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"Almost a" Revan looked all around him as he padded along the very worn path that led right to the proverbial front door of the Nova Scotia territory, an excitement filling up his chest as he recognized the scent markers. It had really been almost a year since he had left that fateful day, hearing the news his parents had sent of the illness that had taken his father, though only temporarily. Kodi had made a full recovery thanks at least in part to Revan's medical training, and Revan had been particularly proud of that, proudly recieving the pat on the back and praises from his loving family. It had taken a long time for his father to recover and several times Revan wasn't actually sure he was going to make it. Despite all the ups and downs, however, Revan's tough old dad had made it through.

After all the time that had passed, along with just enjoying the company his family provided for him, Revan knew he missed Nova Scotia, and one day decided he would return to these lands, eager to see everything he had missed. "I wonder how much has changed in my absence..." He could all ready smell unfamiliar scents in the air... "This is going to be exciting..." He wagged his tail as he continued past the scent markers and into the territory, eager to meet whatever faced him.

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Io was shirking her responsibility just by leaving AniWaya. It was undoubtedly hard to balance her home life, her rank work and her leadership duties evenly and still come out with spare time. But it was a rare occurrence that she ever did this, she enjoyed working with the animals and having added responsibility. It stopped her from doing a numerous amount of stupid things, something she was all too common to do. It frustrated her a lot, and also her spirit guide, that she wasn't able to control herself.

She moved quickly in her Optime form, she had no horse with her, nor was her spirit guide anywhere to be seen. Bialik was at home too, keeping Jakub amused. The rodent was the closest thing he had to a sibling. It was refreshing to be alone and out of territory. She carried no possessions with her save for her golden pocket watch, which rung quietly as she moved along. A scent hit her quickly, someone she new. Collie ears flicked up and silver eyes narrowed and soon she found who she was looking for. 'Revan!'

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A lot had changed in his absence it seemed, even from the little amount he could see. So many new scents were in the air, as it the number of packs grew, or number of pack members perhaps? He supposed it could also be just the fact that he had been gone for so long he had forgotten the natural scents of this place he called his home away from home, or maybe it was just the scents of time passing and changing things, there was no real way to tell from the little he could see, the small distance he had walked into. As he walked along, his thoughts wandered to the female he had spent time with while he was here, one he had really enjoyed being in the company of, despite her horrible behavior to him. Io...

He was never really sure who had been at fault for the loss of her pups, but deep down he had always felt a form of guilt eating away at him. After all, she had made sure he knew just how pissed off she was at him when she had found out the pups had miscarried. He had taken the news hard of course, fuly excited to be a father and happy to take care of the pups she was going to give to him, but fate saw different, and Revan had been disappointed on top of feeling guilty. Hell it was one of the major reasons he had left besides the emergency...but despite everything that happened, Revan still missed her, even after all this time had passed, and he wondered if she ever thought about him. Just then, a breeze picked up, and a very familiar scent brushed across his nose. As Revan looked up, he heard his name being called, and a smile played across his muzzle. "Io? Is that you?" How happy he was to see how excited her calling his name had sounded, unable to say anything more as he padded closer to her.

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Silver eyes watched Revan with an air of confusion. What was he doing around here? Granted Io didn't even know where he came from originally. He may have told her, but that was of course some time ago and she'd forgotten it if he had told her before. Silver eyes narrowed as she shook her head in disbelief. 'Of course it is! Głupi gnoju!' She moved forward faster, not quite running, but walking faster than she had been before.

When she was close enough, she embraced his taller form tightly. 'Where the fuck have you been?' she questioned fiercely, or at least attempted to. Instead it came out as a lazy huff of anger. Io sighed, 'I do not even care' she decided vocally. It had been a long time and she'd hardly realised how much she'd missed the jackal hybrid before. So much had happened between a year and a half ago and now. It was actually almost painful now she thought of how long they'd been apart.

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Revan's smile grew the closer he got to her, tail swishing behind him, though his head tilted at her use of a language he was not quite familiar with. He didn't have time to ask about it however as he was suddenly pulled into a very tight and warm embrace, as if the collie had been reunited with a former lover. Revan melted into the embrace, wrapping his arms around her, inhaling her scent. Oh how he had missed her, and she had missed him too it seemed. It was almost as if the pups fiasco never happened. Revan was about to answer her question, but again before he could say anything she took the initiative, surprising him with her peculiar behavior. He didn't care in the slightest, perfectly happy spending the rest of the day tightly enveloped in each other's paws.

"Oh I've been around...not around here obviously. I had a family emergency and had to leave." He was about to mention the pups thing but thought better of it. "I stayed with my family for a while and missed souls quite a bit, before finally deciding to return once my dad had pulled through." Revan stayed silent for a moment, inhaling the scent of her optime form hair. "Want to know something? I missed Nova Scotia, but most of all I missed you...a lot.."

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She listened to his excused quietly, nodding every so often with mild interest when all she really was doing was revelling in his scent and warmth. It had been so long now she thought about it longer. Dymtr and Jandro would be rapidly approaching their first birthday now. And Revan went even further back than that. Her ears flickered every so often, a sign of her half intent listening. 'Nice to know...' she mused softly, her voice hardly about a murmur. Pulling away she crossed her arms over her chest and offered up a mild grin. 'I missed you too if it is any consolation'.

Io gazed down at the floor lazily, trying to process everything that was trying to make it's way into her mind. What a few moments it had been. The hybrid looked back up to Revan. 'Where did you go?' she questioned him, 'Precisely'. It was curiosity, maybe even worry for him. She still cared for him after all this time of course.

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Revan sighed as they both just stood there, enjoying each other's warmth and company. He couldn't believe his luck. Here he was thinking she would have forgotten about him, or worse remembered the horrible thing that had happened, but it turned out she had missed him just as much as he had her, and it made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside. When she pulled away, it was very tempting to just pull her back, not wanting the warmth to leave him, but he had a feeling this was only the beginning of the hugs he was going to receive now that he was back. His spirits perked up at that. "You missed me too? I can't tell you how happy that makes me feel." His tail wagged gently behind him, his taller form meaning for him to look down at her, but really in his heart he was looking up.

"Suppose I don't have to though do I? I have a feeling you know." He chuckled, his eyes full of happiness. "I went back home to my family. My dad got really sick and nobody could figure out what it was. Turned out to be a pretty bad sickness, but with herbs and help, he was able to recover thankfully. They're thinking about coming to Nova Scotia in the future...I'd be really happy for you to meet them someday." His eyes widened hopefully. Strange how quickly he had come to seemed his feelings for her hadn't dwindled at all. "What about you? How have you been? I'm anxious to know..." His eyes gleamed curiously, and with care.

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'No. I am just telling you that for fun' she mused dryly, without a hint of humour in her voice, but laced with muted sarcasm all the while. 'I got that you left for family reasons' she noted impatiently, crossing her arms over her chest with a huff. 'Where geographically?' Silver eyes flicked around Revan's face with thinly veiled curiosity. It had been so, so very long and Io was trying to pinpoint how he'd changed, there was little else to do aside from that and conversing.

‘Yes. Sure' Io mused softly as he spoke of his own family. Her mind delved back into thoughts of her own. Rosa was nowhere near as nice to just 'visit' without any reasons. And Paulo was of course, hung up on every word or his mate's and unlikely to visit either. Galileo was unpredictable and, well, so was Europa. She'd not seen Xyza for some time either. Her mind was pushed back on track by Revan's question. Oh well, no need to be vague.

'I have three sons, Dymtr and Alejandro' she stumble over the pronunciation of Leon's god damn choice of name, 'are almost a year old now. And Jakub is just a few months old' Io, of course, skipped over a few details, but she guessed those were the most important. Especially skipping over Jaroslaw and Jacinto.

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Revan chuckled at her obvious sarcasm. "You haven't changed much have you? That's a good thing of course, and there's no sarcasm in that." Her persistence in knowing exactly where he had been amused him. "Well..let's see now. My family's located much farther south than we are now. In the territory the humans used to call the United States I think..I couldn't exactly tell you where since I don't have a map and everything, but I could take you there someday and show you if you'd like. It's really a beautiful area." He enjoyed locking eyes with hers, those wonderful silver eyes that were so unique to her, before letting his eyes roam a bit as she talked about her recent exploits. Still with that dancer's body he saw..delicious as he last remembered her. He was just so happy to be able to see her again.

"Three sons eh? Wow...somebody's been busy." He chuckled as she had trouble pronouncing her own pup's name, but he dismissed it as an added chuckle to his little quip about somebody being busy, a joke in and of itself if anybody read into it. Of course he couldn't help but be a little disappointed, since having pups meant for sure that she currently had a mate, but Revan didn't let this disappointment show, merely shrugged it off, enjoying the reunion he was having with her. "Would you like to sit down or something? I have a feeling you would like to crawl into my arms and lay your head against my chest." Revan supplied a sly smile. A little bold, yes, but what the hell right? The worst she could say was no, and why not test her boundaries a bit. This mate was going to have a run for his money...

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Io shook her head, 'I know where the US is' she noted plainly, 'I come from a place where there are over thirty separate countries in one area'. Europe was definitely vast and impressive. Much better than here, that was Io's opinion. But then again, this place had it's benefits. Silver eyes caught Revan's wandering gaze and with an obvious sigh, she attempted to brush it off. 'Yes. I have been busy' she agreed, 'I also help lead a pack named AniWaya'. It wasn't as big a detail as, 'I have three sons' but it still deserved a mention.

She didn't respond to his request to sitting down, merely placing herself down on the floor before him and nodding loosely. She couldn't help find herself disappointed by her own lack of self restraint. Three sons by three different men and a mate who was not the father of either of them. Jacinto, a man she'd dragged away from his home and now she was throwing herself at Revan. It truly was pitiful.

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"You've been to the US? I had no idea, but I suppose most of the others around here have or have had their parents originate from there....Oh hey! The land of thirty countries! I want to go visit there someday.. That's so funny too because on my way up here I met a friend that just came from Europe. Her name's Sabyne, she's definitely a character." Revan chuckled. "She's been through a hell of a lot, but I helped her come to Nova Scotia with her two pups, maybe you can meet her some..." It was then that Revan caught the last thing she said. " lead Aniwaya? Wow look at you all high up on the food chain now. I'm proud of you've really made something of yourself in my absence haven't you? Seems like you lived a whole lifetime in the year I've been gone."

And then she sat down in front of him, but she didn't look too happy all of a sudden. Such a huge difference from the happy Io he had seen a few minutes ago. Revan sat down too and leaned back against the tree. With a gentle grab of her arm, he made an effort to pull her into his arms, wanting so badly to be able to hold her again. " something wrong? Seconds ago you were all giddy OMG I'm so happy to see you and now you're all down and stuff. Look I'm not going anywhere ok? I'm staying this time. I'm really happy to see you and I missed you, can we just enjoy this reunion together without worrying about any outside influences? I bet you'll feel better being back in your favorite place." Revan smiled, indicating his chest. "Remember? It's still waaarm...still muscleeeey.."[/b] He chuckled, trying to coax a smile from her.

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