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POSTED: Tue Aug 10, 2010 3:15 am

kinda short-ish post, but here it is. :D

Xion had wandered quite far away from Phoenix Valley today. Whether or not this was a good idea was debatable, particularly because she was fairly sure that the rest of her family had no idea where she was. But for now, she didn't care. She wanted to get away. The quiet laziness of the Valley was beginning to bore her. She needed some kind of adventure. Not to mention that her brother's disappearance had shaken the family. Her mother was simply in too much of a shock to be pleasant. Xion didn't like being around the negativity that Xeris seemed to exude.

So that morning she had begun a journey to nowhere in particular, just to see what she could find. By now, the sun was past its midday position, and she would soon have to turn back in order to return before dark. For now, though, the teen was interested in what she had found. The shore here was rocky and steep, as opposed to the softer sand of the Quartz Shoreline back home. Xion just stood atop one of the rocky cliffs, staring off at the horizon across the sparkling water. Perhaps she would just stay here for a while and see what would happen.

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Word Count :: 370 Do like short posts. Failed at writing one myself. ._. Since they're close to CdM anyway, I'll just have Rurik run back home to get the piercing stuff later. ^_^

The beauty of the summer's day had caught Rurik's attention, and he found he could not stand to be in the small house a moment longer. He enjoyed the company of his family, but even with all of the windows and doors opened wide, the home still felt stuffy and stagnant, almost stale today—and so it was gleefully that Rurik left, trotting aimlessly down the street and heading nowhere in particular. It was simply a nice day for a walk, and the silver-shaded man meandered about the Miracles pack territory, still bowled over by just how lovely it was. He had been here since March, and even so, he had still not quite realized just how lovely this territory was. It suited him—it was so close to the ocean, with so much beach and coastline. Happy and content as he was, Rurik knew this was not a place he would remain for the rest of his life.

He was a wanderer at heart—he loved to see new places and old places he had been before, revisiting and discovering. If he was not in motion, he was not happy. Even so, the nagging feeling that he was getting a little old for this charade lingered on his mind. He was nearly eight years old now, no longer a young man at all—his family was growing old, he was growing old, and he would eventually find his energy diminishing, the life he so desired to live simply beyond his physical ability. For now, though, climbing and meandering the sharp, rocky cliffs of the Shattered Coast was easy for Rurik. He was not particularly athletic, but neither was he useless.

Though he realized he was outside of his own packlands, the silver-shaded werewolf paid this little mind. He often came up this way, as it seemed to be a popular spot—he had met a few canines over here recently, and he enjoyed company regardless of their origin. Just such a scent had caught his attention, and the ash-hued wolf followed it absently, coming across a rather young girl who seemed to be simply enjoying the sights of the cliff. “Allo,” the man called, wagging his tail in greeting.

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OKAY, SILVER IS HERE NOW. That whole...first few weeks of college thing is difficult. x_x

Xion had been too busy surveying the area with her mismatched eyes to even notice anyone else approaching. Her ears flicked backward momentarily at the sound of the unfamiliar voice, and she turned to face its source. "Hello there," she replied simply and politely. "Do you live around here?" The girl had not spent enough time in these lands to distinguish the scents of different packs, so it was difficult for her to determine where this stranger had come from. She looked at him curiously; something about him seemed very different from the wolves she had met in her less than a year of life. Even his voice was somehow accented strangely, a phenomenon which she could not seem to explain to herself.

She was most interested, however, in the oddities on his body. The slashes on his chest reminded her of her mother's scars, or even those of Jefferson. She also noted strange markings on his arms; those couldn't be natural. She had seen these same sorts of things on Daisuke's fur, only they were different images. But what caught her eye were the small metallic pieces hanging from his ears. "Where did you get those things in your ears?" she inquired, suddenly captivated. Something about them appealed to her. Perhaps she could find some of her own? But first, of course, she would need to learn just what they were.

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