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we prey as wolves among the sheep
and slit the necks of soldiers while they sleep
If he were to climb higher still north, he would discover the blackened side of the mountain – remnants of the fire that had seemingly claimed his own mother’s life and marked the beginning of his. Instead, Apollo hung lower on Halcyon – just north of the Waste. Here, the snow had started to collect, though in still relatively small quantities. It didn’t feel as if it was really December, but Apollo didn’t know to expect any different. This would be his first winter after all.

He had abandoned his bag along Drifter Bay where he knew he would be returning fairly soon. His jeans clung tight to his legs, and the black handle protruding from his front pocket indicated that Apollo had slipped the knife inside for easy access. For now, the youth lingered on a fallen log, pushing the silver bangs from his mismatched eyes as he watched the clouds move in over head and block out the sun.

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     Though the weather was not ideal for climbing, Ezekiel was doing so anyway. His body was built for this sort of thing—and really, for exploring in general. Lean and coy-like, he grabbed at protruding rocks and branches, using them to pull his body up the mountainside. Both of his large ears protruded from a mass of dreadlocks, following the sounds of the wind and the mountain as he went. Perhaps if he went high enough, the sound of the ocean would fade completely. He doubted it, though; the ocean had been a constant until he left home.
     Another yank brought him to a flat area, and it was here he was met with a silver-white wolf. Startled, Ezekiel’s eyes widened for a moment, and then his face broke into a grin. Unlike his father, he was not immediately suspicious of the cousin-species they shared blood with. “Hey!”

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we prey as wolves among the sheep
and slit the necks of soldiers while they sleep
He turned his gaze upwards, not looking for anything in particular but rather searching his memories. He had been born here alongside his brother prematurely and it was truly a miracle either had survived. Without the help of his grandmother and everyone else in Twilight Vale, surely Apollo and his coy-blooded brother would have been lost. Not that he really remembered any of this, though he did stop to think about it at times. It was one of the things that pushed Apollo to be stronger. He didn’t want to be like the lost puppy that had grown up under a lack of watchful eyes. He would amount to more.

His chin dipped violently, and his fingers subconsciously moved to the blade at this thigh. He hadn’t even heard as the clan member had risen closer; too lost in his own thoughts. His greeting, however, but him slightly at ease. He dropped his hand away from the weapon and lifted it in greeting. "Hey there," he offered as he studied the curious collection of dreadlocks.

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     Both arms pushed him onto the ledge, where he rolled over and sat with a heavy exhale. This was more an act then anything else—though slightly out of breath from the cold, Ezekiel was in top form. After a moment to take in the world below, he sun and was on his feet again, tail wagging behind him. This was the first male he had met his age, which was a remarkable thing to a boy that had been raised in isolation (not that this bothered him, of course).
     Tilting his head, a habit that often became present when he was interested in something, the coyote-hybrid smiled. “What are you doing all the way up here?”

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we prey as wolves among the sheep
and slit the necks of soldiers while they sleep
He watched Ezekiel with interest, trying to ignore the knot that formed in his stomach as he realized that he was reminded of his brother. Though they didn’t look alike, the coyblood that was apparent in Sirius resembled what he saw in Ezekiel. Though he wouldn’t want to admit it outloud, he hoped that his brother was doing alright. It had been a long time since he had seen him. Sirius could take care of himself. Apollo knew that. He still couldn’t help but feel anxious at times.

"I was just trying to clear my head; figure out what I was doing." He wondered the same about him, though didn’t ask right away. "Didn’t think I’d run into anyone else, to be honest." He grinned, crooked and playful.

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     There was a moment where Ezekiel saw something flicker through his companion’s face, something that betrayed the fact he was ill at ease about something, and for one moment the coyote-hybrid’s eyes darkened. For one moment there was a very real de le Poer in his face, a very dangerous thing that could have belonged to his father (or even his grandfather) and then it was gone, as if the sun broke out from behind a cloud.
     “Yeah, I didn’t either,” he said, offering a shrug of one shoulder. “I’m Ezekiel,” he continued, holding out his hand.

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we prey as wolves among the sheep
and slit the necks of soldiers while they sleep
He took his hand, nodding, "Apollo. Nice to meet you." He wondered.. then stopped himself. It didn’t matter either way if he was or not. But something in him had to know; had suspicions. "You’re from Inferni, aren’t you?" The clan had a special place reserved in Apollo’s core. Thoughts of it raised feelings of anger, rejection, and jealousy. His brother had been allowed to join, though he knew he wouldn’t be permitted past the piked borders. Stupid rules, stupid blood. His father was the last person he wanted to be related to. He wanted to follow Sirius’ example and get out of here, but that had failed. Obviously, otherwise he wouldn’t have come back. But there was no place for him to go. Of course he had Crimson Dreams for now, but there needed to be something better eventually. Something to suit him. "It just seems like most of the coyote around here are, one way or another."

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