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For the most part the morning had gone rather well, yesterday evening he had returned with Shylome from the Vinattan borders. A wasted trip that he had yet to report to either X'yrin or Jaden...there seemed no point to such a discussion, at least till he figured out what he was going to say. As the day went on he filled it with tasks, of which included his morning jog; normally this would also involve some minor hunting...however he was allowing X'yrin to do that,she did after all need some portion of an ego to be kept in her current state. As mid morning approached though so did scents from outside the den...X'yrin...meat...and...Jaden? The call that followed would answer all questions. The Issum it appeared had finally given into his anger and had come to challenge X'ies. A smirk crept up the face of the grey male as he listened to the argument going on outside collecting words and ammunition before strolling out in front of the two.

" My what a racket you make..." X'ies eyes would move up to meet Jaden's, truthfully it had been some time since the two had ever spoken words past each other. It was clear from their conversation that this was something that had aggression and violence at the heart of it. "...Assuming from the reference to are indicating that I have something to fear by facing you...and judging from what you are plan to hurt someone....whether it be myself..the innocent pack member...or your pregnant sounds like my assessment of you when we first met was rather unsurprisingly accurate...". He was of course refering to the point he had made about Jadens apparent killer instinct, that Jaden had been ready to kill even one who appeared as a harmless cripple. "...Or is it just that you don't care who you kill". He stepped forward towards X'yrin and glanced at her for a brief second. "..Perhaps this is why he liked the yellow dog...if his words now are his true demeanor...from what you have told me...very little seems to separate them...".That was a blow aimed at both of them of course, X'yrin for her wishful thinking blinding her to what was right in front of her. And to Jaden for that sinful experience that now stained his position in the collective. Disinterested, X'ies looked back at Jaden. "...If indeed this is the challenge I have been expecting...For the sake of giving the boy who showed some promise during our travels a chance...I'm going to ask that you leave now and think upon your foolishness...."

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Though he readied himself no attack came. Neither did more useless words from X’yrin. Instead, X’ies finally made his appearance. He strolled out of the den with his usual attitude and an irritating remark. It was nothing surprising and it was what the Issum had been prepared for. He watched the Lambda as he spoke and analyzed what he could from the words. His first remark was misplaced and showed truly how little X’ies knew of Jaden. Had he the desire to kill, there were far easier ways than confronting an enemy face first. X’ies also deferred to information X’yrin had apparently given him. It was a bit surprising that he could deduce anything from the woman who had never been interested enough in Jaden’s past to ask about it. So unless X’ies was making assumptions on Jaden’s mentality for killing by how well he fought hand to hand, he knew relatively little about what the ex-assassin was really capable of. Tying Amy into it might have gotten him a bit closer but, if the blond dog was truly as horrific as everyone told her to be, then she was nothing like Jaden.

All in all, it seemed X’ies was confidant in his knowledge that was very incomplete. Enough so that he would “give Jaden a chance” by asking him to leave. That might have been aggravating if it made any sense at all. Jaden glanced to X’yrin momentarily and wondered if he counted on the pregnant woman defending him. Both of them might have a chance against Jaden even if it showed the coward that X’ies truly was. Turning his gaze back to the other male with an annoyed expression similar to that he had given X’yrin, he spoke, I have come to reason with you, X’ies. Assuming, like your pregnant body guard did, that I have come to hurt or kill you is ignorant. I see no reason you must be damaged if we can come to a civil compromise. He knew what he wanted and he had an idea what X’ies desired. His voice still displayed no raw anger but only an annoyance at his situation.

Jaden does. Jaden speaks. Jaden thinks.

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" Oh I see so all the armor and weapons are just to help you stave off the cold?...".

Quick jab to the underside of the ego. X'ies was poking holes in Jaden's logic, why come for a conversation so heavily armed if violence was not part of the intent? Also the fact he refereed to X'yrin as a bodyguard once again indicated to him that there was some element of danger to this whole situation,otherwise why would he need a bodyguard? Though it was interesting to see that Jaden was going to attempt to talk the Lambda down, and so he would allow this. Talking wasn't the would-be Alpha's strong suit but it was good to see he was at least making an attempt at self improvement.

"...A compromise you say?...I was unawares that one needed to be made. We have co-existed in peaceful terms even with our disagreements and...mistakes...had a discussion been needed it should have been done at the time....unless something has occurred to slight you today...why so late?..".

X'ies of course thought that he knew the answer. In his travelling experience he had encountered wolves that acted differently,fools that rode horses and wore clothes. Those whose actions were not dictated as they should be by normal instinctual terms, some of Jadens actions reflected upon this. The man knew not the culture or the mentality of those he was trying to lead,and because of this was cursed to be a sheep trying to heard wolves. He would inevitably be eaten alive. "...But then I believe X'yrin may have already voiced this....speak if you must Jaden".

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It had been a couple days since Asgeir had been out, preferring to busy himself within the den despite the weather's change for the better. The chill in the morning was hard on his knees, and so he preferred to wait till mid-day or later to be active outside. This morning he had chosen to work by the fire on an intricate carving of a deer, small enough that when he finished it he would be able to string it on a lanyard by a small hole behind its shoulder blades and in front of its pelvis. The delicate stag sat perfectly in the palm of his hand, right on the largest pad.

His ears swiveled as the voice of the Issum rang out, addressed to X'yrin. Given the direction and the way it echoed within the cavern, Asgeir assumed that the autumn lady was nearer the den than was Jaden. Quietly he laid the small carving among his furs, and after a moment, he added the plaid from atop his head to the pile. He took up his spear and went as far as the mouth of the sleeping area to hear the exchange. He did not understand fully what the argument was about, hearing only parts of the discourse. There was some disagreement between the black and white wolf and a packmate who had been a part of Sangi'lak before Asgeir himself, X'ies. That did not concern him. What galled the man was the fact that Jaden, by his own admission, had come armed, prepared to use weapons against X'yrin if she refused to let him take action against the Lambda.

The golden femme replied with the refusal Asgeir expected. Of course she would not let that course of action take place. He peeped around the lip of the cave to view what was going on, taking care not to let himself be seen in time to see X'yrin proceed toward the path she took upwards, and caught well what she said about letting Jaden's seed take root before she disappeared up the path, but little of what followed from both their lips in the face of his anger.

As Jaden moved up from the path to the flat area before the den X'yrin guarded, Asgeir followed from the opposite direction. The path he took was less clearly defined, and more than once he had to climb to the next flat place, his long spear clamped in his mouth. Twice Asgeir heard Jaden call out for the Lambda to come and speak with him, the second time going so far as to impugn X'ies as a coward. By the sounds of things above, X'ies had at least come to within speaking distance of the mouth of the cave. Asgeir paused to rest on a smaller ledge, merely listening impatiently to the interchange, till one word from two mouths filled him with rage.

He was going to fight, not only a lady, but a pregnant lady? Not whilst Asgeir lived. A final climb and the elder was on the same level as the other three individuals. He held his spear at the ready before him, striding with purpose to stand beside and slightly before his Issor. He addressed the black and white male with bared ivory fangs as his gravelly voice rang out. His pregnant bodyguard has but t' say the word an' her spear-man'll do th' fightin'. Without turning, he spoke to X'yrin. When I joined here, I pledged muh skills and muh life t' you and t' th' Family... And if what I heard is truth, he ain't actin' like family, and he certainly ain't no gennelman. His golden eyes rested coldly on Jaden's blue ones at this last. His position was now clear, and whatever speech needed to happen between the Lambda and the Issum could happen, now that the Issor's protection was assured.


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This situation was growing out of control before it had even reached its climax. She needn't wait for it to escalate to know the outcome as she had seen it times before between X'ies and others. He would pretend to listen, with mocking not too far behind. And with the Issum adorn with his unwavering convictions, he would seek to gain respect from the Lambda, more than likely harming him in the process. And knowing this, X'yrin could not let this come to pass. Despite the male's misgivings, both males in this instance, she could not let harm befall another. What example would that set to the rest of the pack?

The persistence of both carried on as predicted with the Shepard as a mere spectator to the inevitable fallout. The insult on her behalf had fallen on deaf ears for her attention shifted to the molten form rounding over the cliffside to join this tense gathering. Rarely had she found herself in the need of protection, but as it stood, she was grateful for it now and would not look upon herself as a coward for accepting it. With a gentle touch to his hip, she accepted his protection and conveyed her gratitude with a soft, yet audible whine.

"No, he is not," she said sternly without looking to the Issum. Then with a careful eye, she looked to X'ies pleasing silently that he not abuse this newfound defense. Callous and cruel as he was, she believed there was enough sense in him not to exacerbate the situation unless it was invoked by Jaden. Silently, she withdrew from the growing ordeal and allowed the two to speak their piece now that her own safety would be assured.

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In his own arrogant way X’ies jabbed at Jaden and tried to present him as dishonest and called his approach delayed, as X’yrin had. The Issum did have a certain expectation to fight the Lambda today because he did not expect him to trade whatever superiority he felt to ease the mind of his leader and improve tension within the pack. It didn’t seem like him. This was simply the less difficult of paths to try first. If his approach was delayed, the fact that X’ies pointed it out like X’yrin, Jaden’s equal, had proved how wrong his mentality was. It showed that he felt he deserved the right to criticize his leader, something had in no way earned. What had he truly done for the pack? Nearly every interaction with other packs he had seen the snake tongue involved in had been negative. Many he had out right insulted could have killed them both and the rest of Sangi’lak’s members if they so desired. Thus far he wasn’t far from a hindrance. That he hunted and could add to the caches was enough to keep him from such but his intellect that Jaden had once thought valuable was quickly showing to be inferior while he continued to show misplaced arrogance and disrespect.

Another face made his appearance atop the mountain. Asgeir, the social recluse of the pack until very recently, came on the scene and had the gall to glare Jaden in the eyes and oppose him. While he had been ready to ignore X’ies’ insults and X’yrin’s ignorance, he was not ready for this. This lowly pack member now stood against him as a display of the specific problem that needed to be solved. In response to the cold glare given to him Jaden’s eyes shown with a sudden blue fire. He snarled angrily as a challenge and a warning. He then held the man’s gaze for another moment with teeth barred fiercely. The spear wielding man did not deserve to know his intentions and would receive nothing more. Perhaps later he might have to deal with that male as well. But he left it to be thought on later and turned his attention back to X’ies. His balled fists slacked as he breathed in and out once and remounted his defense for the other onslaught of words. The odds were beginning to stack against Jaden now and that simply strengthened his desire to avoid having to fight through his pack members. We have coexisted thus far simply because I desired to please X’yrin, he informed X’ies, I no longer care for her desire to treat you as a special case, so I will no longer do as I have done. My proposal is simple: I will stop ignoring you. I will treat your word with value and defer to your judgment where appropriate for your position. It wasn’t appropriate that I do anything other than this as leader and for that… I apologize. He paused for a moment and tried to show sincerity in his gaze. In return, you will report to me all your endeavors, you will ask my permission before engaging in acts that are not your place to engage in, and you will not openly oppose me at ever chance you get. While you are intelligent and often correct in your assumptions, challenging me makes the pack look weak, without discipline, and leaves the floor open for others to follow you in your steps. You are no leader and your actions should reflect that simple fact. What I see now is a wolf who believes himself more fit to make decisions than I. A challenge whether you care to state it or not. Should you choose to continue on like this, we will pit our skills against each other and see who is truly superior. The Issum was confidant in himself but kept his voice void of all indication of that. They didn’t need to fight and thusly he had no desire to do so. What do you choose X’ies?

Jaden does. Jaden speaks. Jaden thinks.

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