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Liliana was heavy hearted, fearing that she didn’t seem to belong in the pack she was in. She didn’t spend as much time in the pack as she thought she aught to. She liked the wolves that were there but it just wasn’t feeling like home now for some reason. She kept trying to figure out the reason and fix the problem the thing was she couldn’t. Maybe it was her wild heart? She couldn’t stay in one place for a long time. Like today she had taken out her new chestnut horse, whom she named grace out to explore the lands around them. Today she found herself next to an old torn up road where mother nature had taken back what belonged to her. Near the road she saw a beach, she had Grace drift toward the beach to see what it looked like. It had not been used by a public for a while, although she could see that there had been old human structures where the elements had torn down whatever it deemed not worthy to stand against time itself.

She slowed her horse to a stop in the sand and dismounted, wanting to feel the soft grains of sand under her toes. She liked it as she let her toes sink under the sand that hadn’t gotten the heat from the day’s sunlight. It was a rather warm day almost too warm for Liliana and her dark pelt, but thinking about going near the waters scared her a little, it wasn’t like she was afraid of water itself, it was that it could pull her out into the ocean and she could never get back again. She kept her thoughts on land and didn’t want to think of how it was like to swim out in the middle of the ocean, unable to get back, and trying to stay alive. It scared Liliana, so she kept away from the shore and walked along the sands happily.

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It would seem that insecurity had become a plague in the land of Nova Scotia lately – every soul that Lucia had come across appeared to have some sort of issue, some sort of dragon stalking their nightmares and putting doubt in their minds. She wasn’t sure if it had anything to do with planetary alignments, like the rumours had stated, but something was definitely in the air. She was no stranger to the feelings, for she had been stuck to that black cloud since as long as she could remember. Her own dragon of madness had increased its intensity, boiling in her veins like the injection of heroin into the flesh. Her paranoia had reached its peak, and as she wandered through the abyss of winding corridors that created her mind, she felt lost and confused. Torn in two worlds – madness and sanity, she felt she could no longer tell the difference.

Her heavy ebony paws trod into the sand in unison. She felt it best to remain on two legs for the time being, as she had the fighting advantage if Daisuke felt it wise to rear his ugly head again. Though she felt little safety being outside the borders of Inferni, she needed time to gather her thoughts, and after her encounter with Kaena, she needed to take into account whether she was in fact more a curse to her clan, than a blessing. It was not clear how long the ebony female had been walking, but with the sun now high in the sky, it had definitely been a good few hours. Pausing momentarily, malachite coals hovered over the shoreline. There were tracks nearby, and as she studied them, it became apparent that they were of a horse. Lifting her head, she could almost taste the presence of another wolf as the scent wafted through her nostrils. This fact, for whatever reason, allowed the Inferni outsider to breathe a sigh of relief. It had been a while since she had conversed with another like herself; Inferni being what it is, a coyote clan, well that summed it up entirely. She had nothing against them, after all, her lover was also a coyote, but sometimes, just sometimes, she missed the howl of the wolf song in the night, and the idea of fitting in.

Letting the thought pass by, as though it had never existed, Lucia slowly turned toward the direction in which the tracks lead. Squinting her eyes, that single scar wrinkling as she did so, the female managed to make out the silhouette of the wolf in which strolled ahead of her. There was a horse by her side, to no surprise of the ebony predator. Nothing surprised her anymore, and she had her doubts that anything ever would again. This stranger also had a pelt of dark colours, though not solid like hers. It seemed to be a mixture of brown and black – it reminded Lucia of the earth in the forest. It was pleasant, smooth. It was comforting. Speeding her pace a little, the ebony female soon found herself only paces behind the horse and its owner. Trying to place on the best friendly expression she could, even if it did perhaps resemble a reflection in a broken mirror, Lucia gave a small whistle. She wasn’t sure why, but it had seemed the best approach at the time. Whether it startled the horse or not, well… that was no concern to her, all she wanted was the stranger’s attention. She seemed harmless enough, so why not? After all, surely the socialisation would sort out her instability, right?

Waiting for some sort of reaction from the multi-toned female, Lucia found herself slipping back into the wrinkles of her brain. She often lost herself in thought nowadays, it was as though she wanted to find a missing piece of a puzzle – and honestly, that was exactly what she was doing. There were blackouts in her memory – the incident with Daisuke seemed incomplete, like she had napped halfway through it. This, even though she would never tell a soul, terrified her beyond belief. Had he drugged her? What did really happen that night? Even though Lucia had pegged it on the drugs, alcohol, and whatever other excuse she could think of, something inside of her ate away her insides like cancer. Something didn’t add up, and one day, she would discover the truth, she just knew she would.

“Hey,” whispered the Inferni female, “You’re part of the AniWaya pack, right?” She paused, then remembering she smelt of Inferni. It was strange really – a wolf whom ran with coyotes. It wasn’t normal, was it? But thinking about, neither was she. She was far from it, and as each day passed, this became more and more true. How much longer until she went truly mad? “I’m of the Inferni Clan,” she added slowly, cautiously. She wasn’t sure how this other female would react – she wasn’t sure how anyone would react. Her paranoia was too thick to beat, she just rolled with it. “But I don’t want a fight… What’s your name?”

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Liliana’s heart skipped a beat when she heard a loud pitched whistle from behind her ,and her horse reared, throwing her white mane around, Liliana put her hands on the horses side and said soothing words. She’d yet to fully break the horse… she was lucky enough that she could ride her, she looked around for the source of the whistle, and found a wolf heading her way. She kept patting Grace as she watched the wolf cautiously. When she spoke though it was a friendly tone. This did make Lili relax a little. She could tell she wasn’t the only one who would have problem with the heat of the sun today. This wolf had a pure black pelt… the poor woman. She smiled proudly when the newcomer mentioned her pack, and she nodded. She did smell the wolf hating pack on the wolf’s fur, which made Liliana wonder if she was indeed part coyote. She wasn’t going to judge though, she’d met a few from Inferni, some were not so nice… well one, but the rest had been pretty nice to her and seemed t enjoy her company.

My name is Liliana, it is nice to meet you…

She looked at the wolf expectantly, hoping for her to give her own name. she was finally only holding the halter of the horse. she didn’t put a bridle on her, and she doubted she would need to, the pair worked well together and she had enough trust in the horse as the horse did in her. Grace had one eye straight on Lucia, knowing that she was the one who’d made the noise, and was ready to move if she did anymore things that she didn’t like, Lili kept reassuring the mare with a few pats on her flank.

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It had not been her intention to make the horse rear, but rear it did nonetheless. Shaking her head slowly, Lucia couldn’t even begin to understand why wolves felt the need to tame other animals. Surely strength came from being independent, but in a way, she supposed it could kill loneliness. She could understand that, more so than she wished, but either way, her opinion was torn, and tattered. Lucia guessed it best to keep the ideas to herself, and simply wait for a response.

A nod from the lighter female assured Lucia’s assumptions were correct, and the scent in which she carried was in fact Aniwaya. It wasn’t clear how Inferni stood with this pack, but considering the strangers lack of defence, it seemed clear enough that they were not sworn enemies. “Liliana…” Lucia repeated the name as though to memorize it for safe keeping. It was one of her many defences, for if betrayal or rage were to knock on her door, she would know to whom had pointed it her way. “That’s a nice name,” she added, her momentary hesitation ending and her mind empty of thoughts for a mere second or two. Sweet, sweet release – it never lasted.

“I suppose,” Lucia’s head tilted, malachite eyes watching the horse carefully. She was more concerned with the equine than the female, despite their difference in pack choices. “I suppose you are wondering why a purebred, like me, is part of a clan like Inferni?” It was not a assumption as such, for all wolves would question it. It was clear by her appearance she was not of hybrid ancestry – she was pure wolf, and generally proud of it, except when she passed the borders of Inferni. Then, once those skulls marked the place she had to call home, Lucia downplayed herself, and pretended not to care of her ancestry – she simply followed rules, kept her head down, and tried to be invisible. It worked, for now, but some day, for sure, it would not be as easy.

“I did not betray my bloodline, or my species,” there was seriousness in the woman’s eyes, as her gaze fell upon Liliana in the form of an icy stare. She wanted her point to be noticed, and she wanted it to be heard. This was the best way. “I fell for the Hydra there…” Her heart skipped a beat, a lump in her throat. Malachite coals momentarily glazed as she pictured his beautiful features in her mind. He was her sanity; he was everything she could want, and more. If only they had more time together, it would make living all the more worthwhile. “He is a good man, a good soldier. He is not a wolf, and there are those who disapprove,” a pause, only long enough to see if Liliana’s face showed any inkling of her opinion. It had been done a hundred times – a simple wipe of their face, their body language, and it told Lucia everything she needed to know. Yet, this female was different; her concern for the horse blocked anything for the Inferni Outsider to read. She was not surprised. “But I love him, and that is what gets me through the tortures of being controlled by coyotes.”

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It seemed that the wolf’s defenses were up and out as she spoke. She liked Lili’s name which made her smile, although she didn’t provide her own, Liliana was ok with that, but hopefully the wolf wouldn’t be offended if she had to question it again when need be. If she wanted to stay anonymous Liliana was ok with it. She started speaking of the clan, was that the pack of coyotes? And why she was in it, well she did sort of wonder why but she didn’t think it was mostly her business, a smile formed on her lips when she heard that the female had fallen for a member of the pack there. She hoped that one day she would fall in love. She didn’t know anything about betrayal for joining a pack like that. She knew of the skulls that lined the borders, she’d seen them. She just kept her mouth shut and waited listening to the wolf speak. She wasn’t going to mention questioning her lineage, something all wolves and dogs had been since Liliana was born. It was a pride thing in wolves. Her face was in understanding as she explained. Her mother and father deeply fell in love. They had Liliana of course, and they turned a deaf ear on those who disapproved. It seemed that the wolf had to get all this out. Liliana did nothing but listen until she finished her speech.

I’m very happy you found love. I wish for something like that. If you couldn’t tell, I’m a mix breed. I won’t have any thoughts on a wolf mating with a coyote. I know one that was on her way there. She was nice enough to me, I enjoyed her company.

She said letting the wolf know her indifference to coyotes and wolves and the mixture of them mating together. It didn’t bother her at all. Why should it? Her parents did the same thing, except her father was a Belgium shepherd, and her mother was a full blooded grey wolf. She knew that a wolf mating with a dog was rather frowned upon as well, but like her parents she knew how to turn her snout and ignore it.

Everyone will have their opinion about you, but the only one that will matter is yours yes?

she said, her accent a little thicker as she tried to make sure she said everything right as she spoke thing about what she’d just learn.

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Her smile was greeted warmly, Lucia glad that her compliment had been well received. It had come to her attention that even though she was speaking quite openly, she was yet to disclose her name. That, though not a terribly bad thing, irritated the ebony female – she had been so wrapped up in the sights of another wolf, hybrid or not, that she had forgotten to introduce herself. Waiting for some sort of response from her ranting, Lucia momentarily faded back into the abyss, lost in thought. She pondered on the ideas of what being in a proper pack meant, the idea of being able to climb ranks and see eye-to-eye with the other members. She didn’t have that luxury with Inferni – as far as most were concerned, she was the scum of the earth, and the only reason they put up with her was the orders from the top. She had Kaena and Gabriel to thank for that small blessing, and one day, perhaps, she would show her gratitude. For now, however, she would simply keep her head down and play it by ear – after all, at least the management had insured she wouldn’t lose any body parts for the time being.

Allowing herself to softly re-enter the situation, Lucia tilted her head slightly. There was softness in the voice of this hybrid, which from a glance did not appear hybrid at all – merely a wolf, just like her. She supposed that Liliana got that a lot – and whether she greeted the mistakes warmly, or not, well… Lucia would cease to apologise. It would be yet another compliment, and she hoped that Liliana saw it that way too. “Love is a difficult thing,” Lucia responded quietly, some hidden lick of discomfort in her voice. Lucia knew what it felt like to be burned, thus the idea of someone finding love on purpose (she had stumbled upon it accidentally, she would never search for such things) made her anxious. Though not the most considerate, nor the nicest, Lucia tried to uphold a semi-decent image of herself, and she supposed that by giving this hybrid advice, it would uphold such things. “It sneaks up on you, when you least expect it – and sometimes it comes at the worst times. It is hard to deal with at times, and causes excessive amounts of stress.” She paused, curious to see if anything she was saying sunk into the smaller female’s mind, it was good advice, she thought – thus, why wouldn’t the tanned female listen to her. “The upsides though,” a smile crawled over her ebony lips, malachite eyes dancing at the thought of all her good times with Snake; there were very few, but they brought joy to her heart nonetheless. “The upsides make the world a much brighter place. The happiness that enters your heart is deadly – it can drown your senses, and make everything feel like a dream. It’s like one big acid trip, and trust me, it’s more addictive than any drug I can possibly think of.”

Her words trailed to a halt. She thought it best to stop her rant, as to not sound so preachy. It was not Lucia’s style, but ever since her encounter with Snake’s stalker, Daisuke, Lucia’s world had been turned upside down. She considered, momentarily, to let Liliana know of the dangers involved, mostly on the subject of Daisuke, but passed on the idea. It was better left in the dust, for only Lucia to face – it was her biggest demon to date, but she would beat it, one way or another – she couldn’t afford not to.

the ebony princess finally added – having heard Liliana’s statement on opinions, there was clearly some relation to her situation somewhere. Nobody responded like that – it was always one or the other. It was strange meeting someone so indifferent about her situation, but she assumed it was down to her heritage. After all, a hybrid formed from wolf and dog, it could not have gone down too well either. The idea of hatred for the mixing of breeds angered her, but deep down, she could relate. She was from a proud race, and their beliefs stemmed back centuries ago. “You are very right. I do generally only take note of my own thoughts, but sometimes the thoughts of others is a curious thing, you know?” She smiled weakly, trying to keep a semi-upbeat aura around the two. She did not feel like lingering in her depression today, it had haunted her for too long already. “Anyway,” a quick change of subject, a chance to chase away the dark clouds which lingered not too far away from the topics of their conversation, “I believe I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Lucia Cabriel,” she paused, watching Liliana carefully, trying to read her body language, trying to sum her up in a word. It was a bad habit, but it served her well from time to time. It made faces easier to remember and names easier to store away.

“So what sort of things you do then? Bar horse riding, obviously…”

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Liliana could tell she misspoke with her words. She knew all this, and yet even though she knew she was entranced by the wolf in front of her. She definitely spoke of experience. Liliana couldn’t help but envy her for that, but she knew she’d find her own love just like Lucia. An accident.

I haven’t been looking for love. I’ve just thught about what it would feel like mostly.

She said. She loved the explaination the woman gave her. It was a beautiful one and it was one that would stick to Liliana’s mind for a while. She was much happier now that she knew the wolf’s name. she smiled wider.

You have a beautiful name, I really do like it!

She wasn’t one to normally comment on a wolf’s name but if she thought she liked it she’d mention it. It was just how she went.

Well I train the horses as well, and take care of the animals that we have in Aniwaya. Well the tame ones at least. and I’m learning about herbs and plants, I want to be able to make ointments for well, us as well as the animals I care for.

She said all this rather quickly, she wasn’t one to talk anyone’s ear out. She knew how it was and didn’t want to put it on others. Her job was a pretty big job though.

You look more like a hunter to me.

She said eyeing the wolf a little. She could see the muscle under the fur, it was enough to be a pretty good hunter, but there were more reasons than one that a wolf was well built she hoped she was right, but it was mostly a guess than anything else and she didn’t want to have to repeat Lucia’s question to get to know her as well.

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Lucia felt a small smile tug at her ebony lips. This female spoke of what love felt like, and some part of her toyed with the notion of giving her all the gory details. But, the idea that it would crush her dream made hesitation escape into her veins. Watching Liliana carefully, malachite coals studied the female, as though like a book filled with so many dreams, fantasies and fairytales. It was sweet in a way, but still, it left a bitter taste in the ebony female’s mouth. “It feels,” she paused, again considering if she should speak the truth or not, “It’s difficult,” she continued, keeping her gaze solidly on the Aniwaya wolf, “It’s good, it’s bad, it’s ugly, it’s beautiful. It’s everything, and yet, it’s nothing. It can build you up, but it can tear you down just as fast.” She watched, waiting for a reaction. It wasn’t clear if her words made sense, but if they didn’t, who cared. It was the best way she could say it without completely destroying the notion that love was brilliant, and had no problems.

The smile on the other female threw Lucia – it was unique, genuine. That was a rare thing indeed, a smile on another in the company of the Inferni wolf. She felt herself nod politely, though her face blank and empty. She hardly ever revealed her emotions, she never felt the need. It was a weakness she did not often bathe in. “Thank you,” her words plain, toneless. “Train horses?” she added shortly after, her fingers toying with the ends of her hair. It was a bad habit, but she did it nonetheless, even if she would complain later about how wavy her hair was becoming. A vicious cycle, but that was just the way life was. “How does one train a,” she paused, eyeing up the hoofed monstrosity before her, “…horse? They seem so… unintelligent?”

Perhaps not the right thing to say, it was clear this female had a thing for horses, but it couldn’t be helped. Lucia spoke her mind; she told it how it was, and if they didn’t like it, it was no bother to her. She just prayed they respected her honesty, as she would them, if it were reversed. “I could teach you botany,” she remarked plainly. Lucia had taught herself several factors from a book she had found, as well as been aided by many travellers in her past, “I taught a lot of it myself, but I do believe I have a book on it, in my bag, if you’re interested?” Still, her face displayed nothing. Her kindness was clear, but it showed not in her façade. Her eyes an empty firelight and her lips pursed into a blank canvass.

“I would say I’m more of a fighter than a hunter,” her eyes studied the female, wondering where she stood on the idea of war. Lucia thrived off it; she loved the sight of blood, especially of those she hated. She could be a vicious killing machine if needed, and that made her world go round. “Can never go wrong with a good battle,” she admitted, not really too concerned with Liliana’s opinion. She was her own personality, and that was that. “I’m trained in most forms of combat, as well as other subjects… botany, other languages, tattooing, the list goes on…” She smirked at the thoughts in her head. Oh how lovely it would be to use certain skills to ruin Daisuke once and for all. “So…” she finally added, ridding the smirk and returning back to her blank canvass, “What’s your pack like?”

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She didn’t know what to say to Lucia’s comment, she knew that everyone’s experiences and thoughts on that particular subject were different. Her confusion about horses was not new to Liliana, well most wolves thought just about every animal was inferior, and some thought that animals were so inferior, that they didn’t thing. She felt her horse blow at Lucia’s way, and fold her ears back slightly. She knew that Grace was good at understanding some of what was said around her. Liliana said nothing to her, but patted her shoulder instead, to Lucia she gave a somewhat understanding look.

Many would think that, but they’ve got brains in their heads same as ours, they just don’t think as loudly as we do. They show intelligence in some things more than others though, which makes training them in some things more difficult than others. I can’t train a horse to stand on it’s hind legs and do a jig, but I can teach one to help with a hunt, or even stay calm in a battle.

She said, those things would probably seem very insignificant to the dark wolf, but Lili knew it was the little things that mattered. She knew animals didn’t have the higher intellectual thinking that wolves did, and she knew that most wolves didn’t think them smart at all. Liliana never minded to tell those that would listen that they had brains and they could think, to the extent, for themselves.

Liliana heard that Lucia was good with plants, although she seemed to haver her own fancy word for it. Her ears perked to hear more, she’d be able to teach her some? Wow! That was rather nice of her, even though she seemed well… so … stiff

Oh really? I would love to learn more about plants, especially herbs to help with sickness and stuff.

At the mention of a book she frowned slightly. She was illiterate so the only good thing that she could do with one is look at pictures … and hit people over the head with one. She’d never learned on her travels, and she wasn’t sure if she even should now, maybe she’d get Nayati’s opinion on it. She stared at Lucia, she had so many talents! She envied the wolf now, because the only god thing Liliana was good at was training horses. She smiled at the final question. It was something she’d probably ask, well she normally did ask, although the only wolf she asked it to, said she didn’t really know since she was born in the pack, which confused Lili in some ways.

It is different than living on my own. We always help each other with stuff, and we even grow things, we grow plants for food and herbs for healing, We even have a cow with our horses, but I think he’s too stupid to be taught anything myself. Doubtful you could train a cow to do much. They have games that we play together, and lots of rules, but they are fair ones to me.

She said. She hadn’t been to any ceremonies, so she knew nothing of them, and she was still new to the pack, so she didn’t know all about it, but she mentioned all she figured she could at least tell the outsider. She didn’t mention the spirit guides, in which she hadn’t gotten yet, which made her feel… inadequate.

what’s it like living with the Coyote’s?

She asked, she knew it must have been hard living for a pure blooded wolf, but she seened to love this coyote, full blooded or mixed it mattered little to Lili. She was curious and her curiousitly tended to stray wherever other’s did as well.

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The words that responded to Lucia’s inquiries were simple. They showed her opinion, and they even showed some smarts too. Lucia nodded quietly, acknowledging the Aniwayan’s statement. The thought of smiling weakly came to mind, but she remained still. Her face was blank, almost cold, though it was not because of any dislike for her companion, but more just how she was. She rarely showed emotion anymore, it was one of those things that could be turned against her. Daisuke, whether he ruined her or not, had at least aided her in being a stronger, if not less considerate, personality. She didn’t let anyone in now, well, anyone but Snake that is. Shivering momentarily, the loss in her thoughts fading away, Lucia turned her attention back to Liliana, and parted her maw, speaking flatly.

“I see what you mean,” she paused, eyeing the horse one more time. The creature made her uncomfortable. It reminded her of food, not a pet. She could feel the blood lust within her, the idea of hunting this horse – the thrill of chasing it, tearing out its throat. Oh, what a wonderful thought. But it was just that – a thought. She would not make it a reality; she would not kill this creature. She would be responsible, she would stay calm. “I have to say though… it would be amusing to see a horse, especially this one, stand on its hind legs and dance…”

That was the first time Lucia had any sense of humour in her system in a long time. She wasn’t known for her comedy value, nor did she display any aspects of laughter in her face. Though her words had been in good spirits, even her eyes didn’t sparkle. She remained statuesque, hollow. She was emotionless, and would remain as such until better days came along. “On a serious note,” she added, without little warning in her expression or the tone of her voice, “I can see why you would use them in battle. It would be a definite advantage.” She paused, eyeing the female in front of her, “Does the entire of Aniwaya have horses then? Is it like a battle thing?”

Having remembered Liliana’s excitement about plants, she gave a silent tilt of her head. A silent agreement to teach the female what was required to use plants for medical, and even sometimes personal, use. “I’m assuming that from the look on your face, you are unable to read?” Lucia meant no disrespect with the question, even if her monotone voice gave little insight to what she was actually thinking or feeling on the matter. It was simply a question, an inquiry on to whether Lucia could busy her time teaching this hybrid to read or not. If it stopped the nightmares, took her mind away from reality for a little while, she wouldn’t care. Even if this female was a different clan, even if she should be handling her emotions and sorting out the situation properly, she wouldn’t. She would teach her if she wanted, and that was final. Glancing over to Liliana, arms now folded over her chest, she spoke quietly, “Have you nobody to teach you? I mean, nobody in the pack, that is?” he paused, thinking to herself, trying to weigh up her next offer. “I can teach you if you like? Kill two birds with one stone…?”

Lucia’s kindness was shocking, though like most things, there was probably a hidden agenda to it. For now, though, it was buried well and truly under her skin and had no sign of appearing anytime soon. For now, Lucia was just a kind citizen, offering her good deeds to folk all over Nova Scotia. That would work just fine for her – she didn’t much care for the opinion of others, but this one, well… it served her perfectly. “Aniwaya sounds nice, but I have to ask… why do they have a cow? ...Where do they stand on violence, and such?” She paused; her eyes glanced over the horizon. There was a wind building up, maybe a passing storm. Lucia’s heart soared – there was nothing better than a good thunderstorm to wash the pain away. Still looking away, the ebony female continued to speak, not really bothered if her looking away caused offence to the female or not. “What is their opinion on Inferni?”

Sighing briefly, a mixture of normal breathing and deep thought, Lucia’s mind wandered back toward Daisuke. Why did he haunt her so? Why did he annoy her so much? Lucia rarely felt threatened, but she was sure he would steal her lover one day – and that, that would crush her more than having Daisuke straddle her and try to cut off her air supply. It would destroy her, and Daisuke would love it. Oh, how she hated that canine – how she wanted him dead. One day… one day she would succeed. Snarling quietly under her breath, the sound hitting her ears jogged Lucia back into reality. She hadn’t realized that she had wandered off again – it happened so often now, it was hard sometimes to tell reality from imagination. Looking over to Liliana and the horse, she caught the last part of the question. Clearing her throat, almost uncomfortably, she shifted her weight slightly and re-crossed her arms.
“Living with coyotes,” she purred, her tone still as empty as the fire in her malachite eyes, “…it’s different. They function similar to wolves,” she remembered back to the day she joined Inferni, the words Gabriel had spoken. Lucia was inferior to them, that was the downside. “I think the only bad side to being an ‘outsider’ is that I am literally that… I cannot climb their ranks, or anything like that… and I am the lowest of the low when it comes to rankings. I am inferior to them, in a way, I suppose. But I know,” she paused, thinking of Kaena and all the help she had given the ebony female, “I know that if I were in trouble they would help me. I am still a member of the clan, and I will still aid them in whatever they need to me. Like I said before, I do this for Snake, and Snake alone…”

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Liliana was surprised at the joke that Lucia gave. She could tell the girl was quite emotionless, she just never questioned such things, knowing she’d get an answer she probably would never wanna hear, and wouldn’t get out of her head. But she did smile at the joke, it definitely would be kind of funny. She couldn’t help but have a mental picture in her head.

Yes they would be very useful in battle, they also help with the crops, although I think Aniwayans’ are the only ones who have those it seems.

She said, in her year of traveling with her parents she’d never ever seen crops being grown on purpose, she’d always seen wild stuff, in which the wolves would harvest little by little, probably as needed. But Aniwaya actually harvested in bulk, and saved for the winter. The fruits and veggies, and the grains all helped out in the winter. She didn’t know this for herself, as she’d yet to spend a winter in Aniwaya.

There’s horses available to pack members but I think only a few actually have claims to any of them. I don’t know much about wars, but I was not born in Aniwaya, I’m sure that if they had to, they would be ready for one, but it seems rather peaceful.

Liliana rose her eyebrows, and gave the wolf a sheepish smile, then with reluctance nodded. It seemed like she should know how to read, but it just wasn’t her parents knowledge themselves and they had lived for a while without it. And may have if life as Liliana hadn’t been interrupted. From her next question it seemed to put Aniwaya down however unintentional. She shrugged.

I don’t think anyone in the pack knows I can’t read, I mean they never really gave me a book or anything and said I had to read it.

She said, a defense going up for the pack that took her in. She didn’t want the wolf thinking they just didn’t care about anything, and she didn’t know their own standing point on reading, if it was important then she’d stick up for them with claw and tooth, and if it wasn’t so important… well she still would just because she was that way. The thought of being taught to read was daunting, she wasn’t sure if she needed it, but Lucia seemed to think it kind of important, and Liliana being who she was, was a very influenced wolf, so she gave a nod.

Sure, what could hurt from learning to read?

She said, smiling a little. She knew that the book itself would hurt if thrown at her but didn’t think reading words would have any effect on her. Liliana had to think about why they actually had the cow… she wasn’t sure… she knew there were some working horses, but what on earth was the cow at the stables for, and why were they taking care of him?

With all honesty I think I might be asking my chief that the next time I see him.

She said, feeling rather stupid about not knowing one simple question… she took care of the stupid brute, how come she didn’t know where he’d come from?

do you mean Aniwaya or the cow? I don’t think the cow cares much for violence, and I think Aniwaya is about the same.

She said. She rarely saw any fighting, and knew the rules that fighting was punished, and severely. She was told from the beginning if she attacked anyone, without cause, or defending herself she’d be getting the same from which she gave… an eye for an eye thing, that made Liliana shudder at a thought of hurting anyone. Her question about inferni was another stumper for her, she only shrugged about that. She’d not been in the pack for too long, maybe three, four months, she was still learning. She listened to Lucia speak about Inferni and felt bad, it must have been hard to basically be verbally whipped to the ground… well Liliana had a few instances of that so she did know… it just made her feel bad, but it seemed that Lucia would do anything to stay with Snake, which was fine right? As long as she had love things would go the way they would and she’d still be happy, well that’s how Liliana hoped it would be for Lucia’s sake.

It sounds rather brutal to me. If only they thought of things in a different perspective, maybe they wouldn’t be so harsh on anyone… and possible make you less of an outsider and more of a member…

She said absently, her milky chocolate eyes were now staring at the ground, not wanting to meet Lucia’s, she’d probably said another stupid thing, she didn’t want to be yelled at or anything. She liked this wolf for all her emotionlessness, she was good to talk to.

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A smile on the other female put Lucia’s thoughts at ease. It had been a while since she had inspired amusement in others. She was considered relatively socially inept, and in a way, Lucia could see why others thought that. She often drifted in and out of reality, lost in thoughts and memories – recalling better, or perhaps even worse, days than she lived in now. Smiling back at the Aniwayan female, Lucia’s toxic green eyes revealed a small ounce of emotion. She had begun to let her walls down, feeling more and more unthreatened in the presence of a different pack’s member. This female seemed kind enough, and so, Lucia felt it was best to return such things – and so, for once, Lucia had begun to become what others considered, socially acceptable.

“Yes, they would,” she clarified the female’s point about horses in battle, though did not go into detail about the vast amounts of battle plans that played out in her mind. She did not want to give another pack an advantage, friendship forming or not. She still had Inferni to consider, even if, for the time being, she preferred the company of this wolf than the coyotes which ranked over her. Her pride was deep-seeded, but it was flexible, so for now, it lay right in the back of her mind, locked away in one of the abandoned corridors. She needed to be different, she needed to be what they wanted – and so, she played along. But one day, probably, she would snap. She would lose it all one day, and probably Snake along with it. It scared her, but she was ready. Ready to fight for it, ready to fight against it – so the thought passed along its way, leaving her mind, and allowing the female to return to the conversation unscarred, and in a similar mood to how she had been before the thought process began.

“And yes,” she purred, nodding as she spoke, “they are the only one with horses. Though I am not sure why that is... Do you know?” Lucia wasn’t sure why she had asked the question, nor why she wanted to know – but it made the conversation continue, and that was the main thing. She was enjoying the company, and though she doubted she would tell the other female this, the thought was there. And, more than likely, the mild glimmer of emotional fire in her eyes told the story anyway. After all, given a chance, those toxic coals would betray her emotionless expressions any day. Her coals were her weakness, they revealed all. If the Aniwayan had figured that out, soon enough, Lucia would be an open book. The thought, strangely enough, was comforting.

“Oh,” Lucia continued, watching the female, her face blank once more. The smile had lingered for a while, but now it was nothing but a memory – just like everything else. “Well, I’m sure that all the members want horses really,” she remarked, “They’re probably just unsure about the training...” Lucia didn’t know, and really, she didn’t care, but the urge to respond had been greater than the lack of caring about the topic, and as such, she had made her statement with blind eyes. She just put it down to the generalised behaviour of wolves. If they were unsure of something, or were too set in their ways, they generally didn’t go for it. Well, most of the ones she had met anyway – she could be wrong, and knowing the odds, she probably was.

Liliana’s eyebrows rose, followed by a nod. It was interesting to know that the female had actually been paying attention to Lucia’s words. Her lack of confidence in herself had toyed with the idea that Liliana didn’t actually give much of a damn about what the ebony female had to say. Lucia had little self-esteem, and so, she had just played along, figuring that the topic would soon wither and die, but it didn’t, and that surprised the Inferni outsider greatly. “Well, I’m sure if you told someone in your pack, maybe one of the wiser members, they would teach you? Isn’t that part of the pack honour and all that?” She smiled bleakly, trying to offer comfort with her words, but it didn’t last long. She was an empty canvass once again, and that was probably all she would be. “Reading offers so many more opportunities,” Lucia added quickly, studying the female carefully, trying to figure her out piece by piece. “I mean, I learnt to read a while back,” she paused, remembering the hardship she had had with her mother, and how learning to read had taken her away from that horrible place. It allowed her to escape into worlds nowhere near her, and that, in all honesty, was the best escape someone like her could ask for. “Now,” she continued; her tone flat and emotionless. “Now I am able to learn almost anything that takes my fancy... I can read stories about the times when humans were here... Like I said, so much more can come from reading!”

The topic switched again. Violence came to mind, and Lucia’s eyes glowed. She often had thoughts that would probably make others turn away in disgust, thus, Lucia thrived off the idea of battle, blood and violence. It amused her, it intrigued her. She liked the reasons behind why fights were caused, she liked the mindset others fell into when battle was in the air – she remembered when she had met Snake for the first time, when the Dahlian war was still in motion. She remembered the tension he had, and the atmosphere around him. It had elevated the situation, and honestly, it had helped when they had lain in the sands together – it turned her on, and she wasn’t afraid to admit that, if he ever was to ask.

“Ah, fair enough. I guess peace is something everyone wants some time around,” Lucia’s words seemed fake and empty, but that wasn’t the case. It was just not Lucia’s opinion, but she didn’t feel like explaining why she felt the way she did today. Maybe some other time she would reveal more than just the outside of her personality to this female, but not now. There wasn’t enough trust here, there wasn’t enough friendship, and so, she would throw scraps here and there, but nothing really worth feeding on.

And then, like a lightning strike to her heart, Inferni came off the tongue of the other female. The opinion of Lucia’s clan seemed accurate, though some piece of the ebony female felt she should defend the coyotes that allowed her to be with her lover. However, she hesitated. Silence flowed in around the two women, and Lucia’s eyes travelled over the horizon again. She stared at the water, and the sky which licked the sea, almost blending into each other. She sighed quietly, it was almost inaudible, and Lucia’s heart became heavy. She was torn in thought, and she couldn’t decide what to do. She loved Snake, but this female had a point. She was nothing but an outsider, and that would be her life – if her life were to be spent solely with Snake, that is. Turning her attention back to the Aniwayan, Lucia’s eyes glazed over – that spark of emotion was gone again. She was emotionless once more.

“It is a little harsh,” she agreed, her tone weaker than before. She felt so torn, angst biting at her ankles and anger boiling in her stomach. What would she do? She didn’t know, and she doubted she ever would. Love was strong, and so, for now, she would side with that. Snake was her love, and he made her feel like no other could. That was her destiny for now, and so, she would follow blindly. Stupid or not, that was the way it would be, and if anyone told her otherwise, she would laugh in their face. She had to. It was survival from the insanity which ate away at her mind like insects to a freshly killed corpse.

“They have their reasons, I’m sure.” She added, trying to stand up for the coyote clan. It must of been a strange sight to see, a wolf speaking for the coyotes. She was sure, somewhere, someone was laughing at her. It was to be expected really – after all, how many wolves were there really who would bow down to coyotes? Lucia guessed she could probably count the numbers on one hand. Her, just her. One digit in the big, big world. No wonder she hated herself so much. “Like I said,” she finally added, trying not to become depressed over the thoughts in her head. She had to be strong; otherwise she figured Snake would find her less attractive. He was a soldier, a follower of violence and battle – and as such, weakness was unacceptable, or at least, that is what Lucia figured anyway. She would question him eventually... if she saw him again anytime soon, that is. “I don’t mind, honest. I am just there for Snake. To give him someone to come home to after a long day, and someone to eventually bare his children, if it be his will. I am an outsider purely because of my ancestry – I can’t help who my parents were, but I can help Snake... and so, this way, I can and will. They mean well... They’re just protecting their own...” She smiled weakly, recalling how Kaena had helped her when she had been attacked. The thought warmed her heart – at least some of them could withstand her, and even aid her. Lucia was grateful for that at least.

“Us, as wolves,” she paused, ignoring the fact that the woman in front of her was a partial coyote. She seemed more wolf-like anyway. “We would do the same...”

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Liliana listened as the wolf spoke, amazed that the dark woman was showing off more expression as they both talked, she liked it though it showed Liliana that even some of the stiffest could probably do with a little bit of happiness once in a while. She was glad she could give a little to the wolf. She was not at all surprised at her lack of comment on how they could train horses for war, Liliana wouldn’t divulge anymore than she had to herself. She was very loyal to Aniwaya and she wouldn’t even let herself mistakingly give too much away. Liliana shook her head at the wolf’s comment.

I meant the crops themselves. I know of a wolf in Cour des Miracles who has horses, he helped me get Grace here.

Not that I needed any help, she thought, but she didn’t want to sound like she had too much of an ego. She smiled nicely, she could slap her own self by letting herself get her words mixed up to get the wolf confused over them. She could tell that Lucia was in a way connecting with Liliana, but now she wasn’t so sure how long that would last after Lili’s verbal muck up.

They probably do, but I have yet to meet everyone myself, I’m either busy at the stables or they are busy with their own things.

Liliana admitted, knowing that to be rather true. She knew she had to keep up with her work as her way of staying in the pack, or what was a pack for if not to have a job and able to keep up with it? She was happy where she was but she did wish she could meet more of her packmates. She nodded at Lucia’s suggestion about telling someone she couldn’t read.

I’ll make sure to do that, thank you.

She said, mentally telling herself she’d probably have to force herself to do such things because she felt so embarrassed not knowing something someone thinks should be natural to every wolf around. She wasn’t really ashamed of not being able to read, just felt a little awkward when she said she didn’t know much about it, and then someone would say they had known and it was so easy to learn.

I use to hear stories about the times when humans were here, I heard they were cruel beasts that lusted for power and thrived on pain of creatures lower than them.

She said, not knowing if it was true or not, she’d heard it in one of the taverns her mother tended to stop at often. Her father would get a drink and Liliana would overhear a conversation here or some lonely old wolf told her a story for something good. Liliana could hear that what Lucia next wasn’t what she believed in but shewouldn’t argue with the woman. She knew first hand that not all wolves or dogs or anything for that matter wanted peace. Like what she’d heard about humans there were canines that thrived on lust of pain and blood. Lucia didn’t seem that type but Liliana had gotten her profession wrong she might have gotten her lust for blood (or lack of) wrong.

Liliana could tell she almost said something wrong, even if it was true, she knew how true to the clan of coyotes the wolf would be. She just never thought she’d see how true. She was glad Lucia didn’t just outright grab at Lili’s throat. She did agree with Liliana, but she also stuck up for them too, but in a way she had the right of things. Liliana wordlessly nodded, knowing she would lose any battle over who was right or wrong in this particular conversation. She wasn’t one for winning too many verbal battles though either.

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The expansion in her emotions had revealed comfort in the situation, and it appeared that Liliana had taken to it quite well. This, luckily, made Lucia feel quite glad. Some, in the past, had reacted differently when Lucia had opened up – and thus, she was always hesitant to do so. Lucia trusted very few, and she liked a lot less than that. However, Liliana seemed nice enough – if not a little naive, thus Lucia liked her. She hoped it would stay that way, but few ever did. Watching her companion quietly, waiting for some sort of response, the ebony female felt slightly taken back when she shook her head. Listening, no real emotion on her face for the time being, Lucia acknowledged her mistake, and smiled weakly.

“Oh, right.” The response was plain. There wasn’t much else she could say on the subject really. It was clear that Liliana was not going to give away anymore than she had already, thus Lucia would stop digging. She would just enjoy the company and be done with it – she would aid Inferni another time, with another wolf. This one was just too nice to be led astray, and honestly, Lucia just couldn’t be bothered with it. She just wanted a friend. "Well what crops do you have there then? Must be nice to cook with them or something, surely?”

Her words trailed off, but Liliana quickly seemed to break the silence with more talk of Aniwaya. Smiling back at the female, Lucia wondered to herself if she had ever met all the members. She had met the highest ranking coyotes, and a few of the others, but had she met all of them? She didn’t even know how many members actually belonged to the Inferni clan – and, really, she didn’t really care. Maybe she would meet them all, maybe she wouldn’t. It had been a mixed response ever since her joining of Inferni anyway, so she doubted that would change now anyway. They would either like her, or hate her – mostly the latter. That was just how things were. It was Lucia’s bloodline that caused that, nothing else. It was sad really, the way hate could spur from who had what as parents... but that was how things were ran, and that was how things would seemingly stay for the long-term. Lucia would just keep her head down, do her duties, and go home to Snake at the end of the day.

“Fair enough,” Lucia replied finally, not realising that silence had been between the two females for over a minute or so. Lucia had been so wrapped up in the thoughts of Inferni that it had taken a while to realise that the Aniwayan female had finished speaking. She hoped that Liliana hadn’t noticed – and with the lack of emotion currently residing on her facade, Lucia supposed she wouldn’t do. “I’m not sure if I have met all of Inferni to be honest...” She paused, eyes brushing over the horizon before returning back to Liliana. She never could keep eye-contact for too long. It made her feel uncomfortable. “I don’t think I have... but I wouldn’t know. Being a wolf, and all that... well, not all the members want to talk really. I can’t blame them though... It’s weird, I guess... Having a wolf in the clan and all that...”

Lucia wasn’t entirely sure why she had created excuses for the coyotes. She knew that most of the ones who refused to speak to her did it out of selfish pride. They didn’t want to be seen with a wolf, and thus, member or not, would avoid the ebony female like a plague. But, at the end of the day, they were still family in their own way, thus Lucia figured that must be the reason she had added an excuse for them. It was probably something else entirely, but her mind, tired of thinking so hard, could not be bothered to fish out any other reason for the time being.

Thankfully, the topic changed. Liliana acknowledged her tips for reading, and had thanked her. Lucia did not get thanked too often, thus she relished in the moment, and smiled to the female. “It’s no problem,” she paused, turning to her rucksack at her feet, and lent down. Shuffling through the myriad of things inside the pack, Lucia finally found what she was looking for. Standing back up, a book now in her hands, she extended her arm and offered it to the Aniwayan female. “Here... When you are ready to read it, it’s yours. I’ve finished it, so you can have it. I think you will find it very useful.”

Lucia wasn’t always known for her kindness. She was mostly described as socially inept, distant and, sometimes (but not often) very cruel and cold-hearted. Lucia was extremely strong minded, thus if something happened that she didn’t approve of, Lucia would let the ones involved know about it. It had gotten her into trouble many times in the past, thus she prayed that this gentle, peaceful female before her, would never do such a thing to cause Lucia to react in that way. It wasn’t a pretty sight, and more often than not, the opposing side came off a lot worse.

Shifting her thoughts away from such depressing thoughts, Lucia’s eyes raised as Liliana spoke of humans. It had been the first time she had heard someone speak of them since her travels outside of the Nova Scotia area. Nobody had mentioned such things since she had arrived here – and though Lucia had paid it little mind, it did spike her curiosity a little. Did they just not know anything? Or was there something deeper at the core of it all? She didn’t know, but Lucia smiled at the words of the female. It was nice to talk about something different, and she was grateful for the topic to be brought up.

“Humans,” she replied quietly, watching her companion carefully, “...they aren’t all that bad. I’ve read some of their books. A fair few actually... They did have some surprisingly good ideas, like economically and such... Plus, some of the machinery they came up with – very impressive. The pictures I have seen amazed me... they were great thinkers... just a shame they aren’t around to teach us their tricks, I suppose.” She halted her words. She hadn’t meant to rant, but it had happened anyway. Lucia felt refreshed with this topic, it was nice to get her opinion out. She admired some aspects of the humans, but then again, she also followed Liliana’s suit. She also viewed them as power-hungry psychos. It was a multiple opinionated situation, she supposed – but she wouldn’t go into any more detail. There was no need. She had said everything she had to say on the matter, and simply fell silent again.

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Even though there was a little barrier of pack life and well differences in personalities, Liliana did think Lucia would make for a very nice companion if ever one. Of course how often they would meet was entirely questionable. She’d met so many here and hadn’t seen them in some time, which may mean the same fate for Lucia so she was happy to get to know her and see her emotionally active in the conversation. It was a nice feeling to know that Liliana brought something so nice out in another. Something most everyone needed but not everyone thought they did.

Oh we have all sorts of crops, we have some wheat, and hay, mostly for the horses, we grow corn, and a few other plants I that haven’t shown themselves quite yet, I think tomatoes? I can’t be too sure. We even have an herb garden, and I think there is something called tobacco we will be growing maybe? It’s all hard to tell. But we do use the crops as winter food. If we preserve it we can add it to what meat we have and make our winter a good one. Some other plants, we don’t eat but use for medicinal purposes.

She said, she’d been learning the use of some plants that were for cuts and wounds as well as certain eye and mouth afflictions. It was mostly to learn for the horses and she may have to experiment in hopes she didn’t harm the horses more than she helped them. She felt bad for Lucia, wondering if she’d had any real experiences in another pack, because if she had Liliana doubted Lucia would put up with the clan, then again love did weirder things to wolves. Liliana would know. She’d watched her own mother waste away after her father had been attacked and killed trying to save Liliana. She’d try to do something for her mother, even forced a drink or two down her throat. It just seemed that her mother’s love for her father was more than the love she had for Liliana.

I see, well I suppose I shouldn’t really expect to know everyone in my tribe really, wolves are coming and going anyway, it’s so hard to keep up with things.

She said, wanting to get Lucia off the mind of her clan, the one that would do so much to chase her out if it wasn’t for her mate. Once the other wolf produced the book, Liliana couldn’t help but stare at it, she took it in her hands, feeling it would have been extremely rude to deny such a gift. She looked at Lucia. This was the first gift she’d ever really receive, anything of value that is.

Thank you, I will keep it with me always, I don’t know how much I can thank you.

Liliana said, she was almost overcome with emotion, but she kept herself in check, not even letting her eyes water up, she wanted Lucia to know how much it meant to her but to go bawling in the girls face would make Liliana look weak. She had no where else to put the book but to keep it in her hands. As the subject changed to the humans she listened intently. She’d figured she would either get the same speech or something close to it, not something like this. The stories she’d heard were they had little care for what lay around them only what they could have for themselves. To think that some humans actually cared for different things was astonishing. Then again Liliana was thinking in the terms that there had been as many humans as there was wolves.

I suppose that since there are some canines who have little respect for their own surroundings and others, that in a way we were the same in that aspect.

She said quietly and carefully, and above all humbly. She knew when to admit she was wrong. She never let rumors get the best of her, and this wasn’t the time to start. She was in this world to learn, and she’d been doing just that since the day she was born. She cared about more things than others, but that was something normal she saw in all wolves, like some didn’t even care about horses what so ever, while she couldn’t help but go gaga over the gait of a horse, or the beautiful colorings one showed off. Like she wasn’t one partial for hunting, while there were some who did it, and had a huge thrill in it. It was all a part of being an individual… She would still learn none the less and she just learned something new that she’d keep in her mind herself.

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