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Character Name: Theodoric Martin
Character Birthdate: July 3, 2004
Character Gender: Male
Character Species: Canis lupus
Regular Wolf or Luperci: Luperci
Desired Profession Path, if any: Craftsman
Secondary form of contact (AIM): Kim1014
Currently played characters: Currently, none
How did you hear about 'Souls?: I’ve been here, on and off, for ages and ages (and ages).

I haven’t played this character in a long time. Forgive me if the first few posts are a little inconsistent. Also, Theodoric comes with a bit of an entourage (two ponies and an eagle owl). If you’d prefer me to scale back some, let me know and I’ll be happy to oblige.

It felt like a lifetime had passed since Theodoric’s footfalls last graced the ‘souls landscape. Truthfully, two and a half years is a brief span in the grand scheme of things, but a lot can happen to a person in thirty-odd months. An insecure youth can grow into a confident adult, a craftsman can go from journeyman adept to respected master, and a life that once held all the answers can become… well, something less. A home can be left, and a life started anew.

And so it was with Theodoric.

This was not the first time he had left his Scottish hometown for the lands across the sea. Over three years ago, as a new weaver adept, Theodoric had lived for a short time with the wolves in Jaded Shadows. The arrangement had been temporary from the beginning, and the grayscale luperci had left for home before the season changed for the third time. Very little of note happened in the period he lived among that pack, but the lands and people of the new world were to stay with him, as irrevocable as the sunrise. And although Theodoric would return to Edinburgh and there complete his masterwork at his family’s behest, he would be constantly haunted by memories of a life that had fit his personality so much better.

The dye on his master’s knot had still been wet when Theodoric began making plans to depart for the new world. He sold the tapestries of his masterwork to a merchant caravan, led by a cunning jackal and his strange, silent wife. There, he acquired the money and means to live overseas. With the coin, he paid the lingering debts incurred during his education. The rest he took in goods: two fine looms that could be carried in pieces, rare wool made from the hair of rabbit and alpaca, and two stubborn (but sure-footed) ponies to carry it all. He gave his home and workshop to his younger sisters for their bride-price, for the girls, being the youngest of the family, would otherwise not be allowed to wed. The gesture was mostly the kindness of a doting elder brother, but it was also insurance: the twins spun and dyed yarn of the finest quality, and agreed to supply Theodoric even if the family looked unkindly on his sudden disappearance (which was likely).

On the eve of his departure, Theodoric threw a private party at a local inn for his few friends and close family. Therefore, he was surprised when, halfway through the evening, the merchant’s wife arrived with an eagle owl tethered to her wrists. She handed the tresses of the noble bird to a stunned Theodoric, who was too startled at her sudden appearance to react properly. He ordered the mute woman a drink, intending to find what answers he could over a cup of ale, but she was gone before the barkeep poured it. A piece of paper had been wrapped around the owl’s ankle, a note which Theodoric had long ago memorized but still kept tucked in the pocket of his shirt.

The very same owl now sat perched on the pommel of the mare’s saddlebags, swaying slightly and blinking against the rays of a noonday sun. Theodoric stood nearby, protectively watching the dappled equines as they grazed in a clearing at the edge of the AniWaya territory. The full scent markings of the pack’s borders hung thick in the air, signaling that the outsider dare tread no further. For his part, Theodoric was content to wait to be found; he didn’t howl his presence, but instead softly sang an old Gaelic song whose notes would carry well through the crisp autumn air.

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OOC: welcome, or should I say welcome back?

Liliana was taking Grace out for a run as she normally did, the flaxen maned chestnut was now one of her best friends as the hybrid trained her and they became a working pair. Liliana was proud of herself even though she’d trained many horses in her day, Grace was by far her easiest to do so. The horse wore no tack for Liliana didn’t care to burden the horse with such things unless they were on long journesy, which then she’d have to bring provisions for both her and the horse, today though they were just enjoying the day in Aniwaya, when she heard a voice, she’d never heard such music before. Her mother could sing some, and her father was a good hummer but this wasn’t anything of what they would do so. Liliana halted her horse and turned the animal to the sound and trotted to where it came from. There stood a wolf at the borders, not a pack member. She’d been here long enough to know that. Though he seemed to be waiting for something.

Good day sir, you are at the border of Aniwaya, my name is Liliana Vess, may I help you with anything?

She’d been told by the chief that she was allowed to accept those that wished to join, and right now she was kind of wishing he didn’t only because she’d never did it before, maybe it was like the pregnant woman and he was passing by? Or some other thing that brought him here, but in her gut she kinda knew.

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When Theodoric heard the distinct rhythm of hoofbeats, he knew his presence at the border had been discovered. He put away the twice-baked bread and hard cheese he had been nibbling on in between stanzas, and stood by the male pony who continued to graze unconcernedly. By loosening one of the saddlebag ties, the grayscale luperci made sure he had easy access to a few samples of his weaving. Satisfied, he turned in time to see a two-toned female canine arrive on a handsome blonde chestnut mare.

“Pleasure to meet you, Miss Vess. I’m Theodoric Martin, of the Edinburgh Martins; weaver by trade,” the formal introduction rolled easily off of his tongue, accompanied by a polite bow. “I was hoping, Miss, to join a pack for the winter, maybe longer. Might AniWaya be accepting?”

Upon returning to the new world, Theodoric had initially gone back to the ‘souls landscape he was familiar with. Even now, the old packlands still bore heavy traces from a forest fire, and supported no lupine life. Over the Halcyon Mountains the weaver found life again, but few answers. Perhaps, once he was settled for the season – here or elsewhere – he would have time to ask the right questions.

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Of course it was one that was wishing to join, well she hoped she could make a good impression on the newcomer as well as her leader, Dawali couldn’t be everywhere. She smiled at him and nodded.

Yes we are accepting new wolves to join our pack, and you said you are a weaver? I’m sure that will help the pack as winter is coming, I know a few wolve’s who have short fur that would enjoy your company. Do you have any of your work to show me?

She said smiling, she was more curious than a critic, she’d seen some wolve’s work before but it was always interesting to see each style for each wolf. she was glad she didn’t have to ask what the wolf would have to offer the pack, being a weaver was good enough, and she knew it was hard work, something her paws were never meant to do. She noticed the ponies that were grazing nearby.

These are your ponies?

She asked even more interested in the animals. She was after all the trainer and tender to the animals. She knew she’d help him out with the two and train them as well, though ponies were smaller and didn’t have much talent other than being good for the children. As far as she knew there were no more pups in the pack at the moment.

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ooc... Both ponies are brown/black silver dapples, kinda like this.

Although Theodoric did not doubt his ability to survive the upcoming cold season, he was nevertheless glad to hear the pack was taking on new members. He could tentatively assume that the land was bountiful enough to feed an extra mouth and at peace enough to trust a new face. Theodoric felt his smile stretch from polite to genuine.

“Yes, of course,” he replied, pulled the cloak from his shoulders, and handed it to her for inspection. The cloak was of medium weight and dyed dark blue. Clearly, this was Theodoric’s traveling garment, and it had been much worn. But the point was that the fabric had held up well to the abuse, and other than being stained, retained its original tight, even weave. Giving her time to look it over, he explained, “I made the fabric for the cloak, although one of my brothers sewed it together,” he smiled a bit ruefully. Despite many efforts, Theodoric was not much of a tailor. “I can make thicker weaves for blankets, or lighter ones for summer gear.”

When she was finished looking at the cloak, Theodoric traded the garment for a smallish rectangular piece of fabric he had retrieved from a saddlebag while talking. “I can also do more artistic work, given the time.” He had handed Liliana a small tapestry that depicted a vibrant city street on market day. The work was small, scarcely more than twenty inches diagonally, but was remarkably detailed: Customers and shopkeepers had faces; the carts in the crowd were laden with apples, pots, or cheese. Until this point, Theodoric had been genuinely modest in his mannerisms and approach. This, however, was the only piece of his masterwork that he had kept, and with it, he was trying to impress her.

Other than a year spent fostered with cousins in the country, Theodoric had spent most of his life in crowded city walls. Despite this, he had a fondness for equines, although he himself wasn’t much of a rider. “Yes, the ponies are mine. The shorter, darker one is a stallion – I call him Duncan. The mare is Suthen.” The ponies were in their prime, and the pair of them had cost Theodoric a generous portion of coin. They were both a dapple color he fancied, common for ponies but rarer in taller breeds: dark coats, light manes, and spots to match the mane. Although thirteen hands tall (Suthen neared fourteen) neither were quite big enough for a large luperci to ride. They were both excellent pack animals though, sure-footed, strong, and only stubborn some of the time.

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Liliana took the cloak after she had dismounted from Grace, she inspected it lightly, she didn’t have such a crafters eyes, that was Arda, and he’d disappeared, it was nice to know there was someone here that could make warm clothes though. The hybrid of course did not need it as her fur was naturally thick and well made for the harsh winters of Canada. Though she had spent a few months far north, which it was always cold, and then she did need warm gear on, she didn’t need it here, she was usually pretty happy about keeping to her own fur, though she imagined Nayati would enjoy a blanket or something, and she was thinking of perhaps a trade with the new wolf,

Dawali will be very excited we have someone who can do such nice craftsmanship.

The she was given the small artwork but in it the world was big, it took her breath away, she looked at the wolf next to her with awe, never in her years had she seen such craftsmanship, at least from a wolf, humans crafts had become fake, but this, this was genuine.

This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen!

She said, staring at the work of art, she knew she had to give it back but it was much easier when he mentioned his ponies. She walked over to them, she herself was definitely too tall to be a rider of one of these, but she didn’t have to ride to train, she looked them over, touching their hocks, lifting their hooves. It showed a bit of traveling, but not so harsh, they were very well taken care of, she looked over and smiled at Theo.

I’m the horse trainer here, I tend to most of the animals it would give me great pleasure taking care of these two if you wouldn’t mind, they have been well taken care of though I can see that. It also leaves you with less responsibility, though they are yours, you can do what you wish with them. Come we can walk and I’ll show you around AniWaya

She smiled and moved towards the pack she loved so much, excited about this new wolf and happy she didn’t make any bad impressions at all. Grace started following her but the horse was still curious about the ponies, Liliana waited for Theo to follow her.

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While still an apprentice, Theodoric had learned that showing one’s work to another was often a delicate thing. An untrained eye might not know what details they were looking for and become overwhelmed; while an overly enthusiastic observer might pick apart details the craftsman thought unimportant. There was another art in marketing wares, and Theodoric had little talent for it. Therefore, he was grateful and relieved when Liliana appeared pleased with the samples he’d provided. “Thank you,” he said, his words glowing slightly from her praise, “I take pride in my work.”

While Liliana inspected the ponies, Theodoric carefully stowed the small tapestry away and re-settled the stallion’s baggage. Satisfied the load lay properly, he gathered his own things. Although slightly protective of the ponies (a reflex from long months on the road), the weaver could see sense in sharing the duties of looking after them. He nodded his assent to the arrangement, with private promises to visit often with brushes and treats. “They can be a handful sometimes, in the way ponies often are. Duncan has a stubborn streak, but a soft spot for treats. Suthen doesn’t like to be tethered, but she’ll stand still if you ask.” If this young woman would be helping him take care of the ponies, it followed that she should know the quirks Theodoric had learned about them. “They are also trained to pull a small cart or carriage, but I’m not sure if they’re broken for riding. I never let my nieces try,” he confessed with a chagrined smile.

Theodoric gathered the lead ropes, and made to follow Liliana into the packlands. From her words and body language, he was welcome here, and he was eager to have a place to work again. He had done some work on a hand loom on the road, but the quality was not quite up to his usual standard. “You mentioned a Da-wali? Who is he, exactly?” Theodoric’s accent stumbled over the unfamiliar name. He would make an effort, though, to learn about the AniWaya community.

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Liliana was quite satisfied with the way the ponies looked, and they only need a good hoof clean from the journey and a brush and that was about it, well maybe some food and rest of course. She listened as she was told their quirks, which was something that could be worked wit hand around. She never tethered the horses anyway, they either roamed free in the pasture, or they we penned in their stalls, they only left the pasture if she was going to exercise them which she did each horse once or twice a week, with a pony she would have to bond with before taking them out, she was way too tall for the thought of actually riding one.

It won’t be hard to break them though, it’s more of a matter of having foreign objects on their back, though I doubt they are ones that would want to have a child on their back, I would trust the mare before I’d trust the stallion though.

She commented, these were never meant to be riding horses, at least not for the big luperci, but the female would at least do well for training in case a young wolf wanted to learn how to ride, Liliana could do that. The change in subject was welcoming still as she had an answer for that.

Dawali is our chief, he’s the leader of the pack, he’s not what I had expected in a leader, though he is one. A kind but stern man. You’ll like him when you meet him I’m sure of it.

She did remember the few encounters she had with the Kalona, though he still did make her nervous, he was a very nice male, and was good to his people, they were asked rather than made, though they knew that they had a job and if they didn’t do their job, or help out, they wouldn’t find this place a home. Liliana didn’t need to learn that little bit of fact, she was very dedicated to the pack now. Especially now that she had Ouray. As if on spot she felt his presence and he appeared beside her, though he was as small as a porcupine, he had an eerie aura around him. She wasn’t sure if the other wolf could see him though or that he noticed at all. Though Lili knew that if the porcupine spirit guide wanted to he’d let the other wolf know right away.

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They continued to talk horse for a while, Theodoric nodding appropriately. The ponies were too small to support most full-grown adults, but he supposed children or smaller lupceri might ride comfortably. Finishing their training shouldn’t be too difficult -- after all, they already wore packs and halters, and would accept a cart’s harness. Liliana did have a point about trusting the male pony; Theodoric himself had hesitated in purchasing a stallion over a gelding or a second mare. In the end, he decided that the potential benefits of having a breeding pair outweighed the problems a hormonal stallion could cause. And, to Duncan’s credit, the pony was generally even-tempered.

Liliana identified Dawali as the pack’s leader, and Theodoric muttered the name under his breath, so as to learn to say it correctly. It would be horribly rude of him, if he couldn’t properly say his own leader’s name. Kindness and sternness were admirable qualities to have in a packmaster, Theodoric noted. He’d have to make sure to introduce himself when the time was right. “I’m sure I will.”

Theodoric was completely occupied by following Liliana, keeping the ponies in line, and admiring the landscape he would now call home. If he felt the eerie aura the porcupine emitted, he dismissed the sensation to sensory overload or perhaps lingering nervousness from the borders. Certainly, he didn’t see the spirit guide when it appeared at Liliana’s side. Instead, he wondered where they were going and if, perhaps, they would meet any other pack members along the way.

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OOC: sorry I took so long ; ;

There was a silence between them as they walked, she could tell he was taking in all of AniWaya, well the forest and the swamp of AniWaya, for that’s mostly what it was. She didn’t mind it though, but wondered what the swamp itself looked like come winter, it was already rather cold now, how would it be when the cold comes in for good? She moved towards the village, where she knew he’d either stay or not, most did stay in a hut that had been empty, or had their own place deep within AniWaya itself. She had a hut all to herself. But there was more to the area as it was also a place for their ceremonies, and they had the great fire there, it was a great sight to see, especially in the middle of the day when many of the wolves were outside. Most were out now knowing that most of the autumn would bring nothing but rain. When they got their first view of the village she cleared her throat a little.

This is the actual village, you don’t have to live here, but there are open huts that are available to live in. the stables are just over there near the farmlands.

She pointed to where the dull colored barn was, which held all the animals in it, and beyond that was hard to see, but it was their rather large field of assorted vegetables. She looked at him to see his reaction to it all, she’d been rather impressed when she first walked on the same grounds.

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no worries! <3

A sort of companionable silence fell between the two while they walked. Theodoric would have made some attempt at small talk had he noticed it, but he had been travelling alone long enough that the absence of speech felt more natural than the spoken word. Furthermore, he was taking in the wet, lush landscape of the AniWayan lands. Autumn had claimed the coloration patterns of the woodlands, to impressive effect. This was rich country, he decided. Whether recently or generations ago, whoever had selected the area to house the pack, had a good, wise eye.

The landscape opened up, and Theodoric was surprised to see buildings. Years ago, the wolves of Jaded Shadows had lived primarily in their lupus form; certainly, they had used their shifting abilities, but the culture of the land had been primarily feral. Here and now, Theo was presented with a veritable village. Certainly, it was different from the European building patterns with which he was accustomed, but he could pick out private residences and public halls among the buildings erected there. The view was impressive, and Theodoric let the grin on his face say so.

“The village looks wonderful,” Theo hoped his praise did not sound fulsome, because he was genuinely pleased with the prospect of living in the village. For much of his trip to the new world, the Scottish weaver had been apprehensive about where he might end up living. He didn’t mind dens, but they made working the looms difficult. “If you’re sure I’m not imposing, I would appreciate moving into one of the open huts.” Liliana also pointed out the stables, which was a serviceable-looking building beyond the village borders. Worked fields lay beyond, another pleasant surprise for Theodoric. Tilled earth was another thing he had not been prepared for, and he realized he was going to have to radically modify his expectations.

He glanced over at Liliana, who had been so kind to guide him through the packlands. Yet, he didn’t want to take up more of her time than he needed, or appear incapable of looking after himself. At the same time, he didn’t want to sound ungracious, or like he was trying to be rid of her company (which was enjoying). “Maybe we should head over to the stables? Unload the ponies, and get them settled in?” And after, maybe, he could go about the business of setting up a home.

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Liliana didn’t mind the silence herself, though she was rather antsy as to wonder if she should be saying something, but she decided against it, he seemed to be soaking in everything as they moved along, and she was pleasantly greeted with a compliment on the village, though she had little to do with its building, she still lived here and took pride in the whole pack lands. She smiled.

Thank you, I know it must have taken a long time to get everything up like that, I do wish I was here myself when they did start making the village. And I see no problem with you finding a hut of your own.

She said, she could see little of his expression as he moved his eyes further down the village. She was enjoying his quiet company but knew she would have to get back to work herself. She had more than just Grace to take care of, the cows were probably already hating her. His mention of heading to the stables did brighten her, she could get two birds with one stone.

That would be great there are a few open stalls now that can house your ponies. I’ll let you choose which one they can have.

She said and headed towards the stables. Grace saw the direction they were going in and took off at a gallop towards the stables. Liliana walked smiling as she watched her horse move so fluidly across the grassy fields. She did not worry about the horse as she was still free to do what she wanted, if she wished to leave that was up to the horse, though Liliana would miss the horse terribly, it seemed that Grace would be with her for a while though at least that’s what Liliana saw, and hoped. .

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the porcupine in your table is adorable! also, minor powerplay to get them to the stables, let me know if you'd like anything changed. <3

As they neared the stables, Liliana’s horse took off toward the building. Theodoric thought the other AniWayan might be concerned by the equine’s behavior, but she watched the horse run away with an affectionate expression on her face. Apparently the horse was well trained and knew not to wander. He had to suppress a wistful sigh -- if one of his ponies ran off, he would be half the day catching them again. It’s not that Duncan and Suthen disliked Theo or that he didn’t care for them well enough – they would play hard-to-get just to be obnoxious.

As they entered the stables, the cloak-clad luperci eyed the building with an inspector’s gaze. It wasn’t much to look at decoration wise, but even he could see that was very well made. Theo was satisfied that his ponies would be kept warm and dry in the upcoming winter months. He found two stalls adjacent to each other, and asked Liliana, “Will these work? I’d like to keep them close together, if I could.” Horses were herd animals, after all, and took comfort in familiar places – especially when confronted with so many new faces.

Once their stalls were arranged, Theodoric began to unload the ponies. True to his word, Theo didn’t tie Suthen, but lay the lead rope across her withers and said, softly ”Stand”. She complied, perhaps because of the sugar cube he’d slipped to her in the process. Straps and laces were undone with quick, practiced movements. Some bags he tossed aside into the growing pile of luggage; others he set down with care. As he unloaded, he produced a bag of grooming gear and offered it to Liliana. “There are brushes and a hoof pick in there if you need them” he said, not knowing how much equipment the pack owned. After a good grooming, and maybe some grain to sweeten them to their new home, the ponies could get around to appreciating some much-deserved rest.

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It wasn’t hard for Theo to pick a stall, there were many horses there but there were also a few open ones. He watched as he put them in after she nodded that it was ok to use the stalls. She understood where he came from, keeping them close, she also doubted she’d mix the ponies with the horses either, if a fight did break out, which it tended to rarely happen that way, she didn’t want the ponies to be in the middle of it, even though they were quite strong themselves. She was sure there was enough field to make it so the ponies and horses had their own space when she put them out to pasture. As she’d thought this he was finished and showed her some of his grooming tools, she smiled, knowing that these were well needed, though they did have a few, this would be great to keep with the ponies as to not over use the other equipment. And since they were his she had no problems keeping it that way.

That’s very nice of you, we can use them for your ponies, we have some equipment but not so little that we have to use everything on all the horses, I’m sure there’s a spot near here to store them, that way they can be used for these two. They should be quite at home in no time.

She said, looking at the equipment he produced. They were in a bit better shape than the tools she used, but he had two ponies she had a good dozen horses. She wouldn’t complain, it was nice to know that other wolves took care of their animals.

If you want I can brush one out for you now, and we have some oats and hay over in the back near the cows.

She said, she’d help out if he wished to and then they’d get to settling him in, which would be so much easier in her opinion. .

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