One coywolf's trash is another pack's treasure.

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You can call me..

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A little tune hung on his lips as Bangle began to whistle, one arm gripping the handle of the backpack/trading cart that was folded neatly behind his back, and the other swinging freely at his side. The coywolf found these lands rather interesting the further he traveled, his large ears, almost too big for his head, perked high to catch any strange sounds nearby. His whistling was nearly drowned out by the things that he carried and some that swung freely around the belt at his waist. Beads of all sizes and colors clacked together, and the knocking of several animal skulls joined in with the tune.

The male carried the rhythm along as he traveled near the large river, attempting to find a smoother pathway than having to walk through several bushes and having his merchandise get stuck on the occasional branch or rock. Bangle wasn't all too sure where he was going, but over the years he had learned to trust his instincts and just go along as smoothly as the flow of water. The sun was burning bright that afternoon, making nearly everything within miles, even when in the dense trees, visible.

"Ahh.. hm!" He mused to himself, stopping by a rather large boulder that resided near the riverbank. Behind it was a small pathway, with trees hugging the left and right of it. The male took note of his next direction as he hefted his shoulders free of his backpack, and placed it down on the ground gently. The large horned skull still hung strapped to his back, supported by a thin rope around his multicolored neck. Waltzing over to the water, he leaned down and scooped up some water to wash his face with. The bangles on his arms, the necklaces and bone neck-piece he wore all cluttered together with noise as he made the movements. Running a claw through his beaded, red-gray dreadlocks, he walked on back to the rock.

As the coywolf sat down on the boulder, as the left half of it flattened out, he unhitched his lute from his belt, which he almost never took off. He faced the pathway he had yet to walk, but figured a good rest would do him some good. Crossing his legs, his draped loincloth tightening as he did so, Bangle instinctively put the lute to his chest and began to play it. Softly, at first, to find the proper tune he was looking for, and then he really got into the music. He closed his eyes and let his fingers do the work on the strings, his dangling foot moving with the beat.


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Shawchert had just met up with Malachi and had a good time, he and Skye had hopefully made her feel very welcome. Now he was enjoying his time alone. He was playing his flute, enjoying the melody he was making, one of his earliest, yet favorites because his mother had always asked him to play it over and over again. He liked the feeling of belonging and now he did, though he did miss his mother from time to time, he did not miss anyone else in his past. As he moved closer outside his pack he heard something other than his own music. He stopped playing to hear the strum of a lute! His heart quickened, he didn’t know anyone who could play one that was already in the pack. He moved quickly towards the sound and saw something… well something he wasn’t completely expecting to see at all, the wolf’s adornment was his first sighting and in many ways it looked so strange, but it also looked like this wolf was at home, he couldn’t help think this wolf as some kind of collector with his assortment of beads and interesting things that he had.

I don’t mean to interrupt you but, you are very good with that lute!

Shawchert said his eyes bright with interest. He wasn’t smelling any other packs on this wolf which made him a bit more excited even though he didn’t show it. Maybe he was more of a wanderer though, like Shawchert had been in his earlier years. Whatever the matter, maybe he could get to hear some more of that lute that this fine young fellow was playing. He was also curious about the other things that he had, and the significance of all that he wore. Shawchert had never been one to wear things himself, though he thought the loincloth had been a nice fashion statement.

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You can call me..

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Whether Bangle knew it or not, with his eyes closed and his feet rocking to the beat, he began to hum loudly again. He loved playing on his lute, andhaving crafted it himself just meant that much more to him. It was too bad his family didn't appreciate his work. But now, as the male saw it, they just didn't know what great talent they passed up in him. It seemed that he was too caught up in the music, his ears filling with it, that after another wolf appeared and spoke, Bangle stopped playing and opened one eye.

For just a mere second, irritation flashed through his eyes. He really didn't like to stop when he didn't want to. However, his muzzle stretched out into a wide grin, perhaps wider than what was needed, and Bangle nearly bounced up onto his feet. "Why thank ya, friend!" Bangle walked on over to the other male, still carrying his lute in his right hand. He took the other's hand and shook it with a motion that he has done this several times before. "Name's Bangle, friend. Bangle Guffawri. But you may call me 'Slickmaw' if ya wish. " he said emphatically, and his words didn't seem to pause.

"And if ya like that, then I'm sure you'll like.. THIS!" He paused only briefly in the middle of his sentence, not even taking a breath from the last thing he said. Bangle unhooked a sort of wind chime type thing from his belt and displayed it in front of the other male's face. It was composed of a series of different bones of a bird, with the wing being the handle. The bones that dangled were hollowed out so when the wind blew, they'd cack together and produce a sort of haunting sound. As if there could be a way to add insult to injury to the already-dead bird, its feathers were plucked and placed along the dangling bones.

As Bangle held it in his one hand gingerly, he threw his arm around the other man's shoulder, as if they were the best of pals, still holding the lute. "You liiiiike?" He grinned, wriggling his eyebrows in a suggestive manner. It was so like the coywolf, the instant he was in the vicinity of someone else, he would be trying his damndest to sell his oddities.


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He managed to see slight irritation in the other male’s face but suddenly as though not at all, he jumped to his feet and introduced himself, he nearly backed into a tree from shock. The man shook his hand, a custom Shawchert had not really known of before, but it felt like a nice greeting and then suddenly as though he’d asked what kind of goods this man was selling he pulled out a wind chime, not only was it different in a small way it was a little creepy. He smiled apologetically, he wasn’t sure he had anything for it and doubted he’d trade much for it.

It is very nice to meet you too, I’m Shawchert… and no I’m afraid I’m not interested in a wind chime, I was curious as to what brought you here?

He asked, he suddenly got the idea this wolf, just went around selling whatever he could find and make, though he didn’t mind the making part the thought of him being that of a wanderer put a damper in the thoughts this wolf would actually want to join the pack, they needed members so badly, that he didn’t think that someone would be better off as a loner, though he couldn’t help himself in the thoughts as he was the leader, a new one in that matter and it was just something he wanted to get going. He wanted his pack to have a good foundation.

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You can call me..

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The coywolf's eyes were kept on the male's, keeping his grin on even after he saw the male's reaction. Bangle released his arm around the wolf's shoulders, and hopped off the rock that he had to stand on to even reach Shaw's height. The other male was, of course, easily towering over him by 3 feet. Bangle stood again in front of the male, and held the wind chime up to his own face. He pursed his lips and squinted, as if trying to study it.

There was silence in the air, then suddenly he tossed the wind chime aside. "Yer right, I'm not much a fan of it either."

His tail swished back and forth happily as he began to unclasp something else from his belt, found among the various folds of the flap he wore at his waist. Then he remembered that Shawchert asked him a question, and he answered as he unhooked his next item. "Mehself? Ah well, Shaw.. I can call yeh Shaw right?" He asked, though without pausing to even let the other answer, he continued. "Bit of a wandering salesman a'sorts. I craft everythin' I make." Bangle paused for a moment, fiddling with his fur folds, then looked back up. "Been won'drin' if there's a place I can call home, make mehself useful, ya know?"

The male coywolf took a couple more steps forward, his hand that wasn't holding the lute being held behind his back. He then lifted it from behind his back and showed Shaw a hare, which was half-eaten. Bangle had found it sometime in his journey today. "How's about a hare, huh? Only half off!" Then his muzzle split wide into a laugh, the trademark laugh he was well known for back in the Halcyon mountains. As he did so, he slapped his own knee with the hand that carried the rabbit. What he said had a double meaning, of course. The male knew Shaw wasn't going to take the rabbit, but Bangle was quite the prankster. Lacing it back up on his belt, knowing it'd be a meager snack for later, he placed his lute back against his chest, idly beginning to strum it. Bangle then noticed what the larger male carried in his hand. "Ya play too, friend?"


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Shawchert could tell this young man would surely fit in, possibly get along with Ouija who was slightly strange as well, but he barated himself as the wolf threw away the wind chime, his heart sinking, he thought it creepy but he knew someone would want it. He mentally though to pick it up later and keep it anyway, he’d make the salesman something for it in the very least. He was surprised by the answer the wolf gave, he was a traveler, yet he wanted to join a pack of his own? He couldn’t help but grin there.

I think you have come to the right area. I am the leader of a pack you might be interested in.

He could tell this wolf, he liked dramatic events, so he stopped for a second, and stood to full height. Thinking yes, definitely perfect, a little scrambled in the head, but he was a good choice in a packmate.

For we are all creators in my pack, we strive to learn more or new things dealing with the arts. Like me, I’m a flute player, and I carve to.

He said holding up his flute he’d had at his side the whole time. It had been his companion and the thing that showed his two favorite things in the world. Carving, and music.

you would be a great addition to our pack, you have wonderful lute skills, and you are also a craftsman…

he had to pause on that one giving his goods a wary eye.

We need good wolves that can join us.

As he said that he watched the man with his hands behind his back, and suddenly he pulled out whatever he had… it was a partially eaten rabbit, he looked at the rabbit, then at the the sly look on the wolf’s face and Shawchert smiled, he was not without humor at all, he then burst out laughing. Just from the thought of how outrageous the two would look from someone’s point of view.

You’re alright!

He stated clearing his throat. His eyes moved with Bangle’s and nodded, a wide grin on his face

Yes I play, I’ve made many songs and still in the process of new ones, You’ve got some skill with your lute I must say, possible we could make for an interesting duo

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Bangle kept his grin, practically showing his full set of teeth. It wasn't a threat or anything, Bangle just.. loved to smile. A lot. He felt his heart do a little dance when Shaw said he'd make a great addition, which was something very odd indeed. Bangle was used to moving from pack to pack, and was used to the small groups he came across. But the coywolf never found it in him to stay long.. either he got bored with them fast, or there was just not enough to do. None of them really enjoyed his talents as much as he did, but something about Shaw and the way he spoke about Cercatori d'Arte was different. A good kind of different.

When Shaw laughed at the male's double entendre, Bangle couldn't help but throw his head back, stick his tongue out, and laugh his famous laugh, too. Laughter was contagious, and it was indeed the damn best medicine that even he couldn't come up with to sell. If only he could bottle up laughter and sell it... the merchant would have to think about that kind of stuff later. His fingers plucked the strings of the lute a little louder now, listening to the other male answer his question, and even throw in a compliment at his instrumental skills.

"Why thank ya, friend," he said charismatically. And then he heard the larger male talk about a possible duo, and he stopped playing for a moment and widened his eyes a bit. "'Ey, that'd be great, brothah!" He said, merely using phrases Bangle used when he noted a potential friend.. or customer. Or both. Bangle turned on his heel and headed back to the boulder where the rest of his stuff was, bending down to hoist the pack back over his shoulders again. Several sounds from trinkets and tools resulted from the action, and once Bangle adjusted the handmade pack, he waltzed back over to Shaw, beginning to strum his instrument again.

"How's 'bout showin' me around, ey?" Bangle said, already speaking like he felt welcome. These were the kinds of things he said to each little group that he belonged to, but this time he spoke with a bit more gusto. Bangle placed a foot on the rock nearest Shaw in a relaxed pose, looking up at the male and grinning while he idly played a soft tune. "Ready when yeh are, cap'n."


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Test test test.

He could tell Bangle was going to fit in with his bunch. He played well, he had an open mind for new things, and well… best of all he was happy! Shawchert grinned, pulling his own flute up near his lips, but before he could start playing, Bangle stopped when Shaw mentioned the duo. He smiled when he seemd to like the idea. He wasn’t sure how well the two would go together. But he’d find out. He lowered his flute when the coy-wolf went to grab his bag, he wondered how heavy it was as he heard the trinkets of odd and ends clanking together, then he asked shaw to show him around.

It would be my pleasure!

he said taking steps with Bangle as they moved further into his territory.

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