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Theme: Tribesmembers are escaping their huts to seek refuge elsewhere, for example the Town Hall.
Date: February 6th
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The storm had been building, and Dawali had been ignoring it. They were not far from the ocean, and in his time here Dawali had come to stop being surprised at the harshness of the wind and the piercing cold that accompanied it in these regions. It was nothing like winter inland, it was wilder and more unpredictable. But the Chief had come to realize quite abruptly this morning that this was no place for him and his recent little family to stay. He had packed some things, and satchels of belongings made it harder to traverse the snowy ground in front of him as he made his way to the Town Hall. His call to the pack still lingered in the air, but he had no idea if it could reach as far as usual through the rising storm. Without a doubt, the Town Hall was the safest building around. The storm had been too quick for his preparations, and he had aborted them halfway, now moving as fast as he could towards that blazing beacon that was the Great Fire. The winds picked up as he moved, and he could hear the creaking of collapsing huts as he passed them. Why had this storm come? There had been plenty of signs, perhaps, but he had ignored them. Would the earth punish him and his tribe now, for his wrongdoings? They were not clearly defined thoughts, but they had lingered in his mind ever since he realized the severity of this weather, and even now as he focused to get him and the two pups safely inside, they followed close behind.

The two children were faster tham him, but also much lighter than him. For every gust of wind he worried they could be swept along and become lost in the whirling snows. Had it not been for the struggling flames of the Great Fire ahead, Dawali would not have known where he was headed, for he could barely see two feet in front of him. Should any of the pups get lost in the snowy chaos, he would be completely unable to find them. His gaze was cast downward always as he moved with labored steps in the thickening layers of snow at his feet, both to keep an eye on the two small forms (especially Ayasha's, whose white pelt made her look as if she disappeared and reappeared every second moment), and to shield his eyes from the snow that struck his face like projectiles. Sometimes, the old male glanced ahead, making sure the Great Fire was still leading him to safety.

This time, he glanced upwards at the creak of a nearby hut, only to see a plank swing into his path with great speed and strike his left hind leg with tremendous force. The Chief dropped what he carried and howled as pain spiked from the shin and in all directions along it, and he collapsed with his hands wrapped around the injury. Long moments passed as he rolled and groaned, before he could compose himself from the shock and the pain. He panted as he reluctantly let go of the leg and tried to look at it, only to mentally state the obvious; it was broken. A look around revealed the cause, a piece of someone's hut; it had struck him on its way down, helped by the winds, and now lay innocently in the snow next to him. He managed to get himsef up on one leg now, using the very same plank as a walking stick for support, though he was unsteady as the winds passed by his slender form. The Chief simultaneously picked up his satchel and looked around for the pups. Satisfied, he believed he could see both their little forms at his feet, though the snows ripped at his the sore skin on his stomach and face now for each moment that passed, and the total pain of it made him struggle for focus. "My leg is broken. We have to move more slowly now, okay? But just stay close, it's not far I think," he said, limping now as effectively as he could. He would try and keep in control of this for the pups' sake, refusing to worry them further. They were close, though. Likely, this last bit would feel as long as the one they had just completed, but inside was food and medical supplies - and hopefully other tribesmembers that could help. He did not intend to limp for the rest of his life. If he was lucky, one of them would be willing to treat him under his instructions.

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Sakari wasn't sure what was going on. She wasn't used to such destructive storms pack in the Great Tribe. Then again she wasn't exactly old enough to have experienced too many of them. All she could do was lay and watch Dawali move around the hut in preparation for something. Though she had no idea what that something actually was. It wasn't until he made to move out that she got up and followed. She had her blanket wrapped around her small body as always. Though once she stepped out into the wind that became difficult to keep on her. She actually had to hold it in her teeth as she tried to keep her head bowed against the wind and snow that was getting whipped into her face.

Whenever a violent wind tore through she had to stop so that she could just focus on keeping a hold on her blanket, even having to step on it just so that she would still have it instead of losing it. Of course that action caused her to become unwrapped so she just had to hope her uncle would forgive her since she was trying her best to keep wrapped up. This storm just wasn't allowing for it.

When the leader howled Sakari stopped any progress that she had made. She moved over to her uncle and tried to nuzzle him when she found him on the ground. "Edusti Tsugi?" Her voice betrayed her. It held all of the worry and fear and concern contained within her little body. She had no idea what was going on. All she knew was that her uncle was hurt and there was nothing that she could do about it. Nothing but sitting down next to him and whining.

Eventually he got up and Sakari picked up her blanket which she had been sitting on to keep it from getting away. Every few steps she would glance up at her uncle, making sure to stick right next to his side the whole way there. Even once they reached the town hall and were inside she refused to be separated from his side.


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She knew about the storm beforehand, the horses were all unsettled, and the cows… well they were plain stupid. Liliana didn’t come home the night before, she was worried as the winds had started picking up. Then the snow came. It wasn’t so bad until it started snowing even harder. She was doing her best to keep the ponies and horses calm. She cared for each one as well as she could, making sure they had food and water at all times, but kept them penned up. Both the front and back doors were closed so she found herself basically trapped in the stables, but she didn’t mind. She was so worried about the horses she wasn’t thinking about Nayati and how he was faring. She was putting on the blankets that Theodoric had made for the horses when she felt the stables shudder from a hard blast of wind. She didn’t know what to do, this was not a safe place, but she didn’t want the horses to get hurt. She was responsible for them so she decided to stay there, no matter what, she had to make sure they were ok.

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The snow and winds had started the day before, and Liliana had spent the night in the stables to care for the horses. Nayati had not been particularly happy with this decision, even if he did understand and admire his mate's devotion to the animals that were in her care. There was a deep worry in the man's gut and he had a feeling that this was no simple snowstorm that would leave the area in the matter of a day. Snow had begun to build up somewhat heavily on the hut and for the morning he had done his best to knock it off the roof, but soon it became clear that this was a lost cause. The wind continued to blow dangerously and all over he could hear the groaning and creaking of huts that were straining against the snow and the wind. Their homes would not stand much longer, the Gadui Kanati gravely realized.

Nayati ducked back inside and began to pack up their belongings hurriedly. There wasn't much time, but he simply couldn't leave some of their things behind. They would need their furs to keep warm, and he could not leave behind the dreamcatcher that Lili had made for him. Then of course there was the master hunter spear. The Utina packed up as many of their belongings as he could, his bow and quiver across his back. He carefully wrapped the spear in a pelt and then grabbed as many other large furs as he could. He was weighed down, and there were still things that he could not carry, but at that moment a tear appeared in the ceiling of their hut and snow poured in. Cursing under his breath he left his home and moved quickly to deposit his and Liliana's belongings at the Town Hall, the place Dawali had called for them to congregate at.

It took time to reach the town hall, but when he did he dropped all he had brought in a pile and ran back out the door. Liliana was still at the stables and she couldn't stay there either. It may have been more sturdy than the huts, but it still was not safe, not in this weather. The snow stuck to his fur and stung at his eyes and the cold burned his lungs, but he pushed his body to move as fast as it could. He reached the stables finally and wiped his face at the momentary reprieve from the snow. "Lili, you have to come to the Town Hall, it's not safe. Our hut is collapsing, they all are." Nayati took his mate's hand, but she was still wanting to stay here with the horses. The Utina cared for the animals as well, his eyes shooting to Iye, but when it came down to it her own life was more important than all of theirs. Especially to him. "Liliana, we have to go. Now." He did not like using force, but he was not going to let her stay here. The Gadui Kanati pulled on his mate's arm, bringing her out of the stables and leading her in the direction of the Town Hall.

When the pair finally reached the hall again Nayati sat down by their belongings and bowed his head. It had all seemed to happen so quickly. Their hut was falling, if it hadn't already. Of course he had intended to build them a bigger one anyway, but that didn't mean that having this one torn away was an easy thing. The man sighed, looking up at his mate, his eyes asked her to come and sit with him so he could hold her close. He wasn't sure if she was mad at him for making her leave the stables, but he was not going to risk losing her too.

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Ayasha walked along with Dawali and Sakari in the blowing winds. It was hard for her to stay upright at times with how little she was. She almost screamed when the board came swinging down at Dawali. She stopped and nuzzled him. "Are you OK, Dawali?" Though she could tell that there was something wrong and that he was in pain. She was cold and frightened. She wished she had thought of bringing a blanket. She hoped they were close. Dawali was obviously having trouble staying upright. She stuck as close to Dawali as she could.

She glanced over at her new friend. "Are you OK, Sakari?" She shivered. She thought about voicing her discomfort but realized that they could both tell she was cold. She was also starting to get hungry. She really didn't want to get lost. She whimpered slightly. What if they die out here? Who would find them?

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Snowy time >:3

Ralla had expected the terrible winds that followed the peaceful calm of drifting snow. Her original home had been blizzard-prone, but Ralla had forseen through her dreams the coming of nature's sleeping breath. Why had she not warned her tribe? She had, in ways that made it seem as if she were just slipping the information in; warning some of them to stay close to home, commenting on the coming weather. Had she just outright exclaimed 'Terrible weather is coming!' and nothing came, what was she supposed to answer to? But she should've known not to doubt her instincts and visions; they had never led her wrong before. So now the wind whipped and howled outside of her tree hut, making the thatch and clay roof shudder. It was a fairly new hut--not even a half year old--and made from the dried clay brick of the earth and strong branches of the trees.

In light of the weather, Ralla had taken down the tarp that tented over the log supply beneath her red oak tree and instead tied it down over the logs, stakes driven through into the earth to keep the tarp from blowing away. The fire pit beneath the tree had been tamped out by the wind itself, and Ralla had taken up her rope ladder--recently fixed--and secured most everything else in anticipation of the harsh weather. She had never had to worry about such preperations in her previous home--having been young and born for a higher position, others had done such for her--but she knew what needed to be done. But her windows...they were bare but for a layers of blankets that she had hastily covered them with and some nails keeping them down. The wind beat at them, making their slight leeway give. Inside was disturbingly still but for the tallow candles burning dimly in their corners. It was then that Ralla wished she had a metal bowl to make a small fire, which was followed by the logical thought that she couldn't open up her roof in the first place to let the smoke out.

She was alone and trapped.

Not really, she tried to console herself. It's only until this storm lets up... In response, a particularily loud blast came by with a loud falling sound landing on the roof, supposedly some snow previously kept up by the branches falling onto the roof, making Ralla flinch. She sighed and rechecked the blankets over the windows and the door before crawling over to her hammock, layering herself with blankets to keep warm. True, her winter coat was thick because of her birth and the season--it would last her so long as she didn't get wet again--but then other issues popped up. What if the storm lasted longer than a few days? It was not unheard of. What would she do for food? A day or two without food would be fine, but she had not had the heart to take from the Town Hall for an emergency that might not've even passed. And the hunting had been slim... That had been another sign; many animals gone and already hunkered down.

Ralla ears twitched as she thought she heard a howl come floating on the winds, but she chalked it up to the wind; it was like a hundred phantasmic wolves, all baying as if in chase of invisible prey or in flight from spring. She wondered if everyone else was alright? Her tribe? Kemo? Sugar? They all must be so frightened... And she had failed to convey her visions... When will my failures end? "Unequa, hineyu watsi deli gohi anilasdalv. Anasgvti nigada ihesdi niganayegvna," she prayed.

Moon walks. "Moon talks." Moon thinks.

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The creaking and groaning of her tiny hut was worrying the chocolate coloured female as she hurried to collect odds and ends. Her nimble hands grasped her leather satchel, tearing thing open so quickly she was sure it would break. In it she had stuffed a small axe and knife, a few scraps of food that she could find, some of her personal possessions, and the latest to be added: a small bundle of blue feathers. A few bits of cord secured blankets to the satchel and she was ready. All of this had taken her approximately 1 minute to quickly throw together. She suddenly felt eyes watching her and turning she found her guide watching her with his bright red eyes, "you can't stay any longer, get going" his voice seemed to carry calmly over the howling winds.

Her bright blue eyes glanced from the snake to the door, the blanket covering it having long since been blown off. There was no way she was going to blunder around in that blizzard on two legs. It would be better close to the ground and with more weight to avoid being tossed around. Ocèane concentrated as her bones began shifting, muscles building and shrinking. She dropped to the ground as her body shed it's bipedal appearance and became thicker and heavier in her secui form. With no time to lose, after completing what was probably the fastest shift she had ever done in her life, she snatched the bundle of supplies and threw it across her back were it fit snugly. She darted out of her hut and into the village streets.

Outside was chaos, snow was whirling so fast it created a whiteout. She couldn't see much except for the vague outlines of the tops of buildings. There was the sound of crashing and wood splintering, she whipped her head around to see her hut collapse in on itself and send debris flying into the angry wind. She was momentarily paralyzed, unsure of which way to go having lost her bearings. A howl cut through the air, it was Dawali. A little relieved she set off in the direction of the Kalona's voice. With powerful strides she pushed through the blizzard. Soon she could see the dim light of the Great Fire, a beacon leading her to the town hall. But where was Claudius? If she reached the town hall and he wasn't there she would have to go and find him. It wasn't safe for anyone to be outside of the hall in weather like this.

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