To Keep the Winters Warm

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Training/meet-and-greet time~ :D

So much had come to pass during Ralla's months in AniWaya. She had gone about her duties to the best of her abilities, and yet still yearned for more; for that sacred flame that flickered just out of her reach. Its warmth called to Ralla, and the mysticism of its burning touch enamoured her heart to the point where she felt at one with the moon as if she had been born a part of it.

Stresses...problems...worries... All seemed to melt away while she was enfolded within the arms of the AniWayan lands. She filled the space wherever she went with song, and pondered her new friendships and experiences with happiness. She was living a life chartered by her own decisions, and she was without those restraints that had once threatened to break her resolve. Her and Kemo's brief trip to Cour des Miracles was backseated in her mind, for they could not travel till the winter snows let up, and... That only reminded her of an impending danger that she was placing herself in. By considering a return back to the Moon Tribe lands, Ralla was considering being captured and kept there, away forever, from AniWaya. She was risking everything, even on a slight consideration, for the blind wolf whom she shared a strange, deep kinship with. The moon seems bent on me confronting this fear of mine as much as it is on having Kemo regain his sight in the hardest way.

Humming a calming tune that belied a sad undertone, Ralla went to work on polishing the ceremonial stone ground. Lately, she had noticed that many of her tasks that were once all hers to care for were being done right under her nose. It amused her to come upon these little surprises, and also pleased her that she could have time to work more on her hut. It was begining to become a true home, and some rope had even been procured to hoist water buckets into the hut from the ground so that Ralla would not have to run to the stream frequently for a drink. That aside, she was actually impatient to meet her new fellows, if they were indeed those who were helping her with the Gata Hineyu duties. She supposed, as a senior Gata Hineyu, she ought to as least know who she was working with to help the tribe. And then the prospect of company while working was too much to resist!

But, as always, duties first. Scrub, rinse--humming, humming--scrub, rinse--hum.

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Eeee! Love meet and greets! :3 5+

Like the kiss of the cool breeze that premeditated the coming of the season, the Aston born woman's presence returned to the tribal lands along with the season. She could sense by the morning dew and by the course of the winds that Summer was beginning to be claimed by the cool grip of Autumn's teasing fingers, and once she was able to get her taste of adventure of the outside enough in the high Summer's sun, it was time to return back home. Her return was not one welcomed back by many smiling muzzles and open arms, for it was only her mother's embrace and her smile (among with the rest of her family) she longed to see, and that alone would suffice enough for her. She was still humble at best, swelling with an inner longing and passion for returning to the lands she was born from. Adventure always seemed to call her name, but it was just important enough to follow the rivers back to her personal beliefs, back to AniWaya.

She was simply picking up where she left off before departing. Gata Hineyu was only decided and practiced upon lightly before the call of the wild induced her to the outside. There was a distinct fascination held within the art of fire and the mechanics behind it, and believed there was a divine purpose of her existence to create, understand, and manage the Great Fire that burned as the essence of heart and soul of AniWaya. Upon her return, she noticed that the Great Fire was still crackling and bristling with its inferno just as strong as it left, and blatantly wondered who was responsible for keeping it burning so strong, if it was one individual or many, or even Dawali for all she knew. Dawali had enough responsibility to tend to, so it was little possibility for the Raven Chief of AniWaya to devote all of his daily activities to fire tending.

Evadne trotted casually behind her, mainly lured by the grip of freshly cut carrots that was in Ocèane's possession. Ocèane usually wore an amused smile upon her chocolate muzzle, for Evadne was still as wild and stubborn as ever. Ocèane usually couldn't get her to move along with her unless there was some catch to provide treats, so on this day Ocèane wanted Evadne to follow along to the Great Fire. Walking to the Great Fire, it was in her duty to gather more fire wood to keep at the site for fuel to keep the fire strong. Her arms were limber, and recently scavenged a duly bladed axe on the outside that seemed to be put in good use. Carrying that in her other grasp, Ocèane neared the fire and noticed an individual busily humming away and scrubbing at the ceremonial stone ground that surrounded the Great Fire. The woman was completely white like her mother was, and there was a symbol upon her forehead that Ocèane couldn't readily distinguish from afar. She didn't recognize the woman from before she originally left and when she was younger, but her steps fell a little more quickly as she was intensely interested in the woman keeping maintenance of the ceremonial grounds. So there was another Gata Hineyu, and it excited her to meet another who shared similar skill and regards. "So you are the one who has been tending to the Great Fires from when I left here many moons ago. I originally assumed it to be Dawali, but figured he already had too much to handle as Raven Chief already." Ocèane said as an icebreaker, a warm smile crossing her chocolate muzzle. "Tell me, what solution are you using to scrub? Is it simply freshwater, or something else?" Ocèane asked, motioning to the the tools she was using, and taking a profound interest in the woman and her skill. It didn't hold a particular smell of anything from what she could sense, but one never knew the secrets of another's profound skill.

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Since the time she met Oceane tending to the Great Fire, Sanuye had been taking her duties a bit more seriously. She knew that the Great Fire needed the utmost care and came before anything in her personal life. She was a proud member of this tribe and she loved more than anything to make sure that she was not ignoring her duties. Although her fur was still soaked from the storm, she was able to protect the Great Fire with the help of another Gata Hineyu named Oceane. The coyote was glad to make another friend, especially with someone in her field of study. A smile formed on her face as she made her way back to the village once more. She figured now was a better time than ever to check on the Great Fire.

As Sanuye made her way into the village, she could see the flares of the Great Fire shoot into the sky. It was as if the light of the world had shoot into the sky and through her soul. The fire in her heart was set a blaze as her passion to be near the element burned in her very soul. She watched the movement of the flames and positioned her hands in front of her. She moved them up as she watched the flames follow them. She did it back and forth, as if she could control the fire itself. Although the hybrid knew this was impossible, she believed she had the ability to bend the fierce element. She smiled and lowered her hands before making her way closer to the flames.

As Sanuye came closer, she recognized Oceane, but didn’t know who the other wolf was. She was lovely though with that white fur. Whatever she was doing, she seemed busy and it looked like Oceane was trying to help. Was it possible that this white beauty was also another Gata Hineyu? Only one was to find out. She approached the two wolfess’ with a smile on her muzzle. ”Hello Oceane. Has life been treating you well?” She then turned to the white wolf as she fixed her back feathers. ”Hello there miss. I don’t believe we’ve met yet. I am Sanuye Otsana. What’s your name?”

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Ralla's humming was abruptly stopped by the voice of another. She veered her head towards the source and was greeted by a chocolate brown wolf and horse. She smiled and nodded at the other's question, kneeling still in the damp, soapy water that she would soon have to completely rid the stone of. "Hello. Yes, Chief Dawali has been particularily busy lately, but I cannot claim credit for the Great Fire." She said this with an almost disappointed tone, but corrected it. The new wolfess in front of her was barely younger than Ralla herself, but she could tell that her eyes exceeded her years. She smiled and stood, as was respectful. She had never seen the new one before, but she assumed her a part of the pack judging by her scent and comfortable presence. "This?" Ralla said while looking to the suds that soaked her knees. She brushed them off and shivered as the cool water was chilled by the coming-winter air. "It's called tallow. It's a soap made from animal fat and herbs. Happily, it's one of the few recipes I can manage," she said with a small laugh. Ralla's retainment of herbal medicine was poor at best, but she was happy she could readily make tallow at any time without hinderance. It made her happy that she could even remember the herbs to properly pick before the winter chill got to them.

"My name's Ralla, what's your--" she was shortly interrupted by yet another new face. The two exchanged pleasantries--the chocolate wolfess being known as Oceane--before the new one who introduced herself as Sanuye turned her attention to Ralla. "Ralla," she said, not at all perturbed by the interruption. Rather, excited. "It's very nice to meet the both of you. But we haven't met before. Are you both new?" The income of new tribe members and loners had been increasing lately, and it was tough for Ralla to keep tabs on all the new faces, much less make contact with them when her schedule did not allow it. The two other females before her bore sembalances of grace, and Ralla admired Sanuye's black feathers modestly without staring. Taller as she was than the two, she did not want to seem pretentious.

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