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He had seen the strangest things in his short time in Certatori D'Arte and for the first time in his life, he was feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. Helios still wore a grin in all his greetings but as he gazed upon the unfamiliar faces he felt a twinge of doubt in his gut. He took out this stress by carving but fueled by all the very artsy like canines that inhabited the pack he felt his work was not worth his admittance. Every stroke of the knife appeared to be uneven and poor, and in his frustration he had thrown his carving to the side.

Instead he turned to academics, in a pack situation he could take a moment to learn and reason with books and writing that he hadn't had time for before. So, he had placed himself in a shady place beneath a tree that gleamed with the reaction of fall. Red and gold hovered above him and he hoped that it would give him some sort of inspiration in his reading hopes. The youth had chosen a rather ominous book, at least by his standards, though it did not completely mimic the tombs he had also seen in his exploration for literature. Helios felt he had settled on a happy medium place.

Helios had expected ease, or at least quick learning when he had opened to the first page of the novel. However, instead of gliding through the finely printed text he found himself stuck on the very first page, unable to comprehend more than a few words at a time. He read better than he wrote, but he loathed the slowness that accompanied reading. Frustration and humiliation caused heat to rise in his face as he stared down at the text, wanting to simply throw it to the side and give up. How hard could the illiterate life be?

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Eclipse was glad to be home. That was for sure. Never in any of her other homes had she had such wishful thoughts, though Ichika had been the closest and upon hearing it she wished she never left, though it was never home when Naryu left. Now though, this pack, well established and well taken care of, she was sure this home would not leave her anytime soon, she wouldn't let it. Even if Skye left she would make sure someone would take up the task of leader.

Her thoughts brought her out and wandering, she couldn't stay inside for it just felt stuffy at the moment. She walked through the streets of thornbury into the forest beyond. She was in a very happy mood and she doubted much would make her think twice about her mood. Even though the hurricane had devistated much of her home, her family still lived, her packmates, and friends were all there to greet her. She stopped suddenly when she saw a man sitting at a tree and staring at a book. He was not moving his eyes back and forth as one who was reading would, but just staring as though if he stared long enough it would catch fire. She did not know this man so she had to make herself known to him and him known to her. “Hello, I am Eclipse Soulstorm.” She said stopping about a foot from the man. A smile on her face, a welcoming look, she would wait to give her normal greeting when he looked up at her.

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Turning the book away from himself with an only slightly distraught expression, he tried to pull a smile onto his face to greet the stranger. The result proved to be very unconvincing and he let most of it fall from his face, contending with a friendly smirk and a raised hand. The simple fact that a canine had come up to him at all had astounded him, his obvious ignorance he felt would be a deterrence to any of the wolves present, all of which he perceived to be well educated. This wolf seemed very smart, in all ways, especially in the way she carried herself. The thought made him miserable but he masked his emotion well behind his odd eyes.

"Hello," he said meekly, unintentionally bobbing his head. "Helios Kowl, it's nice to meet you." The statement itself was weak and left the conversation openhanded. Helios usually spent his days confidently, head raised and looking challenge dead in the eyes and taking it on. Though, now faced with something he wasn't comfortable with the nervous corners of his frayed personality began to show through and he became a shadow of his true self. The red merle wished that he could just read and be done with it, he had a will power but was unsure of where to start. Sensing the silence between, he gestured vaguely towards the book that lay open beside him. "Just, uh, reading."

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Eclipse was always one to stick her nose in even when it didn't belong but sometimes there were times where she had to be cautious and the way this man looked she would have to or he might go running away. He seemed nervous to her and she didn't know why, she wasn't that intimidating was she? She looked around pretending something was wrong with her then rose her eyebrows saying; “I sure hope I didn't grow ten feet in the last few seconds.” She said in a teasing tone, trying to give him a smile. So she was not so good at making a joke, not all were and she was one of them it seemed. She was not as comfortable with this man as she was with Robert ether too, not even when she met the man for the first time, which made her think that her brown mate was made for her. She just wanted to make Helios loosen up a bit as she was not one to judge. “It is nice to meet you Helios and welcome to Cercatori She said on a lighter side.

At his comment this allowed her to take a peek at the book he was reading, though she could not see physical words on the outside that could tell her what it was; “Oh? What's it called? My mate and I are readers, if you have the same type of books we can lend some out to you if you need.” She said, trying to be nice, helpful. She didn't like leaving someone nervous or scared of her in anyway. She watched him, a small smile still forming on her face, then she decided to sit, feelign it was best so that he didn't have to look up at her. And she could get an idea of what the words said. She had good eyes but they weren't all good, but she wanted him to have the chance of telling her what book it was. So sitting indian style she waited not knowing that she probably made him more uncomfortable by talking about books and reading.

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With his braced smile, he heard her words with only one ear. Helios felt she would know that he could hardly read. Hearing her poor joke, he barked out a tense laugh that sounded more like a choke when he finished. Grinning still, though more nervously, he listened to her greeting. He was glad to be welcomed but he felt his side of the conversation was lacking and he groaned inwardly due to it. Where was his chattiness that followed him endlessly? That trait seemed to have disappeared into some dark corner of his mind as he bowed his head slightly. Then, her question towards the book made his heart jump into his throat. The title? He didn't know what the title was. He had simply looked at the blank cover that seemed to convey some illusion of simplicity.

Shit. He stated internally, feeling his insides clench. "Oh, it has a title. Somewhere." Grasping the book, he opened the front cover and stared blankly at the page and words that were printed inside. Squinting, he could make out a few words but not much else. The words he did know didn't seem to make a conclusive title and he put the put the book back down and chewed on what he was going to say next. Though her stare was not convicting at all, Helios felt himself grow hot under it as if she were judging him. Finally, angry and bent out of proportion from his anxiety, snapped out, "Fine, I can't read, you caught me." His voice was hot and he crossed his arms, pouting like a misbegotten child. The outburst only mended his previous embarrassment briefly when it was replaced by the shame of acting so childishly to someone who had asked a simple question.

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