It is from the blood of our ancestors

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Dawali will have called out for this. It is optional if you want to play as if your character attended. Only Liliana will reply to this thread, as it is more of an announcement ceremony than one everyone will participate in. Congrats to Lili!

The Chief stood proudly again in the Town Hall, and looked at the familiar faces that had shown up this time as well. It was strange, this feeling, and not lessened with the speed with which she had followed his friend in rank. It warmed him to see that she had come so far, especially when considering her very reserved nature, and the way she had been when they first met along AniWayan borders. She was young for a Master; most waited years for such an appointment. But the Chief felt she deserved it; she had worked hard and was an undeniable resource of knowledge in the pack. None excelled quite in the degree that she did within this path, and lord knew her knowledge exceeded his own. The Chief would easily consult her the day it was time choose another horse but Belle, his favorite. His respect was strong for the female, and he took his time with this ceremony, looking out patiently as some arrived. There was no hurry. The female truly deserved this show he had prepared for her, and he hoped that she would enjoy it as much as she ought to. Items were at his feet and the Cheif was draped in his ceremonial gown, looking quite dressed up. And it was only appropriate for the occasion.

Finally, he struck his palms together and addressed the onlookers, while still carefully shooting glances at the female who was the center of their joint attention. "This winter is fruitful, in a sense. While some find little to do in the cold absence of living things, there are others who work as diligently as their chosen path requires them to. Liliana is one of them. From day one, and year around she has shown us her devotion to the animals that aid us throughout the year with work, protection and food. She thus subtly aids us in many things, and her affection and loyalty has not gone unnoticed." He was looking at the female now, and felt how his face freely expressed the pride that he found in her.

Holding the very same flat stone he had used previously, and a softened, thin stick for a brush, he motioned vaguely for her to turn to him with her arm. Her dark fur was prepared with bleach for the bright, orange color that he would apply it. "Liliana Vess, you have deserved the mark of the Nadie Tadita." His deep voice carried far with ease, but was loaded with extra umph as he spoke the words slowly and carefully before dipping his makeshift brush in the dye and painting over the already bleached pattern. The pattern would be a mark that all AniWayans would be expected to honor, glowing from her fur and impossible to ignore. The old wolf then bent to pick up a bundle, carefully unwrapping it after lifting it. It quickly revealed itself as its lower parts unfolded towards the ground, and the Chief draped the finely woven and carefully patterned cloak around the female's shoulders. He did not know how old it was, but it was elaborate, and clearly crafted by someone with great skill. "This cloak will protect you as you protect us. Care for it well." It was a little dusty, but a day or two in fresh air would likely take care of that, and it was durable from the inner layer of treated leather. Unlike Nayati's spear, this cloak was made for everyday use. "Wakan Tankan Nici Un - May the Great Spirit Walk with You," the Chief said finally, placing one russet hand on her shoulder and bowing slightly as he spoke.

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She couldn’t believe it… the day she’d been waiting for since she joined the profession she had… had actually come, soon she wouldn’t just be anyone to the horses and cows, but since she started taking care of the animals, and their general health was looked after by her, she knew what she was doing, and it just made sense that she would soon become a master, though she’d only been here for a little more than half a year. She wasn’t full of herself in no way but she was confident in her own work. So when the chief came to her and explained to her what was going to be planned she couldn’t help but give him her happiest of smiles, this was what she had wanted for so long, acceptance, and it seemed that was what she would get from the pack she’d made her home. She couldn’t help but thank him profusely and later she cried, not in sadness but out of how happy she’d been. When the day came, and he was bleaching her fur, the shape it would be when he dyed it, she watched intriguingly. Her heart pounding and it wasn’t even the ceremony yet.

When the Ceremony came she couldn’t help but feel nervous, so very nervous. He took his time, just like he had with Nayati, waiting for the others to join the ceremony, and then spoke, a calm soothing voice, that in many ways made her let go of her nervousness. She was able to breath normal again, as he spoke and gave praise to her, she was doing her best to keep her emotions in check as he motioned her to expose her arm to him and she did, though she knew the tattoo wasn’t going to hurt at all, as it was like a painting, it still felt strange as he marked the dark orange along her long, thick fur. He then unwrapped what was the master animal tender’s item, one that would show that she was in charge in the stables… well that was a daunting thought to her, but she liked the idea, because she knew that the animals had certain care, not everyone did and as he put the cloak over her shoulders, she couldn’t wait to teach others in her profession, though she did already, she knew they would listen to her more now that Dawali thought of her this way, it was the way of things she knew, but she would not abuse her powers what little she did have. She smiled, a watery eyed one, as Dawali spoke about the cloak protecting her, and she believed it.

Wakan Tankan Nici Un - and with You.

She answered back to him, bowing to him then doing the same to all of her packmates, feeling that she was not only taking care of the horses, but their friends as well.

I will not let anyone down, especially the animals. I promise

She said quietly, her voice quavering a little, she was not use to speeking pubically and being in the midst of the whole pack made her nervous, but it was over… She was a master!

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