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Thread number three in the creation of a new pack, and this is the spot where they will in the end of the thread claim Territory #2: Overgrowth Sunrise and a small part of its sub-territory. There's no posting order whatsoever, so just get your butt in here.

I'll be waiting here to meet you

The two ivory females had walked for several days, but Colibri was very happy with the results. What lied in front of them was rich overgrown fields, together with the sea far ahead, the promise of rabbits and roes, fish and seafood. This place seemed to have everything, and for time being, Colibri meant they could take a longer break here. The area did not hold any smell of claim or anything of that kind, and no one was there to chase them away for their mere presence. It would have been a great place to start up a new group. However, Colibri and Cercelee were simply two wolves, and a pack consisted of more than simply a duo of half lost wolves. It would have been a dream to make a living here though.

Colibri moved over a ruined bunch of rocks, the fallen pieces of a stone fence. She caught a glimpse of a small critter with long ears scatter away as it recognized the newcomers as predators. The sun was high on the blue velvet above, and the scenery was oddly tranquil compared to what the two wolves had witnessed earlier this week. The future had not been pointed out, she just knew that she felt responsibility for the ivory fae by her side. It was wrong to think so, but the good feeling from the days with Ceres had come back. Even though they had not known each other for more than a few days, Colibri felt an unique bond of friendship and trust between her and Cercelee. She would take care of this female, no matter what.

All thoughts about everything else had been put aside, and Colibri wanted nothing more than to find a suiting place for the duo to be for a time. Everyone was scattered, and if Cercelee wanted to go on, Colibri would of course not stop her. New packs and groups were probably being founded as they stood here, and even though Colibri managed being alone, it may not was what the ivory yearling wished. For now, they would at least take a break here, and see how things turned out, see if other wolves would come, or continue their journey themselves, or simply stay here. Staying. Why was that thought echoing through her head endlessly. It was a beautiful land, that was for sure, and they would not be short of everything, she could guarantee that already.

“ Such a tranquil place. I actually can’t help but thinking there should have been more of us, so that we could have started a life here as a group. This would have been the ideal pack land in my eyes.” She simply just voiced her opinion, and looked over to Cercelee, gray orbs sparkling gently with a warmth that she believed had been lost. Susquehanna had been haunting her. Or rather, Susquehanna’s scent. It was as if she had followed Colibri, but not in the flesh. It did not make any sense, but she hoped her sister had heard her call and followed. Colibri did not want to be alone any longer, not when she knew that her sister was there for her.

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The land was full of interesting areas, lush fields, shadowy forests, ghostly buildings, and the tiny harbor. This place had it all. There was a nice contrast between the abandon towns and the wild vegetation that was slowly reclaiming what the humans had left behind. So very beautiful in a tragic sort of way; this was once the home of a pack of humans long since dead, how ironic that it was the promise land for Colibri and herself. If the humans saw it now they would see their town in ruins, nothing more than rumble. It would be fitting that they had been chased from their own homes by a fierce fire, fled a land no longer worth living in, only to claim what another species would find unfit. It was perfect, exquisite. It would one day belong to them. Maybe more will come. The fantasy was appealing, there was no doubt about that. If they could find others willing to join them, all of them could start something of their very own. A home. Though they had smelt others’ scents on their journey here, they had not run into anyone else. Cercelee thought that most likely, everyone else had found their families, friends, someone else to cling to. They probably were already filing themselves away, staking claims on other lands, renaming themselves. Maybe the packs were reforming, maybe Clouded Tears had all found each other. Perhaps Colibri and Cercelee were the only two that were lost. That was alright by her. For the time being anyway. Cercelee was sure that within a couple more days she would begin to run across others, everyone just needed to get over the shock, readjust themselves. Until then, she was content to have Colibri. Childish, weak? It wasn’t either of those that drove Cercelee to follow the older female. Grown, she knew she was, knew she’d do fine on her own, she had never felt more self strength in her life really. It was a hunger, for her friend and mother and for anyone really. Hungry for company, for compassion, for kindness. Colibri would feed her all those things. Sweet and sugary came Colibri’s words, her presences was delicious. We’ll be alright on our own for a while. Although she meant those words, the hunger was bottomless, she wanted others to come, to fill her up.

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Slay paused thoughtfully, his white-tipped ears perked forward in interest. The footprints he'd seen and padded after - in the wild vegetation, he caught a glimpse of two white forms moving. He'd caught up. The wanderer watched with pale blue eyes, his ebony-furred tail hanging limp behind him. "Now what," he grumbled softly, casting an anxious look up to the sky. He desperately yearned for companionship after so many moons of solo travel, but was afraid of being caught in another whirlwind of pack politics. He knew nothing about the pair of luperci he'd tracked - only that he had to make a decision, and make it now, or else he would lose them.

The powerful black and white male tipped back his muzzle, sounding a howl that filled the valley. He wanted them to see him, to approach and accept him. That was his decision and it was too late to take it back. He then plunked down onto his haunches to wait, gazing off to one side to survey the land. It seemed like a place of new beginnings, promising and empty. The sea, the decrepit human dwellings, the overgrown weeds, it was all very interesting to the luperci who'd grown up in snow and mountains. "I could get used to this," he murmured with a small smile spreading onto his black lips.

Slay had come a long way to reach this land - his wandering had taken him from the far side of the continent. To find the sea again seemed like a sign... He wanted to stay here. He had wandered for long enough. No one would know who he was or where he came from, and he could just be himself. No more worries about taking over as alpha, no more luperci calling him by his hated old name, no more ambitious loners trying to bring him back home. Of course... Slay still had his markings, the bold black and white patterns that daubed his thick arctic fur. And there was still his condition, that would no doubt show itself sooner or later.

"Perhaps I'll always be a freak."

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I'll be waiting here to meet you

Colibri nodded as Cercelee’s soft words reached her soft, ashen ears. Maybe more would actually come. Even though this female was enough company, it would never hurt having more around. Something gnawed at Colibri, but she could not put her paw on what it was(haha, since she did not have fingers). Colibri did not doubt they would make it on their own either. She had lived life and knew how to, both alone and in groups. Her days as a beta of Clouded Tears were far from forgotten, and a part of her actually missed it. It had been good feeling responsibility and being able to drown herself in work when she was down emotionally. Being too much on her own made her depressed, because there was nothing else out there than sad thoughts and memories.

Her pale ears caught the nearby howl(not very hard to hear as it was so close), and surprise rose as she turned around. The canine was actually dangerously close, and the silver eyed female was quite surprised he had managed coming that close without being discovered. True, The two white ladies had been sort of chatty as they had made their ways, but it was far from a proper excuse. A howl could mean many things, but she could not recognize the male’s voice as all, and therefore doubted it was an actual wolf from the lands eaten by fire. Colibri gave Cer a warning glance, before slowly beginning to pad towards the wolf, that was to be found just a little bit out of sight from the direction they had come.

As the male came into view, Colibri slowly stopped and stared at him, finding his mix of color very interesting. Dominating black and white, a quite charming mix that gave him a non threatening look. That was what Colibri’s thoughts said at least. Nevertheless, looks lied, she saw it happen all the time. The ivory ex-Storm member flattened her ears halfway and let her tail rise a bit and fluff up. She was of course smaller than the male, being underneath average as a female as well for that matter, but she too could be dangerous. She loudly made her appearance, letting him know she was on her way, and stopped on a decent distance.

Black and white was accompanied with two blue orbs. Colibri was on guard, but she was not being unfriendly, as her youth days as an arrogant youth was over many years ago, and Cer actually mentioned she hoped there would be more. Three was not nearly enough wolves to create a pack, she was aware of that, but three wolves together worked better than two, at least when it came to hunting. It all depended on personality of course, although if he wanted to come with them, she would not object. He woke up her natural curiosity, and her first move was to place a delicate smile on her ivory lips, although it did not reach her cool, gray eyes. “ You called, and I answer. Can I be of any assistance?” Colibri had no reason to act like a boss upon grounds she did not (yet) see as her own, so at this point the male and the female was equal, and she would treat him properly.

Dying to meet you

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BiC: Slay couldn't keep the smile of relief from his countenance. The wolf who approached him did not jeer or snarl, she did not command him to leave, she did not immediately comment on his pelt - though surely her eyes swept over it. And best of all, of course, she was female... Since his nostrils were so overloaded with the scent of smoke and things burning, just from passing through the nearby land, he had not bothered to properly scent the tracks he'd followed. Really, he had been incredibly careless about the entire affair, but hey - he was exhausted! At least, that was his internal excuse. He could have had his throat ripped out by these two, should they have turned on him...

"I do believe so, dove. You see, I'm a newcomer to these parts, and I could really use some companionship. Perhaps you wouldn't mind me tagging along...?" He had a pleasant speaking voice, with a touch of mischief in his lilting tone.

He rose to his paws, the difference in their size becoming quite apparent. The ebony and alabaster furred male had a broad chest and powerful build, adding to his slightly-larger-than-average height. Slay however had no intention of intimidating the small female, and kept his ears and tail at a respectfully low angle. He tilted his head slightly to one side, curiously inspecting Colibri. Silver eyes. And she had arctic fur like him... Again, what irony, after traveling so far from the snowy homeland. She seemed quite wary, in juxtaposition to Slay's almost recklessly nonchalant attitude. And she was so little... Should she really be traveling in such small company? She mentioned nothing of a pack or rank, and did not have the semblance of an alpha. He could not see her companion well from this distance, but the other wolf did not seem particularly large or fearsome... Hm. An interesting state of affairs. Fate had a funny way of working things out...

"You're rather cute up close. By the way, m'name's Slay. A pleasure to meet you."

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I'll be waiting here to meet you

Colibri tilted her head slightly to the left as a response was given verbally. What she had expected was not quite this. A newcomer that wanted to tag along with the two of them. She picked up the charm in his voice with unnatural ease, but knew from experience that the sleek charming gentlemen could be among the worst. However, letting go of the natural hostility that always seemed to rise within her was necessary. As he rose to all four paws, he reminded her of how fragile her body was. She had similarities to a glass figure, so fragile looking, and it was also possible to see that she needed slightly more meat on her bones. She was doing better now than when she first had arrived at the Storm’s borders, but it took time rebuilding her resources. The obvious submissive acting of the male was making things flow in his favor.

Cercelee was about same build as Colibri, and if possible even a slight bit less than that again. Instead of muscles, they could relay on other abilities. Size was not everything, it was how you used it. The next words that escaped the oddly colored male made the four year old female furrow her eyebrows in a sort of surprised disbelief. Colibri was very aware of the fact that she was no longer the beautiful youth she used to be, although she could be halfway compared to a wine, improving by the years. She suddenly felt old, just like when Cercelee revealed that she had a granddaughter. How odd, because she felt the same as she did three years ago, she just had a few more mental scars and memories. Else from that, she was the same, was she not? Her body was healthy and strong besides the fact that she could need a few more pounds. Else from that,.. Would she soon be ready for being disposed of?

Age and females. It was impossible to run away from that very subject. However. His name was Slay, and she wondered how well that name fitted him. Her face had remained calm and cool, with the exception of the reaction to his comment on her appearance. She decided to let her little smile stay, playing in the corners of her mouth. ” Thanks, but I could easily be your mother, dear.” That was probably true as well. Of course, he was not many years younger, she could say that much, but she had only been around twelve months old when she carried her first litter. It had happened too quickly, and apparently with the wrong male since Acid had abandoned her not long after, taking with Laruku. Laruku, had he made it? His scent had still been part of Clouded Tears when she had passed her former home approximately one week ago.

” A pleasure to meet you too then, Slay.. I am Colibri.” The snowy ’doe’ threw a glance behind towards Cercelee’s position, and shrugged a bit. ” I suppose it could not hurt with a bodyguard. ” Gentle silvery eyes returned to the male.

Dying to meet you

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Colibri had wasted no time acting once the howl had sounded. The young of the two was less concerned, although it wasn’t naivety due to her age. Those who meant harm rarely announced themselves while their prey still had room and time to escape. Unless he was not alone, and they had been surround, but Cercelee had caught no scents on the wind and she was quite sure the wolf who called out to them was alone. The look of warning that Colibri shot to Cercelee amused her and comforted her. They had each other, and though individually they both were small and slim, she didn’t think a single wolf would take the two of them on at the same time. And so Cercelee took her time rising to come to the side of her friend. Lazily she hoisted herself to four paws and like a cat stretched out her long front limbs, raking the earth with her paws. The sun beating on her back felt good, and Cercelee could not bring herself to get worked up enough to hurry. For the first time in a while she felt relaxed, she wasn’t working to get anywhere or impress anyone or do anything at all. The yearling was here now, in a sunny field with a friend she had met only days before and that was enough. Slow and gracefully she padded her way to the side of the older female, her navy eyes fixated on the newcomer. . Cercelee had arrived in enough time to hear the newcomers’s introduction. Slay. She hadn’t quite heard a name like that, her own name was more complicated on one’s tongue. Allowing herself to smile lazily at the male, she looked to Colibri. If Colibri accepted him, then sure, Cercelee would as well. Cercelee. Cer nodded happily as she introduced herself, following quickly after Colibri had said her own name. There wasn’t much else for her to say or do, Colibri was taking charge again, and that was just fine. Cercelee supposed that if she voiced an opposition at this time Colibri would probably side with her, although Colibri had never said so, Cer was sure that Colibri trusted her and wouldn’t question her at this point. However, there was no opposition, he seemed to be genuine in his wish to be with others and they themselves had been day dreaming about others joining them. No opposition at all. Welcome Slay.

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At Colibri's wry retort, Slay flashed her a wink. "Who said age had anything to do with it?" The ivory-furred luperci didn't look all that old, to be honest. She just seemed world-weary, which is a very different thing in Slay's eyes. That just meant she needed something new in her life. And she was attractive, in a defensively fragile sort of way.
He then stretched luxuriously and yawned, already at ease in the two females' company. This should be fun! The younger wolf was drawing near as he relaxed, and he saw with a slight note of surprise that the two could be related... With their age difference, and the obvious similarities in their markings and build, could they be mother and child...? Slay dismissed the idea, though, because surely that would've been part of their introduction. Anyway, he wasn't one to point out resemblances. He'd had enough of his own family and of being recognized.

"So, Colibri and Cercelee... Such lovely names, for such lovely ladies. It will certainly be my honor to accompany you both, as your bodyguard and your boon companion." He met Cercelee's lazy smile with one of his own, and gave a friendly swish of his thick-furred tail. His pale blue eyes traveled back and forth between the two for a moment, silently committing them to memory in case they were separated in this unknown land. Then he yawned again, giving his heavy pelt a shake to try and wake himself up. He was always so tired... At least he had made it through the intros...

"Hm. My dears, now that we've been acquainted, have you any plans worth sharing? Are you two traveling together, or do you intend to remain in this place? I'm with you either way, of course, as I've got nothing else going on."

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I'll be waiting here to meet you

Colibri remained silent as the ivory female with the blue eyes approached the couple, offering the male her name together with a welcome. Colibri gave a nod to the male, silently greeting him into their little group. She had no problems whatsoever with Slay sticking to them. Yes, she was a bit too paranoid with strangers on even stranger grounds, but was it not natural? She had not been around for a long time, but remember a time with raping and killing. It was odd that she had not been the victim in a rape herself yet. Thankfully, she thought with a bit of humor. It did not matter in the long run, because they were all simple puppets in life, being played with by something far more complex and powerful. Cercelee was no child either, as Colibri had been both mother and on her way to becoming a pack leader at around that age. Colibri simply needed to relax.

His charming words and voice went to heat, and if she was to receive such compliments she could start accepting them and believe them instead of tossing them away with laughs and irony. She was positive to this little group. When it came to plans, Cer and Col had not come much further than taking a break by these jolly lands. Who knew what their next moves would be? “ We don’t have any concrete plans yet, but we plan to stay here for a little while, and we will either move on or stay, as these seem to be unclaimed lands. If more decide to join us, who knows? We are free to do whatever we want, really “ the female shrugged unknowingly. She did not mind any of the options that could rise up by becoming a larger group. If they actually became a larger group, they could create a completely new pack. Out of the ashes., a new bird phoenix could rise.

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Navy eyes stayed fixed on the newcomer. How eager he was to stay with them, he all but pledged his life to the two of them, it was a strange feeling. Yet, hadn’t she done the same thing, following Colibri blindly. Cercelee understood why anyone would want to bind themselves to another. Anyone, just to keep from being alone any longer. Just so that when you traveled, the sound of other footsteps would drown out your own. That was the part of traveling Cer had hated most, listening to her own footsteps, sometimes it was the only noise that she heard for a while. The loneliness of the noise drove her batty at times, and it was nice just to have the others, if only for their footsteps. Of course Cercelee was interested in more than their footsteps. Voices to talk to, bodies to stay warm against should the night grow unbearably cold. Companions. Someone other than herself to care about. Her eyes turned up towards Colibri, as she spoke of their freedom. That too was a nice feeling, knowing that they could do whatever they wished, and now she had not only one, but two people behind her, two to support her, as she would them. Life was easier if you had someone to pick you up if you fell, to pick up the slack if you grew tired. Perhaps life really was turning for the better now, bright colored flowers that grew out of the fertile ash left by the destructive flames. Turning back to Slay, she added her own ideas, oh, in her mind she had plans for these lands, but three alone could not keep other wolves from moving in. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could stay here though? Keep these lands for ourselves?

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"Finding a place as lush as this to settle down on seems quite fortunate," Slay commented, surveying the rustling grass all around them with pale gaze. There seemed to be no shortage of game, not with all the open space and untouched vegetation. He wasn't sure about larger prey, but surely this place would abound with rabbits and squirrels and mice. They could try fishing, too... So nourishment and space wouldn't be the question. It would more be a matter of others encroaching in... Would they have friendly neighbors, or would they be driven out? "We do need more wolves, to claim this as ours, though..." he murmured, voicing all three of their concerns at once.

Slay found himself yawning a third time, and when he felt the familiar weakness tingling in his knees, he realized what was about to happen. 'Oh, damn the gods a thousand times over for this blasted condition, why can't I ever have a normal pack relationship without being the pitiable freak?! I just met these two!!' he snarled inwardly, taking a shaky step to one side.

"S'cuse me fr'a moment, ladies," the tall luperci slurred, taking about three paces before collapsing onto his side.

What was the word for it again...? Oh, yes, that's right. Narcolepsy. Restless all night, drowsy all day, and falling asleep at random. Damn.

Slay's ebony-furred sides rose and fell gently in sleep, his pale eyes only half-shut with the abruptness of the onset. He would awaken in just a few minutes - the naps never lasted long - but the nightmares would take an eternity. And of course, he had no way of knowing if Colibri and Cercelee would still be standing there when he awoke. Yes, there was something wrong with him. Of course there was. He could be their faithful bodyguard, as long as he didn't pass out on the job. How pathetic... yet it was beyond his control. Pathetic.

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Breath coming fast, sides heaving, and nose to the ground, Hanna tracked her sister's scent. It was accompanied by another scent as well, but the way the identities were shed, Hanna had pretty much determined that the two were traveling partners. So it was not the proximity of a stranger to her sister, but the proximity she'd had with her sister before the Great Fire--and how near she'd come to death. She'd taken too much time packing some of her rarer herbs and grabbing her knives. She'd been hurrying along when she heard the call of Colibri, but as she'd followed, her path was suddenly barred by an enormous wall of fire. The black female had weaved her way around the debris as quickly and fluidly as she could, but she found herself walled in on all sides. Desperation clouding her senses, Hanna had stepped back against one side of the firewall, then raced forward and leaped through the other side, singeing most of the fur from her head, back, sides, stomach, and tail. The way had been clear from there, luckily, and the now 'shaved' woman had fled over the western mountain range, avoiding water, ashamed at her appearance.

Stopping for the first time in ages, Hanna drank her fill from a stream, then cocked her head and listened. She heard voices. Her heart nearly stopped as she realized that one was her sister, one was the other scent's owner, and a third? Was masculine. She hurried on, then burst into the clearing where stood her sister, another white female, and... on the ground, a male, white and black in color. "Colibri!"
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I'll be waiting here to meet you

It would have been wonderful to stay, and the newcomer male agreed, Colibri nodding into the empty air, gray eyes drifting along with the breeze gently touching the overgrown fields. Her ears flattened slightly, the possible future staring at her like a wild and cruel beast, sneering. The beast retreated as the black and white male excused himself and collapsed into the ground. Colibri shook her head and flicked with her ears, wondering if her mental absence had made her miss out on something. The rhythmic breathing of the fallen beast revealed another world that only the male could see, but Colibri had never ran into a victim of narcolepsy.

Her thoughts were once again disturbed when a well known female entered the scene and called her name. How Hanna still could care so still puzzled the silver eyed wolfess, but she did not let guilt overwhelm the happiness of still being appreciated by others, and Hanna had always been there when Colibri came back, supporting her, being a family. A smile erupted as the white female's eyes saw that the family member was unharmed, although the beautiful black fur had suffered great losses. Although the male's condition troubled her, she moved quickly to her litter mate, muzzle trailing the burned on Hanna's head and settling in her neck, where some fur was untouched. Ash filled her nostril together with burnt fur and a hint of melted skin. Still, she was alive.

" Hanna, thank you for being alive. Are you okay?"

Dying to meet you

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Everything happened so quickly, Cercelee’s mind spun as she tried to make sense of it. First the male had mumble an excuse of some sort before promptly slipping to the ground and into a deep sort of sleep. Cercelee was more puzzled than alarmed, her navy eyes shot to the older female for some sort of answer, as the year old wolf had never encountered such an act before. Yet before Colibri could speak to Cercelee, if she even had any sort of answer, another wolf appeared on the scene. Cercelee titled her head again, watching as the stranger, smelling of burnt fur and looking like a mangy dog with patches missing of her pelt missing spoke. The stranger spoke to Colibri, and Colibri spoke back, both of them obviously knew each other, and it seemed that they had even been searching for each other. Cercelee couldn’t remember Colibri mentioning any names of those from the old lands whom she was waiting for, but perhaps her mind had been elsewhere. Either way, Cercelee stayed silent, she did not know who this female was, did not know if she should interrupt the reunion. Clumsily taking a step back without looking, she felt a lump of flesh beneath her paw and remembered the sleeping Slay. Well, he probably didn’t even feel her footstep on as he slept. Side stepping and moving a bit backwards, so she was side by side with the male, instead of partially on top of him, her eyes turned back at Colibri and the stranger, although Colibri had said her name out loud. Hanna. Settling herself again, sitting with her tail wrapped neatly around her front legs like a cat, she glanced down at the slumbering wolf again. Curiously she knelt down and nudged him with a cold, black nose, then righted herself as if she hadn’t done a thing, in case he should wake at her touch. Oh, it was all so confusing, and Cercelee had no idea what to do but watch and wait for someone else to do something, anything.

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He had once again slipped into the world of nightmares... A wild and dangerous place in his mind, filled with haunting black and white figures. His ancestor's ghosts, he'd once been told. But that couldn't be true. Death was death, and dreams were dreams. There was no point in tying them together.

Silently cursing his disorder, the big male felt his eyes begin to flutter open. Something had touched him... Was someone there, on the other side? He needed to wake up, then. The shorter the nap, the less explaining he had to do to... to who...? There had been others with him... That's right, there were two! And... they were... white, right? White fur, mostly? Females... with fancy names, starting with... 'S'? No, 'C', definitely 'C'... Col... Cer... Cer-cel... and Co... Lib... Slay struggled to pull himself from the sudden slumber. It always made him feel so heavy... Like he was trying to climb up through a snowbank, but all the snow kept dragging him down again.

"Cercelee and Colibri!"

He wasn't sure if he shouted the names aloud or if it was the sudden flood of memory, but Slay sat bolt upright, awake again. His icy blue eyes blinked at the bright light, disoriented. What had happened? How long was he unconscious? It couldn't have been long, there were still other wolves -

There was another. While he so foolishly slept, a stranger had approached! The black fur of his ruff rose aggressively, even though he could see the older female, Colibri, greeting her familiarly. What if she had been hostile? Slay had already failed the only duty he'd ever accepted, to be a protector... He slowly let the growl die in his throat, and glanced away. No harm, no foul. But still...

Ah, that's where Cercelee was. Right beside him. Slay blinked at the pretty female, offering her a lop-sided smile. Was she the one that touched him?
"Did you... You didn't happen to... How long were you standing there? Sorry 'bout that, it happens rather frequently..."

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