Last Speck Of Hope

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He had been travelling for what had seemed such a very long time. Not only had his appearance suffered but also his spirit. But there was some hope on the horizon. A new packs territory lingered only a short distance from where he stood motionless. Though filled slightly with excitement, his limbs also slowed his approach to a standstill near the border of their lands with the cautious nature he had been carrying within him all this time. There was so much resting on this moment and he was long tired from making life changing decisions. But he knew that wondering through his existence alone was not for him. Slowly but surely over the last year with no one at his side was killing him. He longed to have a bond with those of his kind again, to belong anywhere. One thing he could see now from his younger years was that he had been blind to what gifts he had truly been the recipient of. It was only now after being lost for so long that he realised that. But now he had the chance to be given those gifts again, although if he was deserving of such things he was undecided.

Inching slowly forwards with his nose catching for the border to the territory he stopped just short of it. Knowing very well to breech the packs land would not be wise. Then throwing his head back he let out a howl that echoed into the distance. With his head back level to watch, the wait now continued for him. His eyes scanned for any arrival and his ears remained standing to attention for any sign of sound that may give him notice they were on their way. Although he tried to stay upright it didn’t take long for the aching in his body to start to declare its victory. Being forced to lay on his front before the legs beneath him had given way.

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The air was crisp and cool that day, a blessing for wolves with full winter coats. Ciara’s coat had come in healthy and thick, the golden facets shining in the autumn sun. Fogs of breath came from her nose as she trotted along the borders, scent-marking to fortify their lines and insuring all was well. She was in a rather good mood, for her own reasons, but didn’t feel right to show it. Adonia, the mother of Zalen’s future pups, had been taken from them in a bloody kidnapping and it had set everyone on edge.

Once again the Epsilons had taken to tirelessly patrolling. Augustus was north of the territory somewhere, Ciara to the west, and Shadowfang and Kiara choosing between themselves. Ciara enjoyed having more Epsilons to work with as part of a team, and being all the same rank solidified their camaraderie. The golden beauty was confident that together, along with Tharin’s strength, Zalen’s bravery and all the elements of her pack members, they would overcome this hurtle and destroy the dog bitch Amy.

Ciara was fantasizing ways of killing her as she scent-marked a tree when suddenly she heard a stranger’s howl close by. Tawny ears swivelled atop her head to catch the noise and, after finishing her mark, the Epsilon turned in the direction of the caller and began a sprint. She didn’t recognize the call and as she got closer, she couldn’t place the scent either. He was wolf, though, and alone as far as she could tell. Would New Dawn get another warrior or guardian to defend against Amy?

Excited, Ciara gave a short bark to announce her presence before she walked stiffly up to the male, posturing. She was a very strong female, and very proud of the rank she had. She had fought off cougars and a trespasser, chased away bears, and was skilled in the ways of fighting. A male looking over her might not think so by her lithe, feminine shape, but he would be soon to realize his wrong if he mistook her for weak.

Ears erect and tail lifted high, Ciara looked down on the stranger laying on the ground. He looked weary and lonely. Ciara’s heart wrenched for him for she had been the same way when she’d arrived at the borders, close to this very spot. She hoped he wanted to join, because she knew that New Dawn was a fantastic home. A good judge of character, Ciara studied him for a moment and determined he was no one to be suspicious of before her melodic voice lit the air.

Hello. I am Ciara, Epsilon of New Dawn, the pack whose borders you are on. What brings you here?

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Whist he awaited some response to his call he tried not to succumb to his need to rest. His body felt all too heavy. The only movement that gave away that he was in fact alive was his honey brown eyes slowly shifting to survey the land in front of him, along with his breath reacting with the chill within the air. Though he was all to use to the cold, he didn’t feel the need for a reminder of the home lost. To many times he had tried to rest along his journey, only to be disturbed by the memories of things ripped away from him. But he had got into the habit of pushing those thoughts away, resting only a little and bottling up his feelings on the past. No doubt he knew that one day it would become impossible to carry on that way, but for now it had meant his survival.

Although he was usually a proud, somewhat sharp individual he admitted to himself that the bark that rang in his ears, had almost made him jump. Another sign to him that he was getting sloppy from being on his own, which was dangerous. Demogorgon had lifted his head slightly, examining the form which had come to greet him. It was clear that this female wasn’t one to mess around. So he placed his head back down where it had been. With some hope of finding others to accept him, he wasn’t going to let any stupidity he may have lurking within mess it up. Knowing the ways in which a pack worked, respect was given to any and all above you. Right now he knew he was the scrapings at the bottom of the barrel, or so he felt like.

Whist he waited her appraisal to conclude he watched her; he had seen few of his kind along his journey. Mainly as he had been fleeing so fast from where he came from that he had been scared stop. Only now had he been so near to another, it had only been for the sake of his reflection in water that he remembered what his kind looked like. When her voice sprang into his ears he had to stop himself from rising with excitement, but he righted himself back down in his low position. He had found a pack. He had heard of various ones, but he had only ever lived in one place. Needless to say traveling with the direction of whispers and never before seen land hadn’t been exactly accurate. With his head low once more he forced out his voice, which had been used so little in the time that had past while he was one his own.

“It is a pleasure to meet you Ciara, I am Demogorgon. I have come in search of a new home, a new pack to belong to. Please forgive both my being on the border of your packs territory, along with my appearance which I can only imagine is a rather rough sight to witness.”

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In the past he had let bygones be bygones and not interfered with the movements of his pack members. Even when his own former mate had gone missing, he had accepted it after a fruitless search, and to hear that she had forgotten them had nearly eased his suffering. When Deuce had disappeared, it had not been his decision on whether to hunt for her or not, it had been her son’s, and Noah had made the decision to find her. But Adonia being taken from them in the night by some foul trespasser working for none other than Amy; this could not be ignored. How low could a creature get as too yank a pregnant female away from the comfort of her pack. Zalen would not stand for this; and so for every night since he disappearance he had left New Dawn to search for her. He felt he was getting closer, though Amy was difficult to track; but he knew he would find her soon, and he would kill her.

He had not slept much, but in the cool morning of this day he had found some rest after a night of searching. He lay in the sunlight, the rays warming his thickening fur, as he slept dreamlessly. After only an hour or two of respite, he had awoken and gone to refresh himself at the Little River. It was then that he heard the call of a wolf near the border, followed by the return call of Ciara. This was different from the other night, when the rogues of Anathema had come to terrorize the pack; no, this was a regular greeting, and Zalen began his trek to satiate his curiosity on the matter.

Just the previous day, Tharin had brought a new wolfess into the fold; Sarai. Zalen had not yet spoken to her, though he had seen her and now recognized her scent; it had been so long since a new arrival had come to New Dawn that the Alpha felt it would have to take some getting used to; but if there was another already knocking on their borders, perhaps he would just have to live with it. It did not take the Alpha long to reach the borders, today taking on his smallest four-legged form, which was also his swiftest. Ciara came into view, and before her, was Sarai. Wait, no, it was not Sarai, though Zalen would not be surprised if it had been her brother. But as he neared he noted the scents did not match; no this was a completely unique loner, just with similar features; something that was not unheard of in New Dawn.

The dark king walked up the submissive and dirty male, tail erect and body tense with dominance as he sniffed him over; he smelled of the wild and nothing more. Zalen looked over at Ciara to hear if she had anything to say.

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When Ciara noticed Zalen’s scent on the wind she began to swish her tail happily behind her. Her head turned, tawny ears pricked in the stranger’s direction still so she could catch his words as well. As Zalen came upon them and postured in front of the other male, the Epsilon moved to meet her Alpha’s cheek with her nose. She bumped it gently, offering a few greeting and affectionate licks to his chin. Her posture relaxed a little, her tail dropping a few inches beneath Zalen’s but still in a dominant posture as well, for she was an Epsilon.

After Zalen had thoroughly sniffed Demogorgon, his acidic green eyes turned to Ciara. She waited a moment and realized that he was giving her the floor with this newcomer. Pride swelled within the golden beauty, feeling this was a large show of respect to her. Her tail swished a time or two again and then she turned back to Demo, ears pricking forward to catch the last few words of his reply.

Your appearance is not offensive, Demogorgon,she replied, mentally noting that in the future she’d call him Demo. You have not crossed our border and there is no offense there either, you needn’t worry. New Dawn is a strong pack which follows the natural ways. We here that are Luperci most often stay in this natural form, and we do not use the humanistic ways that other packs use. A good number of our members are natural wolves such as yourself, including my mate and our Beta.

She felt this explanation would comfort the male who looked so lonely. At the same time, she wasn’t giving enough away that he could hurt New Dawn with the information if he was indeed a spy of some kind. The golden girl couldn’t detect any of those bad qualities in him so far, but now she was curious as to what he could bring to the pack. What skills or abilities do you have that you can bring to our pack? I’m assuming by your age that you have had experience in pack life.

She moved closer to Zalen while she waited for the male to reply, rubbing her side to his and bumping flanks. It had been too long since she’d spent any time with the Alpha, or any pack mates other than her own mate and the other Epsilons. Rubbing her scent into his and gaining his own scent made her feel more like a pack member, and instilled the sense of family she so valued. After rubbing him and bumping her nose to his shoulder blade gently, Ciara sat on her haunches, intent on the stranger’s answer.

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He had been staying low, his words had been spoken and the only thing to do was to wait. To see if Ciara would welcome him into the pack to which she belonged. But while he quite literally lay in wait, his upright ears caught the sound of another approaching. There was no mistake in Demogorgon’s mind that he was firmly in the middle of things now. The male was clearly a force one did not want to displease. He himself had already entertained worry that the first to greet him could very easily use him as a chew toy. Not just down to his current state but also that Ciara had a presence that in itself was strong, he had seen such strength before. Needless to say he was hoping that this would end well for him. Only wishing he could go lower as the male took in his appearance and scent, but if he could go any lower he would taste the dirt beneath him. To which he was sure was one thing he possibly wreaked of. Not a very pleasing scent for any nose to need endure.

Demgorgon was glad that she saw him as no threat, which indeed he wasn’t. Though he was very aware that he was not looking his best he had a feeling that it was a side effect of wondering around with complete lack of knowing where he would end up. He listened intently, his ears fully upright as he absorbed every word. Whilst he was a little worried of those that could change their form, he got the impression that his past experience shouldn’t make him scared of all those that could go from four legs to two. After all he knew all packs were different, therefore if those that stood before him were like those he had run from he would have already been dead. However he wasn’t for which he was grateful, along with the fact that they seemed welcoming towards him.

Being quite excited at there were also natural wolves within this pack, he did wonder what they were like. In fact what any pack member he hadn’t yet met was like, though he considered after being on his own for so long he may not be the best at being sociable. He hadn’t even talked to himself whilst on his travels so his practice was none existence at conversing with others. Demogorgon lifted his head only slightly as he was asked what skills he could contribute to the pack to which territory he was on the edge of. He took a moment to think on her question. Whilst he had done many things whilst within his previous pack, he had found certain things that he had more of a flare at.

“Yes I was in a pack. I was skilled at hunting, our territory was large but the amount of prey was a lot less. Before leaving there I became experienced in protecting our land and pack more than is the normal. Another rather vicious pack decided to move in, there was much fighting.”

Demogorgon told them both, though he knew his survival was something to be happy about. But it was the fact of his inability to truly protect his kin that soured that fact for him. He knew that one couldn’t do everything which was the reason there kind lived within packs. Although he could do nothing but be honest on how he came to be here, he did hope it didn’t make him look anymore inferior than he possibly already did.

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Ciara seemed especially ecstatic to see him, and that caused his ears to perk at her when she came to greet him in her wolfish way. He returned the gesture, realizing that the two of them hadn’t really interacted much since their awkward interlude those many moons ago. Zalen supposed he had subconsciously been steering clear of her, and the fact that she had not had puppies yet was somewhat off-putting. He wouldn’t mention that to her now though, of course, it would be uncouth.

Ciara asked the male, Demogorgan, what skills he might bring to their pack. Zalen pondered on the man’s name for a moment; it was odd, and he felt like it was familiar somehow, but couldn’t quite place where he might have heard it before. The dirty male said that he had lived in another pack before, and that he was adept at hunting and defense. Zalen sat back on his black haunches as he listened, and as soon as the new-comer was finished speaking, he replied in turn, That is good. New Dawn is blessed with many skilled hunters and protectors, it is one of the reasons are bellies are never empty. And considering the recent circumstances and the upcoming winter, we could always use more sharp eyes. He looked at Ciara and gave her a slight nod. This one would do.

Standing then, Zalen walked to the males side and nuzzled at him to stand, I am Zalen, the Alpha. I welcome you to our pack; unfortunately you have come during difficult times but they will surely pass. Ciara and I will show you to the den, there is a river nearby that you can clean up in if you wish. He then began to walk back into the pack lands, after brushing flanks with Ciara affectionately.

Rest now, traveler, for you are home.

Your brothers and sisters welcome you to New Dawn!

Congratulations! You no longer stray from the path and have returned to life as a true wolf. You do not have to face this world alone, and now may rely on the wisdom of your pack to guide you.

If you have any questions or concerns you may always seek your alphas' guidance by contacting Nat (Zalen Damaichu). Feel free to start posting in your new home immediately, or if you would like to plan a thread you may poke your muzzle around in Thread Requests or Open Threads!

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Whilst he had been telling him of the skills that he felt he was more favourable at, he did wonder how useful at those things he could be. Most certainly he had hunted for himself whilst making his way to what ended up being here. It had been an experience in itself, what with the increase in food once he had left his land. When he had ventured through more habitable surroundings he had found more choice in what to hunt. He did wonder right then what delights the pack here enjoyed. No doubt there would be some differences at least. Of course whilst traveling he had only need to hunt for himself, enough to keep him going a little longer and nothing more. With this pack that that they were telling him of, sounded rather more than just one lone wolf. Demogorgon thought that he would have to get back into that game and quickly if he was to truly show how good at hunting he could be. It was a different world and a different game between the hunter and the prey here one to which he was sure he would enjoy.

On hearing the male responding to him he listened, intently. Relieved that the dominating figure near him seemed pleased with his skills of which he spoke. Though he was curious to ask about the circumstances of which was spoken. It certainly didn’t sound good at all, he hoped that the trouble that had once befallen his pack was not something that was spreading. He wished on no one the grief that he had endured. But instead of asking he stayed quiet. His white and unkempt figure slowly arose from its spot once he felt the nudge from the Alpha of the pack. In truth he had a little trouble doing so, even though he had much life in him and his limbs they were being a little unkind to him of late. It was a sign that he wasn’t exactly the jewel of good health and rest. Demogorgon padded the floor a little with his paws, though he was excited to be accepted into New Dawn it had not yet reached his lower extremities. Though he was somewhat nervous at all the new things he was faced with it was a light for him at the end of a very dark time.

“Thank you, thank you both. I had thought I would never find another place I could truly belong. And I don’t doubt that could do with that river, if only to save others from my colourful collection of scents I have picked up on my journey.”

With his future looking a lot brighter than it had when he had set out away from his old territory. Demogorgon slowly padded over the line which he had previously been careful not to cross. True the spot he had just been in was not all that different from the spot near Ciara he stood in now, awaiting to see all that they would show him. But there was a difference and that was that he now had somewhere he could begin again.

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