain, and turned the flask upwards to get another sip, but only a tiny amount was left. "Time for another drink," she murmured to herself brightly, grabbing the bag from the side of the bed and pulling towards her. After moving items within it for a moment, her smile flatered and turned into a grimace. "No more whiskey," she whined.

With a groan, she turned over in the bed, fuzzed mind trying to get rid of the overhanging pain and fever that settled over her. No matter how much she drank, it seemed that the the impending sickness hung over her. Heating up again, she moved onto her back and thought about that stupid cat. Crazy cat, silly cat, mad cat. How did it dare make her feel like this? Why did it make her body betray her and make her weak? It was a good thing Jazper was there to save her, or else she'd be worse than having a fever.

Jazper... Her mind tumbled down thoughts about him, things that made her giggle and sigh. Then, reaching some sort of decision, she calmly got up from her bed, swaying lightly, and left the room with her empty flask still in hand. She somehow managed to stumble up the stairs and onto where the Sole rested, and knocked loudly on his door. Luckily, no one slept near the other rooms. "Hey," she drawled out as she opened his door anyway, peeking into his room. "Hey, hey, big boy! Wake up."

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It was late in the evening when Jazper had returned home, happy with the results of his hunting trip. Luck had been on his side and he had managed to bring home what had once been an injured fawn. It didn’t matter to him how the little thing had been hurt, once prey broke a bone they were a free feast as far as he was concerned. With the moon high in the sky he sat at his desk, writing in his log book about the status of the pack and the members. With a heavy heart he reported that Alyssum had come down with a fever, likely from infection or something the wild cat had been carrying. He wondered how she had become ill yet he was walking around fine, the bandages kept fresh and wrapped tightly around his torso protecting the scratched on his back from infection. Flipping through the pages he reflected silently on what a good idea it was to keep track this way. It was near impossible to remember what happened with the pack day to day.

Closing the book quietly he made his way to bed, snuggling under the furs happily. As he began to drift off a rattle from the door and Alyssum’s voice caused him to sit up. His normally clothed body was clearly bare, only the furs covering his lower half. Gold eyes looked at the soft brown coymix curiously. Aly.... this is a surprise. He greeting fondly before remembering her fever, Shouldn’t you be in bed? The way she had addressed him made him suspicious, had the sickness gotten to her head? Never before had he heard he refer to him a “big boy”. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes he waited for an explanation.

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Aly be having them bedroom eyes. 8|

When he sat up, she became immediately pleased that he was awake, and it was obvious by the way she looked at him. Her stare lingered for a moment, but then she had to watch her woozy steps as she entered into the room, shutting the door behind her. At first his words were nothing but a muted garble in her head, but her brain processed and decoded the message. "Aw, Jazzy, don't want me ta be 'ere?" While part of here tried to act saddened, she was still amused by something, and a smile played along her lips as she staggered across the room.

Once she managed to reach the end of his bed, she lifted her gaze once more. Though they were hazed, it was still clear to see what emotions she was feeling as she looked over the man. Admiration, happiness, as well as some sort of edge, something sharp and needy and attention-seeking. "I'm going back to bed, anyway, big boy. If ya can scooch ya self over a bit, I will." Even if he complied or not, she felt a sense of vertigo overcome her despite the fact she was standing still and let herself fall onto the foot of the bed, though she kept a little grace and did not fall into the furs face first.

After giving a muffled compliment on the pelts, she looked back to Jazper and gave a toothy grin. "I gots something ta tell ya, big boy. Somethin' that's been on my mind for uh..." She had to pause to think, which was ridiculous because she was barely able to give a thought. Her wasted mind realized this and she waved her hand. "Well, fer a long time. And I justs thought to tell ya now."

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The small brown fae pushed her way into the room and closed the door behind her causing the Knight to raise a brow questioningly. His blood instinctively began to flow, his alpha needs telling him that this was a good thing. As she jumped onto the bed his mouth slacked open in confusion. They were alone, with the door closed in the middle of the night, Jazper’s perfect fantasy. His body ached for her but his mind reminded him that it was the fever talking, she shouldn’t even be here. It’s not that I don’t want ya’ here Aly but you’re ill. He grumbled shuffling his large body against the wall and as far away from the strange behavior of the girl he was falling for.

He opened his mouth to tell her to leave, a command she dare not refuse but her next words sent his mind spiraling. Something to tell him? His ears perked forward curiously and he leaned forward slightly from the wall. You know you can tell me anything. He took pride in the fact that he would never turn away a Cavalier who wanted to share information with him. They were all his family. What’s on your mind? Although he knew he should be picking her up and bringing her back to Hadley’s care his heart couldn’t help but hope that she would say exactly what he was feeling.

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Alyssum basically.

She did not acknowledge the confusion that had crossed his face, and seemed only capable of focusing on one thing at a time, and her current objective was getting as close to him as possible and to tell him. She gave a bubbly giggle when he mentioned her being ill, and she gave a loose nod in agreement, though it was obvious that the true meaning behind his words did not reach her and her state of mind.. "Uh-huh, I'm sick, dealthy ill, I am lovesick."

She somehow noticed that he had moved away from her as she had plopped onto the bed, and she started to crawl towards him, her hands sometimes misplacing each other to cause her to stumble a bit, but she did not stop her advancement. She sat up once she was close to him, and leaned forward so that her muzzle was close to his ear, and whispered softly as if she was telling a secret, her breath mockingly bated, "You're on my mind, big boy. I really, really like ya. Like, like you. Maybe even love you. Ya just so... I wanna—"

Her intimate whispers were broken as she leaned forward too far, and she fell face first into his chest. Laughter sounded from her once quiet voice, and she looked up at Jazper with a snarky grin, already losing her trail of thought about what she had just said. "You gots any whiskeeey? The stupid cat hurt my arm. Whiskey helps, makes the hurt go yay and make me happy. We shud drink tagether."

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