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Today was the day. No more worrying. No more over-thinking and driving himself mad. He had put it off long enough and made her wait for him long enough. Nayati had spent the morning making the few preparations that he needed to, which mostly involved figuring out the words that he wanted to say to her. This was going to be a bit more difficult considering that Liliana would not be familiar with the tradition methods that the tribe used in these kinds of situations, so he needed to explain it to her, but he did not wish to do so in an overly obvious way. That was the trickiest part. Finally though, he had come to a conclusion that he felt would work out okay. Besides, he was much more concerned with the end result than all of the things actually leading up to that moment. He made a quick prayer to the Spirits to help him not make an utter fool of himself before he headed out towards Liliana's home.

When he first started walking his gait was quick and purposeful, but once her hut actually came into view his steps took on a more reserved and nervous nature. Butterfly wings were incessantly tickling at the sides of his stomach and it was easy to say that this was the most nervous the Gadui Kanati had ever been about anything in his entire life. He felt like he would have been more prepared to take on a bear at this moment then go do what it was that he intended. Swallowing hard, and mustering all his courage, he finished the last few steps to her hut. "Liliana? Are you home?" he said in a focused, steady voice. Great Spirit, what if she wasn't even home right now? That would be just his luck.

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Nayati had gotten lucky, Liliana was actually taking a break, one of the few times in the day where the horses were out enjoying the warmer weather they were having, and Liliana was sitting in her hut, which still had little to no decorations, the only thing noticeable was the Dreamcatcher she made for Nayati, but she didn’t have the perfect chance to actually give it to him, so she decided to hang it up for now, on her wall, she was laying on her bed looking at the book she’d gotten from Lucia, wishing so bad she knew what the symobols on them meant. Dawali had a better writing system than this Crap. Her eyes scanned the letters in the book, trying to make some sense of what they were, what they said, what knowledge they could give to her. but alas nothing, maybe it was time for her to head to Skye and take her up on the trade finally. She had promised Lili to teach her to read. She was pondering this when she heard a voice from outside her hut. It wasn’t normal that anyone came, and though it was Nayati, she was still surprised, her heart races as she looked at the Dreamcatcher she had made for him and then out the door. She squeeked and fell off the bed, scrambling to gain her composure, and took the item off the wall, looking desperately for a place to put it.

Just a second!

She said, finally stuffing it under her cot, and hurrying to the door to let him in. Once seeing the white male’s face, she couldn’t help but give him a big grin, and though she was usually shy, she found that giving Nayati random hugs always made her feel better, so she did, giving him a kiss on the cheek, but backed away, knowing her boundries. She did remember that he had told her that he liked her but he had yet to say that he loved her. Not the way that she loved him. She had given him that space that he needed and she never tried to overstep her boundries. She offered him in, though the only spot to sit was the floor right now, or the bed, but the later thought did not sound too thoughtful… why didn’t she have a place to sit?

Come in, I’m afraid it’s not as homey as your house, I haven’t really done much.

She said… well she spent most of her time in the stables, her hut was basically a place she slept. Her home was all of aniwaya. She didn’t care much for the lack of decorations as she did for a lack of furniture.

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The first few seconds there was no response to his question, but then he heard some surprised and rushed noises coming from inside the hut. This made Nayati's head cock to the side a little as Liliana asked him to wait a moment and he heard scraping and scuffling. What had he interrupted her doing, he wandered? There wasn't much time to wander about it though as quickly she came and opened the entrance to her humble little abode. The smile she gave him seemed to make all his nerves and jitters melt away, at least for the moment. Liliana gave him a quick hug, and he returned it. The little kiss to his cheek made a rosy color come to the man's cheeks beneath his ivory fur. He really was flustered inside, even if he was doing a good job of keeping a clam demeanor on the outside.

The Utina chuckled softly at her apology. She thought his hut was homey? It really was not that much more decorated than her own. She even had a cot where he just had a pile of furs that he used for a bed and the only "seating" he had were some rugs on the ground that he had brought with him from the Great Tribe. "You do not need to apologize. I do not require anything fancy, you should know this by now," he said, reassuring her with a little jest. The Gadui Kanati was a simple man and did not need anything extravagant. He likely would not know what to do with any superfluous. Showing he had no issue, he took a seat on the floor, folding his legs Indian style beneath him. "I hope I did not interrupt anything." She had sounded a bit flustered at his sudden, unexpected arrival. "How is the fellow tribe Master doing?" he asked with a smirk. Liliana had been named the Nadie Tadita only a few days before, and he was very proud of her.

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Liliana was so happy to see Nayati, even though he did come unexpectedly, and scared her of her surprise, but it seemed things were well in hand now. She would give him his surprise later, but today was not that day. She was sure of it. She seated next to him, smiling at his little jest, he was correct, though she still thought that he had done well with his own home.

Oh no you didn’t really, I was trying to decipher a book, I was promised reading lessons, as a trade, and thought I would try for a head start…

She showed him the book that she had received as a gift from another friend. It was old, and she couldn’t remember exactly what it was about, which is the reason she really wanted to learn to read so she could see what it really said. She wasn’t going to ask Nayati though, she wanted to find out for herself. Then she put the book back on her cot, blushing a little, at his comment. She was still proud of herself for her accomplishment, being the second master, and the first one of her own profession.

I am well thank you, and you, Gadui Kanati?

She asked turning it around on him with a big smile on her face, she seriously doubted this was what he came for, though a congratulations, but he rarely visited her here… then again she was normally in the stables, working. So she was unsure of the pleasant surprise.

What brings you here in my humble presence?

She asked a little playfully, smiling at the man she loved. She looked him in the eyes for a second, though she looked down again, when she looked at him she could see everything she wanted, and yet still could not reach, though they were courting, that was all they were doing and she had to remind herself that he would either come to and share her love or … soon find out he couldn’t love her the way she did… if that happened… her heart seemed to squeeze inside her chest, was this what it was all about? Was he here to tell her that he didn’t think it could work out? That thought lingered in her head like a little monster ready to rip out her heart.

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Ah, so it seemed that he had caught her while she was deep in thought, that would explain her surprise. Mostly he was happy that he hadn't barged in on her at some inconvenient time. It had taken a lot of work to muster up the courage to come here with the intentions that he had and to get all worked up for it and then not be able to go through with it...well, it would not have been good. He looked at the book she showed him, but he could not have told her anything about it even if he wanted to. "I see. I do not know how to read either. Books were not really common in the tribe. Stories and knowledge get passed down more through the telling than writing them down." It was not to say that he thought poorly of books or her desire to learn to read, it was just not anything that he was familiar with or used to.

It didn't surprise him that she turned the tables on him and mentioned his own rank. It was certainly not the way he would have normally addressed her, nor the way he would wish her to address him. Nayati was proud of her though, and did not want her to think that he overlooked her great accomplishment. Of course he had been there for her ceremony, but they hadn't had the chance to speak privately to one another about it. "I am good, though winter can be a frustrating time for a hunter." Even though the statement was true, he hoped that it might help explain any oddness about him that she might pick up on while he moved to his true purpose of coming here today.

The man smiled at her playful words. To him, there was nothing humble about her presence. "Well, I was thinking perhaps I could share a bit more about my family with you. Particularly about my mother and father." Nayati was trying to make the transition as smooth as possible, but it was going to be a little abrupt no matter what he did.

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She shook her head understanding his words, stories and memories were how she had worked all her life too, though now she was thinking she wanted a little more, to understand these little odd symbols and see what they said, there were so many words, and that the book had been given to her as a present she felt bad that she couldn’t enjoy it fully. But that was aside now, as he explained that it was hard for a hunter at this time of yar, and she felt bad, she knew that game was rare these days, many had migrated, others were searching for food for themselves, moving out of the areas that had once been so lush. She could understand his concern as well, stores didn’t last forever, though neither did the winter. She liked fresh meat over older meat in any case, so when he did get a good kill and they had such a meal, it was always good. She hunted herself, though smaller game, she’d tried the larger wapiti, but it had failed miserably.

I see, well in a few months spring will come, with that, new life, and the animals will come back.

She said reassuringly to Nayati, though he did not need to be told this of course. Her ears pricked up more at his statement, forgetting how particularly odd it was for him to suggest it. She was more in tune to the fact she was going to get to know his parents more.

Oh? Please tell! I would love to hear it.

Her tail wagged a little in anticipation, she’d heard a bit about his family, though he had not told her a whole lot, so getting to know more about his past, was fascinating to her. the little monster hid itself away as she happily relaxed. It was not yet time for that, and that made Liliana feel very happy.

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Nayati could not say he held the same interest in the old human tomes. They likely did have interesting stories and other such things, but the man was content with learning things the way he had always learned them: by hearing, seeing, and doing. It was admirable of Liliana to want to learn to read those odd characters, but he would leave such a task to her, for it simply was not for him. Winter was a rough time for all, not just hunter or wolves in general. It was harder for all life to survive and get the sustenance it needed to keep going. It was just especially frustrating and worrying for Nayati. He had been made the Master Hunter in the harshest season and even though their stores were well stocked, he could not help but be concerned on keeping things that way. Game had been especially scarce lately and there was not much that he was able to bring back to the village. The man smiled as Liliana gave him that small ray of hope though. "You are right. Hopefully spring will chase winter away sooner rather than later."

Surprisingly though, keeping he tribe well-fed was not the most nerve-wracking or pressing thing upon the Gadui Kanati's mind currently. It was a bit selfish of him to be more worried about what he was, but hopefully after today that worry would be resolved one way or another. Nayati only hoped that it would be resolved in the way that he wanted it to be. It was an odd suggestion he had made, he knew, but it was a relief to see Liliana excited and eager to hear more about his family. Some of the roiling feeling in his chest subsided and he cleared his throat a big, the rehearsed words popping up to the front of his mind. "This is about before I was born, but my parents have told me the story. It is about how they became mates." Nayati tried to keep as nonchalant as he could about the topic, hoping he would not give anything away too quickly.

"My father says that he knew that he wanted to be with my mother from the moment he saw her. He always told me that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and that he knew he could love no one else like he could love her. He began making his overtures to her and luckily for him she was open to his advances. At the time he was not very far advanced in the scouting path, but she was not so concerned about his standing. She found him handsome and smart, and funny as well." Ohitekah Utina was no jokester, but apparently he had thought making a bit of a fool of himself would win Talulah's affection. "There were some other men trying to court my mother, but eventually she chose to focus more on my father than her other suitors. They did not court for too long before my father decided to propose mateship to her in the traditional way. He had to take down a deer and bring some of the meat to my mother's home."

"My mother could have done one of two things: she could have left the meat untouched, which meant that she did not wish to be his mate, or she could take the meat, cook it, and offer it back to him, which would signal her acceptance of his proposal. Thankfully for my father, my mother was just as in love with him and she quickly cooked the meat and brought it back to him," he said smiling. "Soon after that they went through the mateship ceremony before the tribe. My mother brought the traditional ear of corn to show that she could provide bread, and my father brought another piece of deer to show that he could provide meat. The ceremony was conducted, my mother decided to take my father's name, and then a large feast and celebration was held for them. That was how they became mates."

Nayati paused for a moment so that Liliana could absorb the story, but he did not wait too long before he took a gentle hold on one of her hands. "I am going to leave, but in a moment, I want you to check outside." He gave her hand a little squeeze before he stood up and exited her hut. Once outside he moved quickly and found the deer that he had tracked down and killed that morning. Onawa was there, guarding it as he had asked her to. Taking his hunting knife, he quickly cut some of the meat away and rushed back to deposit it upon Liliana's doorstep. Nayati then took some steps back and waited, his heart beating so hard it was almost painful, his stomach a whirlwind inside of him.

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Liliana listened, getting into his story, about how his parents had become mates, it was an intriguing story and she was so wrapped up in it, his parents loved each other so much, and soon was mentally comparing their love to her’s and Nayati’s at least at the beginning. Though he was not the one to love her first, and she didn’t love him on first sight, they seemed to grow together, just as the two of his parents had done. She listened as he spoke about the ritual, the whole story taking her breath away, though when he was done, he told her to stay there, and leave, now she could tell something was off and she gave him a quizzical look, though he was already out of her hut, she wanted to go after him, but instead she waited as he had asked… was this some kind of game? Taking a deep breath, unsure if she wanted to look outside, she let herself do it. The scene was strange, yet… the story was still just fresh in her mind from his telling, and there sat Nayati, with meat at her doorstep, and there he was sitting staring at her. Liliana was at loss for words, her heart seemed to be seized by the little monster, was he… what was? Her mind was all in jumbles as she stared, open mouthed, unable to utter a single word.

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She emerged from her hut and his breath caught in his throat. It was so, so hard to wait, but he did. He waited for her to see the deer meat, and to see him. Liliana only stared at him, seemingly confused or in shock or something. He supposed he could not blame her for that; this was not anything they had actually discussed. After a few moments Nayati stepped forward a little, worried if the silence stretched on any longer panic might set in. "Liliana...I love you." The admission hung in the air. This was the first time he had said those words to her, but they were true, and he meant them with all he had. "I...I am sorry that I took so long." His pale blue eyes searched her face, unsure of what to make of her reaction. "I do not want you to feel pressured, and I do not want you to accept unless it is what you want, but...but I hope that it is what you want," he finished by mustering a nervous smile.

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Nayati spoke, and it was as though the monster gave a sudden release and hot blood went throughout her whole body. He said the words… the words that she’d longed to hear. She could feel her eyes water, but she refused to let a tear come out, she was in no way sad. This … this was the happiest moment of her life… even more so than the Master ceremony… this was what she wanted for so long. She said nothing though, thinking on the story, she had to cook the meat to accept his offer, she took the meat up, feeling that she didn’t have to say anything, it was as though she was another wolf right now, doing something she was meant to do. Something that she felt she should. She held up a finger for him, and took it back into her hut where her fire was. She had few things to cook with, especially in her empty hut, but she found a way to set the meat in the fire but not all the way in so that it would burn. The whole process took longer than she wanted, but she knew that she wanted to do this right. Though she didn’t know entirely what she was doing, she felt that it had cooked long enough, and then pulled it out, steaming, making her nearly drop it, but she held onto it and left her hut, kneeling over to him, she lay the cooked meat in front of him.

Nayati… it was the only thing I’ve ever wanted.

Was all she could say, smiling at him. This was the happiest she could ever be, and she knew it. Nothing could ever even top this moment right here. She wanted it to be in her memory, her heart for all eternity.

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As he finally said the words that she had deserved to hear for so long, he could see the relief wash over her form and how the moisture collected in her golden brown eyes. Nayati's smile became more genuine, less nervous, more easily able to read her feelings now. Though he was still waiting for Lili to do, or say, something. It seemed that she had remembered the story he had just told her though, and he held his breath as she leaned down to pick up the meat that he had set before her home. When she turned to go back inside the hunter released the air in his lungs slowly. She had taken it. She had gone back inside to cook it. Suddenly his legs felt as if they were made of water and he had to lean forward and hold onto his knees to keep from falling over. All his worries, his concerns, were proving to be nothing but figments of his imagination. Nayati was so relieved, but mostly, he was so, so happy.

He stood outside for some time, knowing that meat didn't cook in a matter of seconds. Still, it was hard to stand still out there by himself. He wanted to run inside and kiss her, but that would not be proper. Silly as it may have seemed to some, this tradition was important to the Utina and he wanted to follow it. The sound of movement reached his perked ears and he watched eagerly as Liliana emerged from her hut again with the steaming piece of deer meat that she now laid before him. When she spoke his smile bloomed in full and he knelt down to be on her level, his hands reaching out to take hers. "I love you Lili, and I will for the rest of our lives." Carefully he leaned forward. He wished to kiss her, but his movements were cautious, not wanting to do so unless she wanted it too. The proposal had been made and accepted, but they had yet to officially be recognized as mates. They would have to wait to complete the ceremony for that.

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The words that came out of Nayati’s mouth felt like a dream to Liliana. She felt that she was in a dream, though she lightly tugged at her own fur, feeling the slight pinch, it was still so hard to believe.

Oh Nayati I love you too, I’m just… I’m so very happy.

She said, she wanted to tell him, show him in some way how happy he had made her feel but it seemed that there was no way. He took her hands in his and she saw him reach his muzzle to hers, waiting for her. she remembered their first kiss, the one she stole from him that night, the night that she thought that he would hate her forever, and now here they were together. She moved her mouth to his feeling the sensation, and not sure how it started nor where it ended, and she didn’t care. It felt good.

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SoSuWriMo 265

It felt so good to hear her say that she loved him. Even though she had told him before and he already knew that she did. Before, he had not been prepared for it. He had only just realized that his feelings for her went beyond that of a friend and he had been unable to reciprocate such deep and strong emotions. Now he could though. It felt good to tell her, he was so glad that he could finally return those words to her. Now that he heard them for himself again, now he truly understood. All he wanted to do was to make her happy and now he finally had and he would make sure to keep her happy.

Just as the first time she had told him that she loved him, their first kiss he had not been prepared for either. That one had taken him by complete surprise and it had happened so quickly that he had barely had time to process it at all and then Liliana had been gone from his hut. This time Nayati was ready for it and when their lips touched he felt a shock pulse through him down to his very core. His heart seemed to beat double-time and the whole experience and sensation of it was just breathtaking.

After a few moments he pulled away, his lungs needing air, and his eyes needing to see her lovely face again. He stared into her eyes and his large smile returned. Nayati could find no more words. This moment in time was, in a word, perfect.

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