The Young and the Hopeless(Joining)

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A small shadow raced across the horizon. If you looked closer you find that it was no shadow at all. In fact it was a small wolf pup, clearly not old enough o be out on his own. He was running for his life, he was hungry and tiered but he kept running. He had no clue how much time had past since he saw his parent’s bloody bodies yelling for him to run. He just kept running.

He found himself skidding to a stop, panting to regain his breathe. He raised his head and took a deep breathe, sniffing the air. It was a clearly marked boundary. He let out a small growl at the thought of being stopped so suddenly. Then he started thinking, what if these wolves can help me...? He raised his head once more and let out a howl calling to whoever would answer his prayers.</span>

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She had been going to the borders periodically over the few days that she had been in the pack, just to look outside. Dierdre wondered if she would like her new life here, if she would fit in...but she already knew the answer. Of course she would like it, and of course she would fit in. Her family lived here--her aunts and uncle, her mother and grandmother. She belonged here. And her pups would be raised here, amongst their family members. Not far away in Storm. Dierdre would stick around Jaded Shadows for a while before venturing out; she was still afraid of running into Pilot.

The white, medium sized wolf sat down for a moment, her mismatched eyes taking in the surroundings. Something was moving off in the distance, but she wasn't paying attention to that area of the horizon. She was staring off toward Storm. Soon, though, the figure became larger and larger, until she could clearly see a form. It was a pup, one that she had never seen before, with a coat as dark as coal. The mother-to-be frowned, standing up. It was true that she was new, but she could at least see what the little one wanted. He was howling, trying to call someone over. She quickened her pace, trotting toward him as fast as she could. "You there. You've arrived at Jaded Shadows. Are you hurt?" Best to find that out first. He didn't look too happy...maybe he was injured.


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<span style='color:green'>The night colored pup seemed to almost blend in as the sun started to set. He sat and waited for a response to his call and he thought of what he would do. He started to pace back and forth, back and forth. His tail wagged back and forth in a worried matter. Then he saw it, or she rather, a white wolf that seemed to be almost charging at him.

Jazper backed up slightly and took a defensive position wondering who this female was. She was definitely an adult and as he studied her, she seemed to be having her problems herself. With this realization he took a less threatened pose and simply sat as she came to a stop. His ears perked up, almost the same size as his head, at the words, Jaded Shadows. He turned his head sideways in a curious manner as she asked if he was hurt. It was not until then that he stopped to look at himself. He has splatters of blood on his black coat and yet, he had stumbled and cut his front paws up slightly but, instead of mentioning these things he simply spat out, "M-my p-parents...."</span>


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They both blended in with the surroundings in different ways. Jazper was dark, and could travel through the night without having to worry about being attacked. And in the winter time, Dierdre could move around in the day and night without worrying much because of her white pelt. He blended into the night, and her into the snow.

She couldn't see the many cuts on the pup because of the darkness. He didn't answer the question that she'd asked, but that was all right...he seemed pretty shaken up. "Are your parents following?" She asked, instead. "They came here with you?"
Dierdre Rhiannon


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<span style='color:green'>The young pup knew that he should answer the she-wolfs questions directly, he had learned that since the day he was born. Yet he still felt anger towards the wolf, resentment even. She was white, pure, light, and the havens had probably granted her a wonderful life safe from all harm and here he was...He looked rough, unclean, and much like a lost puppy, which ironically he was.

He looked the wolf in the eyes, it was risky to look a higher ranked wolf in such a way but what did he care, he'd already lost the two things most important to him. "My parents are not following...” He growled softly, "We were attacked by a pack of rogue wolves looking for land, there was about 8 of them, and two of my parents. They told me to run and not to return and that’s what I did." He rose his body high trying to show that he was proud to have followed his parent’s last wishes of his survival but his eyes still showed his pain fresh as the cuts on his paws.</span>


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He was a fairly big youngster, she observed, maybe older than she had thought at first. He was almost to the "teenaged" stage, not quite a pup but not an adult yet, either. By Jaded Shadows reckoning, he would be a Lehrling before too much time passed.

But that didn't mean that he didn't need parental figures in his life. Dierdre had grown up in a broken home herself, without the influence of a mother or father for a good portion of her puppyhood...she hated to see someone else travel that road, for she knew how difficult it could be.

"They were wise to send you away...from all of that." She said softly, sitting, her tail curling around her front paws. "You...wish to stay here? We would offer you a home, a safe place to live."
Dierdre Rhiannon


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<span style='color:green'>'Wise to send you away..from all that' his mind echoed. He growled inwardly from this statement. What would have happened if he had stayed? Would he have been much use? He lowered his head and shifted the dirt with night like paws. He did not like this feeling. The feeling of being useless. If he had only been a few months older maybe he would have been able to fight for his family.

He looked up to the she wolf as she talked about him staying. 'Stay with this Jaded Shadows pack' his mind screamed. His face was still hard with thoughts of his parents who must be dead by now. His amber eyes seemed to jolt out from his black coat. He looked the white wolf in the eyes once more and mumbled, "Have you ever felt like you were a prisoner in your own body?"

He sighed. This was not his usually behavior. He thought back to just the day before. He had been jumping and running about beside his parents. His mother was a small but pretty grey colored wolf and his father, who was much larger and stronger, was a perfect black like himself. He remembered chasing them about and laughing and rolling in the mud, the scolding he had received from his mother and the faces his father had made behind her back in jest. "What is your name?" He questioned.</span>


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He had lost his parents, but he could at least still have a mother. Or...something close to a mother. She had pups of her own that would be born within a month, so this probably wasn't the best time to be taking in another little one...but so what? The more the merrier. That is, if the young one wanted to stay in Jaded Shadows. And after that she would need to get the leader's permission.

"Yes, I've felt like that." She answered softly. So much had happened in her life...there had been times where she had wished that she /wasn't/ the one inside of her body. She had been made fun of before, when she was younger, because of her eyes. It wasn't often that a wolf was born with one eye one color and the other eye another color, especially not blue and yellow. She had tried to explain to them that her mother looked the same, but they hadn't listened. That was another reason that she had come back to the lands. No one anywhere else had really accepted her. "If you stay here, you won't have to feel like that any more. We're like a family here...everyone helps take care of everyone else."

Dierdre offered him a smile. "I'm Dierdre Rhiannon. I live here with my mother and grandmother...and some aunts and uncles. I also have some siblings that will be born, soon, and I will be having a litter of pups before too long. You'd be joining into a real clan here. What're you called?"
Dierdre Rhiannon


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<span style='color:green'>The she-wolf seemed to understand his needs right now. Need for family, need for security. He shuffled some more. She had offered him a place to stay; did he want to stay though? His ears perked up as she talked about her family and how she was expecting pups, "Congratulations on the pups." He said a little more light heartedly. It was true he really would be joining into a family by joining this pack. New arrivals on the way, a large family already here.

He then stood still as she asked his name "Name's Jazper....just Jazper." He wished to forget his past, this accident of a day and his full name. If he wanted to see the good in the future he would move on. He took a step forwards in confidence, head and tail up tall, "and I wish to join Jaded Shadows as long as there is a place for me."</span>


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She was pleased that he wanted to stay...they could always use more members in the pack. A strong pack had many members. With time, if he learned to shift (she wasn't sure if he was a werewolf or not), she could teach him how to use a bow and arrow to hunt, like she and her mother did. It was very useful.

"It's good to meet you, then, Jazper" Dierdre said. She lifted her head, calling for one of the leaders. They would arrive and decide whether he would be allowed to join them in Jaded Shadows.
Dierdre Rhiannon


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Since she had greeted Dierdre the day prior, she had found that moving around Jaded Shadows expansive territory in her Secui form was far too convenient. It made her regular canine form seem so primitive and undeveloped. Only recently had she begun to appreciate the gift that was this ability. Even if she used her Optime form as much as she did her Lupus form, now she began to understand how wonderful it was to simply have that ability.

She found Dierdre and the newcomer near the south-western border. Dierdre's form was more difficult to spot, despite her obvious advantage in size. Little of the snow had melted, and it had been snowing lightly for a few days. The other wolf, a decent-sized youngster that looked like he could do with a meal was standing near her. She tilted her head slightly, glancing from one wolf to the other. "Hello, Dierdre. What have you got to tell me?" She knew Dierdre had been through this before. Even if Dierdre had joined Jaded Shadows one day prior, she knew how the acceptance process worked, and Tayui had faith that she had met with potential joiners during her time in Storm.


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Dierdre had only met Tayui once, at the borders when she had been accepted. She wasn't sure why she'd never run into the female before, on one of her many trips to Jaded Shadows over the months...but it had just never happened. She thought well enough of the other white one; she, like Dierdre and Deuce, had eyes that weren't the same color. It made her more inclined to trust Tayui, because she had things in common with her.

The girl lowered her tail in quiet respect to the alpha, her eyes turning sharply to those of the older. "He believes his family's been killed...and from what he says, I'd believe that too. Do you think we could give him a place to stay? He's too young to have any real skills, but I can show him how to use a bow and arrow--then he can be of some use"

Dierdre Rhiannon


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<span style='color:green'>The dark pup took a step behind the she-wolf, he now knew as Dierdre, as he saw another unknown figure approached. He listened to their conversation intently; the alpha seemed to be confident and sure of her self. She was much larger then him self and he found himself slightly frightened of her. He peeked around Dierdre still unsure of himself.

"My name's Jazper and I am not a werewolf...but my father was a very large alpha and mama always said I would grow up to be like him. If I do then I’ll be able to help fight and defend the pack, and hunt game too." He said shyly. His torso was still hidden behind a white coat but his eyes were truthful and even though he was young his body was starting to show signs of a promising wolf.</span>


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Jazper, you can reply once more. Don't worry about replying, James-y~

Tayui watched the child as Dierdre spoke, noting that he was already beginning to grow, looking more like a scraggly youngster than a puppy. She would hazard a guess of him nearing the age for Lehrling, but still retained much of his puppyish pudginess. She offered the boy a small smile, but it quickly changed to a slightly more serious frown as she began to take in what Dierdre had to say. The boy had lost his family, similar to how Tayui had, and was now seeking refuge in the mountain pack.

She nodded when Dierdre finished speaking, but was hoping that for all the female had to say, the boy could back it up. No matter how wonderful the boy's parents were, it mattered how much the boy wanted to succeed. The child could have been the son of a great ruler and conquerer of empires, such as Chinggis Khan, but it would not matter, for it all depended on the boy's own strength. "Child, do you want to be your own wolf, or exactly as your father was? Will you be able to continue with your own strength, and remain with us, lending us your strength and sharing your loyalty?" She refused to treat the boy as a young pup only a few weeks old, for he was growing, and she would respect that. In return, she hoped he would be able to explain his reasons for seeking out the pack, and his feelings. Not his father's.


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<span style='color:green'>OOC: Dierdre is going to be Jazpers adoptive mother, just so you knwo ;p

IC:The dark pup was thrown off by the alpha's questions. "Child, do you want to be your own wolf, or exactly as your father was? Will you be able to continue with your own strength, and remain with us, lending us your strength and sharing your loyalty?" His head cocked slightly to the left as he started to think about her questions. Did he want to be like his father? Yes. Exactly like him? No. He wanted to be himself but, his role model had always been his father.

His head returned to his upwards position and he started talking once more, "My father was a brilliant wolf and he has always been my role model. He's a lot like who I want to be but, I will always be myself, I just wish I could have his traits. One day I will have his traits. I will be strong, loyal and intelligent but, those traits will be mine at that point. I will be my own wolf." He said with a certain tone, "If you accept me I will forever be grateful and loyal. You will gain a brave, growing student and I will always be here to assist the pack.</span>


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