Forever and After

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Birthing Thread! I wanted to get it up on the correct date, thus I'm posting from my mid-west vacation spot. First post goes to Savina, then friends are welcome. ^^

She hadn’t walked the stairs in many days. And her blue eyes shut out the dim thin line of light under the door of the small room. It was off the living room of the manor, quiet and warm in the summer’s heat. Anu had closed the door as best she could in her four legged form, seeking the solitude and finding it overpowering. Her urges had been different theses past few days. They had told her to nest, and so she did; the blankets and furs lined the floor and bunched up to create an indent for her rounded form. They had told her it was best to remain still and quiet, so the female had spoken to few and remained on her side and refused to eat. The lack of contact helped her return to the primal voices that had called to her in the beginning and told her she was close. She listened to her body, and she slept in the early morning hours when she would normally have her fingers deep in the earth’s cool soil.

The sun had yet to rise beyond the tree’s tips, and Anu was lay in a peaceful slumber. Her eyes lids barely moved with the slight motions that her sleep brought. Dreams were vague, a haze of images that told her she was moving, running perhaps. Smells where dank, covered by that of dust and the fur of her coverings. Toes twitched, her pace increasing in the world that would be forever forgotten the moment she woke. There was something waiting for her, or urging her forward. It felt as if she was growing closer, nearing finally what she wished and anticipated.

Her eyes opened, followed by her maw. A higher-pitched angry groan escaped her throat. A noise that sounded was unlike the small female, and for a moment Anu wondered who had given such a call. Then she felt the pain. It was sudden, hash and unlike anything that she had ever felt. It was pressure, pressure that caused the sharp gab or pang that radiated from her abdomen and into her legs and up her chest. Anu whimpered, unsure if she could manage the small pains that came forth now, let alone the ones that would come in the near future. She barked, her breath uncontrolled and already too hasty to conjure a long winded howl.

She managed to rise, her instincts taking control of her and sending her into a tight circle. Anu wore away at the imprint she had made in the blankets, scratching even as the pain subsided. Nestled in among the bedding once again she felt the beginning rumbles of the next thundering pain and braced herself for the small storm that raged. The door opened, the low light of morning flooding the small room. Blue eyes opened to see the face of Mati, purple eyes looking concerned and frightened. Anu felt her legs tremor slightly, caused by the pain or the fear she couldn’t tell. Get Savi. She spoke, voice unnaturally forceful and hard.


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Her friend's time was near, and Savina had made certain not to stray too far from the mansion. She wanted to be there as soon as Anu needed her. Unlike herself, the elder woman didn't have a mate to be there for her, to comfort her and tell her that all was going to be alright. The Italian fey would be that for her friend and she would not mess up on that duty. She wouldn't be able to live with herself if she did. Along with sticking close to home, she had informed her daughter to be ready at a moment's notice to be prepared to help the Lt. General in her labor. It didn't take much coaxing from the mother though, as Cambria was just as anxious and excited for the day as she was. It didn't surprise her, she knew that Anu meant a great deal to her chocolate offspring. No doubt the apparent feelings between her girl and the tawny woman's adopted daughter did a good deal to make her aware as well.

The Commander had stepped out of the house to take a stroll around the mansion, making sure everything was in order. The sky was overcast and there was a certain electricity in the air. The Italian fey paused, bright emeralds lifting to look at the sky. The static she was feeling had nothing to do with the clouds. Her tail became stiff, but she continued her small walk, just waiting for the moment where the gathering energy would be diffused. She didn't have to wait long as she heard the door slam open and her name being called. Her muscles had been coiled and ready to spring without her consciously making them so, and she was at the door and rushing inside with Mati in mere seconds.

As Savina entered the house she let out a sharp, loud bark summoning her daughter to the room in which her second in command had denned down in. Frantic feet didn't miss a beat though and she skidded into the room and was at her friend's side. Her nose lowered down to Anu's ear, sniffing and taking in the information it gave her. "I'm here," she reassured softly with a lick. The Marino's emotions, while wildly excited, were only expressed as a calm veneer on the surface. Anu needed stability, a rock to hang onto in this process, and Savina was going to be that for her.

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people still welcome to hop in, yayy puppy #1!

She was suddenly unsure. Her confidence wavered and faded. Could she do this? Anu had no true idea if she would be able to. The pain made it all so very real and the female was growing more scared by the second. Her thoughts raced, eyes squinting and then shutting from the pain. Blurred vision saw the movement around her, the brown blur that told her that Mati had moved to do as she had told. She needed Savina, needed her strength and confidence and her experience. Anu shivered as the contraction rolled through her and then subsided.

A voice was heard at her ear and the Dreamer looked up at the dark face of her friend. She was almost instantly calmed, the passing of pain helping with her gathering bravery. I don’t know Savi. She spoke, her voice breathless. She knew that it would hurt, she knew and had seen many go through it and yet it was nothing like experiencing it herself. She didn’t know that it would be this bad, she didn’t know what to do even though her instincts were beckoning her to follow them, she didn’t know if she would be able to do any of it. She felt weak and powerless.

Then the next wave rolled and Anu felt the internal need to push. It was like a voice spoke the words and her body simply had not other option. Her eyes closed again, and there were no other thoughts that could be comprehended, focus completely on the physical matter at hand. Her hind legs trembled slightly, and with all the effort that she could gather she passed the first, entering into the world head first. Quickly and without much understanding Anu cleaned the puppy, knowing so little hadn’t mattered at all for she had always been maternal and such things wouldn’t certainly change now.


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His kind had the uncanny ability to know the emotions of fellow pack wolves, without the slightest conversation. Thus, Kansas sensed anticipation. He hadn't seen Anu much over the past few days, and let this knowledge rest at little more than that. The female was concerned about her pregnancy as all women became, leading him to the expectation that her time was near. This expectation was almost tangible, in the electric, gray air of Crimson Dreams' land.

Of course, he had no way of knowing that today was the tawny woman's day. He was resting beneath the porch, where he liked to go sometimes, comforted by the shelter and by the soft, old dirt beneath his body. The snowy male stirred little, but never slept, his ears perpetually perked with instinctual caution. As the morning lengthened, he heard the swinging of the opening door and a surprising call for Savina, given by Mati's frantic voice. Initially Anu did not cross his mind, for he was alarmed by the hysteria in the bronze-furred wolf's voice as it spoke his love's name. He rose to his feet, his pristine coat now covered in earth from his limbs to his belly, but he didn't even bother to shake himself clean.

Savina ascended the porch steps just as he emerged from beneath the porch, sunny-blue eyes wide in his concern. Savi? Is... what...? but she was on a mission, and he knew she wouldn't answer him, perhaps not even hearing him. Kansas knew better than to proceed with his stupefied stuttering, and rather followed her into the house, his steps awkward and unsure but determined. The Colonel paused in the living room, watched his mate enter the little room to the side. He at last realized what was going on, in rush that made him want to bite himself. It was Anu's time to welcome her children into the world. He heard a few soft words exchanged between the good friends form within the little chamber, but did not feel comfortable entering the room to join them. It was not his place to, as a male unrelated to the mother. Instead, he allowed Savina to usher her friend with her infallible hope and strength.

Kansas settled beside the couch where he sat on his haunches. Anu's cries of pain caused a small shudder to shake his body. Perhaps he should have stayed outside altogether, but this was an important event to him. No wolf could resist being present to share the joy of new puppies, even if they were not his own.

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This thread needs love... So I am going to love it! =D 300+ words.

As was usual for the silver-tipped Marino pup, the morning had been spent causing small bits of mayhem about the manor. Artemis liked to explore and cause little bits of trouble, even if she wasn't really supposed to do things like that. What could she say? It was fun! She needed to make up for the fact that Parker and Silvano didn't cause trouble, and sometimes that made them boring. That morning, she had been working alone, digging through the open closet of an empty room and strewing its contents everywhere. Well, the room wasn't one that anybody actually slept in, so Artemis did not see the problem of making a mess in her exciting adventuring.

Her tail waggled behind her fast enough to send tremors through her entire body, her mother's sharp bark drawing her attention. Of course, the call wasn't technically meant for her, but that didn't mean that she couldn't go down there anyway, in her very awesome opinion. The little Marino puppy excitedly hopped down the stairs, stumbling down the last few with the built up momentum of bouncing down the stairs. She didn't know what was going on, but her mommy might need her! Or something exciting was happening, but in either case, Artemis did not want to miss it.

With a little bit of investigation, the little Marino puppy found where her mother and father—and Anu and Mati and Cambria—was located. "Momma! Daddy!" she whispered excitedly. "What's going on?" The words were quiet and hushed, as she could tell she wasn't meant to be shouting right now. Light blue eyes widened as she saw what was happening to Anu's body on the blanket. What was that?

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Anu seemed to calm as she spoke, and the blue eyes of her friend looked up to her. Still, even with the calm she could see the worry. It was only natural, especially with all the pain she was experiencing. "This first time is always the hardest. Everything is going to be fine though, you'll see. Once your first pup is out, you'll see." When she had birthed her second litter she hadn't been as scared. The pain had been just as intense, but she had known it was coming, she had known what to expect. It didn't surprise her that Anu was unsure of what was to come, and if everything was going as it should. Even if you saw a hundred labors, it was never the same when it was actually you going through it.

There were a series of hurried steps outside the room. Savina could sense Kansas just outside, and knew that he would not enter, though she was glad he was close by. Next Cambria rushed into the room with her supplies and settled down near Anu, closer to her behind. The Commander smiled softly at her daughter before looking back to Anu as another contraction washed over her burdened form. She could tell things were moving quickly, but Aretmis' soft voice distracted her attention momentarily. "Something very exciting is going on sweetie, but we have to be quiet right now. Why don't you go wait outside with your Daddy for the moment?" Childbirth was a miracle, but not one she thought it necessary for her young pup to witness at her age.

Anu moved, and Savina looked as the first pup was cleaned lovingly. The instincts were strong in the tawny woman, as they were in most mothers. The pup looked healthy and strong and her face beamed with a brilliant smile. "He's beautiful," she whispered in awe.

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She lapped at the furred creature, not yet able to take in the pure awe that she would soon notice and appreciate. The female felt as if she simply went through the motions, directed by something beyond her control, and found that right when she was unsure of what to do next her body was already in the process of doing it. Savina spoke, and Anu woke momentarily from her pain enthralled daze. Yes, it was a male. Blue eyes looked down at his small body, legs hardly anything but small stumps that had grown from the rolly stomach that he owned. His movements were neither slow nor fast, small paws waved as he lay on his side, eyes shut to a world he had just met. He was just as her friend said.

But the moment did not last long, for the first was some how shuffled to her stomach and the second did not wish to wait for his chance to meet them all. With the pain came a growing excitement, a fading worry. It tired her, pushed the aged wolfess to her limits and with the birth of the thirds, largest and final pup Anu panted with exhaustion. Her will to clean the last pup, another male just as the second was, was still strong but her body was weakened and her energy drained. Her chest heaved up and down, black nose pushing the two forms at her belly until brown hands made it three. He was wiped clean, but Anu licked him now that he was in easy reach, her breathing slowing and growing more normal as she did so.

There were moments in time that would not be forgotten. They defined ones life, or brought forth an emotion so unique that it was impossible to forget it. The feeling would fade, as did they all, but the memory could live even if the details grew a bit blurry around the edges. Anu had thought that she knew love, thought that she had seen it in the eyes of others and in the words spoke through whispers. In the gentle caress of soft fingertips, in the smiles and the bright eyes, in fulfilled needs and satisfied bodies. But she knew nothing. For the knowledge of it grew in her now. She felt it truthfully in the eyes that had yet to be open, in voices that spoke no words and in a touch that was needy and yet so foreign that the female needed to become lost to her instincts to understand what it was they wished for.


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