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Her pups were getting older, and beginning to talk. Not much. Mainly singular words that were used to say what they wanted, or tell her what the current object of their intention was. Lately it had seemed that their intent was to drive her up the wall. Keeping them as safe as she could Terra had found herself driven out of the house, needing to go and do something that did not involve keeping Loki and Ananse from killing each other.

Reaching the border Terra turned and paced along it. The scents on the edge were quite strong, it seemed that at least some of the pack's members were taking the current threat to their safety seriously. It was good to know that at least. Terra hadn't done much patrolling, as fat as she had been with her pregnancy. Now she could do her part, or at least a small section of it while she cooled off from the constant chewing on by hyper pups.

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The world was quiet today. There was hardly any wind, there were no birds, and her feet hardly made a noise as they stepped through the sand. She looked down at her feet as she walked. Her day was moving by slowly. She felt as if she had a massive rock tied to her back, and she was walking with slow grudging steps. She knew her feelings were influenced by her mental illness, which she couldn't fight, but she would always wish she didn't have. Some days she was up, and other she was down. She had grown accustomed to it, but some days she couldn't help but show her mood so visually.
She brushed a stray hair from her eye, and shoved her hands into her hoodie. The outline of the sun showed through the grey clouds, making her feel even more sad, since it described how she felt about her day so far. She decided that she should choose a nice place to sit for a while. She could feel the sand coating her jeans as she relaxed on the sandy floor. With her legs outstretched in front of her, she took a deep breath. Her eyes closed for a short period. She wasn't tired enough to sleep, but her eyes felt a little strained. If only she had some company, made her day wouldn't feel so melancholy, but for the time being, she was left with only her thoughts on this cloudy, chilly day.

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The scent of a stranger hit her nose, Terra's hackles raising. This would be a perfect opportunity for her to speed in and chase off the potential threat, except that Terra wasn't a fighter. Sure, she could do some fighting with daggers, and there was no doubt that she was a survivor. The young coyote didn't look intimidating in the slightest however, not with her size. So she would have to find another way to assess this potential threat. Terra trotted along carefully, moving away from the borders and farther out to where the scent was originating from. It was just a mother's fear that made her think the one she smelled could be a threat, but she was still driven to check.

She moved through the bushes smoothly, occasionally stopping to pop her head out. The female was black and white, a beautiful mixed look. She must have been a dog of some sort. There was a hoodie slipped over her body, as well as some other clothing. Terra didn't think it looked particularly comfortable. Carefully Terra stepped around the bush, her red tail swaying behind her. As carefully as she could Terra slipped closer and closer to the dog. Each step was silent, nose thrust forward as she breathed in the scent. A loner of some kind, with the scent of a few others with her. She didn't seem to be in bad shape. There was no canine blood on her, so the dog wasn't a killer. Terra's nose reached right up, just about to touch the dog's hand.

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While looking up at the grey clouds, Jordyn's mind formed an empty measure of music. The five lines looked fresh and inviting to make a new song for her enjoyment. She fingered the the holes of her ocarina with her fingers. The song would be in a minor key, and would be played at approximately 90 beats per minute. When Jordyn wrote music she always tried to be as specific as possible, to avoid putting in unnecessary notes, or measures. The piece would start on a low E flat, the jump to a high E flat with a slur. Then to make it minor she would add a C sharp, then to a regular C, then B flat, A flat then F sharp, and back to low E flat again. She would have to mess around with the rhythms later. The piece would sound much better as a duet, which added half steps and chords. She pulled out her notebook from her bag, and wrote the notes down, while adding quarter notes, eighth notes, and sixteenth notes. She heard a footstep behind her while she was pulling out her ocarina to see what her new piece would sound like. She looked across the land behind her. There was nothing at the moment. She must have been getting paranoid. She turned back around, and put the ocarina to her mouth. She played the notes, and changed a few things. It hadn't sounded as minor as she had wished, but the piece was still in the works.

She put her instrument away, along with the music, and rested her hands by her sides. She played with a stray thread on the bottom of her jeans with her fingers. She looked up in front of her feeling puzzled. There was something near and she knew it. Something tickled her arm, but she ignored it thinking it was a bug. She itched the side of her arm, and closed her eyes. The tickle came again, and she turned around. Behind her was a female coyote, reddish brown in color, with bright green eyes. Jordyn jumped to her feet, and skipped backwards away from the woman. I must be in her territory," Jordyn thought. "Is this your territory. I didn't mean to disturb you. My name is Jordyn," the canine said, meaning every word.

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Terra tensed, jumping partway back as the dog turned. Her hackles raised right up, trying to make herself appear larger than she was. It really didn't make much of a difference. This female was in optime after all, and there was no way that Terra could make herself appear larger unless she shifted and stood looming over the female. Shifting took time though, so she just relied on her instincts to try and appear bigger, fangs flashing at the suddenly threatening female. The coyote wasn't thinking, just startled half out of her wits by the sudden movement when she'd gotten too close.

The dog backed up as well, clearly just as surprised as Terra. Neither of them seemed to have realized that the other was there, or at least in Terra's case, aware enough of her surroundings to actually take notice of Terra's actions and react to it. Her hackles slowly lowered, features back to a passive curiosity. It's not my territory. I'm Fleta. Tilting her head Terra stepped closer again, tail cautiously swaying. My pack's near here. Are you passing through? Her curiosity was bound to get her in trouble, but this stranger was curious.

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Jordyn's ears flew up as the new coyote jumped back from her as well. She sized her up instinctively. While doing so she found she, herself, was quite larger than her, since she was in optime form. It was an advantage, but she felt that the coyote had something to protect. Just as she was locked up her thoughts, she saw the woman flash her fangs at her, which started her quite a bit. Her hair on the back of her neck raised, but she didn't dare flash hers back. Jordyn bet her knees and crouched a little, now making eye contact, but not begging for a challenge.

After a few moments, the coyote's gaze felt less threatening. Jordyn stood up straight, her head titling to the side with a small, mature smile. When she relaxed, she could tell that the coyote's reaction was just out of fear, not anger. She had walked up to Jordyn, either way.

Jordyn listened to the voice of the coyote. She kept her head tilted slightly, but looked at her straight in the eyes. She tried to think about what packs were around the area, but since she wasn't even quite sure where she was at the moment, the collie threw away the question. "Pleased to meet you," Jordyn began,"Yes, I am just passing through the area, but I was taking a break to record my thoughts, and to start a project of mine." The collie stuck her thumb under the strap of her bag, and brought it back up so it would hang on her shoulder again. Jordyn was very curious about this coyote, since she had not met many before, and was eager to hear what she had to say.

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The stranger crouched down, Terra sniffing her out cautiously. There were many scents in the female's fur. She must have traveled a fair distance to have that mix. There was also the faint scent of a pack, but not any that Terra knew. She'd have to correct that as soon as possible. The dog relaxed as Terra did, a flickering smile on her face. The tension was almost completely gone at that point, though Terra was still ready if the dog somehow managed to become a threat, a possibility that seemed to be less and less likely as time went on.

So it was as she'd thought. The female would be moving on. Jordyn was a rather pleasant sounding name, if not one that brought anything specific to mind. Record your thoughts? She'd heard someone say that before. They'd been writing, and said they were recording. So the female had been writing down her thoughts. I was just patrolling along the pack's borders when I caught your scent and decided to investigate. What project are you doing?

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A breeze was present around the two, hugging them in an unpleasant way. A few clouds threw darkening shadows over the sea, while the water danced in it until it lapped up to the sand. It all seemed to happen in an orchestrated way, and it was. It was orchestrated by Mother Nature.

Emotions on the coyotes face showed that she had fully relaxed. It brought down Jordyn's fear level down too. The surprise from the coyote seemed to have completely delete her sadness, but also her train of thought for the moment.

The coyote's reply puzzled her. She didn't know if she was wanted or unwanted in the area. Especially if there was a pack nearby, and she was a loner. She had her eye on a different pack far away from here, and she didn't wanted to pulled into it for good or bad reasons. She contemplated about saying asking what pack she was guarding. It was a pack she was not familiar with, obviously, since she did not recognize the smell, and she had not met anyone from it. She felt welcomed again when the coyote asked about her project. She brought her mind back into her previous state. The notes on the page formed into her mind once again as she thought about her project. "I am working on writing a song for me to play on my ocarina," Jordyn stated with pride. She shoved her hand into her hand bag, gripping the ocarina at the mention of it, and smiled to herself.

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What? What in the world was an ocarina? It sounded rather like something one would eat, but then why would she be playing it? Was it a pet of some kind? She knew some canines kept prey animals as pets, something she thought was ridiculous. Or maybe the ocarina was something luperci had. Does the ocarina dance? Was that why she wanted a song for it? Terra tilted her head further, taking a seat.

There was a lot of things she still didn't understand about luperci, but she sought after them full heartedly. She even wore clothes when the occasion called for it. Terra didn't particularly like the feel of anything but the most skimpy items, but she still could wear it. The reach into the bag didn't pass Terra's attention. The coyote got right back up, sniffing around and prodding around the bag, wondering if she could get away with sticking her head in it.

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When Jordyn talked about her ocarina, she say a confused look appear on the coyote's face, and she wasn't surprised. Most people weren't familiar with the instrument, which she didn't mind. Jordyn never threw away the opportunity to teach someone something new.

Jordyn suppressed a giggle when Fleta asked if the ocarina could dance. She tried to hide the smile as best as she could, but there was no way for her to tell how obvious it looked to the coyote, and she hoped if it was obvious that she wouldn't be offended. She watched as the coyote stalked up her arm that was tucked into her back. The collie removed her hand from her bag while gripping the ocarina in her hand. It was a dark brown color with veins from the tree it was made from. Every time Jordyn would blow air through the admirable instrument she felt unique and and powerful, because she knew that it was what she was meant to do.

It was an honer to her to show the instrument. She replied to the coyote in a kind way, as to not joke with her. "No it does not dance, it plays music. Watch." Jordyn blew into the ocarina, playing a C major scale. "See?" She looked at the coyote with pride while she waited for her reaction.

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Amusement crossed Jordyn's face at her question. The dog did her best to hide it, but it wasn't as well done as some other expressions she had read. So the ocarina didn't dance. Or if it did, it was extremely obvious that that was what it did. The arm was removed from the bag, something wooden clutched in the female's grasp. Terra sniffed at it briefly before managing to stick her entire head into the bag. It didn't have much, but she still rooted around investigating it.

Terra looked up at the answer. So the ocarina was an instrument! Her eyes grew rapt as the simple scale was played through the instrument. Taking a seat the coyote's body relaxed, tail swaying lazily behind her. It sounds beautiful. Terra loved music. She loved it in all of it's forms. She was more of a dancer really, moving to the music's rhythm rather than creating it herself. Her voice was too broken to be able to sing properly.

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Jordyn observed the expression on the coyote's face after she had played her ocarina. The coyote had stalked up to the instrument, smelled it, than followed her nose into her bag where it had come from. Jordyn jumped back at the coyote's sudden interest of her bag, then laughed a little at the coyote's curiosity. After Jordyn told the coyote what it was, she looked up at her. Jordyn couldn't help but notice her pretty eyes. They sparkled in a way that reminded her of her own mother. For a second Jordyn looked down, suddenly sad; more than sad though, depressed. She sat down, still holding the ocarina in her tight grip. She could almost feel the shadows casting over her face with sadness. Not even the ocarina could cheer her up right now. Her mother. Would she ever see her again? Dead or alive. Would she ever find out? When the coyote remarked that her playing was beautiful, she smiled, but then remained depressed. She new it was rubbing off on the coyote, and she hated to do that to sucha nice and playful person, but she couldn't help it with her mental state. The collie let out a long, heavy sigh.

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The dog laughed at Terra's curiosity. It wasn't something Terra would have particularly encouraged. All it did was make her more bold in investigating the bag. Terra had been held still by the music, but the spell was broken now. The sorrow in the dog's eyes was deep. What had happened to make her that way? She had been fine only moments before. Gently Terra butted her head against the female. What's wrong? Surely there was something she could do to cheer the girl up. As it was right now Terra didn't see any immediate problems. There was plenty to enjoy.

Gently Terra placed her teeth around the ocarina, tugging on it to see if she could pull it away from the dog. Come on, you can play some music. That'll make things better. Her tail swayed behind her, looking ahead to the bright side of things. If Jordyn couldn't cheer up, well, Terra could always take the bag with her. She'd have something new to play with. She wasn't interested in sticking around someone who was upset for too long. She had better things to do, things that were more interesting.

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Jordyn could feel a tear escaping her eye as she sat by the coyote. She could see her eying her bag. The coyote attempted to cheer her up by encouraging the music, but she just closed her eyes. This always got her under control. She mustered her strength into her soul. Her raspy throat soon disappeared after she closed her eyes. When she opened them again, her thoughts returned to normal. The coyote was eying her bag and she no longer thought it was a joke. She looked impatient, and frustrated. Jordyn hugged her bag in her arms then snatched her ocarina back up again. She stood up and grinned a little, looking at the tiny holes of her instrument. The collie's shoulders raised when she inhaled to begin her song. Jordyn blew into the ocarina quietly to increase suspension. She touched her tongue on the roof of her mouth for each note with passionate skill. The starts of her song was full sad and solemn feelings, but then got quicker, changing into a more dance like theme. She would have danced, but she was feeling too tired at the moment. The last few measures of the song were filled with arpeggios and triplets which added to the dancing theme of the song. The ending went back to the slow, sad part of the song and ended with a long hold. After it finished, Jordyn removed the instrument, lowered it, and looked down at the grassy floor. Shadows were covering her face, but she wasn't upset.

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Looked like Jordyn wasn't as lost in grief as Terra had thought. The bag was taken and wrapped tightly in the dog's arms, away from where the coyote could easily snatch it and run. The ocarina was lifted up, Terra watching carefully. Was the female going to cheer up? She seemed slightly better, but not enough to let Terra know for certain. Her tail swayed behind her, waiting eagerly for the music. She loved how it sounded. The music that came out rooted Terra to the ground, eyes half lidded as she leaned into it's haunting sound.

When it changed to a dancing tune her feet became unglued. Almost unbidden she began to move in tempo to the music, crossing the clearing and moving as if invisible ties had been attached to her, telling her where to take the next step. Slowing again Terra gazed up at Jordyn, the wild look in her eyes clear. She wasn't a dog, and didn't have any of that domesticated blood in her. She was as feral as the unchanged canines, and the music called to her soul.

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