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Deo’s hooves sunk into the wet sand as they rode along the remote beach. Tyko sat atop the horse, and just let him go at a steady pace. Tyko found himself on beaches a lot for various reasons – sex, relaxation, and in this case, company. He lost Abella to a thief during a business transaction. He lost his payment and he lost his girl. He didn’t even want to call her a slave anymore because she wasn’t. She took care of him and that’s all he asked of her. And of course, he traded her off to various males for things – he guessed that was reason she was still to be called a slave. She worked for him and only him, listening to whatever he told her without question or doubt. He sported a nice gash above his left eyebrow, and every time he thought back on its cause – he remembered the white hot pain and became equally dizzy.

He brought a hand up to touch the wound. There was dried blood over it, and he left it alone. He was happy it finally stopped bleeding. The horse’s head bobbed along as they walked just along the coast. The day was cloudy, but it wasn’t raining and as Tyko’s leg wasn’t hurting, he didn’t suspect rain either. That would have been a shame. He didn’t like to get wet. His horse, on the other paw, let his hooves splash around in the rolling waves. Deo, obviously, didn’t mind a little cooling sensation from the water. Tyko was safe and dry on top of his steed and he smirked watching the horse purposely walk toward the water to get wet.

Watching Deo took all of Tyko’s attention, and when he looked up, he saw another in the distance. He wasn’t sure who it was, but it looked as if the man was walking toward them. Tyko haulted Deo and just watched the man come closer, not saying anything. He didn’t know if the other would be a threat or a friend. He would have to wait it out and see.

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Imhotep had been busy taking care of his mate she and their son ment everything to him. But today he chose to venture out of the thorn kimgdom atop his faithful steed. sand fur kept him cool in the summer. he smiled as he could feel himself relaxing.

Imhotep looked ahead he could see to others but he was on a mission. He didn't want to bother them nor did he want to go around. He huffed as he moved forward looking at them. Sun gold eyes looked at them as he pulled Isis to a stop. Imhotep looked at them not saying a word.

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Despite his bad mood, Tyko squinted to see the other better. It seemed to be another man, but he really couldn’t see many details about him. His fur was lightly colored, unlike Tyko’s – which had him sweating a lot when the sun was at its highest peak in the sky. That must’ve been a dream for the other man. As the other neared them more, they stopped. It was a man and his horse, just like Tyko in a way. The reason of why they stopped puzzled Tyko, but he moved Deo to the side anyway. Then he called out to the other, ”Hey! Sorry I was in your way, but there’s the whole beach! Don’t be afraid to go around!” He called out to the man in a light-hearted tone. He didn’t feel the need to challenge the other, or give him the wrong impression. Usually, Tyko was equivelant to the prince of darkness – cold, menacing, and unfriendly. Today, despite losing his servant, he was kind of sociable. He felt like having a conversation with another man – even though, those weren’t typically his type of things. Men being number one on that list, especially.

Tyko halted Deo a longer distance from the shore than the horse wanted. The bald-faced stallion looked sadly at the water and then at what he could of his own hooves. They weren’t being splashed with the cool waves. No more fun for him. Tyko kept a good-natured grin on his face so that when the other could see him, he didn’t look miserable. He needed a friend, and maybe this man would be compatible enough to be that for him.

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Imhotep was on a small mission after all he had a young child at home. His son was perfect even though two children had died he had one perfect son. He was his frist child and the heir to all Imhotep had to give him. He would do all he could to help his son grow up strong and healthy.

But this man standing here looking at Imhotep shocked him. The other just looked at him and it made him wonder till he heard the man speak. Golden eyes hardened a bit as he pulled on the reigns, Isis huffed as she shock her head. Imhotep turned to look at the man. I would go around but Isis wanted to go this way and she's hard to argue with. He said looked to him.

Looks like you off to some where. he asked his arabic accent showing a bit.

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Tyko steered Deo out of the other man’s way, and laughed good-naturedly at the comment about his stubborn horse. ”Yeah, at least Deo’s not that stubborn.” Her steered his horse around to the side of the man, but a few feet away to keep that comfortable distance between them. ”I’m Tyko. And you?” Might as well exchange names. The other seemed respectful enough to be in Tyko’s presence. He didn’t have to urge to knock the other man off of his horse, so he saw that as something worthwhile. Usually, he would want to.

Hearing the other man’s question, Tyko shrugged. ”Not really. Just taking my horse out for a spin.” He noted the man’s accent and assumed that he wasn’t from around here originally. He liked the difference, and agreed that he wanted to hear the man speak more. Just for curiosity’s sake. ”You live around here?” Might as well start with small talk – and Tyko wasn’t usually the one to start conversation, but something in him today felt weird. Maybe he just needed to talk to someone else to get whatever it was off of his chest.

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Imhotep sat there as he enjoyed the days like this though he knew once again it would grow cold. That he would have to find himself something much warmer then his desert clothing. He looked at the other male and gave a bit of a huff he was a bit tired and needed to soon find a decent place to camp.

"I am Imhotep Aabt." he spoke as he smiled patting his Mare. "She's stubborn but a good girl most days" He said as she turned her head to eye him. "Yes i kinda live near hear.' he spoke looking at him. Salsola was his home but that home kept to itself and did not let many know that it existed. He was not going to just go about blabbing what was going on.

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Tyko nodded slowly, trying to think about where this man could live. He knew about Inferni and Casa di Cavalieri… but nothing up ahead. He knew Inferni, by now, despised everything that wasn’t coyote – and the man before him didn’t look too coyote. He couldn’t think of where the man might live, but decided to drop it. If Imhotep didn’t want to tell him exactly where, then he wouldn’t push it. He didn’t need to know. ”Imhotep is a nice name. Where exactly did you originate from?” That wasn’t too personal. It was general knowledge that one might deserve to know.

Deo snorted, eyeing the mare across from him. He seemed to calm down some once he could scent that the other horse was a mare, and he calmed down even more seeing her beside him. He turned his head to sniff as close as he could to Imhotep’s horse. Tyko patted his companion too, seeing his spiked interest in the creature opposite of his sex. Tyko cracked a small smile watching his horse flirt, in a sense.

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Imhotep found himself unable to stay seated on his mare. Slowly he slid from her landing on the sand. Its grain texture reminded him of home. He could feel his mare shift her position. She moved from him a bit to pick on the small amounts of grass around. He smiled a bit as he moved to be closer to the other. He kinda gave him a good once over before he started to speak.

I came from Egypt He spoke as he stood there. he wasn't much of a talker maybe that was because so many in Salsola liked to keep to themselves. He really only dealt with Eris, Odessa their son, and Dra. Other members didn't really interest him. Or maybe it was he didn't try hard enough. He had never searched out that male he had met. Its a land across the sea. Much warmer then here. He stated smiling.

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The way the man described Egypt reminded him of his own home where his parents, hopefully, still resided. Tyko had come from the Middle East himself, but left early in his childhood. He didn’t carry an accent like this man probably because he left so early and stayed around the North Americas and Canada so long that he picked up on the plain accent most held around this area. ”Sounds beautiful. Sounds like home.” The man’s description had Tyko smiling and reminiscing now.

Then he had the sudden urge to get off his horse, and so he did. He slid off of Deo’s back and moved to stand beside the Egyptian, with some distance between them so it wouldn’t be weird or uncomfortable for either of them. ”I was born in Persia. I believe its somewhere near Egypt.” Though, the feelings of sand between his toes held no significance to him. In all reality, Tyko didn’t even like sand to be anywhere near in between his toes. It was an interesting feeling, though. Especially when it was warm. Warmth. He remembered the hot sun blazing on his black coat – he was always the sweatiest of the family, being the only black wolf to be born of his litter. "Though I left way earlier in my childhood and wasn't able to take a cool accent with me as a souvenir." He smirked at the man. He wished he would have taken pride in his inability to talk like everyone else back when he was younger. He would've been more careful in changing his speech.

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