The Lost Moon (J)

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◦Character Name: Ralla
◦Character Birthdate (including year): Feb. 16, 2009
◦Whether s/he is a regular wolf or a Luperci: White Wolf Luperci (Biologically a Grey wolf, but was born with a white melanin gene)
◦Gender: Female
◦A secondary form of contact (AIM, MSN, Y!M):
◦Currently played characters: Primary, Ralla
◦How you found 'Souls: Recomended by the Top 50 Wolf RPG site

Darkest night, palest moon.
She was a flash beneath a firefly sky; a whisper of a cool breeze that one could maybe see if they looked hard enough. She was the mist of the moon; she was the moon.
And she ran faster than her sister in the sky across the land.
‘Why did I ever let those gypsies leave me here?’ she questioned herself. ‘I smelled the territory markers…I should’ve known I was too close…’
Her paws padded with dull thuds in the sand; unnaturally long legs kept the grit from catching her fur, and dark, forest green eyes searched endlessly for a sign of the wolves she smelled so profoundly around her.
She was deep in a place she should not be.
‘How strong are these wolves? Weaker than the Moon Tribe, or…?’
She wanted so desperately for them to be stronger, against all other thoughts. She wanted so desperately for them to notice her, against all other instincts.
With her snow-white pelt against the blue ocean and midnight, it wasn’t hard; she was a beacon shining from the shore.
Every crash of the waves upon pearl-fine sand echoed in her ears as she strained to hear any trace or sign of the territory’s guardians.
She was scared of their rejection if they noticed just how deep she was…if they saw how unusual she was…
The crescent moon brand on her forehead mirrored the one in the sky, and she wished harder than anything to be as certain of her thoughts and decisions as the moon above was of its cycles.
Without pause for thought…
Without need to defend or justify why it waxed and waned.
She kept running and running and running, but the territory markers remained strong; an end without sight with no safety of boundaries to protect her.
Winded from her flight, she stood on a sandy outcrop a few miles from where she had been dropped off by the sea-faring luperci, and she looked to the moon above.
With her nose upraised and eyes closed, she howled a long, soft note that was accented by the crash of a wave.
She was tired of running, without peace of mind, without assurance of guidance…
So she sang to a moon that could not give anything but silence.

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Welcome to 'Souls, Rachel! I apologize for taking a while to respond, and I did get your PM—I've been working extra hours, since school is starting in a week. ^^; Just as a head's up, trespassing is not very well welcomed, and this will reflect on Vigilante's reaction to Ralla. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me here or to send me another PM! WotD: Lupine.

Dark ears swivelled forward at the sound of the howl, the secui lupine's fur raising along his spine. Vigilante had smelled the intruder at first, but the trespasser had been moving and he was still looking for her. He was getting very tired of strangers trespassing on the lands claimed by his pack, and he was not exactly planning on being his usual, friendly self. It was taxing to know that so many simply ignored the clearly marked borders, whether they came by land or sea. The secui King was large, bulky, and muscular, and he knew that his appearance could be intimidating. In this case, he certainly hoped so, because he was very annoyed by the amount of trespassers that came to their lands. It needed to stop, now.

The caramel-colored King moved quickly, finding her shortly after she howled. Jade eyes studied her, and Vigilante held himself dominantly. He was very angry, but he hid this well, instead choosing to project himself as a powerful leader. The large dog King stared at her sternly. She was young, but she was not a pup, at least a year and a half old. "You are very deep within Cour des Miracles territory," he said. "I am Vigilante Haskel, King of these lands. Our borders are very clearly marked, all around," he continued, and he left it at that. She would need to begin to explain herself soon, and she had better have a good explanation, because Vigilante was growing very tired of all the trespassers.

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No, no! Thank you! I can appreciate someone who works hard, and I completely understand; it’s been just about the same for me >.> But thanks for responding, I appreciate it~ ^-^

Hearing the growling voice behind her, Ralla veered her head to be confronted by a secui form lupine. Being greeted as such by the King, her confidence in her choices wavered...for only a moment. Her eyes became narrow in the way that her brother had taught her when confronted, even though this was against her common sense to appear to a leader. In his secui form, the King named Vigilante Haskel was taller than her, if not bulkier in muscle.

With his hackles raised, it was obvious to see that the King was very, very displeased.

“I apologize most profusely, King Vigilante Haskel. I am Ralla of the Moon Tribe,” she began in the most formal way she could, her voice wavering as she struggled to calm her nerves. “While it does not excuse my own negligence, I was left here by a…travelling pack, and told that this place is one for those of my…situation. I tried to find your borders as soon as landfall, but the territory is so vast, I—” Realizing the argument was beginning to sound poor, she lowered her head and ears while curling her tail between her legs. “Please… I… I can’t go back…”

The mere thought of returning home now, disgraced as a runaway and traitor, chilled Ralla’s blood and made her grasp at the loose sand beneath with claws slipping in and out. The King before her had noticed her, as hoped, but when she finally came to the confrontation, she realized her plans had stopped short for what to do. She was obviously outweighed in muscle, and the only thing she could count on against the King was her speed should the need arise. Looking up in a quick glance, his green eyes mirrored hers, and a sharp pain jabbed through her heart to be reminded of her brother and father when they were mad at her. It was like being stared at with a gaze of fire.

“I came to Nova Scotia to start over,” she whispered. “The place I left behind…is no longer for me…”

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