The Black Parade

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Table by Nuki! /// By the way, can we make the date on the thread the 8th, which is tomorrow? c: It just means that the time in this thread is dated on the 8th instead of the 7th. sswm: 612

The sun was as deep and golden as rich honey as it started to sink down into the cozy bed of the horizon, its light fading onto the other side of the Earth. The snow that covered the flat, grassy plains glisten as the rays of the light bounced off of the icy mush, making it as if sparkles were sprinkled on the white-top. Even the stars were making an early appearance, with the moon not too far behind either. But, with the setting sun, not only a moment of natural beauty came, but the coldness haunted the air thickly now, allowing no heat to be sprung in its bitter grip of winds and gray clouds. Despite the approaching night, a creature was still out and about instead of preparing to snuggle into a warm nest.

A rather large figure of a coyote bounded down the edges of Inferni territory, unusual thick fur for its species adorning its size in sleek fuzziness. For it ridiculous size for a coyote, anyone would assume it was a Luperci in its Secui body, for it was larger than the old, feral Lupus form but lacking the bipedal shape of Optime, stuck in-between, which was why it was also called a halfling. Even with its tall proportions and all that thick fur, it seemed too curvy to be a male, and it was obviously a woman. Her name was Alyssum de Fonte, Hastati of Inferni. She had joined these lands about two months ago, and she had become so accustomed to her pack's way of life and attitude, that she had no doubt that this was her home know, and will stay like that for many, many months to come.

Alyssum never did use her Secui form, mainly because it gently reminded her of when she was forced to stay in Lupus form in her old life, and avoided it, even when she first shifted to Optime. But, she was becoming to favor this shape, though it would never knock off the bipedal form from the top of all three. The easy energy that followed through her now lean muscles, from being trained, to her long legs to her paws, it seemed endless. It had more power to use than Lupus, and even Optime couldn't beat Secui if it came to a race; when one in the bipedal form would be slowed down with all its weight on only two legs, the strong Secui wouldn't shed a sweat. She also liked this form because of its thick fur. It seemed that her wolf blood became more apparent, which her coat thicker, which protected herself from the cold far more than Lupus fur would. Indeed, she could see how one could come to prefer Secui above all others.

Though she didn't feel tired, going at a nice jogging pace, she slowed down, her nose directed at the upcoming winds from neutral territory. Whenever she wasn't training, she liked to move around the southeast borders of Inferni, since the walk around her home's length was relaxing and help her review what she practiced that day. Alyssum smelled nothing out of the norm when she detected no canine scent coming from that part of the unclaimed lands, and continued down the borderline, heading towards the direction of Hades Beach. Though the water would seem too cold to swim it, it was a familiar path towards the caves were she slept.

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The large, brawny brute loped through the neutral territories submissively. He didn't care. That was his way of life. Get in trouble, start a fight, win the fight, walk away with his head held high, with perhaps a few begrudged battle-wounds to accompany his new success-story. Toklo sauntered aimlessly through the dense woods, occasionally breaking out into the open. But, here, obscured by the trees and bushes, he felt safest. So, that's mainly where he travelled. Unheard and unseen. Swift and silent as a panther in the night, striking where ever and when ever he desired. He did what ever he pleased, breaking the rules, tresspassing. He usually never harmed anyone in their own territory....but sometimes, he got those urges, and wolf has got to do what a wolf has got to do. Toklo smirked haughtily as he galloped through the forest at a brist stride. His gait usually never slowed. He always ran. Once, long ago, when good times were still believed in for him, his beloved mate had asked him, "What are you running ever-so vigorously from, dear?" Toklo merely replied with a warm, pleasant, loving smile "I am not running from anything, but rather, to something. A better life, I suppose." The urge to run, towards his hopes, had intensified after his mate's tragic death. Now, he rarely ceased running.

Toklo hadn't realized it, but he had slowed down and was now walking at a slow gait. A small, warm, wet substance trickled down his muzzle and ran into his mouth. He tasted salt. The hot tear angered him. He wasn't supposed to cry. He was supposed to be strong. Toklo grimaced and lengthened his steps. The large, masculine animal sprinted through the land, shredding the grass in his wake, tearing up the bushes and vines in his way. Hot tears of anger burned in his eyes. His ears rang loudly, giving him a headache. Toklo snarled loudly and shifted mid-stride. He was tired of Lupus form. It was too....vulnerable. In his Secui form, his speed increased dangerously. He dodged the trees flying at him left and right, but he was prone to hit one sooner or later, so he averted his direction and headed out of the trees. The last thing he needed right now was to be slowed down by some stupid, worthless little tree.

Toklo's blue eyes scanned the scenery around him, hardly taking note of what he saw, his self-inflicted chagrin eating at him, driving him. The only thing he watched for was the presence of others. Nothing else held danger to him. The annoyance and antogonism was directed at his own being he supposed, but yet, he carried on being angry, running out of spite for himself. His nares worked over-time, trying to protect him from accidently wandering into another territory. That would be another unwanted problem. That would just add to his anger. He didn't need that right now. He knew he should stop running- or at least slow down. But, of course, he didn't. He couldn't. He worked in vain to pick up another scent of a pack before he wandered into their territory.

Too late. It was done. He smelled them after he had entered the land. If he left, they would track him down. Looks like he would have to fight....

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Table by Nuki! /// Its okay, and everyone has different writing styles for their characters. :D Btw, whenever they start to fight, don't make it too detailed (ex. blood and guts flying everywhere)since I didn't put a mature warning for violence. :3 sswm: 431

The open white fields were eerily quiet as the golden sun sank deeper, and Alyssum was curious as to why. Usually, she would see the tip of a rabbit's long ears or perhaps the scurrying tail of a mouse, searching for food before it got colder at night. But, the purity of the snow-ridden field lack life besides her own. Her large paws that carried her heavy weight crunched loudly as they pushed against the icy mush. Though only in the back in her mind did she feel concern with what noise she made. The only thing she was loosely focusing on was the power that surge in her body when she took another powerful stride; besides, she was in her home. Why should she feel nervous?

But, her comfortability was suddenly challenged. A scent that was in stark contrast of the ashy and warmly burnt odors of Inferni wavered to her nose. It was a male canine, which smelt of no pack, which confused Alyssum. She had no idea that loners infested Nova Scotia, not just the packs and the people who seek to join their ranks. Not soon after the golden brown she-coyote scented the wolf, a figure in the distance barreled out of the trees. He ran right across the small stretch of neutral territory and carelessly dashed onto her's. At first, Alyssum was shocked that the rogue creature suddenly busted from no where. But, then she got over her surprise, and a taunt, sour expression crossed her face, her muzzle pulling over her white teeth in the start of a snarl.

Whoever this person was, he was going to have to go. She bounded with more speed than before, but stopped when she was about fifteen feet away, her tail raised over her back with anger. The hybrid then growled rather dryly to the intruder,"Leave, now." She had no idea who this wolf was, charging blindly past the skull-covered trees splashed with bold paint; someone had to be in a deep trace of some sort not to be warded off by that. Nonetheless, Alyssum was tensed, her muscles clenching with uneasiness. Though she had be training for a month, she had yet face a real opponent, but she did not doubt her own power, especially when Inferni could somehow be in trouble.

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Toklo's anger had taken him too far. He scented another wolf - and close. To top it all off, he was in the wolves territory, unauthorized. He knew of this pack. They did not take lightly to unannounced presences. In fact, he'd heard many-a-story of wolves coming here and never returning...and it wasn't because they had joined the pack. Toklo warily slowed down, wishing he could take back his last few steps. Wishing he were invisible. Now he'd done it. He was really in for it. He could smell the wolf coming for him; running. It wasn't over though. He wouldn't go down like that. He was going to fight. With all he had. 'Till the end. He smiled haughtily, waving away the pain, supressing the anger, at least until later. That could wait. For now, he had to focus on getting out of here alive. Not that he had to worry too much about that part. He would get out alive; he always did.

By the smell of it, the wolf approaching him was a fae. This boosted his confidence. They were often easier to overpower. Not neccisarily because of lack of strength, but usually because of size. He just had to get his teeth around them, and then he was on his way. He had plenty of scars, and he wasn't scared to get another today. He took up a confident pose. Arrogant. Unafraid. They hated that. Not unprepared - deffinately not. But...uncaring, or as if he was waiting for them to fight, but that was the funny part; he was waiting for her to get there. He snickered under his breathe. He wasn't violent - not really. But, he always enjoyed a fair fight. When the female approached, he knew this fight was going to be as easy of a win. But he would manage. He didn't know though, if there were two, he could get seriously hurt. He shrugged. He would take a gamble. He smiled at her sofly, eyeing her figure. She didn't appear too bulky, but she was a quick one. She pulled up not but 10 feet from him, a perfect distance for him to lunge and end this now. But, of course, he didn't. He winked at her, hoping to aggrivate her a bit. He kept his cool, though. He stayed where he was, waiting for her to say something. And she did.

"Why should I, young lady? Hm," He asked her, raising an eyebrow. "And if I don't want to, what are you going to do about it?" He asked, playing the big-bad-boy part. Smooth. He watched her anger. Her tail was lifted in a subtle show of dominance. He would show her who was dominant. He watched her, showing no hint of wariness or fear. He leaned his side against a tree next to him, his eyes following her movement. He shoved himself off the tree, and began to slowly walk around her, never taking his eyes off her. He made it all the way around - one circle, before he started talking. He always used a different tactic. This time, he decided to play with her a bit. "So, what's the little doggy gunna do about it?" He asked, referring to her as the "Little Doggy". He grinned and then slowed down and leaned up against his tree again, arrogant. He imitated a yawn, as if bored, eyeing her, waiting to see how she would react. "Little Doggy thinks she's so tough because she's in a pack," He sneered, taking it a bit further, seeing how long it would take her to snap.

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