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POSTED: Thu Dec 16, 2010 4:05 pm

Set for the 14th. Sorry to discriminate, but I was hoping one of Anathema's men could respond? :o

It was seldom that the girl shifted to four legs, as she found herself using her Optime almost entirely after she had come of age to shift. However, when the young coyote had woke that morning, there was this suppressed feeling in her frame that was pushing against her; this need to find a release, and perhaps let go of the energy that had built within her. She wasn’t sure why this feeling coaxed her into lupus, but the girl found herself on four paws either way. Stripping away the array of jewelry that adorned her, as well as her minimal clothing, Clover seemed to look rather plain in comparison to her usual self. The only thing that remained was the white head band, still circling around her forehead and beneath both darkened ears.

Pushing past the borders of the clan, Clover headed into the north section of the Dampwoods. She had no particular destination in mind, and merely let her instinct take over. Her paws propelled her forward, while straw gaze studied the mottled display of nature she passed by. Somehow, she felt very liberated in this form, and felt a connection with Mother Earth she had not experienced in some time. It seemed as if that strange feeling building inside of her had been Mother Earth, beckoning the girl to reinforce her spiritual connection with the world.

It wasn’t until later in the day that she broke through the Dampwoods to find the awaiting borders of a pack she did not know of. The mountain that loomed in the distance looked down onto the petite coyote, and Clover could only merely stare back in amazement. She had not known of another pack here, but it seemed as if one had formed recently. The scent marking their borders was strong, as if it had been done not too long ago.

She began to pad along the border then, both darkened ears turning to catch the approach of a stranger. Clover wouldn’t trespass, of course, and was merely curious to find more. She hoped that one if its members might come along and find her, so at the very least she would know what this place was called.

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Getting to meet the general populous was proving to be a difficult task indeed, though Attila did not consider it at the height of his priority list. The Aston male concerned himself more with his next fix—that is, a woman he could find to satisfy himself—but even that did not greatly take precedence in his mind. Adapting to the underground life and consequent absence of the barn owl Markku over his shoulder while he was down there was a strange transition indeed, but not one Attila didn't enjoy the challenge of.

He had been out "hunting," or better yet, just meandering about. Attila was a transient creature, one that couldn't move about freely as he so desired under the suppression of the underground. Upon his return, Markku chattered about wildly, taking the opportunity to once again relay how he was letting down his mother and family and how AniWaya was his true home, but as always, his qualms went unheard. By this point, of course, Attila had set eyes on a female at Anathema borders, and paused as he passed by towards the underground.

"Well hello there," he smiled sweetly, drawing close before sitting down before her, "and who is this lovely girl with the sun in her eyes?"

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Hi Lin! What form is Attila in? :}

It seemed as if the young coyote would not get much time alone along the borders, for soon her darkened ears picked up on the sound of approaching foot fall. The boy that approached her was completely opposite from her; where she sported colors warm and earthy, he was cool and had eyes like the sky. She couldn’t help but smile at him, even before he spoke to her, but immediately thought of how plain she must look in her lupus form.

His voice was gentle and the smile that accompanied it generally put Clover at ease. Even though she did not know a thing about this pack, the boy was doing well to establish it in good standing with the petite coyote. She was grateful for the veil of roan red and tan when his words reached her, for it had been some time since sweet things had been said to her like that. "Clover Love," she responded only after a moment, her voice somewhat uncharacteristically coy. After taking a few steps forward, she settled onto her haunches. "And what do they call you, love?" Questions about the pack could come later. For now, she was all ears about him.

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-FLIES BACK IN- Att's in his lupus form.

She was quite petite, wasn't she? And the scent she carried, sweet and fine as if springtime followed at her feels, spreading its way around him, enveloping him in a warm embrace. The smile at the boy's lips only lengthened, pleased, though beneath that honey-sweet, yet smoky smell, even he caught on to the reek of coy. He did not know them well, Inferni, but he had been taught their scent. Inferni smelled no different than any other coyote female he had ever been with, but their scent was certainly stronger, if not only due to the multiplication of bodies in one collective space. Ah, well; he relished the warmth amidst the cold a while longer, then found reason to finally respond to her name.

"Attila," he grinned, iced eyes adopting the same coyness of her tone, "Attila Aston, but I highly doubt you're here just to see little ol' me." He swept his head to the side in one, suave flick, dispersing some of the longer, vaguely curled strands of fur from his eyes. A chuckle, a subtle raise of the brow. "Not that I would complain, of course. I suppose you came here to see Anathema, just like all the other tourists, huh?"

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