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Preferred method of contact: AIM: Shawchert
Character Name: Liliana Vess
Character Age: 1 year
Character Gender: Female
Desired Profession Path, if any: Animal care
Regular Wolf or Luperci: Luperci
How did you hear about 'Souls?: From Shannon *aka Firefly*


Liliana, or as her parents called her Lili, moved onto the claimed territory, she was taught at a young age that trespassing was a crime and she’d evidently get chased off or killed. She hoped neither. Her parents were gone now though, she’d been attacked a few months ago by another lone wolf, but her father saved her by dying himself. He injured the wolf pretty badly before he died though leaving room for Liliana and her mother to run away, unfortunately, Lili’s mother wasn’t ready for her mate’s death. She stopped eating stopped moving, Lili had to wait with her mother trying to force her to eat and drink until finally she too died. Lili was devastated. She was old enough to take care of herself, over a year in fact but that didn’t mean much when it came to companionship. All her life she had her parents, and for a month after she’d buried her mother, next to her father, she thought of ways to find a companion, all she could think of was a pack. Then if one died, it wouldn’t be so bad would it? She was still mourning her parents death but she needed to get to a good destination. She’d heard about Aniwaya from traveler’s mouths, and as it was the closest to their wandering territory, she decided it was best. Lili stayed in her Luperci form most of the time because she liked using her hands so she didn’t have to change, but she wondered if she was suppse to wear clothes in a pack, she’d never worn anything before.

As she moved further into the territory she started to wonder if this was such a good idea. She was this far now, might as well keep going on in. questions filled her head, was she suppose to call for someone, or howl so others would know she was here? Or was she to have already found a pack member at a border or something? She was so unsure right now. It made her more nervous and more skittish. She hoped to be welcomed, but if she wasn’t well how many other packs were there?

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He had heard no howl. Perhaps she was a visitor. Dawali had picked her scent up on his way to the fields near the border, where he hoped to start a crop of tobacco sometime soon. Instead, now, he headed in the direction of this stranger, whose presence puzzled him. If she was a visitor, surely he would have heard her call for whoever it was that she knew here? And if not, she could be a messenger from another pack, though he could not smell any pack scent in between her own from here. She could just recently have joined a pack, though, and their scent would not have settled. He was not quick to judge. The Chief moved quickly, long legs moving him across the land with ease and the feathers and ornaments of his mane dancing behind him in the moving air. Yellow eyes gazed ahead with great focus, trying to spot her, which he did before he had expected to. She was quite far into AniWaya, and unaccompanied. He very nearly frowned, but called out to her, a wordless sound, as he continued to approach her, one arm raised above his head in a greeting. Once close enough for conversation his deep voice formed words, and his pose stated quite firmly that he was the authority in these parts. Not usually blunt, Dawali found himself on the defense as to why she was here, and not at the borders where one would expect a stranger to wait, for now he was certain; there was no trace of another pack on her. She was not a messenger, but a loner. His face was without a smile now, but also without hostility. He would hear her out first. "I'm Dawali, Chief of this tribe whose lands you've entered without our permission. State your business." He was demanding an answer, and not asking, but this was Dawali with his guard up. He was by no means cruel, but trespassing needed to be addressed. If she proved trustworthy and honest, he would forgive her for he rudeness.

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She froze when he stopped her with his noise of greeting, and the look on his face made her feel rather stupid, she should have stopped and called by the border, why didn’t she just do that? He looked very unhappy to see her and he could tell why, if he decided to attack her, she knew he’d win, she was ok in a fair fight, but not much more than that. He was so intimidating, especially with all those feathers! As she introduced himself she took deep breaths to keep her calm, and not act like a scared pup. So he was the chief? No wonder he looked pretty angry! Well she hoped he’d be a little more understanding if he knew she was interested in joining? From the look on his face, it didn’t seem so but she had to try anyway, what else could she lose. That thought came immediately to her brain…. Her life.

My name is Liliana Vess, I came here in peace, I.. I wanted to join your tribe.

She said almost losing her cool. Well she did want to talk to the one in charge didn’t she? She got her wish, now she just hope he wouldn’t rip her neck off, she bowed the way her parents showed her, purposefully showing the back of her neck in submission, they told her it was a sign of respect to someone who was a higher rank to her. In her wolf form she would roll on her back, but she wasn’t and this was the best she could do. She was glad that her parents taught her a little about pack life, at least the generals of being a wolf in a pack, even if most were all different. Then again she didn’t even know if she was doing anything right. This was the first land she’d been on without permission.

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He relaxed more as she offered him her cause to come here, but his face was still serious as he pressed the conversation further. He saw that she was nervous, and in most cases he would work to ease the joiners' discomfort, but he did not now. She'd trespassed, and besides; if she did qualify to live among them, it would probably not harm anyone if she knew who was the definitive force in charge around here. "I see." He paused and studied her before continuing. She was a mix of something he had not seen before, and it intrigued him, though he did not allow this to surface for her to see. "What skills do you have, in return for being allowed to stay with us?" The questions were the same he asked any joiner, even if his pose and face were different from how they usually were. She would find, should she be accepted, that he was not usually like this. But he'd been lenient in the past, even if some pressed on beyond their borders, and he had decided not to allow this any longer. Just because he was nice did not mean he was incapable of discipline, and the tribe certainly needed some.

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She waited until he spoke again before letting herself rise. The question he asked was simple, but hard, she’d learned her mother’s trade as well as hunting and some cooking, maybe that would help in all of this, she didn’t look up to meet his eyes, due to fear in what she would see, although the glance she made told her that he still didn’t look too happy, Oh how was she going to save herself?

I can hunt and cook, and my mom taught me to train animals, mostly horses, sir.

She said making sure she was audible, her mother use to go and train animals, before she and Lili’s dad came around the unclaimed lands. Why they did Lili didn’t know, but she knew they did miss it back west. They said things were simpler, but they didn’t belong in a pack. Lili thought different, now that her parents were gone, she needed a pack, and she hoped a pack would need her.

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The chief nodded decisively and softened his pose. He considered himself good at reading others, and good at spotting deceit, and this femme had neither of these things. Besides, she was young, and he would not continue to reprimand her with his stern behavior now that he had deemed her truthful. One could learn a lot about a person by studying how they react to authority, and he saw nothing wrong with her responses. Her skills were needed, as well, with the growing number of horses in the stables. Someone ought to take responsibility and oversee their breeding, and he hoped it would not come down to himself. Perhaps this fresh face would be the one. He granted her a nod and a small, formal smile as he spoke, now clearly not as defensive any longer. "Very well. I believe you will fit in nicely; we do have animals that need caring for, and few capable hands. Welcome." Dipping his head, Dawali turned halfway and gestured in the direction he had come from. "Our village is that way; I am heading there myself. You can join me, if you want to." The male took a few steps, ready to go in that direction either way.

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Her ears perked up at his comment, and her heart lifted. He smiled appreciatively and followed him further into the territory, a new life was awaiting her, unknown, but she knew one thing: She wasn’t alone anymore, and she would have a job, one where she’d enjoy it, she always enjoyed breaking horses with her mom, they tended to trade any of the horses they broke for supplies. Now she would earn her way with a pack, and learn how a group would act. She hoped she would fit in.

She listened as he told her where he was headed. They had a village? Well one new thing to see for sure. She couldn’t wait, but she fell into his pace and followed him taking in the sights. Her new home. A place where she could settle down, and still be free… at least she hoped.

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