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The winter stillness of the coast struck the silver-shaded coyote that afternoon, and she found herself staring listlessly at the bleakly gray skyline, finding it a stark contrast from the lovely summer. Winter was no longer a favored season to the scarred woman -- the cold weather sunk into her bones and made her feel a good five years older than she actually was. Near-death was no way to feel, but at least Clover's medicine had alleviated the pain for the most part. Perhaps that was part of the reason for the listless staring, too -- she still felt the humming edge of the drug, though it was far from unpleasant.

The scarred woman contemplated her own leadership more often than she liked, now -- did Gabriel really have an advantage with a rattled old woman, buzzed half the time and too aching to be of any use in a fight anymore, as his subleader? Did he not deserve someone younger, with more power and time left than she had? The hybrid woman did not honestly wish to give up her position; she did not know if her time as a leader had truly passed. Maybe she still had some use left in her for this clan -- when the time came that she ceased to be at all capable, Gabriel would know. The scarred woman was comforted by this, in a way -- Inferni had survived the worst in his hands, and it would go on without her, just as it had in her absences.

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The young coyote was staring down her hand, mainly her fur, as she walked down the coastline. She was noticing that her golden brown fur that matched a sandy dune was starting to dull in color, graying even. For a moment, she had a startling thought that she had some fur disease. But, she then remembered that her fur might be slowly changing color naturally; as she entered the final stages of her development into nearly full-grown adult, her coat could be taking on a different shade. Or, the change of weather could also be taking affect. Alyssum shivered slightly as she thought about the weather, rubbing her hands against her shoulders; she wasn't accustomed to this kind of chillness, but her fur was starting to grow out, thanks to her fraction of wolf blood.

As she continued to inspect her fur color, she spotted a figure off in the slight distance. It was another Luperci in Optime form, like herself, seeming to stare into the sky. Alyssum wondered if she should approach her, or try to past by like she tried with Halo. Of course, that probably wouldn't work out, since Halo caught her, and she doubted she could go past this canine. So, slowly, since not to greatly disturb her, the female started towards the monotoned coyote. "Hello,"she called softly to Kaena, giving a slight wave of her hand as she paused about four yards away from her.

As far as Alyssum could tell, she saw that her fellow clan-mate was aged more than her, and somehow had the aura of holding great power, like what she sensed with Gabriel at the borders. She wasn't sure what rank the older female was, but she definitely knew she was higher than her, and was now careful with her pose; her tail stayed at a low angle, though it wasn't as where it was forced downwards.

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Kesho experienced the cold like many of those of age; the chill froze up his bones, made it more painful to move. He tried not to let it get to him, and in many times worked through it, blatantly ignoring the ache. He was still not used to being old, and tried not to let it show. The rusty coyote grimaced faintly at a shooting pain in his left front leg. The scar from his fight with Shawchert continued to let itself be known.

Kesho sighed and pressed onward, a slight despondence coming over him, likely due to the dreariness of the day. He longed for company, and wondered vaguely who might even want to go out on a day like this. Then he remembered that he had come out. Silly old people who want to defy time's passing, that's who... Smirking slightly, admiring his own admittance of guilt, Kesho realized with relief that he had made it to the coastline. He had been getting bored with the scenery.

He traveled several hundred feet in the smooth, cold sand, eyes watching the always-moving water, before he noticed two silhouettes across the monochrome horizon. They were Luperci, it was clear, in Optime form. He suddenly, again, felt inadequate in his lupus form, and decided that perhaps he should shift as well; if only to make conversation less of a hassle. Ducking briefly back into the cover of the underbrush, so as not to be seen whilst shifting(he was still quite unused to the process), he began. Torso and limbs lengthening, muscles stretching and reforming, his body changed shape. His fur lengthened, and the bones in his skull became rearranged, as his face took on a more human-esque shape. Feeling less awkward now, he emerged from the bush. Though he did not wear clothes like some of his Luperci acquaintances, he struck quite a handsome figure on two feet. He was aged, it was true, but he held a rugged, unkempt sort of charm that was attractive at any age.

As he approached the two, he noticed they were both females. He only knew one of them, however, though he was quite happy to see her. It had been since the small gathering she had called that Kesho had seen Kaena, and he gave a solemn grin in her direction and a nod of his head. The other woman he didn't know, and she appeared to be of mostly coyote blood, something which he took immediate note of. Kaena looked somewhat flat to him-- perhaps she was having a day similar to his. It really wasn't fun, getting old. He only wished he was younger every day. "Lovely day, isn't it, ladies?" He said, motioning towards the blindingly exciting skyline. "I'm surprised to see you out at all, Kaena." Kesho said, mostly referring to the weather. "I know my bones don't like this cold very much anymore." He spoke gruffly, though obviously missing his youth. Turning crimson eyes to the female he was unacquainted with, he nodded again. "Hello miss. I'm Kesho."

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The silver-shaded coyote had seen better days, certainly -- her fur had taken on a certain shade of gray, paling about her muzzle in places. The edges of the blazing red stripe, the only mark of color on her body, was beginning to become tainted with the same grizzled color she carried elsewhere. Her muzzle was exceptionally pale these days, too. Then again, in her own estimation, Kaena had never seen better days -- her scars had been with her since she could remember, some of them since early childhood. She had never been given an opportunity to be attractive, and thus she was less bothered by the physical signs of her aging so much as her literal deterioration. There was little vanity in the scarred old woman, and what little she had, she wasted on priding her blood and her once-great ability to fight.

The approach of another was welcome, and the silvery hybrid twisted her head to view the canine, finding a stranger approaching. Of course, this was a member of the clan -- they were deep enough into the territory that "intruder" was not a thought in the Centurion's mind, and she realized this might be Alyssum. The new member had already proven herself well enough to earn the rank of Hastati, and Kaena had intended to meet her anyway. “Hello,” she responded, a brief smile appearing on her scarred muzzle. “If you are who I think you are, it's good to meet you. Kaena Lykoi,” she said, introducing herself as well.

Not a moment later, the hybrid saw another moving in the distance, and her yellow-golden eye was surprised to make out the two-legged figure of Kesho making its way forth. She did not remember him having a preference for the form, though it had been so damn long she might be mistaking the red eyed man for another. In her recollection, nobody much liked their Optime forms for anything but fighting back then. “Oh, it's not so bad when you don't feel half of it,” the coyote remarked merrily. Her own coat was more or less built for this weather -- though she was coyote, there was a good mix of wolf in it, and she was more suited for this weather than her southern-dwelling cousins. Astaroth had been such a canine, and she could not quite remember where exactly Kesho hailed from -- if it was somewhere in the desert, it was no surprise he was cold.

“Dunno what the right name is, but some kind of human thing -- maybe you should get it? It'd help keep you warm,” she said, looking to the other canine for some assistance -- she seemed to be more knowledgeable about human adornments, as she was wearing clothes. “You know what I mean?” she asked.

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She knows who I am already? the coyote hybrid thought, slightly startled. But, when the older woman said she was Kaena Lykoi, she realized that she was the Centurion; it was probably her job to know everything and everyone in Inferni. Alyssum blinked at the other canine that joined them, and she resisted the urge to smile; she was meeting more members faster than she thought. Instead, she just gave a small, friendly smile that courtesy only demanded for yet it wasn't overbearing. "I'm Alyssum,"she replied to Kesho, giving a small wave of her hand to add to her introduction. She felt a little odd, since she was a stranger to both of the older canines, yet they already were acquainted with each other.

When Kaena turned to her after having a short conversation with Kesho, asking her about human clothing, she felt on the spot. There were tons of different human clothing, some that Alyssum had no name for, but she gave the two her best answer. "Yes, I do. I have a few coats that I have back with my other items, but I do have a scarf with me." Then, she opened up her side bag, pulling out a piece of fabric. It was still a little ragged, and clearly undone, with one end finished while the other one was frayed, but it would do. It was dark red, identical to one of the Inferni colors; she dyed it ahead of time, so she could re-dye it for a more vibrant color. "It'll keep your neck warm when its breezy,"she informed more, handing the clothing to Kesho. She already had a scarf, and she doubted anyone would ask her for one, so she decided there was no need for her to keep it, unused. "I could get you a coat as well, but they are back with my other things,"she added, in case he wanted a coat as well to keep his body warm.

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As Kaena's words rang in his ears, Kesho smirked; he was a bit jealous. He had forgotten: she had some wolf blood in her. Though he did not enjoy the fact, he realized it allowed her some luxury. "Lucky you." He replied jokingly. There was an additional tone in his voice that was hard to pinpoint. The thought of wolves always affected him. He was unsure how to feel now, knowing that most of Inferni was populated with hybrids of her own birthing. Of course, he would get over it, but it stung, just a little. Kesho wouldn't let these thoughts bring down the Centurion's obviously cheery mood, and hastily discarded them. "I think I'll be able to manage. I'm just new to this body..." He added, looking down at himself, stretching out an arm to admire it briefly.

His fur wasn't as insulated as a wolf's was, that was true. In all honesty it wasn't the frigidity that bothered him, but the effect it had on his joints. In this form, the pain wasn't quite as bad, and he reveled in that fact. Maybe it wasn't so bad after all. "My achy old bones seem to like this form better, anyways. Is that normal?" He asked, grinning again. He didn't really expect an answer.

Kaena spoke again, mentioning something that humans used to keep warm. He had seen others adorning themselves with these things, but thought they looked silly. He had noticed Alyssum wearing some, and though she carried the look well he couldn't help but think it was a bit too much. "I don't know how I feel about dressing up like a human," he admitted. Nevertheless, he wouldn't mind a bit more warmth. Kaena looked to Alyssum now for assistance, and she spoke of some human items that she owned herself, thrusting her furred hangs into the bag she carried. Immediately Kesho remembered that he owned a similar bag, although he'd left it at home. She took out a vibrant piece of fabric; a nice dark red color that he greatly enjoyed. Blood. He eyed the scarf curiously, taking it from her and feeling it in his fingers. It was soft, and obviously a bit worn, but he didn't mind. "Oh...Well, thanks." Kesho smiled. "I do like this color..." She mentioned a coat, as well, but he was too interested in the scarf to really listen. Besides, he still wasn't sure how he felt about the whole ordeal of dressing up.

He stared at the thing for a moment, and then glanced up at Alyssum, trying to figure out just how to put it on himself. Unsure, he held it in both hands and draped it around his neck. He took both ends again and fumbled with them for several seconds, trying to make his look like hers, and clearly failing. Frowning a bit, he gave up and allowed the material to sit upon his shoulders plainly. He felt silly. "I have no idea what I'm doing." He admitted, laughing as he spoke. Kesho looked down at his feet awkwardly, then looked away. The sky was still as gray as ever.

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Heheh. I'll turn it toward fighting, if that's alright by you guys. ^^; Maybe while they're just hanging out on the beach, moving around and showing one another stuff, Kae can cut her paw.

It was, of course, her job to be at least aware of any new canines in Inferni's midst, and the scarred Centurion did not particularly enjoy it when she was not able to keep up with the clan's roster. Such things had only happened once since her return, when their numbers had swelled all the way to thirty. Such things were unprecedented and hadn't repeated thus far, for which she was glad. It was only in passing that Gabriel mentioned this canine, and so there was little more but a name and an elevated opinion where Alyssum was concerned.

She listened intently as the Hastati elaborated on the human garments and went so far as to offer Kesho one of her own; this prompted a yellow-toothed smile from the scarred woman. “There you go,” she said quietly, rolling her shoulder in a shrug toward Kesho's question. She had become more familiar with her two-legged form in old age, but whether that was as a result of simple comfort or an advantage, she did not know. “Nice of you,” the scarred woman said to Alyssum, thinking it was quite good the new member was so generous toward clanmates.

She watched Kesho fumble with the scarf, seeming vaguely uncomfortable. “Better uncomfortable with an idea than frozen to death,” she prompted, trying to encourage him. “I sleep with blankets now. Coat gets any thinner and I'll have to do the same thing,” she said, rolling her shoulders in a shrug. Her yellow-golden eye turned back to Alyssum. “You like your rank well enough? If you're not so comfortable with being a warrior, maybe we could think of something else,” she said, wondering if the woman perhaps had a knack for human technology or some other hidden talent. There was always room for training, of course, but a natural inclination made things much easier.

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+3 I won't mind either way. :D Kesho could show her some move with her dagger and Kaena can step on something while watching.

Alyssum held back a giggle as Kesho was having troubles with putting on his scarf. "It took me two weeks just to make it feel right,"she encouraged him, pointing to her own as a simple example; though it was adorn better, it still looked a little odd. She didn't really know how to put it on right even now, but at least it was comfortable, and maybe Kesho will be warmer now. She never did wear cloths until recently, because her old pack forbid them, along with all other human things. Although she was iffy about wearing clothing herself at first, she decided that now she had the right, she would wear them.

"Its no problem,"she replied to Kaena, she she commented on her kindness. Alyssum decided not to dabble further about clothing, since it seemed an uninteresting topic to them. The coyote's attention drifted slightly as she stared at the water, having randoms thoughts as usual. What type of what was it, what animals inhabited it? The young woman always pondered little things like this, but would never give them another thought. Then, she felt the Centurion's attention on her again, she listened carefully. "Oh no,"she quickly said, after Kaena was finished speaking

,"I really like this rank. I feel useful, at least, since I'll be able to protect Inferni better as a Hastati than a Tirones."

"I don't know many moves,"Alyssum admitted, somewhat sheepishly. "But I do know how to parry and counterattack some attacks with daggers." Hopefully, that was good enough for someone who just became a warrior apprentice. She was starting to get nervous, since she didn't have much to present at the moment, but she pushed her fears out of mind before they became obvious. "I'm hoping to find a book about sparring in Halifax, but so far, I can't find anything."

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Kesho Maisha

Change was a new idea to Kesho, having been prompted by his return here. There was much that he was learning about this seemingly daunting and human-like world that his beloved clan had freshly inhabited; this included tying a scarf. And, clearly, this was a step in the right direction. He had felt some pressure since coming back to experience life in this bipedal form, to include it in his everyday life. Still he was unsure about it, but it seemed to have done well for Kaena, and so he might keep with it. Kesho had readily imbibed her words, understanding now, in some sort of twisted fashion, that it was, perhaps, that same logic that kept Inferni itself afloat. It's better to be uncomfortable with an idea, so long as it will keep you alive. He supposed that was very true, although it would take him some time to be able to implement this idea with ease. The older man turned his head briefly towards Kaena, and gave a heavy nod, mixed with the slight look of understanding that had crossed his mind. "I suppose that's true..."

Kaena had changed the subject, and he was grateful for it. His mind had already been distracted for too long over such a simple sentence. Kesho's old brain was trying hard to create more synapses, to expand itself before his lifetime ended; Kesho, the conscience, was having a grand old time making that difficult.

He was encouraged, once again, by Alyssum's words. Of course he hadn't been the only one to struggle, adapting to these human garments. Kesho wondered vaguely if any canines had fashioned ones to fit their odd proportions. Kesho smirked; he might actually enjoy some clothing made from the skin of a deer or goat. "Good to know I'm not the only one," he said, smiling.

Blankets, now. Well, surely it would be comfortable. Maybe his old bones would appreciate the padding, at least. He had slept on cold, hard ground for as long as he could remember. Grass was his first choice of bedding, especially when covered in a nice layer of leaves. But blankets would be even better... He mused on this momentarily, wondering where-- if he did decide to make use of them-- he might find some more of these items. Even if he weren't to wear them frequently, it was at least interesting to know that they were accessible.

The conversation turned to battle, and Kesho was immediately on alert. Crimson eyes swerved to focus on Alyssum, anticipating her response more than necessary. He was always curious to see how much of it they had in them. He wanted to know, who were the warriors here? Somewhat bored to realize that she didn't know much of the art, he relaxed slightly. "I'm better on four legs, but I could still help you...or try, at least." He injected, offering what knowledge of battle in this form he did have. It was true, he didn't use it much, but he had been observing others' movement and had taken some instruction from that. He had decided that the techniques, generally, would be similar, although executed slightly differently on two legs. He assumed, though, that there were many methods which he had yet to learn; he was excited for this.

As Alyssum mentioned Halifax, he nodded in agreement. He wanted to go, too. "Yes, that's a great idea. I'd be interested to go with you, if you'd allow it. If you know how to read, I would love to benefit from any book's knowledge." Though he couldn't read himself, he hoped others would be able to help him as he attempted to learn it. There was that change again.

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The Centurion was glad to hear Alyssum was confident in her rank, for the most part -- she and Gabriel did not often have very much to rely on when giving their newer members rankings, and as they were often fluid within Inferni, with many members coming and going, the hybrid wondered how often they got it right. “Good. We like protection,” the hybrid declared, cracking a yellow-toothed grin. “That's a start, I'd think, but we could show you more. Kesho and I had our days as ruthless warriors, huh?” she said, her single eye rolling toward her old friend, the smile still lingering on her face. She remembered those days, fuzzy as they had become -- it had felt like nothing could stop Inferni in those very early days. “I like using Secui or Optime form. Maybe Kesho could show you things in his Lupus form, and I'll try with those?” she offered, more than willing to throw in her experience to help.

With the mention of Halifax, the hybrid became quieter and more reserved, yellowy eye shifting from one canine to another. She had not been back there many times since the previous fall, and she knew where there were many books. This was a place she would not go, and she hesitated bringing this up to either of these canines. They did not know Haku Soul, and they did not need to know what he had done to her. They were better off if they knew nothing of that man and his deeds. “There's a library in Halifax. Gotta cross the harbor, but there are a lot of signs for the university, so it's not hard to find. Never was very good at reading, though,” she said, half-assing this excuse for remaining in Inferni. She had become worlds better since practicing, but even so -- it was a difficult task, and she sometimes still had to sound out the words childishly. For this reason, she preferred very simple books.

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"I can always shift to Lupus, if you want. It is not a bother to me,"she suggested, and then heard as Kaena laid down her own help. "That'd be great as well,"Alyssum said happily, smiling at the prospect of learning a few things from elder fighters. Though she knew little at that time, she was eager to learn more, especially from two canines that looked like had a few tricks up their sleeves. "I haven't been much in Secui form as much as Optime. But it wouldn't hurt to learn a few things about that shape as well."

Alyssum noted the Centurion's sudden silence when she mentioned her book hunting in Halifax. She barely heard Kesho as she watched Kaena. "That'd be absolutely wonderful,"the young woman said joyfully, allowing her smile to spread father over her muzzle. She nodded at Kaena's words, taking in her advice and will go check out that library soon. The coyote let the book topic lay to rest, since it seemed to make the hybrid highly uncomfortable to talk about, though Alyssum would liked to know.

"So, do you want me to shift into Lupus form, or do you two want to show me nothing in Optime first?"she questioned. Of course, it wouldn't matter to her, since the two would know better and could decide amongst themselves. Just gaining the knowledge of some fighting was enough to satisfy Alyssum, and she thought that there was no need to rush things and choose which form of learning she should be taught first.

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Kesho was excited to have a student. Well, maybe not a student, but at least someone to share his knowledge with. Battling was something he'd always been passionate about; after all, it had been part of him since he was young. Even if he couldn't teach her everything he knew, he would be able to impart some useful knowledge, at the very least. Admittedly, he was also somewhat nervous. What if he messed up, taught her something he shouldn't have, or failed at teaching period? Maybe he wouldn't even be able to explain anything to her. But no, he was confident enough in his abilities to share some of them, he thought.

"Kesho and I had our days as ruthless warriors, huh?" Kaena mentioned offhandedly.

Her words brought Kesho out of his distracted train of thought.

"Heh, we sure did..." he grinned at the Centurion, a modest, almost joking answer.

It was true, he had once been a much more grand being that he was now. Now, he didn't look like much. Now, he was old. He sighed slightly at the thought, but dismissed it. It mattered not at the moment, for despite his age and aching joints, he was being requested to teach this young Hastati.The girl was many years his junior; it was likely she was only a year or so old, though she seemed eager to learn. It was interesting, however, that she seemed to know so much about the humans already, whereas he, at nine years, hardly knew anything. It was true that, in the past, humans had not been as important to their culture. Perhaps the younger generation had generated more meaning to the strange, extinct creatures. After all, much more research and interest had been taken in them in recent years. Maybe it was time for the old man to catch up with the times.

"Maybe Kesho could show you things in his Lupus form, and I'll try with those?” Kaena suggested.

"That would be just fine." Kesho nodded in agreement.

"Kaena, would you like to have the floor first, then?" he smiled as he offered the Centurion to start, although he would not have minded shifting down into Lupus form; it was certainly more comfortable for him. It made sense, though, to start with the Optime form, since they were already in it. No sense wasting energy on shifting multiple times, Kesho thought. Especially for him, as he was still somewhat inexperienced, the slight physical drain was sometimes more than he anticipated. For the older coyote, his energy was limited, so he decided to spend it as wisely as possible.

The man turned to Alyssum and Kaena, stepping back so as to give them plenty of room. He extended an arm, palm facing upwards like a game show host presenting a wonderful prize. Kesho grinned and relaxed his body, ready and patiently waiting for the Centurion to begin her instruction. Perhaps he could learn a thing or two from Kaena, as well.


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The silver-shaded woman had been changed in an irreversible and deep way in that library, and she was not keen to return to the place where that life-altering thing had happened. Dead and buried as he was, Haku's fangs continued to be buried in the old woman's shoulder, that old and thick knot of scar tissue across her collar that he had drawn blood from more than once. She had known real fear, deep and terrible and paralyzing fear, and old as she had been, this was not something she had experienced before. She had not feared Salvaged in such a way, and everyone else she might have feared in such a way had died at someone else's hand before she learned to fear them.

The hybrid liked more than anything that Kesho had returned to Inferni, even if it was different from the one he had departed from and filled with hybrids, wolfish ones at that. It was good to have a companion somewhat close to her own age; she no longer felt like an anomaly. She and Kesho had experienced quite a lot in their days, and that they still walked the earth was a good sign, to say the least. “Yeah -- no sense tiring you out by making you shift twice,” the hybrid said. “I like fighting in my Secui form -- it's heavier than the other two, and the claws can be dangerous,” she pointed out. “That goes for opponents and yourself, of course.”

“You're bigger for an Optime,” the silver-shaded woman pointed out, grinning at the height difference between herself and Alyssum. The Hastati easily had ten inches on Kaena, if not more—the scarred woman had never been known for stature, after all. “If you're fighting someone of my size, use it to your advantage. You've got a lot more reach than me, so you can take swings at my head more easily than I can,” she said, stepping forward toward Alyssum and illustrating this by more clearly defining their difference in height. The silver-shaded woman stepped back and continued speaking, touching her own stomach to illustrate the point. “Be careful and protect your stomach. You don't have to do that in Lupus or Secui and it can be harder to remember in Optime,” she warned.

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