Wakan Tankan Nici Un

POSTED: Thu Dec 16, 2010 11:57 pm

Dawali will have called out for this. It is optional if you want to play as if your character attended. Only Nayati will reply to this thread, as it is more of an announcement ceremony than one everyone will participate in. Also because we already have two pack threads open - oops! :D

With pride in his heart, Dawali came prepared. He wore the traditional gown, an elaborate leather jacket and wristlets, and had adorned his mane with additional feathers for the occasion. He had it been summer or spring, they would have met in the open, but the cold crept closer and it became less comfortable staying outside, winter pelt or none. He had called them to the Town Hall, where they had found himself and Nayati. He had waited until there were some faces to watch them, before turning so that he faced both Nayati and the other tribesmembers.

It felt strange to conduct this ceremony; strange, and very, very powerful. He was glad to see his friend rise to such a distinguished position, and to be the first among them to formally do so. The Chief smiled. "Nayati has proven, at length, a valuable addition to our Tribe. He has served us many times, and led many successful hunts both on his own and as part of a team." The russet male turned to direct his words more clearly at his friend, no, his suprerior now in many ways. Dawali could never dream to be the hunter that his friend was. He held in his hands a flat stone with dyes, and a soft stick that would serve him as a brush. "Nayati Utina, you have deserved the mark of the Master Hunter." He spoke ceremoniously, and with great presicion the trained hands of this medic outlined the antlers of a great buck, spreading symmetrically across Nayati's chest. It glowed icy blue on his light fur; a symbol of his rank, one that he would carry as long as he lived. Not only this, but it was a symbol of his tribe's faith in him, that he stood out among them in his skill and experience, and carried the Chief's blessing. It was an old custom that Dawali had witnessed only thrice, four times, now, and it was a true honor to be the one to conduct it. Perhaps he felt it even stronger, as the male who stood in front of him could easily have been his son, through his friendship with the Amara's daughter.

Quickly, the Chief bent down and plucked a long item out of the satchel that rested towards his feet. It looked like an old spear, carefully crafted and painted in cold hues of blue. It bore symbols and patterns and pieces of cloth, and was clearly old, older than the Chief. "This is your weapon. Care for it well." Of course, it was not for use in real hunts, but like the Master Healer's skin-coat, it - too - would forever be a symbol of his rank. "Wakan Tankan Nici Un - May the Great Spirit Walk with You," the Chief said solemnly, before handing it over, palms up. It had passed among the Master Hunters for many, many years, and the spear was sacred. Dawali had no doubts in his heart that Nayati would honor it.

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Nayati Utina had worked hard for this day, and yet now that it was here it felt as if he walked in a dream. No matter how much he had hoped of one day becoming the Gadui Kanati of the tribe, he hadn't even really thought that it would happen. But now here he was, standing in front of his Kalona, his friend, who was about to bestow the ancient right upon him. It was an effort to keep his breathing normal and despite all his greatest efforts his heart beat loudly against his ribcage. Some of his fellow tribesmembers joined them in the hall and his jitters only increased. He gave each assembled face a silent nod of greeting, except for Liliana whom he shot a sheepish smile. Even though he had not doubted that she would be here for this, he was so glad to have her there.

The waiting came to an end though, and as Dawali turned to face him, he turned to face his chief. As the Amara began to speak, his heart picked up the tempo of a fevered war drum. Nayati was not someone who was given to emotional displays, but as Dawali spoke of his merits he could feel hot tears sting at the corners of his eyes. He did not let them fall, but they were there for the Kalona to see. It meant so much to receive this station from him, the man who was like a second father to him. There was only one thing that he wished different about this moment, and that was that he wished his parents could be here to see him. Nayati wished to see the pride in both his father and mother's eyes. Despite their absence though, he stood tall and still while Dawali painted the antlered mark of the Gadui Kanati across his chest.

The Utina felt the brush strokes across his fur and skin and almost had the sensation of a strange new force entering his body. She had not been there initially, but now Onawa appeared by his side and sat, watching the process of the marking. Nayati didn't look down to her for he did not want to lose his composure, but he could feel her and he could feel that she, too, was proud of him. Her approval meant nearly as much to him as anyone else's and he had to close his eyes for a moment to keep his face dry. Finally, when it was finished, Nayati released a deep breath and felt a great contentment settle over his soul.

At first he believed that to be it, but then Dawali turned and retrieved an old spear from a bag. It was highly decorated, and clearly not meant for actual use. Yet again this day, he had his breath taken from him. He accepted the ceremonial spear with reverence, and as it touched his hands he could feel its age and its power. "I will." He would handle the sacred item with respect, and would protect it with his life. "Wakan Tankan Nici Un - and with You." Nayati bowed before his chief and then turned to face his tribesmembers. "I will continue to serve AniWaya with all that I have. You can trust in me." He was as much their servant as Dawali's own. He may be a Master now, but that meant that his obligation to AniWaya was only larger.

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