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The trek over the mountain hadn't been as bad as she had expected. The pup seemed to have fared well, yawning and stretching out as she looked down upon him from where he lay in her arms. She had wondered about trying to travel with pups along, but they didn't look any worse for the wear. Her sister had given birth to a pup of her own not that long ago, one with rather peculiar markings. There had been many males in the pack that had been hybrids or dogs, and she wondered about who the father of the other D'Angelo pup was.

Not the prying type and content to mind her own business, though, she had kept her question to herself. Her own son was the product of a particularly handsome wolf, one who had said that he had lived in the old lands of Bleeding Hogwarts before his arrival to the cult-like pack. Ravesque Acidic. They hadn't had a real relationship or anything, but had a friendship. They had participated in many of the pack's activities together. His dark pelt and red eyes showed through in the son that lay cradled in her arms.

Her decision to leave those packlands hadn't been a hard one to make. What had been hard was actually leaving the place. Her sister Selene had clung to her and had begged her not to leave before ultimately deciding to follow her out. A few other packmembers had seemed interested in coming, but when she had taken off Selene had been the only one to follow. There would be more for the two of them in 'Hogwarts than there had been in that place, that was for sure.

She had already crossed the mountain, but was now going back into the hills to have a better look at the territory. Her sister had gone ahead to scout, leaving Naniko with both little ones. The four year old lifted her muzzle, sniffing at the breeze as she went. She could smell Selene but she could also smell that there were other wolves about. This made her slightly wary; Naniko was a large wolf, but she was more vulnerable because of the two pups that she had with her.

She slipped a basket from her shoulders, pushing a few things aside to make room for the little ones inside of it. Once Juju and Scorpius were safe inside she pulled the strap back over her shoulders and continued walking. The jade eyed wolf's gaze swept across the rocky terrain as she trekked over the mountain, taking in every detail. If there were wolves nearby she'd see them.

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The weather seemed to have worsened since the day before and Theodore Stone didnt fancy being left out if it were to develop into something more serious. He was a sensible creature despite his firey temper and he knew that soon a storm would break loose on these lands. Sparkling blues eyes searched the flat lands before him before he switched and searched the mountainous terrain behind him. He was a wary creature, that was certain. But he was satisifed he was safe and began to simple trot following the scent that had lingered in his nose since yesterday. It had been cold yesterday also, but the darkening sky was beginning to both the midnight male. They would all need to find shelter soon or they would be caught in something aweful.

Mind cast backward just hours as he thought on the white furred, green eyed female. She had been interesting to him, and not just because he was attracted to her. That wasn't saying an aweful lot- he was attracted to almost any wolf who did not possess his most dinstinguishing feature, although he was not so crude as to mention what that would be. However, her words had captured him far more than his attraction to her and it had bought him this far. He took a deep breath, pleased to find that her scent was getting stronger. He could smell the welp that had been with her the day before- the pitch pelt and the red eyes that were dangerous and beautiful at the same time. Teddy was not a massive fan of puppies and the fact that she had one with her was something that displeased the male. However, he put this aside, for the offer of a pack was something the male was too sensible to pass up.

Sparkling eyes caught movement up ahead and the young male watched Naniko put the dark put away in a basket behind her back. She repeated the movement, putting a second pup away. She must be wary of the wolves around her, else she would have been happier to keep them out. He approached slowly in his secui form, preferring the long hair and harder muscles than his lupus. However, having the lady in her optime form meant she was taller than him and he shifted immediatly. Slipping shorts over his bottom half that had been in a small satchel at his waist the male address his future leader.

"Good day Naniko..."

His gruff voice broke the silence and a slithery smile slicked onto his lips. There was no doubt he was a charmer, but he also should not be flirting with a recent mum. Still, he couldnt help himself and his white tipped tail flashed slowly back and forward.

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Though the woman moved slowly these days, misery wracking her body. Whatever pride this had given her earlier was dead and gone with the misery wracking her body. She did not understand how or why her mother -- or anyone, really -- would put themselves through this sort of thing multiple times. Her back ached, and there was not a shred of happiness in her anymore. All of the glow from her realization had faded, and now she was simply miserable. Worse, she did not make any attempt to hide her misery from her family, and she refused all their advances. She did not care anymore -- Larkspur was no longer in Dahlia de Mai, and she was resigned to these awful people for who knew how long.

She was still able to move, of course, and the sable-shaded woman had taken up refuge in the upper regions of Halcyon Mountain, sleeping outside. She didn't know if her mother had told anyone, and she honestly did not want to go back and face everyone yet. She knew heading toward Inferni would probably be the last time she was able to leave the territory until her children were born. A flash of pale-white fur in the distance caught the woman's eye, and she wrinkled her nose, lifting one brow as she watched a seemingly alone female play scout. Eris did not know of any wolves in this area, and it was curiosity that caused the sable-colored woman to approach, moving with gingerness. Her pregnancy was just beginning to show, visible to trained eyes -- or eye, in the case of her mother.

As she headed up the side of the mountain, the coyote hybrid scented a few more canines, and she hesitated a moment, reluctant to come across a hostile group. She wasn't ever in a real position to defend herself, and now she might as well be disabled, for her attitude. After a moment, she walked forward boldly, convinced the days of solitude had scrubbed most of the Infernian scent from her pelt. The hybrid hung back upon sighting a few adults and what seemed to be a basket carrying goods. She remained at a distance for a moment, and then walked forward rather boldly. “What's all this?” she asked, her tone more curious than anything. These wolves had a serious look about them -- maybe they were planning to attack Inferni? Good goddamn riddance, Eris thought bitterly.

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indent Sele had left Juju with her sister while she went on ahead alone. She had decided to look for a place that they would all fit. A place where they could huddle away from the cold. It had been years since she had been in this place called Souls. But it wasn't the same as she had remembered. Everything she had once known was gone since the area had switched to the south. She could remember coming to Souls in search of her dad and finding the pack she needed to didn't exist. Now it was just like that with the other packs. Not even a trace of them. Even though she had lived in Souls before the terrain was still brand new and unknown to her since she hadn't lived in this version of it. She had been depending on Nani to lead her. But she wasn't a baby anymore, such is why she had taken up the task of scouting. She was a capable female, even if she clung to her sister as if her sanity depended on it. And well, it did. Nani, Scorpious, and Juju were all that she had left. Ouija and Demi had already left her. Then her mate had been murdered. Her own mother was dead and who knew where her father was. Right now Sele couldn't take another loss. She still needed to process all of the recent ones first.
indent The female walked around on her hands, it was a peculiar habit that she had picked up. It was something that had started when she was young. When she had learned to shift. Every time she had tried to shift or stand up she had difficulty with staying upright while attempting to shift. She had done better with resting her weight on her hands, seeing as she shifted from nose to tail, because her upper body had more strength since it had been shifted first. It was just something that she kept up now since she was so use to it. And well, there were those superstitions that salt and pepper placed in one's footprints will never allow them to rest. This way she didn't create footprints, only handprints, so she could never be affected.
indent Sele had found a cave system that she thought would be perfect and so was on her way back to her sister. "Nani! I found it! It's perfect! All connected just like before!" She called excitedly as she made her way back to Nani. The girl was surprisingly quick on her hands. Actually she was fleet of hand rather than foot. She still didn't have much luck with trying to move about upright, standing on her feet she often stumbled over them but didn't have such an issue on her hands. Though that could just be because she was more used to being on her hands than anything else.
indent "Na..." She cut off her call for her sister as she found the female with others. "Oh..." She hadn't quite expected this. Or well, not so soon at least. She dropped her feet to the ground but only ended up plopping down on her butt and sitting. She glanced at the others before slowly scooting closer to sit at Nani's feet. After what had happened to the cult she had become a bit wary around others and clung to her sister for safety. They had no idea who had killed the tribunal so Selene wasn't exactly too trusting at the moment.

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She hummed softly to herself as she trudged along with her heavy pack. It carried all the things she knew she would need to get started again. The pack itself weighed heavily on her shoulders, weighing easily half her weight and she would make sure and whine if she met anyone she knew as well. Her necklace danced around her neck as well as the quickly diminishing mum flowers she dressed in her hair. For awhile on her journey she wondered if she would make it, this wasn’t her work, manual labor wasn’t exactly her thing, nor was having to actually hunt for her food. That’s what the males where for at least in her mind.

The sinew that held her together continued to scream as she continued on thinking back on how everyone had left her. Surely they hadn’t left because they were scared she would experiment on them! She’d never unless they asked for her assistance then well she’d oblige. Her coat was brimmed with moisture from the mist of the mountain and the snow that threatened in the air. She hated the cold, and winter, no flowers grew, and mushrooms became harder to grow. This all made her irritable and ready to find shelter, pop a pill and enjoy the ride. She missed her brother Quija and her mother dearly. While she loved to play with others she never played with them. Not after that grave mistake, never again would she watch her brother convulse in the throes of her own doing.

For awhile she wandered growing more tired and weaker, unable to find any solid bedding or a place away from the cold she continued to press onward. She couldn’t give up but she was quickly running out of options before a familiar scent came across her nose. The scent gave her hope, filled her with a resolve to continue, it was mother’s scent. So she had to continue, mother would know where she could bed down and rest. Before long she came close enough to see others as well before finally crying out in happiness before she was close enough to run, well she couldn’t really with her backpack of horrors weighing her down. Still she tried to pick up her pace before stumbling face first with a chorus of cussing.

“Damn it!” she huffed as she flailed trying to get up without breaking her sensitive equipment. Finally she sided with slipping off the pack for now so she could at least stand back up and reunite with her mother.

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She had expected to see Theodore this day, having met and spoken to the male the day before. He had a smooth way of talking that had made her laugh; she enjoyed picking his words apart and turning the tables on him when she could. The nickname "Piggy" that she had given to the male was one of her ways to try and gain at least a little bit of control over him; she felt that he didn't appreciate the name she'd given him. "Hello, Pig. Glad to see you here. She said, grinning.

Naniko considered howling to make her presence known to any other creatures in the surrounding areas, but thought again when another voice sounded from behind her. She turned to see another luperci coming toward her and Pig and turned to raise her hand in greeting. "Hey there, lady. You're not interrupting anything much...I was havin' a bit of a meeting here. Lookin' to start up a pack with my sister and a few others. I've got some food stored back at our camp, so you could stick around for that if nothing else." It was a sort of an offering, anyway. Free food for having a listen.

After the tribunal had been poisoned, she, Selene, and Azalea had set off with the two pups. They hadn't told many others that they were leaving and had abandoned the pack quickly after making the decision. The pale female had been a maker of poisons and had been considered a suspect in the crime, so they had thought it best to leave. She had originally planned on leaving with Azalea, but her sister had wanted them to stick together. She had only had a few months of time with Selene, and had readily agreed for the wolfess to accompany her as well.

Her sister was just coming back from scouting, and she slid the basket down from her back to set it on the ground in front of them. The pups were sleeping for now, but if Selene wanted to check on Juju then she wanted to make the pups accessible to her. Naniko was used to the way that Selene traveled and didn't notice anything different about it any more. Family was family, and she was glad to have found another of her own. "We've got a few guests, Sis." She said quietly. A chorus of curses caught her attention next and her ears perked in the direction of Demi. The voice sounded familiar...but who was it?

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Harlowe knew this with a certainty that sang in his blood and called him from Dahlia de Mai. He was not generally one to venture beyond the borders, and he especially did not like to head north -- Phoenix Valley was north of Dahlia de Mai, and he liked to avoid that territory. He had not gone near it since leaving. Rio might still be there. He did not want to think of her -- not while heading home, heading for Mother.

The youth moved early, trekking toward the mountain. The sound, feeling, whatever it was, grew louder and thrummed in his in his ears and in his heart, and his youthful, chocolate-tinged face grew bright with anticipation. Whatever he had been feeling over the black and white stranger, the pallid youth had forgotten it. She was here again, and he knew he had to go to her.

Though Larkspur's scent had begun to fade from Dahlia de Mai, Harlowe did not realize that Larkspur had been removed from the pack. He did not interact with his packmates, and so he had no knowledge of his uncle's exile. Had he known, he might have left himself, quietly sliding from the ranks without so much as a notice and seeking the dark-furred man out.

Even now, though, the connection with his uncle was tenuous at best now that Mother had returned. She would guide him and she would take away this terrible pain and awful burden from him. Though the tawny youth knew he could never tell her of Rio, much less about the two strange girls, he knew Mother would fix him. As he walked up the mountain, her scent entered his nose for the first time, and he could not supress a cry of joy. Such a sound had never been uttered from his muzzle before.

Goaded to speed with the new scent in his nose, the youth began to run, following it with surprising ease. There were strangers everywhere, but they might as well have been invisible -- Harlowe did not even notice them; he could only see her. Without hesitation the boy headed forward to his mother and buried his face in her fur, whining and muttering incoherencies. When he could speak, he lifted his head and looked at her, a dazzled smile on his face. “You came back,” he said. All was forgiven, and she had never left in the first place. She had come back to him.

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No one seemed to react to Eris's presence negatively -- the coyote woman was dismayed. She knew how much of a wolf she looked, and she knew how much of an outcast this made her in Inferni. Still, wasn't it good to slip unnoticed amongst these wolves? If she had wanted to work toward Inferni, if she had wanted to spy for them, she could have been excellent at such things. Most canines had to be told she was part-coyote, it seemed. Sometimes Eris wondered how her ruse of Eterne had ever worked -- in truth, had Mantus Kimaris not been so desperate for a heir, a grandchild, Eris would be dead or enslaved, for certain. Of course, the chartreuse-eyed woman could not know this, and her distance from that place and that family would likely prevent her from ever discovering such knowledge. The sable-shaded woman paid close attention to the white wolf -- she was certainly in the lead here, and the coyote nodded her head in response. She hadn't expected generosity, but her stomach growled and demanded the food, immediately convincing her to stay, even if it meant hearing these canines out. Someone brushed past her, and the Infernian watched as a pale wolf hurled himself at the snow-colored woman, murmuring something into her fur. It was something of a bizarre spectacle, and now Eris watched the whole group with more intrigue than she had a moment ago.

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Naniko's reply was almost instantanious and the black male gave a scowl in her direction. Although this new nickname had been given the day before, the white female had apparently not forgotten the effect it had had on the warrior. His natural instinct was to growl at her, but she was a female and apparently she would lead the pack he wished to join. She had told him yesterday a few of her plans and it had intrigued the two year old. It was the reason he was here today, suffering her aweful name for him with a grin. Still, he was not going to take it lying down completely and he scrunched his nose up in distaste at the name. Though in Optime form he was just slightly taller than her, her quiet presence was something of a calmer to him. He didn't feel the total need to show her up. Still, a sneer was given in her direction.

"I considered not turning up, my dear Ugly lady"

He retaliated, although his mind was frantically trying to think of a better nickname than Ugly for the white woman. Perhaps he would name her after an ugly animal, as she had named him. His mind was preoccupied with this and he didnt at first notice the sable woman who had interupted them. Blue eyes snapped up as her quietly demanding tone was directed towards Naniko. Though he had only met her the day before, Teddy felt a certain loyalty to the woman already and he shifted his body so it angled towards the female and anyone else who pertained to arrive. Naniko handled the sable woman well, although she went a little too far in Teddy's eyes by offering the stranger her food. Was she totally barmy? She had two pups to care for as well as herself and she would give her food to a stranger. He would have commented on this had the sable woman said anything, but she remained quiet.

Words echoed off the snowy mountain area and blue eyes once again snapped to what appeared to be the entrance of their little gathering. Another white woman appeared, reminding Teddy of Naniko so much they could have been sisters. It appeared they had been travelling together and he was quiet as he listened to the interaction between them. A smile graced his lips as he heard Naniko address her as 'Sis', confirmation that they were related. This new female was as attractive as her sister, but her demeanor was all wrong. She seemed dependent on Naniko, which in Teddy's point of veiw made her needy and clingy. Despite being surronded by females, the only one he found remotely attractive right now was Naniko, and that had a lot to do with the attitude with which she treated him. A commotion once more held his attention and blue eyes caught sight of a flailing figure.

A grin slipped easily over his lips as he watched a darker coloured female struggle with a large pack on the floor. She smelt similar to Naniko and her sister and Teddy wondered briefly if he had just created himself a family harem. Inwardly he chuckled, but decided to try out some gentlemanly manners and trotted over to the brown female. A white hand was extended and a small friendly smile played on his lips as he offered Demi a hand up off the ground. Perhaps he would even bring her pack over to their general gathering area when she was righted once more. She looked to be about the same age as him and at once his mind told him that a challenge had been made. Teddy was a wolf who needed female attention and this pretty little number on the floor in front of him seemed like the perfect target.

"Some assistance, my lady?"

He gave with a small wink of his blue eye. However, a flash of more pale fur caught his eyes and he whipped around just in time to see said pale fur connect with Naniko. Protective instincts threatened to haul him over to the white woman before he realised that it was an embrace. It was at that moment that the scent caught up with him and he realised it was a male who had run towards his mistress. Trying to shake away any hostility towards a potential pack member was hard so Teddy remained over by the fallen woman, attempted to help her to her feet and the to rejoin the gathering. There were a few more here than he had expected, but he was glad he had arrived first. Now there was another male in the area, Teddy felt his hackles threaten to rise. Pushing it down, he tried to remain calm and pleasent.

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There were strangers all around mother and auntie Naniko. Just what where those two up to she wondered as she tried to sit up. While she craved attention she hadn’t relied on those two in a long time. She had relied on her brother but he was gone from her now which saddened her still. Climbing back up to a sitting position her eyes narrowed at the male approaching her. Ahhhhh maybe a new test subject she thought first and foremost before knowing she’d have to just feel this one out, if mom and aunt Nan thought of him as having something of worth she couldn’t blatantly drug him and fry that small little mind of his for kicks.

A small smile was offered as she took his paw and helped herself up, swaying a bit before steadying herself with a slight gasp at her tired muscles. Before her eyes studied the male’s actions, knowing the type she just grinned, patted his cheek and thanked him as he fought invisible dangers in his mind. Oh it would be fun to have him eat some shrooms with that paranoia he’d dream up some really vivid demons.

“Thank you Sir” she said quietly as she watched the scenes in front of them. Most of all she didn’t care, her bag of horrors was enough to drive a pack a hundred strong into madness. But even still, being lazy and the little thing she was she stuck close to the male who had at least remembered his manners and offered help. She looked for mother who had disappeared in the group of people, wondering what in the world was going on. To many strangers, so….. many…… potential customers!

“MOMMA!” she gleed in happiness upon seeing her far from normal mother.

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It seemed like some kind of a family reunion! She hadn't known whether she might see any of her children after leaving the lands, and to see one coming toward her just as she was getting back was a huge surprise. Despite some of her wrongs in the past, the female truly did care about her children. She often worried about where they were and what they were up to, as many were now adults. What were their lives like? But she was afraid to reach out to them. Perhaps once the pack was more established she would be able to branch out and search for them in the surrounding areas. Or she could send another wolf out to look for them, she supposed.

Harlowe was much, much bigger than she remembered, but she would never forget that scent. The smell of family. She could hardly believe that she was here, hugging her child, after her time away. The normally gruff female displayed a small moment of weakness as she threw her arms around her son, hugging him tightly against her. "Oh, my baby boy. You've grown up! How did you manage to find me?" If she could have cried, she probably would have, despite the many strangers about. "You have a new little brother..and a cousin, as well" She informed him, pointing down to the basket with the slumbering pups in it.

Naniko released him in time to see Demi stumbling toward the group, watching as Teddy helped her up. When he had called her the Ugly lady she had simply smiled back at him, getting used to his way of talking. The females had kept in touch with Selene's daughter in the cult-pack, but hadn't expected the girl to want to follow them to the new packlands. If they had known, she would have tried to wait for her or would have just invited her to come with them from the start. Better now than not at all, though! She greeted the odd medicine-woman with a raised hand, waving as her niece was reunited with Selene.

She didn't want anyone to feel ignored or out of place, and as the talking and reuniting was taking place she cleared her throat. She wished to make it clear exactly why they all were there, and what the plans were for the group that she wished to form. They were practically on top of the area in which she hoped that they would live, the underground tunnels. It made sense to her; they would provide a shelter to the wolves as well as a route of escape if they ever needed it. There were an infinite number of tunnels that extended deep into the mountain, and she felt that it would support a good-sized pack.

"Can I have everyone's attention? It's good to see so many of you here today. This is the first meeting of the wolves of Anathema." She said. The name had come from a culture that she knew much about from her readings, the ancient Greek culture. "I was looking for some input and support from anyone wishing to join with me to make this happen. I'd like to house the pack somewhere nearby...very nearby, in fact. Beneath our feet, in the underground tunnels. They would provide us protection from other packs and shelter. It would be unlike any place I've lived before, but I think that it could work for us." The female said, speaking to the entire group.

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indent Sele had suffered from multiple losses all at once so should it be any wonder that she was a bit wary. Especially since the love that she had finally found for herself had been murdered not long after she had found him. And to top it off her sister had been suspected of it and she knew Nani would never hurt her like that but everyone else seemed dead set on that idea. Also her older son had left and she had no idea where he was and what had happened to him. Then at the time of their leaving she couldn't find Demi either and thought that she had been abandoned by her daughter as well. So maybe she was a bit clingy since Nani and their two pups were all that she knew to have left. And Nani had wanted to leave her too until her sister said she could come as well. Losing the members of the tribunal meant she had lost her sense of family as well. Despite all the nasty things that could have been said about the cult they were closer than most packs. How many in the packs could say they knew all their members and just what the likes and interests were? How many could list off the strong suits of the other members? That is what she had lost, that family unit, that place that she had truly felt at home. And they had no idea who would do such a thing or why it was even done. Were they all targets or had it just been the tribunal? Sele could end up being a prime target for her relationship with a tribunal member. So of course she couldn't trust others because they might be out to get rid of herself, or even Juju, next.
indent Sele had nodded her head to Nani's words, she could see that there were guests, and glanced into the basket to check on the sleeping pups. Of course she had to check that they were sleeping. It wasn't that she didn't trust her sister but she didn't trust these that she had found Nani with. She reached a hand down to feel the light huffs of breath that reassured her that they were still alive. After all the tribunal had looked as if they were just sleeping but no amount of nudging would wake them up. After all there was no erasing the memory of waking up cuddled next to a dead person. Not that Sele had ever let Nani know that. She had to keep her relationship a secret from everyone. Not that it even mattered anymore.
indent Sele looked on with a smile as Nani was reunited with her elder son. She felt happy that her sister got to see her own older child. And then when her Demi came it made it feel like even more of a family reunion. Just the cry of Momma from her daughter had her getting up and leaving her place next to her sister's side so that she could go over to embrace her little girl. Granted her little girl was taller than herself. Sele was on the short side when compared to the rest of her family. She was easily the shortest of them all but hardly even noticed it. They all had their quirks after all.
indent "Demi!" She called out happily as he walked over on her hands towards her daughter. Once she got over to where Demi was she plopped herself down on the ground and made to reach out and wrap her arms around her daughter's legs to hug her. It would seem like such an odd display to everyone else but it was what she could manage. Sele had trouble keeping her balance on her feet. It was like her legs wouldn't support her in this form. But she was actually able to travel pretty quickly upon her hands.
indent "Oh Demi, I had looked for you before we left and I couldn't find you. I thought you had left just like your brother did. You haven't seen him, have you?" Had she known then she would have certainly made sure that Demi made the trip with them but Sele had thought she was all alone. But seeing the family slowly come back together made her feel better. She didn't feel as anxious as before as things were starting to fall back into place. They could do this. They could build a home here. Everything was going to be okay.
indent She looked over at her sister as Nani began to speak. She already knew this speech. It was something that they had already talked about on the travel here. They were going to be a family again. And those that didn't share the name already would go through a ritual to share blood. They would all end up being connected. It was all going to work out. She just knew it.

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The warm arms and the smell that he had known since the very first moment he could smell enveloped him, and Harlowe was a child again. She had never left him, and he was still young and whole and quite sane and he had never so much as thought about doing any of those awful things he had done. Or the awful things he had tried to do and failed at; he could not shake the bi-colored woman and his shameful failure from his mind. Now, however, it was blissfully quiet in his head, and active thought had left him. Fully grown and every bit an adult, Harlowe did not seem to care that he had become a mewling puppy in front of his mother.

“I don't know. It felt like you were here,” he confessed. The world around him slowly came back into focus, and the olive-eyed youth looked where his mother pointed. Where there should have been jealousy or love, there was only indifference. These children did share his mother's blood, true enough, but the chocolate-shaded youth did not know how to relate to them as living beings, let alone his siblings. Smaller children intimidated and confused him; he had not known how to befriend them when he was one, and it was so much more awkward as an adult.

Harlowe was dimly aware of the others around him; he detached himself slowly and painfully from his mother, though he remained seated. He feared falling to his knees again upon having a second, revelatory wave that Mother had, in fact, returned. He sat next to the puppies, sparing a glance or two in their direction. There was no time to contemplate their mystery -- Mother addressed the crowd, and Harlowe listened in rapt attention, a dazed smile on his darkly-tinted face. “Mother, I will follow you to the end of the earth,” he said, affirming the statement with an uncharacteristic smile. She was always the only one able to make him do that and mean it.

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The lady on the floor placed her hand in his white gloved ones and Teddy flashed he a grin. He could see something turning in her mind, something she was considering. But he didnt find out what, for she was using his head as a levearge to get herself up. He smiled as she reached her full height, revealing a distinctly feminine body. A hot flash rushed over his body that he was more than used to and the goofy grin slipped into a crooked and handsome smile. Blue eyes smoldered softly in their holdings before he got ahold of his libido and shook it roughly so it would die down. Right now was probably not the right time to try and get fresh with Naniko's niece. She thanked him and removed her hand, which disappointed the dark male some but he didnt say anything as she looked at Naniko's accomplice and cried momma at her.

"Not a problem, miss"

He cooed softly before turning and taking up his place by Naniko. He wanted to shift into his secui form, preferring four legs and the long coat it gave him. But that form was often associated with violence and that was the last thing he wanted in front of a bunch of females- even the male was cuddling his momma like a little baby. From the smell of him he was quite young, but that did not excuse the cuddling and whimpering exuing from that point. So instead, he crouched in the snow, white gloved hands picking the snow up and dropping it in lumps around the place. He wasnt bored for long however as he firstly watched Naniko's sister crawl over to her daughter on her hands, an odd sight for a wolf that could shift comfortably into a four legged form. Then Naniko began speaking and he smiled softly. He had been waiting for this since yesterday, so hearing it was some what a relief.

They were to live underground, apparently. Teddy didnt really know what to think about that, but decided against saying anything for the moment. They would be hidden away from the world, but he didnt have to stay in the pack lands all the time. He could roam, surely? And their territory wouldnt all be underground- they would have most of the run of the mountains. Anathema was a strange name, but then again why would he care what they called himself. All that really mattered to him was to belong to a pack, have food in his belly and offer protection to any that wanted it. Another plus was, aside from the wet marshmallow over there, he was the only other male it appeared so far. A smile flickered over his muzzle as her son spoke adoringly to her. What a sap.

"You know I'm in, Ugly. I wouldn't be here otherwise."

He spoke as simply as her son with the flicker of his white tipped tail for good measure. He really didnt mind what he did, but he felt a certain amount of interest in the white woman and wanted to see what came of her when it was time to come together and actually make this pack.

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The sable-shaded woman quickly lost interest in the pair, and her eyes wandered to the other canines here. There was a man, towering tall and fur quite the same darkened shade as her own, though his coat was spattered with white. No such hues existed on the Eternity woman's fur; instead, the closest she came to color were the swaths of deep red, visible only in the most direct light. There were more than a few pale-furred canines, though -- the first woman and the one with brownish highlights who had just showed up. One with pale, blue-green eyes remained mostly quiet, speaking only to another with deeper blue eyes. Most of these canines seemed familiar with one another -- Eris felt like very much the outsider, but the lead wolf, the white one who was now addressing the crowd, had offered for her to stay. She did not quite want to leave, anyway, and as the woman spoke, the yellow-green eyes of the Infernian remained on her. So, this was a new pack? Nervousness rose in the sable-shaded woman. She did not want to stay in Inferni, and here was the opportunity to leave. She had been invited to this pack -- knowing nothing about her, not caring where she came from or how much coyote she was, they had extended their arms towards her. Eris remained quiet, however -- no vocalization of her loyalty was made, and the woman merely appeared curious. She would not commit here yet, for as eager as she was to escape the confines of the coyote clan, doubt had reared its ugly head within her. Could she really leave?

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