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Character Birthdate: December 31 2008
Character Gender: female
Character Species: 90% Canis lupus arctos ortus, 5% Canis lupus lycaon ortus, 5% Canis lupus albus ortus
Regular Wolf or Luperci: Luperci (ortus)
Desired Profession Path, if any: Fire Maker
Spirit Animal (if age allows): Aedus (ee-dus), albino cobra
A short history of your character's time in the Tribe:
Ocèane was born in Aniwaya in December 2008 and resided in the pack until July of 2009. She always expressed an interest go explore the outside world, even when she was too young to leave the tribe. She disappeared in July for her own reasons, wanting more excitement from life than what her pack was offering at the time. Well she got it! Shortly before returning to her home pack, Ocèane became entangled in a forgotten human-made trap. She survived thanks to the appearance of her spirit guide Aedus. After this experience, Oce decided it was time to return home.

Secondary form of contact (AIM, MSN, Y!M): None
Currently played characters: None
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It was as if she had stepped back into reality again, or crossed some strange, unidentifiable barrier that had separated her from home for so long. She was not yet within the borders of her homeland, but from the surroundings she knew she was close. She hadn't felt this excited to see the familiar sights in a long time. She knew every inch of this place, no stone on AniWaya land had been left unturned, literally. Her natural tenancy to explore, to discover, was like a gnawing hunger that she couldn't fight. Sure it could be ignored, for a time, but eventually she would need to go, move, run. She could never stand still for very long. She wondered if eventually it would be her downfall, her last journey was proof enough of that. And anyway, if her tenancy to wander didn't, she was sure her clumsiness was runner up in that category.

"Do you always think so morbidly when returning to your homelands?" a wispy voice questioned, her khaki tipped ears swiveling instinctively toward the noise. The voice belonged to the creature coiled lazily around her arm and across her shoulders; weaving it's slender, scaled body through her waist-length chocolate tendrils of hair.

"Do you have to read my thoughts? I was under the impression that you spirit guides can't do that," she retorted, somewhat annoyed at the spirit for intruding.

"Merely observing your mood my dear," the cobra responded, it's voice holding an accent that Ocèane still couldn't place. "There is still much you must to learn, returning to your home is just the start," his voice had taken on a chiding tone.

Ocèane grinned, she found the weight of the spirit animal on her shoulders comforting. For the months she had wandered it had only been her and Evadne, her mare. Once a wild creature, the horse had since calmed enough for the two of them to bond rather well. She had even taken to riding the horse every once and a while to accustom the mare to it, and to train herself how to ride in the process. But as hard as she tried to make conversation with the beast, her grasp of low speech was very little. Therefore their conversations were often one sided and short lived. But since she had come across Aedus, or, wait... he had come across her, she found herself with a very knowledgeable, yet stern, new companion and she was in no way dismayed with his presence. She actually felt quite proud to have finally found her spirit guide, even if their first meeting included her trapped upside down in a tree.

The unmistakable scent of her homeland borders roused her from her thoughts, making her smile. It was good to be home again, but she suspected she would have to do a bit of explaining for her latest absence. The female wasn't sure if just waltzing back into the pack lands was a good idea, so she decided to be polite and raise her voice in a greeting call, howling for someone to meet her. She hoped that like last time her mother would greet her, how she longed to hear her voice again.

[let me know if i got anything wrong with my interpretation of spirit guides :) ]
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Here is brother Claudius to the rescue! (236)

It had taken him a week and a half after his meeting with Nian to venture out of his den again. Putting his craftsman skills to use certainly had given him an ego boost! But Claudius still feared the great unknown that lay beyond his den and he only knew a few familiar, but nonetheless well-travelled paths to take out of his den. Today, he had taken one of these paths to the edges of AniWaya territory. However, it seemed as though he was cursed with change: a howl sounded, originating from somewhere nearby. The responsible thing would be to answer the call and investigate it, but Claudius just wanted to run back to his den. Claudius shivered and wondered who it might be – and if he would have to deal with them. He really didn’t want that kind of responsibility. He really just wanted to examine some of the plants as the snow unthawed, but apparently this stranger would have none of that.

He reluctantly trotted closer and peered around a large pine tree. The many needles provided excellent cover and he was able to investigate hopefully without being seen. He moved closer, stalking from tree to tree. He paused suddenly when he caught the stranger’s scent in the breeze: it was Ocèane!

“Ocèane!” he called out. He ran over to where his sister was, accompanied by a rather large and scary-looking horse. “Y-you’re back!”

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WC: 327 OOC: Hope you don’t mind me jumping in ^^ I was already in the process of making the thread anyway ^^;

Liliana was having a wonderful day, the appointment of her master rank did not change anything, as she was the only one who really tended to all the animals, though she did get help here and there from the others, she was the one who had that responsibility. Today she was letting herself run her own horse, since it had been a good day, and the horses had all cooperated with her, though she couldn’t say the same about the cows, but they were always stubborn anyway. She had been out, though she heard a welcoming howl, one of greeting at the borders. Kicking her horse into a gallop she hurried to the fenced borders of the packlands, where she found a young female sitting on her own horse, this made Liliana’s heart stumble, it was always nice to see others knowing how to ride and tend to horses, and she wondered what the wolf was doing here. She gave a pleasant smile to the young stranger. But it seemed she wasn’t alone, there near her was a younger male, one who she rarely saw and had never met, though she didn’t know his name or anything she just knew he was a member of the pack, one of the pack members children, though… hadn’t she left? She wasn’t sure if he was the son of that particular one… quite a few of their members had left recently. She decided to pay attention to the howler.

Hello, I’m Liliana Vess

She said introducing herself, not to just the newcomer, but to the young boy, who it seemed knew her. She looked over at Claudius and raised an eyebrow.

You know her?

She asked, hoping that she wasn’t intruding on any kind of special private reunion, and thought maybe she should just turn around now. She stayed on Grace, who was pawing at the ground a little, confused by Liliana’s body language and the sound of her voice.

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Hey bro! :D, and I don't mind at all! (231)

It seemed that Ocèane didn't have to wait long for someone to greet her at the pack's boarders, not that she was expecting to have to wait very long. But she was more surprised when she discovered just who it was that answered her call.

"Claudius!" she exclaimed, probably more surprised to see him out and about, than for him to have found her, but that was only a guess. She slid off the horse, landing on two paws with less grace than she had intended, when she caught her brother nervously eying the mare. "She's harmless, really, don't worry" she assured him, after which Evadne gave what sounded like a sarcastic snort.

"It's so good to see you brother!" She continued, her chocolate smothered tail wagging happily behind her as she moved to embrace her sibling. Her mood dampened just a little as she spoke next, "I'm sorry I left you again, in hindsight it was quite foolish... How have you been? I trust mother is well." She suddenly noticed the weight on her shoulders had disappeared as the serpent vanished like traces of smoke in the wind. That was probably good since the sight of such a creature might make her brother even more nervous.

Their reunion was cut short by the arrival of another, a dark coloured female who Oce didn't recognize. "Hello Liliana," she began, lowering her ears and tail in a respective gesture, "My name is Oceane Aston, I'm the sister of Claudius and Noir, and daughter of Tayui. I was born in these lands and come seeking acceptance to AniWaya once again."

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Don't mind grumpy Claudius! :< He'll come around [s]eventually[/s] ;) (390)

Claudius wanted to run into his sister’s arms and give her all the hugs he had never gotten to give her throughout his life. He knew it was probably childish, silly, and naiive; but he wanted to do it anyways. After his mother’s departure, he had almost thought he’d have to strike it out on his own in AniWaya and that had scared him silly. He jogged toward his sister with a huge, silly grin on his face. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to giv her a hug with that giant horse nearby, but if his sister was home, he would have to be brave. He nodded quickly in response when he assured him she was a good horse – unlike the other large beasts housed on AniWaya soil.

And suddenly, just like her departure and re-arrival, Claudius was smothered in his sister’s embrace. He wagged his tail happily and gave her a big sloppy lick to show her how much he had missed her.

“I missed you!” he said at some point. He was too happy to care if he said it when he should have; he had missed her and now his sister was home! His smile faltered when Oce mentioned their mother, but Claudius was too busy hugging her to respond. He used this as an excuse not to answer her and instead let go, allowing his sister some breathing room.

He began to step back to give her some more space when he heard another voice. Startled, he jumped a few centimetres and whipped his head around to see who was interrupting them. She introduced herself and Claudius immediately felt his hackles rising. What was she doing here? She was ruining everything! He didn’t care who she was or what she wanted – Ocèane was his sister, not hers – and he should be the one to welcome her home. She then asked if he knew her and Claudius had to force himself not to stare open-mouthed. Of course he knew her! Didn’t the wolf hear him say, Ocèane, you’re back? Obviously that would imply an acquaintanceship between them. He harumph’d and replied with a quick, “of course I do,” in a quiet voice. However, Oce’s louder – and more appropriate – response drowned him out. Claudius was a little happy for that. She could be the mature one again.

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WC: 231 OOC: Liliana’s such a party popper hahaha :)

the whole reunion seemed to make Liliana feel rather awkward, her previous question had of course been answered as they embraced, making her feel like a total idiot, but she made no motion for such a thing. Listening she smiled, so she was his sister? It seemed he was not so happy to see Liliana and that made her all the more guilty but when Oce commented she wanted back into the pack Lilian smiled, widely.

Well it’s nice to see family reunions, I’m sorry that I have intteruppted yours, and I think Dawali would be happy to have you back.

She got off of Grace who’s ears were pinned back, staring at the young male who’d been staring unhappily at Liliana. Liliana did not see this exchange though. She did, however see the boy was not at all happy to see her.

I will let your brother do the real honors though I do apologize if I really have come unwanted.

She said, feeling the need to leave, yet she couldn’t leave Oce without being accepted in any case. She looked over at Claudius. This was one of those circumstances where she was sure that even he could accept someone… well at least his own sister. She wanted to be more on his good side than anything and it seemed that he blamed her for barging in on his reunion.

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Don't want anyone left out :O (276)

Oceane laughed as she was greeted by a big slobbery kiss from her brother and hugged him back. She hoped moments like these would come more often, without her disappearing and reappearing. She vowed that this time she would spend more time with her family and more time tending to her duties in the pack. It couldn't hurt for her to cut down on her traversing a little bit.

After she had explained herself to the other female she felt a little awkward herself. She didn't want the other pack member to feel like a third wheel. They were all sort of like a big family anyway, even if not through blood."Don't be sorry, Claudius and I have more than enough time to catch up. Don't we brother?" she patted his shoulder gently. She caught the smell of stable animals on Lilian and concluded she must be one of the pack's animal handlers. Oce made a mental note to speak to her again in the future as she would probably have good knowledge of horses and could help her with Evadne if the need arose.

"Your welcome to stay if you would like Lilian, could I ask your profession? I can't help but notice the scent of animals on you."

Not wanting to leave her brother out of the conversation, she waited for Lilian's rely before speaking to him again "Claudius, you seem much more confident since the last time we saw each other, it seems that we have a lot to talk about". She beamed at her brother, truly happy to see him out and about instead of cooped up in his home.

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:3! Aww Claudius feels bad now. Heehee. :D (361)

When the other AniWayan spoke, Claudius felt ashamed for all the anger he had directed toward her. He didn’t want her to go necessarily; it would have just been easier if she had never arrived and therefore had never made Claudius feel angry. He was feeling a lot of different emotions he hadn’t felt before, some in new and different ways. Even a she thought about this, the words sounded silly and immature in his mind, but he knew it was the truth. And he also knew that he didn’t want to make Liliana feel bad. She had just been doing her job, like he had been – checking the borders for newcomers and whatnot.

Ocèane replied to Liliana, enunciating all of the words and thoughts that were stuck in Claudiuses head. Claudius nodded quickly in agreement and tried to avoid Liliana’s eye. He didn’t want to look at her when he felt this guilty. He didn’t want her to think he was rude or mean, but he also didn’t want to look up and see if he had hurt her feelings. He supposed this was even more childish for someone who was now two years old, but he didn’t know what to do.

Claudius was silent when Ocèane asked about Liliana’s work. He kicked his left calf with his right foot, holding his arms behind his back, unsure of what to do next. He jerked his head up when he heard his sister address him, but kept his hands clenched behind his back.

“Yeah, I suppose,” he replied awkwardly. He wasn’t sure how much more confident he was, but he was glad she had noticed him – anything about him, really, even if her observation implied that he had once been quiet and easily forgettable. Or, that was just how Claudius interpreted it; and he really didn’t want to be forgotten. “Well, we do have… things to t-talk about. I’ll t-tell you later,” he added. He began to stutter when he realized Liliana could still hear him. He didn’t want her to know about his argument with his mother and her eventual departure from AniWaya – or the more pressing matter: Noir’s death.

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WC: 238 OOC:I can’t do the ‘over the e lol, forgive me and welcome, sorry for the intrusion again, hahaha poor lili

Though the female’s words were reassuring Liliana couldn’t help but still feel a little out of place. Though she could tell the boy felt bad about his reaction to her, she felt worse about barging in like she did, being a total pup, but that all passed by as her profession was asked. She smiled, happily and patted the neck of her horse.

I’m the master animal Tender.

She said, thinking this was the time to be wearing the cloak that her chief had gotten her, though she’d come out without knowledge that she was going to meet anyone, nor did she want to show off her new rank. But it seemed to live shortly as the newcomer’s brother spoke to her in a quiet hushed voice, and it seemed the two did have something very important to talk about, Liliana definitely didn’t want to intrude any longer, and she didn’t want either to feel uncomfortable with her around.

It really does seem that you two do need to really catch up, I am sorry for the intrusion again, and welcome to the pack Oceane. You can usually find me in the stables if you need me for anything.

She said, turning her horse before any objections were made, she was already feeling horrible and she didn’t want to make things worse, she did her job, though it seemed she really wasn’t needed, and she led Grace away.

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Something in the way her brother replied made her uneasy, she wasn't really sure why. A horrible feeling began to coil itself in her stomach but she pushed it away, it was ruining her moment of happiness. She found herself hoping that everything was alright, that Claudius was only stuttering because of the stranger's presence.

Liliana informed her that she was the master animal tender of the pack. That's great! She would know plenty about horses. But before she could speak up again, the other female seemed eager to leave them alone and uttered a few parting words. Oce nodded, giving her an apologetic smile and watched as the woman lead the horse away. Evadne, on the other hand, had found herself a patch of grass poking up through the snow and was munching happily away.

There was really no reason to stand around outside the pack boarders now that she had officially been welcomed. It would be so good to sleep in a nice warm den again. "Alright Claudius, lead the way," the dark sibling said playfully. Oce made a clicking noise with her tongue to attract the attention of the mare, who was still busy eating. The horse raised it's head, ears attentive and listening, and moved to follow her. The animal master had left too quickly that Oceane had forgot to ask about stabling Evadne for the night. Oh well, she would bring her over after she got settled and had a good, long talk with Claudius.

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:D's! But :('s to Claudius. (419)

Liliana seemed eager to depart and Claudius hoped it had not been his fault. He hadn’t considered Liliana’s feelings at first and hoped he could make it up to her later. But right now he really did have to talk to Ocèane and tell her about everything that happened. He certainly had a lot to tell her and had a few questions of his own to ask about where she had been all this time. Claudius glanced back to Liliana as she began to depart. “M-m-maybe I c-could–” he began, but stopped talking once he realized she was beginning to walk away. He watched her leave with an unhappy sigh and felt his ears droop slightly at her departure. He hoped he hadn’t been to mean to her; he had never really been mean to anyone before so he wasn’t sure if what he was doing right now would count. Could it? Maybe he would as Ocèane later.

She suggested they continue on and Claudius nodded sadly. He felt bad because of what of his actions and because of what he would have to tell his sister. He jumped slightly when Oce clicked her tongue and turned around to see her horse following them. He took a few quick steps to distance himself from the horse, not wanting to get trampled if it suddenly decided to run. Even though Ocèane said it was a gentle horse, Claudius still didn’t trust it.

“W-well,” he began, glancing back at the horse nervously. He shook his head and continued to lead Ocèane deeper into AniWaya tribelands toward his den. “I have some things to t-tell y-y-y-ou. I t-tthink Momm… Mom would have w-w-wanted to t-tell you, but s-she’s not in AniWaya a-anymore. She went to a pack in the m-mountain c-called A… Anathema.” He took a deep breath and tried to calm his nerves. He had already almost called Tayui Momma, which was too unbecoming for a two year-old wolf like himself. He coughed, embarrassed at himself, but continued. “S-she left a few w-weeks ago. It was b-because of something that happened a few m-m-monthes a-a-go.” His stutter was getting worse and he could feel his left index finger beginning to twitch. He brought his left hand up to his chest and clamped down on it with his right hand, effectively encasing it. “It’s N-n-noir, Ocèane. Noir… died.” He snuck a quick glance at his sister, but didn’t want to look too long in case she noticed him starting to cry.

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Aww, sad times are sad :(' (520)

She could see the troubled expression plainly across her brother's face, she was pretty sure he felt bad for how he acted toward Liliana, but there was something else too. She wasn't really that good at reading people, but when it came to her siblings she knew when something was up. She could tell something was troubling him and it was more than just his normal nervousness. She let out a sigh, her breath clouding the cold air, and looked ahead of them. Before them, in the distance, she could already see the village, snow having coated many surfaces. She could smell the Great fire and see it's smoke plume, still burning as it had for so long.

She was eager to start her duties again, even if she couldn't yet feed the Great Fire herself. She could gather fire wood and help out with other pack tasks. She was finally feeling like she could settle down and just concentrate on pack life. Evadne lumbered close to her side and Ocèane took the opportunity to catch the rope lead that was attached to the mare's make shift bridle she had fashioned from rope she had found. Even though she had assured Claudius that the horse was safe, she still wasn't used to settlements and it would be foolish to let her walk unguided in case something spooked her.

As she reached for the rope, Claudius spoke up. What she heard next was something she wasn't expecting at all. "Mother left?" How could she leave, this was home. This was were they were born, where they grew up. And she had left? Ocèane shook her head in disbelief, "She couldn't have left just like that... left you here," she started but her brother continued, explaining that she had left because something had happened. And what about Noir, she didn't remember him mentioning her, and come to think of it, why didn't she greet her at the borders too? All of a sudden she really wanted this conversation to stop, she wanted to childishly stick her fingers in her ears and hum a tune so that she couldn't hear what he had to say next because she knew it would be bad.

“It’s N-n-noir, Ocèane. Noir… died.” The words hit her like a wall, almost knocking the breath out of her. "Is this some kind of joke...?" she heard herself mutter in disbelief, but wasn't consciously aware of having uttered the words. Noir couldn't be dead, she was just too... too young, too innocent, too... Ocèane forced herself to stop, she felt like her head was going to explode. She was uncomfortably aware of her heart beat, the dull thudding ringing in her ears, but she knew it had broken. Her heart had broken and it was never going to heal. With her free hand she reached up to pinch the corners of her eyes, stifling tears that threatened to form, and wiping them away. She didn't look at him when she spoke next. "H-how did it happen?" her voice was too shaky, betraying how hurt she really was, but she had to know.

POSTED: Thu Jan 06, 2011 11:41 pm

Very sad times :( (475)

He couldn’t bear to look at her; every time he did gather up enough courage to sneak a glance, she had a different hurt expression. When she repeated what Claudius said about Tayui’s departure, all Claudius could do was wince and nod. He closed his eyes for a moment in an attempt to steady himself. Instead of calming him, it had the opposite effect: he went flailing after he stumbled over a root, but didn’t think he hit Oce or her horse. He caught his balance – and opened his eyes – in time to hear his sister reply. He didn’t know what to say; she had indeed left him, though not the way Ocèane thought. He and Tayui had argued over it and he had felt so betrayed, but now, he just wanted to stand up for his mother. Ocèane hadn’t been here through everything – she didn’t know what either of them had experienced and he felt it was wrong to judge her for leaving. Suddenly, he realized that he too couldn’t judge her for her decisions – not really. They had both reacted to Noir’s death differently and even though Claudius had thought she was all alright, she had apparently been shaken up enough to leave the tribe. She had left her home and Claudius.

When Ocèane posed her question, Claudius felt his throat close up a bit. He tried to choke out a response, but all he got was a weird low whine. He shook his head in response, since it hadn’t been a joke at all. It wasn’t a joke; he was serious. He supposed it was a huge shock to return home to, but Claudius wasn’t sure how long she would stick around. He also hoped he wouldn’t scare her off, either.

Claudius struggled to remember the details about Noir’s death when Ocèane asked. He didn’t want to say how it happened, but as he thought about it, everything flooded back to him. He had most definitely been repressing a lot of memories about Noir.

“She… she…” he began, but stopped. His eyes were welling up and he was shaking a little. Soon, he knew he would start twitching too. He hated it. “She was… k-k-k… k-killed. By a… wolf… n-n-n-n-amed H-h-a… Haku… S-Soul.” He paused for a moment and then added: “do you r-r-r-remember h-h-ow momma never t-t-told us the n-n-ame of our d-d-daddy? I-i… it was ‘cuz she didn’t want h-h-him to h-h-h-hurt us. And he… he… did. He hurt us. H-h-he h-h-hurt Noir.” She squeezed his eyes together, unable to look at Ocèane anymore. He couldn’t keep walking anymore. He stopped and began to wring his hands together, unable to think about what Ocèane might think of all of this. She was finally home and she had to return to this. Claudius didn’t want to be the messenger boy anymore.

POSTED: Tue Jan 11, 2011 2:47 am

yay, posted! :) Just let me know when you want to wrap it up, I don't want to slow the thread down haha (426)

She finally summoned up the courage to look at her brother, almost immediately regreting doing so. He looked just as heartbroken as she felt. She felt selfish for asking him how their sister had died. Claudius was the one who had to break the news to her and he had suffered through it while she was off on one of her adventures. Her light tipped ears flicked backward and her brow furrowed as the reality continued to sink in. Claudius began to speak again and she could tell by his increasingly bad stutter that it was even worse. She had expected that Noir had died accidently, she wasn't quite prepared for the truth.

She wanted to be strong for the both of them and didn't want to break down, but upon hearing that Noir had been murdered she came pretty close. Haku Soul? Where had she heard that name before, it sounded familiar but she wasn't sure. How could this wolf have done such a thing to Noir? She questioned when her brother paused, it was more of a question to herself than to him. If there was ever a time she would have said things couldn't get any worse than this: her sister being murdered and her mother running off and joining some other pack, she would have been wrong.

She had to listen carefully to understand him, but it finally clicked. Our father? she uttered in bewilderment, "He killed her? He killed his own daughter?" she hardly noticed her voice raising. She was speechless for a few moments. Claudius had stopped and she did to, glancing back to her brother and noticing he had his eyes closed. Evadne stopped to, pawing at the ground and wondering what all the commotion was about. Oce found herself thinking of ways she could pay back this wolf who was apparently their father, how she could hurt him the way he had hurt them, hurt Noir. She knew it was wrong to think this way, but she couldn't help it.

"I'm sorry you had to tell me all of this Claudius," she said finally, "I should have been here for you and mother, I should have been here for Noir..." She moved nearer, placing what she hoped was a comforting hand on his shoulder. "This wolf," she couldn't bear to say the name, let alone call him father, "will get what he deserves" She was unaware of the fate of this wolf, but knew that if she ever came across him she would certainly kill him, or try.

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