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Shawchert had waited for everyone to settle in before he decided to call a gathering of the small group of creators. There were a few things to be discussed, mainly living conditions about summer time. They had just formed so they had no source of extra meat, and he knew how harsh the winters could be. not to mention their own performances, what they wanted to do what they wanted to learn. Orin had also mentioned an outdoor theater thing, in which he was sure she still wanted, there was so much to do and he had to have a few days to wait it out, but now, it was time, time to call for a meeting, that would help them figured things out.

Shaw lifted his head up to the sky and howled. Calling all of Cercatori d’arte to him, he had found a good place in the valley of the pack. He’d try not to be so formal this time, though he had no doubts he needed to be when it came to the food they would have to store up for the wintertime. This was also a chance for everyone to really meet each other, though it had been a brief meeting, none but him had known about Orin, who had joined them a few days later. He sat in the cold grass waiting for any of the pack to come. He was most interested in what everyone would have t say to him and what suggestions they all had. Skye of course was one of those that he’d look to as she was the co leader, she seemed very enthusiastic. He couldn’t wait till the formalities were over with though and they began their own performances and festivals, to see what life would be like in a place to better themselves in the arts.

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Skye had been sitting, thinking, when she'd heard the call of Shaw. Standing, brushing the dirt off her pants, she saw what she'd doodled in the sand. A flute. The small circles where the music came out were colored in with sand, and she smiled at her little creation. She'd been drawing more - ever since she'd doodled on the tree with her knife, creating the swirling pattern above the pack's name, she'd been inclined to do more drawing - and less writing. Was this the way it was going to be?

Skye walked towards where she'd heard Shaw's voice. They'd talked a few days before, and she was glad she was going to see him again. Their territory was small - small enough to sustain a small pack. She'd seen deer and other things, and had hunted freely - but winter was coming, and their territory was perhaps too small. The deer and caribou would hide. The small prey would hibernate. Would there be enough food for everyone?

She stepped through the bushes and saw Shaw. She grinned. "Hello, Shaw!" she said. "How are you today? Calling a pack meeting?" Although she was the co-leader, she was glad Shaw was making it clear that he was a leader of the pack as well. In fact, Skye hadn't really done anything to mention that she was the co-leader at all; perhaps she would call a pack hunt or a pack meeting soon - just so Shaw didn't have to do everything.

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Ouija had just been getting back onto the pack's lands when he heard the call go up. He had been about to make a pit stop at the home that he had found for himself but decided to forgo it in order to see what was going on instead. Was this the way it was going to be? Was there going to always be a meeting every few days? If so then he wouldn't be able to wander as he was prone to do. Perhaps the subject would be discussed at this meeting. Were they going to be set weekly things or something? If they were and they were kept on the same day then he would be able to plan around when he would have to be back by and so he could take whatever trips he wanted to. And even if it wasn't discussed right off then perhaps he would bring it up as a point of interest.

He followed the reverberation of the call back to its source. He was surprised to find only two gathered. Though not so surprised when he saw that the two were the leaders there. Of course it would make sense for them to be there but no one else? The last time he had joined in it was after everyone else had already gathered. Oh well, maybe the others were outside of pack territory as he had been. It would certainly make sense at least.

The bloodstained male gave a wave and plopped himself down with his back resting against a tree. "You called?" He spoke up, not even seemingly concerned with how he must look to the others. He had bloodstains covering his face from where he had rubbed it in. He had also splattered some on his chest and arms as well. And of course his hands were coated because that he what he had used to spread the color upon himself. The proof that he had just gotten back from his self coloring trip and onto the pack's lands was because he had to take his satchel off and place it down next to him. If he had already been on the lands previously then he would have left his satchel in his home. Though it might be good that he had it with him. Who could tell with these here if he would end up needing something from it or not.

Actually he could use it. With one hand he picked up a stick from the ground and with the other he pulled out a recently acquired metal bladed knife that was picked up in Halifax from his satchel. As he waited for more to arrive he just randomly started to cut into the stick. He wasn't certain what he was working on just yet. For once he actually didn't have a certain idea in mind. But then again he was only doing this just to well, have something to do. After all he didn't like to simply sit around with nothing at all to do. He was the sort that liked to keep busy with something or another.

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he waited to see many faces, first to come was Skye, which he figured would be there. He smiled and nodded at her question. He wasn’t going to talk yet though, he’d get to the point soon enough. He wanted for everyone to get there before he said anything he didn’t really want to repeat himself much more than he had to. Ouija came next, but that was all that would be coming. He made sure to wait a little before speaking.

well it seems that we’re the only ones today. Well I wanted to discuss our concern, for it’s not just mine, it would be everyone else’s We won’t have enough food come winter, pickings will come slim the colder it gets, I do need suggestions and want to advice trading any of what we can make that can be traded.

he said, looking between Skye and Ouija to see if they had any ideas, he hoped they did, he didn’t want to lose the pack over the winter time because they were unable to get food. It was a big concern for him especially. He’d be spending time hunting for sure.

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"Well, it seems that we’re the only ones today. Well, I wanted to discuss our concern, for it’s not just mine, it would be everyone else’s We won’t have enough food come winter, pickings will come slim the colder it gets, I do need suggestions and want to advice trading any of what we can make that can be traded. "

Skye nodded slowly. Winter was coming, after all. They couldn't ignore that. And they couldn't ignore that the cold could kill the plants that Skye was planting, and that the prey would all hide from the bitter cold and the wolves that were trying to hunt them. It'd be a tough winter...but Skye knew they'd get through it. It was just a matter of cooperating with the other packs.

"Perhaps we could trade some things we create," she suggested, "like pelts, stories, poems, or music sheets." Skye wasn't sure who would trade what for such things, but she did know that there was more than one wolf who would want creative items, such as Pixie Frost from Crimson Dreams. And she knew that Ouija enjoyed making such items - ones that were useful, like bone knives or pelts. She herself could draw or write something that may be tradeable - perhaps she could write more than just stories. Perhaps she could copy down information from the Halifax library and trade copies of it, since she couldn't just take the books from there and steal them. Or perhaps she could write what she knew about growing plants and creating useful items - like a sort of manual.

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It seemed like she had just arrived in her new pack lands, and already a meeting. How exhilarating! Orin’s ears twitched when she heard the very familiar howl that beckoned all nearby members to the gathering, and that incessant smile spread wide across her muzzle as brilliantly as always. This was the perfect opportunity to introduce herself to her new brethren - the people who carried the same torch for artistry that had always made her feel like such an outcast. She had been lounging when the call came, sunbathing with her ivory back prone to the warming rays that shone down upon her. She knew this was the same sun she had always known – the same orb that illuminated her life, even when it felt dark and bleak as she grew up in Florida, and confusing and frightening and thrilling when she arrived in Nova Scotia. But despite it being the same life-giving star, it felt different here underneath the Cercatori d’Arte sky. Like it was brighter… warmer… and its intensity only grew when she heard the summoning call of her alpha.

She was unaware of her napping until her eyes flew open and protested as they adjusted again to the sunlight. She was so at peace here that she had dozed off in the middle of this clearing, alone and in the open, but under the soothing balm of her pack’s protection. Surely it was not an uncommon thing for Orin to dream, but usually her mind did not quiet long enough to let her spring asleep – rarely even for bed, and certainly never for a nap.

Yawning, she rolled onto her back and sat up. She looked down at her hands for a moment, perplexed - she was certain she had laid down in this clearing with paws – but she soon shrugged it off and stood up. The last several days had been passed as a wolf thanks to her sprained ankle, but now a gentle test proved that most of the pain was gone and her Optime form was back in tip-top shape. Pleased at this revelation, she nodded as she brushed leaves and flora from her fur.

“Okay, now to find the pack,” she turned in the direction the call had come from, but paused. A few minutes had passed while she checked her condition, and she wasn’t certain if this was the right way to the gathering or not. “Damn, I wish he’d call one more time.” She huffed softly, then hurried off to where she thought the pack was.


Her original path had in fact been incorrect, and Orin soon found herself wandering in a wide circle until she looped back to the same clearing she’d been napping in. When she tried again, she veered off a little eastward, and this time soon found herself treading near the sound of discussion. Her enthusiasm returned when she recognized the voice to be Shawchert’s own, and she crossed the rest of the ground at a sprint, arriving on scene in a burst of bouncing pink-and-white fluff.

“Shawchert!” she cried as she waved and bounded up to the gathered members. “I’m sorry I’m late. I’m not fully acquainted with the land yet.”

She gave a sheepish grin as she gazed up into the tall man’s eyes, gave him a quick hug without warning, then turned to the two others who had been speaking with him. She gave an elegant wave of her fingers, beaming a toothy smile to them all.

“Hi, I’m Orin!” Upon first glance, and especially when standing next to the massive leader, the tiny wolfess appeared to be little more than some teenaged Luperci. Though on further inspection it became clear, namely from her exaggerated curves, that the petite girl was in fact a woman in her early adulthood.

It didn’t take long for her eyes to spring upon Ouija and light up with interest. She took no effort to hide her awe as her golden eyes examined the colorful wolf, peering intently at the splashes of coloration on his fur. At first her eyes and mouth were matching O-shapes, and then she was drawn into a huge grin and childlike giggle as she dashed over to Ouija. Forgetting that others have this peculiar idea of something called “personal space,” she laid delicate fingers around his arm and grinned into his face.

“Oh, my, GOD! What do you use?!” One sniff and she knew the coloring on his fur was blood, or blood-based, but she still let the question hang to be answered by the man, forgetting that the pack was gathered here with an agenda in mind. “I can’t believe this! I’ve never met anyone else who colors their fur. You’re beautiful! How long have you been doing this? Why? What are you doing to that stick?”

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It felt as if they were waiting awhile for the last person to show. But the female's whose bags he had carried didn't seem as if she was going to show. Their group was small and that was made apparent by only three being at the meeting. He wondered what had happened to the other female. The numbers had been even, two females and two males since that one female had deserted on the day that he had come upon them. Had the one that didn't show decide not to stick around either? Is that why she wasn't to be found at this small gathering? Shawchert seemed to have come to the same solution as himself for the leader started to speak after awhile.

His ears were alert as he listened but it didn't stop his hands from his work. He could easily do both at once. He just couldn't stand sitting still. He needed something to keep himself busy with. So food seemed to be the topic of this gathering. Or perhaps it could only be the first of many. He had no idea how this thing could go. Honestly he was used to more than just the two leaders and having separate lessons with each leader. Each wizard of the tribunal had knowledge to pass on, things to aide all of them in their way of life. But none of that was happening here. Everyone was left to do their own thing. Because of that he had went elsewhere for a few days and found something to color himself. Actually he had been lucky to get back in time for the meeting. Thought he doubted any even realized his disappearance.

The other leader's suggestion had him glancing up for a brief moment before looking back down to the stick in his hands. It was slowly taking shape. The end he was working on was becoming the pronged end of a skeleton key. Ouija figured the pelt idea might be in reference to him since he had shown off his dolls made of animal skins. Although the others here could have that talent as well. In fact he wasn't sure what each could do. Aside from Shawchert playing an instrument that required breath to make sounds. He only knew that because he had happened upon the other playing. It was actually the melody that had drawn him over to check out what was going on.

"The only problem with pelts is finding the animals to skin for them. Plus the curing process takes a few days." He spoke up in a distracted manner since he was focusing on putting the slight grove in the prong of the key. "I don't know much about trading but we are close to the bay. Where I came from we would supplement what couldn't be hunted with what was caught in the bay during the water. The water doesn't freeze over so it will always be available. I suppose nets could be traded for unless you have those. Trawling for fish would be easier than trying to catch them one by one." Even though he could create he was a bit out of place here. He only made things that were practical in use rather than just creating for the heck of it. Well, maybe the key he was making was creative since he didn't have a purpose in mind except to prevent his hands from being idle. All he could think to offer was a way to supplement the migratory game.

Ouija lifted his head from his task as a female voice called out the leader's name. It hadn't been the one that he had met before but someone entirely different. He supposed it was possible to have gained a new wizard while he had been away from the area. It wasn't like he spent every single day here. But with it not being who he had expected he focused on what he was doing again. After all it wouldn't be well to injure himself. Not when he didn't have any herbs set aside. And seeing as he kept his instruments sharp the risk of injury was great if he didn't pay attention.

An ear twitched as the new, at least to him, female gave her name. "Ouija." He gave his own simple introduction. It was only polite, wasn't it? After all he already knew the names of the other two, just as they knew his name. But this eager female that had come upon them had no idea who he was, just as he hadn't known her name... or that she even stayed in the area, at least not until she had just made it known. And she wouldn't know about him either. After all the place he had claimed as his home was away from the others, it was hidden in the are actually. Not too far off but far enough away so that it was doubtful the others had realized it was even there. Ouija hadn't stayed in the place long enough for his scent to become ingrained yet. So for now his secret abode was still safe.

Ouija's attention was first drawn to the fingers on his arms before finally looking into the face that was peering into his own. The lack of personal space didn't matter to him. He came from a cult with hedonistic tendencies that included frequent meetings just so that everyone could pursue pleasure together, or cult wide orgies should layman's terms be needed. To him the lack of personal space was a natural occurrence. It was something that had happened often where he had come from. So he didn't mind it at all. In fact he encouraged it with the way that he gently removed his arm so that he could attempt to slip it around Orin's waist in order to tug her closer while a charming grin rested on his lips. "Well hello there."

At first he was confused by her question but as she continued to speak he easily understood what had drawn her interest. It even had him chuckling. "Well right now it is rabbit blood, the only thing I could find since anything from plants would be out of season now." He never used one specific thing. Just like he never stuck to any one certain color or placement. He took what he could get and just placed it wherever. Right now it was blood on his hands, arms, chest, and face and the rest of his body holding only a small tint of plant color that had mostly faded out. "I can't remember a time that I haven't done it." As a pup he had rolled around in grass and dirt and whatever else he could find to can some color and put a break in the white. Since had had gained hands and the knowledge he was able to control the colors he chose and how much he covered.

Whether or not he had been successful in holding Orin to his side he went back to his whittling, mostly showing off now that she had asked about it. He was allowing her to see firsthand just what he was doing. "I'm playing around mostly." He spoke with a chuckle. The words sounded strange to his own ears. "There was this one tribunal wizard that wore a key around his neck. He said it brought him good juju so I'm copying the design. If you want, you could have it when I'm done. Perhaps it will bring you luck." If she would agree then he would at least have a reason to actually create. He would have something to do with what he was working on, even if that something to do was to only end up giving it away.

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Shawchert listened as Skye mentioned trading, it would be a good idea, the packs around them would definitely have meat to spare, as they’d been around longer though they still had little to actually trade at the moment. Then Ouija spoke up, in his distant voice but Shaw was sure to keep his ear open, yes curing hides did talk a little while, but they still had over a month before the snows set in that would block them from too much movement.

It does take a little while to gain those hides and use them yes, but I think we may have enough time for that. The fish idea is also good. I like that. I’m sure I can make something to trade for a net, perhaps a tool of some sort… though I wish I could say it I’m not good with metal working at all myself, so something like that I may need help with. But fishing is definitely not out of the question, I like that suggestion very much. I was thinking at least a pack hunt or two would help, try to get what we can before the wildlife thins out.

he said, thinking that would be a good idea at best, then before he spoke up again Orin burst through the trees, he smiled as she shouted out his name.

That’s alright, it’s just a small meeting, and we still discussing, we are trying to figure out our meat situation… how we will be able to keep up with our supplies as it is so close to winter.

He said, but it seemed she was not paying attention at the last part as she became very interested in the wolf who had painted himself in blood. Shaw raised an eyebrow, as she seemed to act entirely like a little puppy, though he said nothing until it seemed Ouija put his hand on her waist and started talking, he wasn’t against affection, but he knew there was a time and a place for it. He cleared his throat, he didn’t want them to think that he wanted nothing but seriousness in the pack, or the meeting itself, but he felt a bit uncomfortable at what he saw.

I’m sure you two can aquaint with each other soon, we won’t be too much longer I promise!

He was right, in fact the only topic on his mind was getting through winter as a pack in a whole. He wanted to be sure that no one would go hungry, and he knew their pack would grow, just how big, he didn’t know, but he wanted to be ready for it.

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Skye nodded slowly. She was glad the pack was working together to find solutions, and that most of the pack was here; on the first day, there were only four. She hoped that in the future, there would be more members and thus more ideas and ways to survive future winters to come.

Skye smiled at the suggestions her packmates threw out. Suddenly, however, a white woman with pink dreadlocks came stumbling through the trees and her eyes landed on Ouija, suddenly blurting out compliments. Skye suppressed a giggle; this girl seemed small but growing, and she was clearly astounded by Ouija's colorful and bright pelt. Skye herself had been at first, too, but now it seemed almost routine - she'd grown used to Ouija's eccentricities, even though they remained beautiful.

She was glad when Shawchert calmed the two down and assured that they'd be able to talk and make friends later, and Skye had an idea. "We don't have to trade items," she said quietly. "We can trade knowledge; many a wolf has asked me to teach them to read, and I'm sure wolves would pay for them to have Ouija tell them how to dye their fur colors like that. Surely all of us have a talent to share!"

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She let out a little squeal of surprised glee when Ouija’s arm slipped around her waist and pulled her close. Never one to defer from well practiced charm, Orin let the man pull her up against him and played the part of startled-yet-flattered female well. She giggled softly and ran a hand over one of the tinted portions of his arm, feeling the texture the blood left behind in his fur.

“Oh, that’s true. I might have to borrow this idea for a little while until the flowers come back; at least once I run out of the dye I’ve already got mixed up, if it’s even good anymore.” She flipped a couple of her dreadlocks with her hand. “They tend to grow out and fade a lot during the winter when I can’t find anything to make pink dye from. But this is kind of pink here...” she spoke casually as she peered at a spot on his arm where the blood was only a faint layer, and against his white fur had a reddish-pink tint.

Her gaze trailed back to the key Ouija was crafting and her eyes blazed with excitement when he offered to give it to her when he was finished. “Ooooh really?! I would be honored to have it! By the way, what’s a tribu-” Her words were cut short by a gruff noise from Shawchert. She turned her eyes to the Captain and her ears laid back like a chastised pup’s.

“I’m sorry,” she eked out in a small voice as she slowly deflated, slipping out of Ouija’s arm and coming to a seated position next to him. The stubborn streak in her was about to regale Shawchert with no small amount of back-talk, but even Orin knew that this was neither the time nor the place, and bit her lip. Though she could not help the shock of hot anger that coursed through, and it showed on her face once her embarrassment faded. All she wanted to do was to get to know her pack mate, after all! And her impatience did not agree with the prospect of, ‘you can do that later.’

Giving a wolfish half-sigh, half-snort, something she was more apt to do in her Lupus form though her wolf side was more present at the moment thanks to her agitation, she replayed their discussion in her mind, bringing back whatever business it was that they had been talking about while she had been preoccupied fussing over Ouija.

“Moose,” she muttered towards Ouija, then turned back to Shawchert, adding her idea into the mix. “What about moose? They’re huge and give a lot of meat. If we take down a couple now we could easily store that up in lockers and preserve it in the snow. Personally I’m not a fan of old meat but it’s not so bad when it’s cooked. And the bones make a good soup.” She shrugged. This was a strange, rare sight; a very adult Orin was speaking right now, with little of her usual verve. To someone who knew her well, it may have been a little alarming. “They also have a large pelt so I imagine we could do a lot with just a few kills. And if we can take a male or two, there’s also the antlers... those may be useful for trade or art or something. All we have to do is search the fresh streams, and as they freeze up that will narrow down the moose's stomping grounds a bit, too.”

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"With it growing cold it will take weeks to cure the hides. It already takes days during warmer weather. Do you imagine there would be time to hunt, skin, and cure before trading?" He asked as he looked up to the others. He wasn't trying to be negative or disagree but just pointing out the practical aspects. That time may not be on their side to complete everything that they wanted to. "Though there is that building in the forest that was found. It had a fireplace in it if I remember correctly. I would suppose that it was built to trap heat inside. Could put the hides in there and work on them. With the heat it wouldn't have to be worried about things freezing. That is what really slows down the process. It just might be managed." The words were spoken more to himself than the group as he worked out the possibilities in his head. He didn't know if the others knew just what steps it took to tan a hide or not. Some effort had to really be put into it. With all of the soaking that had to be done it wasn't like it was a process that could be rushed through. No matter the weather it would take a few days at the very least to get it done since it took a few overnight soakings.

He wasn't sure of the tool that Shaw wanted but he had no experience with metal working either. "I have no experience with metal either. I'm not certain who to turn to for that since I haven't seen it done. I only have an experience with a knife and carving wood. Perhaps as things are traded ask around? See if anyone knows someone to request the skill from." Of course that was pretty much stating a thought that was perhaps already formed in the others's minds. But he didn't really know what else to add. It certainly seemed something to be learned now if it were to prove that it would be needed on future occasions as well. It wasn't like Ouija would mind adding another skill to his collection. One could never learn too much. Knowledge never became outdated or had a season to it.

He couldn't help but chuckle at the female's excitement. It served to vaguely remind him of home. He have given gifts to other females before and they had reacted in much the same manner. He had quickly learned that girls liked gifts. And well, he didn't mind making stuff to give away. But their conversation was cut off by the words of the leader. He looked to Shaw with a lifted brow, trying to figure out what his problem was. It would have been thought that it would be liked that the members were getting along. Perhaps he had something going on with the female since the other had quickly moved away from him. Well it wasn't like he would have done anything that she didn't want. And well, she had touched first and he had simply returned the gesture. "If you want we can meet up later. It will give me time to finish your gift." He whispered to Orin.

Glance was given to Skye as she had spoke up. Or mostly because she had said his name. He tilted his head a bit as he thought about it. He supposed that could work. "Could at least describe what plants to look for to obtain what color was wanted since it can't be shown at this time of year." All he could offer would be words at his time of year. The season simply wasn't right to do anything else. But something would be better than nothing, wouldn't it? And if they came back later then he could actually show them what it was that they wanted to know.

He waited until Orin had given her suggestion before looking around between those that were gathered. "So are we going to leave from here and head out to hunt? Personally I think the sooner the better. There is only a limited time that migratory herds will stay in this area before moving on. It is best to figure out now what we are going to do since we don't have the time to waste." It seemed that they were all worried about food so why not go and get some instead of just sitting around and talking about it. They could talk all they wanted to but that wouldn't end up filling their bellies.

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Shaw was listening to everything that everyone had to say, arguments and all. Everyone had great ideas and he wasn’t the smartest of all the wolves as Ouija seemed to point out to him about the leather. Shaw wasn’t one that was good at making it so he should have just kept his mouth shut but he still listened to the argument, and though Ouija mentioned a building in the forest Shaw perked up a bit, he’d have to find it and see what he meant but the male had the best idea of all… starting the hunt now.

I will keep all your ideas in mind myself, and Ouija has a good idea, a hunt now would serve us well, we can take down something with the four of us.

He said, his tail now moving happily, he wanted to change but he’d do that in a more private atmosphere, but they were going on the hunt, and he was a happy wolf… they were already working as a team.

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