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Today was the day. After Nayati had returned from his cleansing camp by Adagio Creek he had grabbed his bow and arrow and gone to track down a deer. He had seen the tracks of a lone animal on his way back to the village, which he took as a good omen and blessing from the Spirits on this day. It did not take long for the Master Hunter to find his quarry and to bring it down. It had been a young buck that had become injured somehow and separated from its fellows. Nayati killed it clean and quick and brought it back to the village. He cleaned his kill and carved a special chunk of it out, wrapping it in cured leather to carry with him. He headed back to his hut and cleaned himself up, wanting to look his best for Liliana on this special day.

When he arrived at the town hall Dawali was already there in his ceremonial garb. He greeted his friend warmly, excitement swelling in his chest for what was to come. Nayati had worried that he might begin to get nervous as the time approached, but there was no such feelings in him. All there was was a calm readiness. Readiness to start his life anew with the woman he loved. The Utina wore nothing out of the ordinary, for really had had nothing out of the ordinary to wear. He stood tall and proud, the mark of his mastery blazoned brightly across his chest. The white of his pelt was pristine with no dirt or blood or any other substance marring its shine. The leather wrapped hunk of deer meat was held carefully in his hands as his pale blue gaze watched the entrance for Liliana, hope in his eyes. The man knew that his love would be here soon.

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She had made it home on time, there was plenty of time, but she did not present herself to her mate. She needed to clean up first, to get ready for this day, the day that she would take the Utina’s name, and be a member of his family, to start a family of their own together. On her way back from Dahlia, which had been quite enlightening if not for her friendship with Naryu but that she was ready for this, so much she had not stayed out of AniWaya for too long. She did not go looking for her mate to be when she entered the lands, instead she found herself a place to wash up, somewhere secluded, only a few other’s knew about it she was sure of that, but it was clean and a great place for her to clean herself.

It took quite some time for her to actually groom herself, her fur taking after her dog side. It was long, but because of that, she was able to braid some of it, for a small pattern, one that would make her look nice, at least she thought that. She even adorned feather’s she’d found, most of them had been geese feathers, the light brown down was woven into a little necklace. It was only temporary, but it beat nothing. The hair on her head was left down, in a wavy sort of way, it was nothing too special, but she kept the red feathers of the cardinal she had found many months ago. Looking at the dreamcatcher she smiled. It was a perfect present for him, though she didn’t know if she was suppose to present a gift to her mate, she thought it would help as a good omen for the both of them.

Thanking Ralla inside, she carefully wrapped it up in a clean cloth, so that she could present it to him when the time came. She took that and the corn she was also to present to him it was one of the ears she’d harvested herself earlier that year, so hopefully it would still count. Today her life was about to change. She sighed, a happy sigh as she reached the town hall. She was going in a Vess, and coming out an Utina, if everything came out the way she wanted it to. Entering, she saw that there were others but she was all eyes for Nayati, he was handsome as ever, his fur so pristine, and near him was Dawali, the one who would be doing the whole ceremony, she smiled her eyes bright looking at the blue of Nayati’s ready to tie a bond in front of the whole pack, to show that she was his, and his alone.

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I'm powerplaying, as you knew(?) I would. Doing the entire ceremony in one post, sort of, so you guys can get on with it without having to wait for me. Sorry for the long read - I hope you enjoy it!
I found some nice sites about various marriage traditions, and am picking the cutest ones. Will write one up for the site later, but I hope you like!

He wasn't entirely certain how to stand up straight. It was a strange feeling that struck him every time he took on this role of Chief in public. Sure, he was always the Chief, but not ceremoniously. He preferred a casual leader style as long as he could, and was used to the tribesmembers seeing him that way, as well. Suddenly he was extremely aware of his body language and pose, feeling every little movement and concluding that he probably looked stupid. Opening his mouth, the ceremoniously dressed male took a breath of air to calm himself, and Nayati entered. They had arranged the seating for quite a few visitors, and Dawali had been stressing out and pacing his hut for the past three days, fretting over the state of his ceremonial dress and minor details. In reality, he was not the one that needed to fret at all, since he was not the one going through a life-changing experience. But somehow he felt immensely important, and somehow he regretted that he had never claimed the Master Medic title. So modest, the old male, that he failed to realize that his work in that field had long since exceeded the requirements of a Master's mark. Had he claimed it, however, he could have worn a dress that was more appropriate for the situation, though Nayati and Sanuye were the only ones that would know that. Besides, Nayati wore nothing special, so why fuss? Still, it was very strange.

The male fussed but eventually settled as Liliana approached. It was plain to the red wolf that she had put much time into her appearance, as had Nayati; they both shone, and with an extra glow not explainable by their pelts, either. The two smiled, and Dawali waited until they lined up facing each other in front of him. They had both brought their ceremonial gifts, but this was not what he addressed first. Glancing at the both of them, Dawali removed a cloth covering a wooden tray on the pedestal between them, that held clean and fresh river water. He had gotten it only moments before he stood fussing and waited for their arrival, and it smelled of freshness and spring. "You will wash your hands three times each and the seventh time together, cleansing yourselves of evils and the memories of previous love.". Waiting as the couple washed their hands, the Chief said nothing, but glanced curiously at the spectators. It was strange to be a part of something, and then stand waiting. Once finished, the Chief covered the tray again with the cloth and proceeded. "You have brought gifts for each other as a promise for your life to come." His gaze was directed at Nayati. "Nayati Utina, you have brought your bride flesh that proves you can provide meat for your family." The Chief waited as the gift was given, then turning his gaze to Liliana. "Liliana Utina, you have brought your groom an ear of corn that proves you can provide bread for your family." It was strange to speak her name with Nayati's family name, though it fit. It all fit. He waited again - the exchanges did not take much time but the weight of it all, the impact of the ceremony, made everything longer and better. The Chief brought their hands together and produced a braid from the stand - it was in three colors; the white from Nayati's mane, the darkness of Liliana's pelt, and one red for their love. Tying it around their wrists, Dawali locked them together, using a stone to fasten it at the top of their joined hands. "This stone is the strength of your bond. It rests on top of your hands and holds you together." Finally, Dawali placed his own hands around theirs and recited the only real prayer he could remember from the wedding prayers. He mostly only remembered the ceremonies themselves, and not necessarily the words. This one, however, had stuck.

Now you will feel no rain
for each of you will be shelter for the other
Now there is no loneliness
Now you are two persons
but there is only one life before you
Go now to your dwelling to enter into the days of your life together
and may your days be good and long upon the earth

Releasing them, it was their turn to exit the town hall and approach the Great Fire to whisper to it their own prayers, personal vows and other thoughts - secret to all but the couple themselves. Standing by, Dawali simply smiled at them, finding nothing but joy in his heart. He could see, easily, that theirs was a future that was bright and strong. Whispering to himself, he quietly mouthed at their exiting backs. Wakan Tankan Nici Un.

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Even though as he stood there and felt calm, he could see Dawali constantly shifting and could feel the nerves from the elder male. This seemed so amusing to the Gadui Kanait. Here he was, about to go through the mateship ceremony and he was still as a peaceful lake, while the Chief was fidgeting like someone who was about to walk over a bed of hot coals. Nayati smiled to his friend, unable to help the soft chuckle that came to his throat. "Relax, Kalona," he said very softly, so only Dawali would hear. He had no reason to be nervous. No matter what things he said or did during the ceremony, Nayati knew that it would be perfect. It was so much more special that the man conducting the ceremony was one that he knew and was so close to. That was truly what mattered to the Utina.

Then he heard movement at the entrance to the hall and he turned and his breath was instantly taken from him. His eyes connected with Liliana's and the brightest smile he had ever shown bloomed on his face. This was how it was meant to be. Was this the reason Onawa had encouraged him to come here? Had she known? He would not have been surprised if this were the case. Right now though, the only thing in the world that was important was her, and the vows they were about to exchange with one another. Nayati watched as she walked towards him and Dawali and finally came to stand opposite him, facing him. The hunter got lost in her eyes for a moment before the Kalona's voice brought him back to reality. A tray of river water was revealed to them and Nayati followed the instructions, washing his hands three times before he and Liliana washed their hands together, their fingers touching in the cool, clean water. Then it was time for the exchange of the traditional gifts. His was given first, and he handed the wrapped deer meat over to Liliana, and then in turn accepted the ear of corn from her. For the first time Liliana's name was heard with his family name at the end and it gave him a slight chill that was followed by a deep warmth in his bones.

Next a braided cord was produced that held elements of each of them and of the love they shared. Dawali bound their hands together with it and Nayati gently squeezed Lili's hand as the Chief spoke of the stone at the top of the binding and what it meant. Finally, the Amara clasped his own hands around their joined ones and recited one of the prayers. The whole time he watched Liliana, feeling closer to her with every moment that ticked by, as if he could feel the ceremony sewing their lives together. Dawali released their hands and Nayati turned to walk out of the Town Hall to the Great Fire with her. With his mate. The air was cold, but he could not feel its chill. Together they stood by the leaping flames and exchanged their own vows quietly, so only they and the Spirits could hear. Once they had finished, he leaned in to give her a soft, quick kiss before they returned to the hall.

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This all seemed like a dream to Liliana. Like she was in somebody else’s body taking the ritual that would bind the two together, but she wasn’t someone else. She was the same Liliana. She listened as Dawali started the Ceremony, she knew this was her as she could see her dark hands as they were washed three times in the basin; Then again together. Feeling the cold water and the touch of her now mate was extrodinarily surreal, but it was happening. Dawali started again, this time with the gift exchange. First the meat came to her, Nayati’s name warmed her heart and so did the gift, knowing full well she had the perfect man to provide such a feet. Then her name was called, but not in the sense she was use to. her last name had been switched, as was planned, to match that of her mate’s and it gave her two feelings one of loss, the only thing of her parent’s legacy was now gone… and elation, for now she knew where she stood and so would everyone else. She was happy that Dawali was doing this ceremony and not someone she didn’t know, especially as he had them put their hands together, and showed them the bond they now had. She doubted she would let a stranger touch her, though for this it would have been an exeption, but she was glad she would never have to find out. She listened as he spoke. The words burned in her mind. Releasing their hands and letting them leave to the great fire, Liliana looked at the faces of the wolves that came to watch but the only one that really mattered now was her mate as this was their shining. They stood by the fire exchanging their own vows and she wasn’t sure if it was a good time, but she took it as a good time to give Nayati his gift. Still wrapped she handed it to him. Letting him know it was just for him, and she’d made it, but if he wanted he could unwrap it later. Then she followed him in, her mouth tingling from his light, loving kiss.

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Ralla could've kicked herself.

Running at breakneck speed in her lupus form, yelling at herself in her head--Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid!--she sprinted back south to AniWaya. After she had left the lodge early that morning to do shopping around the Cercatori pack, she had returned to check on Sugar. The horse was fine, munching away at some hay, and while Ralla had begun to saddle him up for their continuation of their journey. But casually, as if it were something he himself didn't understand and so wanted to ask Ralla, the quarter horse had leaned his head to her side and said; What bondship ceremony? Confused by the sudden question, Ralla answered and then was rewarded by news that had made her eyes bug out in harsh surprise.

Liliana and Nayati!

Being the way she was, Ralla took ceremonies very, very seriously, especially ones such as bondship and prayer. And it was Liliana's...! She had rushed into Noss's room early that morning and told him to allow Sugar to lead him back to AniWaya, where they would meet and continue on their journey. He argued that it would set them back, but Ralla didn't care. She couldn't miss the first bondship ceremony of her being in AniWaya, much less Liliana's. Sure, she didn't know Liliana as well as she would've liked, but she did like the wolfess; believed in her, trusted her. After squaring Noss away with Sugar, she had taken off as fast as she could, hoping that she would not miss the event. It had been a little after dawn when Ralla left, and a part of her hoped that maybe the ceremony wasn't going to take place until she could get there. Two hours--that's all she needed!--of straight, hard running. She could handle it; her body was built for speed.

And she made it, if not a little later than she wished.

Panting outside of the Town Hall, she gave herself a moment to compose her breath before shifting into her optime form, absentmindedly brushing her fur down to presentable. Silently she entered through the door, eyes immediatly transfixed on the ceremony before her. Liliana was beautiful, as any wolfess was on their bonding day. And it wasn't just her attire; it was the aura of happiness she radiated. Liliana was clearly under the sign of Leo, although she took after Leo's second ruling half, whereas Noss took after the first. She was encouraging, loyal, and kind; these basic three qualities shined in her the most. Ralla had born witness to the dual side to Liliana's Leo--as all signs had their faults, including Ralla's own--but Liliana obviously had good control of those characteristics, and Nayati had seen them fully in her. She could already see the match in them; one of fun and adoring days to come. Of course there was the chance of set-backs, but all situations had them. And for now, on their bonding day, those thoughts were unnecessary.

She watched as Chief Dawali finished speaking their rights--Ralla having come in midway through his words--and did not clap, but instead smiled brightly, watching them walk from the Town Hall and to the Great Fire. She did not follow, as she assumed was impolite as no one else did, and instead waited for their return. Once they eventually did, they were now the Utinas. Ralla walked slowly to them, wanting to congratulate them but also wary of whether it was proper for her to be the first to approach. She gathered her courage and finally walked up to Liliana, a smile for her friend and tribe mate glowing. "You look beautiful, Liliana. Congratulations." She would've given the hybrid a hug, but she thought that inappropriate, seeing as she was Nayati's exclusively for the day. She then turned her head to the white warrior, still smiling. "Nihi wili agisdi agesesdodi vhnai viglv?" Saying 'sister' was both appropriate and forced; everyone in the tribe was like family to Ralla, but she also had no word for 'friend' in the AniWayan language. She also had decided to ask him the question in the native tongue, because it meant something special; it was a promise to himself. And although Ralla would never know their vows that they had entrusted with the Great Fire, she could pray for their happiness with its burning heart.

-Translation- Nihi wili agisdi agesesdodi vhnai viglv: Will you take care of my sister?

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