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Leadership Promotion & Naming Ceremony
Date: October 16th, 2012.
Setting: Vinátta Pack Lands, The Grand Lake
Time: Noon
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Vinatta's future generations would be introduced to their peers on this sunny October afternoon. Warm temperatures were few and far between; it felt as though the hurricane had brought about the presage of winter. The Godja had insisted on this ceremony, deeming it crucial to properly welcome to newest Aeska under the watchful eyes of the Gods before it was too late. Rarely did Lilin ever make use of her authority but with matters revolving around religion and her immediate family, she required impeccable attendance and punctuality. Those who weren't present wouldn't so readily escape the grudge and bitterness she would no doubt hold against them. She had called to them moments earlier, summoning the group she considered family; beckoning them to the Grand Lake where together, they would attend rites of passages.

Cradled in her arms was her first-born child, wide-eyed and visibly unaccustomed to such a large group of people gathered before him. Her two youngest pups were reacting just about the same, peering about curiously from their rightful place in their father's arms. Colibri and her three daughters stood next to the Virdings, with Miskunn Stormbringer at her side. Lilin awaited patiently for everyone to arrive, speaking only once their fellow pack mates were gathered before them. ''I'd like to thank everyone for coming,'' she began, casting a cursory glance at the crowd before continuing. ''We are gathered here today to formally introduce our Aeska to the family. But before we do that,'' she paused, allowing a smile to soften her features as she turned to find Colibri's sapphire blue irises. This would be unexpected and it would come as a shock but she wouldn't say no, Lilin knew as much. ''Saul and I would like to congratulate Colibri on her ascension to leadership. We trust her judgement completely and we are confident she will be up to the task. Please treat her with the respect she deserves.''

Sparing some time for reactions and proper congratulations, the Soulstorm heir gauged Colibri's expression from the corner of her mediterranean optics. She could only imagine how much of a shock this was to her, especially following their heated argument. Lilin remained silent, giving everyone the opportunity to react and congratulate the newly appointed Sannindi before continuing. She then gestured to Miskunn with the tip of her nose, giving her permission to start the ceremony whenever she deemed it appropriate.

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Long post is long, had a lot to cover! The actual ceremony is at the bottom in italics, if you'd rather skip ahead. <3

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Coli stood in her Optime form for the first time since her children were born, flanked by Miskunn Stormbringer on one side, and the Virdings and their litter on the other. She had washed and groomed her mane that morning, combed her fur, polished her Frithr pendant, and done everything else she could to look presentable. It was an important day, one she hoped would be a turning point for them all. These last weeks she had sank deep into the clutches of depression, as she so frequently struggled with during times of stress, but she had emerged from the emotional duress with a strong desire to fend it off for good. No more wallowing in self-pity, or clinging to anyone who showed her the slightest attention. She had to change herself, for the sake of her children and her relationship with Lilin, if nothing else. She just couldn't bear to be pathetic any longer. Taking it out on her sister was inexcusable, and she was still guilty it had come that far.

The lake was serene and calming. The air was cool, and Coli held her three woolly pups close in her arms as she waited. They were impatient to play with their cousins, squirming and babbling their nonsense sounds. They were heavy, too, gaining weight quickly as they filled out. She joggled them up and down, trying to distract them into falling silent as their packmates gathered at the shore. Coli held her head high, fighting the twinge of anxiety that twisted her stomach in knots. Only a select few Vináttans knew she had recently become a mother, and even less had actually met the girls. She still had mixed feelings herself, but of course she loved them and wanted everyone else to cherish and love them as well no matter their origins or heritage. Coli had done her best to groom their thick coats today and make them look pretty, though their puppy fluff matted easily and it took some effort. Their ears were floppy and soft, the cartilage yet to form properly and set them upright. Colibri's gaze flitted anxiously through the crowd, lingering on familiar faces and obviously avoiding one in particular.

When the murmuring died down and it seemed there were no more arrivals, Lilin addressed them all. Coli listened, a hesitant smile gracing her lips -- she was looking forward to the ceremony, welcoming her brood officially into the pack and their religion. But there was an unexpected announcement, and Coli blinked, ears falling back apprehensively. After the spectacle she had made of herself and the tension that arose from it, she wasn't sure what was coming... but it definitely wasn't leadership. Coli had asked for a way to change, some small job or responsibility to steer her onto the right track -- but this? She was rendered speechless, gaping at Lilin, then glancing quickly to Saul, making sure he too agreed with the monumental decision. She wanted to sputter and protest her worth, as she so often did, but it was not the time and place. This was the greatest honor to ever be bestowed upon her, and she had already pledged her loyalties to this pack and its leadership; now she had a way to be of use to them.

"Th-thank you, I... I'll do m-my best," she stammered in shock, bowing her head humbly. It was plain to see she was astounded by the news -- and she would definitely have a few cross words with her sister later, for springing that on her without notice in front of everyone! It was too much to process it all at once, but thankfully there were other matters on hand to distract her.

Miskunn Stormbringer motioned her forward, indicating they continue. Coli swallowed, feeling terribly bare and self-conscious to stand before everyone without a mate at her side. But she was relieved by the warm bundles in her arms, the flocculent daughters that had finally stilled and were quietly regarding the Godja. This was their day, they were all that mattered. They would be blessed, and receive their Frithr necklaces.

In the pregnant pause that followed, Miskunn spoke, her calm tones carrying throughout the clearing.

"This rite of passage is called 'ausa vatni'. We accept and welcome the newest generation into our family, blessing them with the elements of our home, earth and water. The Aeska is laid upon the ground, recognizing the source of all life, 'jord'. Then each child is raised and receives the element of water, a power of healing and good. It is sprinkled three times -- once in the name of Thor, again in the name of Freyr and lastly in the name of Njord."

Sterling silver gaze turned on Coli, waiting expectantly for the mother to comply. Coli drew a deep breath, and placed the month-old pups on the ground at her feet. They sat obediently, and she breathed an internal sigh of relief. Then she raised her firstborn, presenting her to Miskunn. The Godja made a sign with her hand that Coli recognized to be that of Thor, the same rune she wore on her chest.

"Ek verp vatni þetta barn a, ok gef honum nafnit... Fiora." The Godja dipped her fingers in the lake water and sprinkled it on the pup's forehead three times. They repeated the process for her second -- "...Farina," and third -- "...Florina,", solemnly and proudly initiating them in the old custom. Then Coli gathered all three back in her arms, nuzzling them happily as they stared curiously up at her. The grey-blue of their infant irises were beginning to turn; Florina's gaze was growing paler, with flecks of silver visible, and Farina's eyes were darkening by the day. Little Fiora, however, was keeping her mother's blue, a simple fact that made her smile to notice. She stepped back to give Saul and Lilin their turn, deeply touched by the sentimental ritual and eager to see her niece and nephews confirmed in the same way.

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Saul Chibi is by Requiem!

He was nervous, though he didn't have much of an explanation of why. Today was going to be a special day, not just for the pups that would be formally introduced to Vinátta for the first time. Many knew of their existence, but only a few had met them or knew their names. Today was also a special day for the mother of one of the litters, and she wasn't aware of it just yet. Lilin had explained, briefly and not in any detail, about her argument with her sister and had posed a suggestion that had stumped Saul for a moment. Colibri was fragile and he had no idea how she would cope with this ascension. She often seemed unmotivated, but perhaps this was what she needed. After deliberation, Saul had agreed.

They'd assembled by the lake and despite the fact that winter would be upon them soon, the sky was clear. It was cold though and Saul was grateful he was able to hold the two precious lives close to him. Lilin held their first born, while Saul had scooped up the lighter two. He'd been surprised to find Colibri in her Optime form- she'd spent the last month on two legs whilst nursing her daughters. But she'd carried them here on two legs, alongside Miskunn who was as usual rather quiet. He often found Miskunn's voice mesmerising and it reverberated through his body whenever he heard her talk.

Lilin had called out for the pack and it hadn't taken long for them to assemble. He'd grinned at them, the pride and love in his eyes for his whole family evident. It had been his mate who'd spoken first, informing them all of the reason for this gathering, before dropping the proverbial bombshell on Colibri. It was met by silence at first, while she looked between himself and his mate- he'd given a confident nod to indicate that he was in agreement. She'd stuttered a thank you and they waited a moment for congratulations from the pack.

It was time to get down to business though and Miskunn was accomodating of those who were not so familiar with the Norse religion. She explained the ceremony and what would happened, words that Saul paid close attention to. Colibri and Lilin had expressed a desire for the rite, but they hadn't explained it very well to him and he absorbed this information eagerly. It was Colibri's turn first and after a deep breath, she placed them on the ground. He watched in quiet fascination as the ritual unfolded, each girl offered up and named. He knew not what Miskunn had said, or blessed them with, but it rolled off her tongue with ease and shortly after, all three girls were back in their mothers arms.

It was their turn next and Saul glanced across at Lilin, a secret smile playing on his lips as they moved forward to place their children on the ground. He straightened for a moment, before he scooped the eldest boy up and offered him to their Godja. The sprinkled water landed in his hands after rolling off the pups fur, the words spoken once more. "Ek verp vatni þetta barn a, ok gef honum nafnit, Lund." He flashed his mate another grin as he passed the boy over, before repeating the process with the other two. "Rúni" She replaced before their sister was named "Sólieri" As each was named, he passed them over to their mother, hoping she was able to juggle them for a moment.

It was his gift now and he straightened, bringing out the bundle of charms and leather he'd been making. His tail flashed back and forth as he made his way to Colibri first. Placing a necklace around each pup, he murmured softly as he went. Welcome, Fiora... Farina... Florina...Lund... Rúni... Sólieri, to Vinátta. His voice was full of compassion and love for the new generation and as he placed the necklace around his daughters head, he turned to the rest of the pack and sighed softly in appreciation.

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i'll post with Oak a little later ^^

Anu followed, coming to the call that had been raised. It was a pleasant day for a pack gathering, and she wondered curiously what it was that caused the Virding to seek out the pack’s attendance. By the sight of their alpha’s faces, and the presence of the six young souls Anu believed that it would be a positive celebration. Settling in beside Tayui, Anu looked to her eyes a small coy smile. The young ones looked back at the now growing crowd, the day would be remembered as a proud moment but for now there was a hint of fear and nervousness in their gazes.

The presence of Colibri beside the two alphas did not move Anu greatly, and she looked to Lilin as she began the gathering. The reason for them coming together was not a complete shock, but the congratulations that was given was surprising for the wolfess. Anu did not envision the fragile Haki woman as one that held responsibility steadily, and past experiences lead to her beliefs. Yet Anu gave not sign of her confusion, the visions of Colibri slinking to the dirt before her weeks ago clouded her thoughts for only a moment. The alpha’s choice could not be judged by a mere subordinate, and though the news was an obvious shock to Colibri herself Anu would remain silent on the subject.

The ceremony was simple, in words and actions. But Anu took in the names and rites so that she could understand the Viking religion better. It was not her known way, and yet she found these new gods and stories to be curious. Each child was placed on the ground, and then raised again, all of the words, names, elements and actions holding a deep meaning. It resonated in the older woman’s mind. Such seemingly simple things deserved such significance.


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Teme Lupus is by Alaine!

The call had rung out, though it was not a tone he was expecting. Lilin had called for the pack once before and that had been under tragic times. He was used to hearing his father's howl rising above the trees, or that of a stranger at the border. So as the much more feminine sound of Lilin's voice blended into the beauty of the forest around him, Temeraire felt white-rimmed ears perk up with interest. Perched high in a tree, he felt brows pull down in confusion for just a moment before his limbs moved and he began to swing down from the tree. He landed in Jordheim and moved towards his own home, hands reaching to unstrap the leather sheath from his thigh. He'd been wearing it to familiarise himself with the feel and the weight of it as he moved through the trees, his favourite medium.

He moved quickly towards the general direction he'd heard Lilin's call from- it took him only a few moments to catch the group's trail through Jordheim and his nose twitched as he caught the sickly sweet scent of his brothers and sister, the slightly differing scent of his cousins. While Colibri's daughters were not blood-relatives, he saw Colibri as an aunt and therefore, her offspring were important to him also. He arrived and saw the group assembled as close to the shoreline of the lake as possible. Approaching, he greeted those gathered before falling into a quiet watchfulness. He greeted those who approached close enough, acknowledging others who had settled further away from him.

And then it was time to begin and Temeraire turned his attention to his step-mother. He knew very little about the Norse religion, but decided to accept what he was being told. He was as shocked as Colibri about her own promotion, but grinned softly. Congratulations, Coli.. He spoke quietly, his usually loud presence reigned in. The whole pack was here and he had no reason to draw attention to himself. Her own stuttering 'thanks' was endeering and he felt his familiar crooked smile play upon his lips. The meeting had progressed however and Miskunn's words were catalogued. He didn't believe half of it, but it was clear many others did and he wasn't rude enough to scoff at their beliefs.

When the time came for his own brothers and sister to be named, Temeraire felt a strong and almost overwhelming lance of jealous spike through him. Did his father care more about his new children than he had himself? Temeraire hadn't received any kind of 'naming' as far as he could remember. With an effort, he pushed the thoughts away. It was childish to think this way- Miskunn hadn't been around when he'd been younger. The ritual was complete and his father moved to each pup in turn, placing the charms on them and welcoming them into Vinátta. He smiled, though there was a bittersweetness to it. Welcome. He offered softly, sincerely.

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Tayui and Anu arrived to the ceremony together and took their place next to one another. The breeze from the lake tickled her fur and cooled her simultaneously. It was a nice feeling and reminded her that winter would soon arrive. She couldn’t wait.

This was the first time Tayui would be attending a pack gathering, so she was keeping her eyes, ears, and mind open so that she might learn all she could. This was a new pack and hopefully their last one, so she wanted to ensure that everything she did was right—at least to the pack’s standards.

When Tayui glanced to Anu, she saw that the woman was smiling and this set Tayui at ease. When a wolf began speaking, Tayui had a moment of dawning horror that the wolf, Lilin, was a leader. For whatever reason, she hadn’t quite put the pieces together (or she had and just chosen to ignore it), but the wolf she’d mocked months earlier when she had asked about her father, Haku, was a leader. She also recalled that she had given Lilin the name ‘Noir’, after her murdered daughter.

She wasn’t sure what to think. She frowned, but then realized that she should at least try to look like she was happy. They had just promoted Anu’s former mate, Colibri, after all. She didn’t quite know how to react to this, either, so she attempted an expression of neutrality. She was just glad it wasn't Colibri Soul; no matter how good of friends they'd become, it would have been too cruel for Anu to have been mates with someone related to Haku.

The ceremony passed by in a blur as she contemplated these two revelations. Although she had intended to pay close attention, she caught snapshots of words: Fliora, Fiori, and Flora, and heard chants of an unknown language. Before she realized it, the ceremony had been completed and she was at a loss. She just hoped no one asked her of her opinion. She was still a bit dazed.

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651 words. 5 pts. Have a Nier and Grace. Excuse Grace's rudeness, that's just the way she is. :S Congrats Miyu!!!! <3

Fortune dictated that Grace and Niernan had been walking to the lake already, a small stream of furry creatures following behind them, Ciaran leading Leo, who was in turn leading the quoll pups. They had been planning a quiet day by the lake, maybe with a little paddling, but the call of the Virding broke those plans. The wolf lovers shared a look and carried on their way, emerging into the clearing before the lake to join the gathering crowd of their pack. He raised a handpaw in greeting to his leaders and the two other women stood beside them, a warm smile sent Colibris way.

His tan handpaw found Grace's as Lilin spoke, welcoming them to the gathering and explaining the meaning for the meeting. Her next words, promoting Colibri to the Sannindi, came as a little of a shock and left him stunned for a moment. It seemed Grace had been stunned too, her mouth hanging open slightly before she turned her ocean blue eyes on Niernan, a fierce storm brewing in them. He shook his head imperceptibly at her and allowed a massive grin to spread across his lips, as many of his white teeth showing as possible. He could find no words through the tangle of happiness and excitement in his mind, the stuttered words of their new sannindi causing his tail to wag furiously. He uttered a few whine-barks to congratulate his friend, his whole body almost shaking with his happiness. He felt Grace begin to pull her handpaw out of his, but he didn't let her, keeping his grip on hers. She turned her stormy eyes onto him, her voice a whisper but her words almost pure acid, "It should be you up there being promoted. You do everything in this pack." Nier felt his smile slip slightly, he turned to her, his eyes sharp and his voice hushed, but made of iron. Grace, be happy for our fellow Vinattan. I'm not bothered by not being promoted, I'm happy as Vald. If Saul and Lilin think Coli should progress, then Coli is promoted. One day, if I am deemed responsible enough I may reach Sannindi too. He bumped his nose against hers momentarily, If you desire a man with more authority then rest assured that I am likely to be the head of the Vald as I am the first and therefore most senior one. He turned away and returned to being happy for his friend, blocking all thought of that conversation from his mind.

He watched the naming ceremony with interest, only taking his eyes from it once; when Ciaran jumped up onto his shoulders. He was fascinated by the procedure, intrigued by the idea behind it and the way it was boosting the pups into the society of Vinatta and the Norse religion. He hoped that they would be able to do this for his and Graces pups. He drew his mate into his side, putting his arm around her waist as they watched the last pup, Saul and Lilins little girl, Solieri, be sprinkled with water. He placed his hand against her swollen belly, feeling the tension of their mini spat dissipate as he reminded her that they were soon to be parents, feeling her relax enough to let a smile touch her muzzle. Saul adorned each pup with a Frithr necklace, welcoming them to the pack and denoting them as Vinattan. He sent a grin his cousins way, pleased that he and Grace, and their little menagerie, had been here to see this. Thinking of his menagerie he checked on their whereabouts; noting that Leo had sat next to his right footpaw and the quoll pups were twined around Grace's ankles. Upon looking back up he ran his eyes over the pups, desperately wanting to go and congratulate his family on everything that had just passed, but holding himself back out of politeness.

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Oak had been with Cypress when the call had came, and together they left for the Grand Lake. Since joining he and Cyp hadn’t been able to spent too much time together, besides seeing one another in the home they shared. But that was mainly just used for sleep. The earthy hued male wished to start his own hives in the Vináttan packlands, and he needed Oak to assist in the construction. They were searching for dead trees when their project was placed on hold and their effort turned towards meeting with the pack. Without much of a word the pair moved quickly, arriving just as the others were settling in before the leadership. Oak watched, and gave a wave to his mother. Brothers moved to sit beside the two woman, and once Lilin began to speak Oak’s attention was drawn to the reason for the meeting. It was under pleasant circumstances, which Oak was glad for.

Lilin began with the promotion of a member that Oak had yet to meet. She seemed like a quiet woman, who had not expected to be brought into the fold of leadership. Knowing that the two Virding had the best interest of the pack in mind at all times Oak believed in the choice they had made.

What happened next was unlike anything he had ever seen, having never been exposed to any sort of ritual. He watched with interest, lightly touching the necklace that he wore as Saul granted the pups with their own. It was a proud day to be a Vináttan.


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As the howl sounded, Lena was drawn to it as she would have in New Dawn; something that was not to be ignored, something verbal that actually pulled her physically, and she went without compliant. She had been messing about the underground house, sniff about dusty corners and touching everything that was in there, which was not much, she realized upon touching the mostly bare walls of dirt and wood.

Bare feet moving carefully towards the sound of the call, the smell of water greeted her, and she had to pick her way through the crowd, careful not to step on toes or something of the like. She scented Temeraire near, deciding to stick by his side, and soon slid up beside him, flashing him a silent grin. As bold as she was, she knew better than the go about rambling during a gathering, so she was wordless as the meeting began.

They were greeting someone new—at least she thought, all the ranks were gibberish and not in plain talk—but did not smell many adults in the front, mainly a lot of pups. Before, before introducing whoever was new, some woman named Colibri was promoted into the leadership. The woman was unknown to her, but the general feeling of approval surrounded her, so she acted upon that, giving her own murmur of congratulation. Next came that Aeska, which actually turned out to be the puppies.

She listened with a little awe as the confusing speech tickled into her ears, only hearing different words that must have been their names. The second woman to have her children named came up, and there was a sudden but quiet change in Temeraire. It must be his siblings, she thought, thinking it must have been about that time. She reached out and tentatively held his forearm with a hand, and wondered if he followed her advice about talking to his parents about his feelings. Probably not, she thought, but it didn't matter. She just hoped that her touch would make him a bit happier.

She spoke her own welcome to the pups she could not see, and was glad to hear the boy's own greeting that was full of heart. She knew things would get better for Temeriare sooner or later, though she had the hope that it was rather soon.

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It had been a long, long time since Thorn had attended something akin to a pack or clan meeting. Yet he had done so many times with Syemv. Rurik had enjoyed calling the little band together and Thorn had always liked being second for those meetings if Kiska wasn't around. This was different though, this meeting was a family affair and by being invited it was like a more solid invitation to be part of the family. The call had woken Thorn from a deep slumber and he had stumbled there, wiping his eyes and composing himself before he was within sight of the gathering. The last thing he wanted was for others to know how disorderly he really was. Now he was standing here watching Lilin and Saul with their children and Colibri and her children. There was that pang of bitter homesickness. Lilin began and Thorn let his black-tipped ears perk up at her voice. This was to be a blessing ceremony as well as a promotion for Colibri. Well Thorn didn't know the lady well but he knew she was a keen gardener and anyone who could help with the vineyard was a friend in his book. He mumbled his congratulations in Russian and then waited intently for the rite to begin.

The rite was marvellous. It was very similar to other rites he had seen practiced across the ocean and a little like the ceremony he and his siblings overcame with their eyebrow piercings. If Thorn had continued to improve like most wolves did he would have earned multiple piercings in his eyebrows, a sign of devotion and skill. He always wondered what would happen if a wolf was offered a piercing and refused it, would that bring about shame to the pack? He assumed as much, every pack seemed to have those kinds of boundaries and rules littered upon it. Yet his mind had wandered and he glanced around and shoved his hands into the top pockets of his kilt.

The elder Russo put the names in his memory, he wanted to be part of his large and diverse family even if it was a pseudo replacement of his home life. Remembering the piece of paper he had given Saul with the Russian word for 'congratulations' written on it he let his smile grow a little wider before gaining seriousness as the naming ceremony changed to Colibri's children. Again Thorn memorized these names as well, his tail gently and barely swaying the whole time. If he had been younger he would definitely have taken this ceremony to use for his own children. Unfortunately Mii and Chatory'a were already getting close to 4 years old and had taken their names from the moment their ear tips came into the world. He had given them each a necklace carved similar to the necklaces now donning the pups heads though they were each runes of 'Thorn.' He hoped the next time he saw them they still wore them with pride. He still looked happy though, even if inside he missed many things he could possibly never have.

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The Virding’s call rang out across the territory, and Shiloh straightened from where she’d been hunting deeper in the woods. Her ears flattened at the note of the summoning, knowing that this would be a meeting where attendance was expected. She wanted to shift, first, but her dress was back home and she didn’t want to show up in public Optime and naked. Stifling a growl, she loped through the woods in her Lupus form, the wind tousling her white fur as she trotted toward the noise like a dog.

The she-wolf finally reached the meeting, her blue eyes automatically seeking someone to latch onto. The leaders—and Colibri—had their children in their arms, and she allowed herself a brief smile before beginning to walk slowly toward the gathered Vináttans to find a place to stand.

She thought about standing next to her nephew, knowing what this might mean for him, but he was with a very familiar dark she-wolf. Shiloh was too polite to scowl in her direction (for Teme’s sake, since the girl was blind she thought, though then again she’d thought her lost and helpless too), but she was far from pleased. She found the reddish-brown fur of Oak, but he was with someone who could be a sibling and a pair of older females who seemed to be a couple. Niernan was snuggled up next a pregnant wolf, an entire zoo gathered around their feet, and though many of the animals were cute the whole scene filled her with distaste.

Embarrassed, and not knowing the last wolf—a male elder—Shiloh plopped her rear down in the dirt and curled her tail over her paws, deciding to be prim and alone for this, despite her stomach aching.

Shiloh was spared having to dwell on her loneliness when Lilin began the meeting, stating that it would be to introduced the children, and then suddenly went into congratulating Colibri for her promotion. White ears stood tall with disbelief, and Shiloh glanced reflexively toward the chocolate-furred woman. When had she been promoted? It looked like news to Colibri, too, who could only mumble that she’d do her best. Though she threw a polite smile in the female’s direction, Shiloh was a bit dubious. Was Coli ready for something like this? There were a lot of other wolves who’d been around for just as long and would be confident enough to lead, too, though they maybe didn’t know the culture as well as the rune-bearing wolf.

Miskunn stepped forward then, explaining a Norse naming ceremony, and Shiloh reared up onto her hind legs to get a better look. She’d only seen snatches of the children during the hurricane, though she’d a little more time with her niece and nephew; Colibri’s litter was almost unknown to her. Sprinkling water onto the children, Miskunn named them, and went on to name Saul and Lilin’s children.

Saul drew out the necklaces that most Vináttans wore, coming forward and placing them around the children’s necks, and welcomed them to the pack. The moment was one of significance—the first children born into the pack, the first legitimate children for Saul, the first such naming ceremony, of many things.

Shiloh realized that little whimpers were leaving her, and had she been human she might have wiped at her eyes—but her canine biology showcased her happy crying in other subtle ways. She thought about smothering her whimpers and ceasing her shaking and tail-wagging, not wanting to show weakness, but she was damn proud to be here, proud to be a Vináttan, proud of her brother. She was swollen with love, and she let that love out with gentle whines, congratulations and welcoming and joy.


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Jiva's mind was on everything and nothing at all, it seemed like he was in a trance most of the time lately, but it was from all the changes he was having. So when the call came it almost didn't register. When it did he walked to the ceremony. It seemed the new children of the pack were to be named, he smiled though it reminded him of his own children. He was sure Palaydrian was here somewhere or would be here soon, but he was not sure she wanted to see him, or would even notice him. Since Leaf came.

He was quiet the whole time as it seemed that this pack was made up of an entire family, it was nice to see it, though it made him miss his own over in Cour des Miracles but he never belonged there and he hoped he would belong here since New Dawn didn't seem to suit him that well. He would find out. He sat listening and watching the group wondering what their thoughts were and wondered what Drin would think about the whole thing, but with his mind preoccupied and hers it was as though he did not exist to her. This meeting wasn't about him though and he wasn't going to make it that way, his eyes moved from puppy to puppy as they were named, and the promotion of one of their own to a higher rank. He grinned at the thought, perhaps someday he would be a big part in this pack, he hoped so at least.

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Since the miscarriage, the young hybrid had found herself in a state of hurt, so deeply. Her litter, in which she first found pride in had been lost, like a beautiful tapestry being unraveled to nothing but tattered threads, her first real beautiful creation had been torn to shreds. For Fritz, the Italian had strived to be strong, tried to hold her head high and be more of an optimist. Physically, it was not the truth. Her body hurt, her muscle tone depleted completely. Perhaps Fritz could tell when he held her that her bones jutted out more than usual, and she was often tired to do anything. Her strength was almost gone...

She sat in the little sitting room in the shared house between herself and her mate, blanket wrapped around herself, reddish eyes glancing sadly out the window. It seemed Vinátta had headed out to the lake, something the Vansenza coyote really didn't want to do. Some would know of her loss, and really--What energy did she have to go?

It was a celebration of light, of welcoming to the Coli and the Stormbringer's new bundles of joy, and within the young woman felt herself obligated to congratulate them. Sel stood, pulled the cloak around herself, walking over to pull Fritz into an embrace, a muzzle falling under his throat on her tiptoes. C'mon, love. A cloak was pulled around her body, and they left, hand in hand.


Next to Fritz at the ceremony, Selene quietly watched, happy to see what was happening. She noted how pretty Colibri looked, much more radiant surrounded by such beautiful children. A gentle envy had started, just admiration over her ability to hail such wonderful beings. She squeezed Fritz's hand, happy to know that Colibri was now in the leadership ranks.

The Risna felt her mourning dissipate if only for a little while. This was home, this was where she had come to be happy, to raise a family. Soon she would have one, if only she was stronger. And to strengthen she would try. It was a good day to be here, to find her strength by watching the newest generation be blessed.

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IC: Fritz wasn’t sure what he should with or for Selene. He had been thrilled when she told him that she was pregnant with his pups. He had tried to feed her well but he couldn’t exactly force her to eat if she didn’t want to. When the pups had been miscarried, he was devastated and so was his mate. Yet he didn’t blame her for anything. He knew that things happened to puppies from the time they were conceived to the time they were born and even in the first several weeks and months of their life.

He wrapped his arms around her before they separated for a time. His ears perked at the howl of his leader and grinned as his mate came over and pulled him up, or he got up as she pulled at him since she couldn’t really move him with her strength. "Yes dearest." He placed a gentle kiss on her lips before they headed out to the meeting.

He glanced at her and caught her look. But she didn't seem very upset by it. Dare he say that she even looked peaceful? She squeezed his hand and he responded by pulling her to his side. He whispered in her ear, "Someday we'll be blessed by having pups, love, someday soon." He then placed a kiss on the top of her head. He looked around to see who was here and was glad to see Anu.

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Jordyn sat inside of her new home while the wind whistled through the empty door frame. Today was different. In what way, she was unsure, but she knew it would be revealed soon. She took out her pocket book to begin to write, but as soon as she had put the date down a howl rushed into her ears. Her instincts immediately told her what to do. The collie shoved her pocket book into her bag, and rushed outside, her footsteps making hardly any noise on the hard floor. At first she was unsure of where to go, but soon enough the crowd of canines showed her the direction. At the sight, she felt her insides jump in excitement. Her first pack meeting, how exciting! She ran towards the group, hoping she wasn't too late for anything. When she got there she craned her neck over the heads of other people so that she could see. The pack leader was holding a pup in her arms, as she spoke to the crowd with envy. She smiled with joy at the sight of a new member being born with such power already. The boy would most definitely grow up to be something special. When she finished talking, she watched her give a signal that could only mean the start of something new. Suspense filled her body as she waited for what would happen next.

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