Trapped - digging out the Town Hall

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This is the thread where those who took refuge in the Town Hall dig themselves out. Dated to February 8th/9th. More info here. 500+

Two days. Two days the members of the tribe had spend huddled in the sturdy hall, waiting for the storm to pass. Well, not every member of AniWaya was present and Nayati prayed that those who had not made it here were alright. He also prayed that the stable was withstanding the storm and the horses that it housed as well. Losing Iye had never been something he had worried about, but now that was a very real possibility and such a chance left a very real ache in his chest. The dapple grey stallion had been his horse for so long, he could not imagine losing him and having to find another. The worst part was having to sit in here and be unable to do anything. The Gadui Kanati was a man of action, not one used to or prone to idleness. This may have been a necessary evil, but it was one that he enjoyed no more for that fact. The only good thing was that he had Liliana with him. Even poor Dawali had broken his leg on his way to the hall.

They had had food stores in here, so they had had things to eat as well as melted snow to drink, but hunger still gnawed at his insides. The hunter wanted a fresh kill, fresh meat to bring to his people, but here he was stuck inside these walls while the winter raged outside. Nayati tried to occupy himself as best he could, but still nervous energy built up inside his muscles and bones, urging him to act. The atmosphere inside the Town Hall did not help this. There was a miasma of discomfort thick in the air. When would the snow stop? Would it ever? At this point it nearly seemed that they would all be buried alive here. The Utina's jaw had become hard and set, his teetch clenching together, his shoulders tense and his mood ready to burst into fire at even the slightest spark.

Evening was falling, at least that is what his internal clock was telling him, and he was laying on his back, staring at the unchanging ceiling of the hall. Suddenly the man felt an acute presence and he turned to see Onawa's large steel-blue eyes staring him right in the face. His Spirit Guide had been absent since the storm had started, but of course there had been no cause to be concerned for her health. "It has stopped." Nayati shot up into a seated position. It was over. The hunter looked around to his fellow tribesmembers. "The storm has stopped," he said, repeating the news he had just received. "The snows are very deep though. You will need to dig yourselves out from this place." He was not surprised to hear this, and really he was just happy to know that he could start doing something.

The Gadui Kanati stood up, his eyes searching for where there might be some shovels or other digging tools stored in the building. "We need to start digging ourselves out of here. Who will help me?" They would likely need to climb up and exit and window and then work outside to clear the main entrance. It would be hard, cold work, but it needed to be done.

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Liliana was worried out of her skin. She was hoping the stables had stood through out the storm, and right now she had no way of knowing. Ouray clearly stuck to her, as she felt his presense, and refused to go out, even if he couldn’t get could. Liliana couldn’t help but mutter under her breath and she paced back and forth unsure of what to do. She could not sit still and seeing the unease in Nayati’s form made her worry even more. The young woman could tell everyone in the hall was at ends. Poor Dawali had broken a leg, and she wished she could do something for him, but she knew little of the wolf anatomy so she wasn’t going to try to help him by blindly doing something she thought would work.

It was what Nayati said that woke her from stupor. She heard him say it had stopped, and her ears perked up right away. She moved beside him, and his next words were something she wasn’t entirely ready for. They had to dig themselves out… now she was entirely scared for the horses, that old barn, it couldn’t possibly hold all that snow… and she’d penned them up and everything they were sitting ducks in there.

I’ll help, what do you want me to do?

She had no experience in being snowed in. Her parents always seemed to have a sixth sense for things like storms of that caliper. So she was in the hands of her mate in instructions… yet again. She wasn’t unhappy about it, in fact if she had to do this again, she’d know and remember, and she’d utilize it later on if she really had to. For now though she was all ears to hear what the hunter had to say. She wanted out as soon as possible, she wanted to make sure the horses were fine.

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The Chief groaned, one russet hand stroking his leg absent-mindedly. He had treated many leg fractures in his life, but he had never broken anything himself. He had always considered himself lucky for this, for more than one reason. Many times, he had listed the number of reasons why a patient needed to sit still and be patient - give time to allow the wound to heal. Now, as he could easily sense Nayati's itch to act, Dawali found it incredibly difficult to heed his own advice. Damn his own knowledge! He knew what would happen if he did not remain still, but it was hopeless for a male in his position. He had to do something, the very bones in him said so. But could he live with himself if he gave himself a lifelong limp?

At least he could tell them where the food was found and what he needed to treat his leg. They brought him his herbs and seeds and a metal holder for boiling water he had salvaged from the city. Now that the bone was broken back into place, there wasn't much to do than to treat the little wound, ease the pain and swelling, and sit very, very still. They had nothing to use for propping the leg up, and no sticks to lash onto it for support. His poultice was doing its work though, soothing the pain as well. Now, the aches were from sitting still. He was not used to this.

The two children stayed near him and the warmth of their little bodies was soothing - at least his newly established family was safe. Time passed as he groaned and they all shivered, but he gave them his part of the little food that was there, and he did not think they starved. Out of nowhere, Dawali's ears perked at Nayati's words. He immediately stretched his neck from his seat to attempt to look out the window, but it was futile. Others seemed excited too, and Liliana immediately offered her assistance. He could understand her very real urge to get outside and check on the animals. "There are shovels and other tools under the blankets in the back," Dawali said, gesturing towards a large bundle towards the back wall. "Just check out the window first. The winds could still be dangerous." He would not have them get hurt because they were too eager. Better safe than sorry.

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IC: Ayasha was curled up against Dawali, sharing what little warmth she could provide to him. She was careful not to jostle his leg. She figured that it would hurt a lot. She promised herself that she would help him however she could. And right now that meant curling up next to him and not worrying him. She did find it cute that he shared his food with her and Sakari. She was cozily snuggled against Dawali when an adult she didn't know said the storm was over.

She looked up happily at the news but her face fell at needing to dig themselves out. She glanced between Dawali and this other male, torn. On the one hand, she wanted to help the tribe however she could but she was small and snow colored and so would most likely be more of a nuisance than a help. Plus, she was comfortable and helping Dawali. she looked at the adults. "I wanna help but Dawali needs me. Plus, I'm little." She doubted that she could be much help digging out. So she went back to snuggling against Dawali.

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There wasn't much that she could do. That anyone could do. They were all just sitting around and waiting. And just like everyone else she was tired of sitting around and wanted to get up and do something as well. After all she had always made sure to keep a blanket on just so that she could go out and play instead of being cooped up inside all of the time. Now all of that seemed for naught since they all were just sitting around and stuck inside now.

She stayed close to her uncle's side, even sharing her blanket with him when he would shiver. She had already lost Meda and Hvnii now she hoped that she didn't lose Dawali as well. Every so often she found herself glancing up at her uncle to check up on him and make sure that he was still there and breathing. She was worried and it showed. She wanted to be able to do something to help but she didn't exactly have the ability to do so right now. She wanted to be a great healer just like her uncle but she was unable to do anything for him. All she could do was sit by and watch as he sat there in pain and discomfort.

The small girl napped often since there was nothing else to do but once others started moving and talking about ways to get up she ended up raising up her head and shaking off the last dregs of sleep. She yawned and glanced to those that were speaking before looking up at her uncle. "I'll help if I can." She volunteered as she got up. She slipped out from under her blanket, letting Dawali keep it, and moved over to the other two adults. Her small body shivered from the cold but she had a look of determination on her face.


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A heavy weight seemed to be lifted from everyone in the hall once he had said the news aloud. They were all eager to be rid of being stuck in this place. It was unfortunate that they had been snowed into the building, but the hunter was only glad that something could finally be done about their situation instead of having to play the "wait and see" game. Liliana immediately offered her help and he knew that she was anxious to get out and check on the horses and other animals as soon as she could. He had taken her away from them, and would get her back to them as soon as he possible could. Dawali told him where the tools were and he quickly went and gathered the shovels and other things up, depositing them centrally in the room.

As he looked over what they had, the two pups chimed in. One was content to stay beside the injured Kalona, but the other seemed ready to do her part in helping out. Nayati offered both the girls a warm smile. "I think you both can stay with Dawali for now. Once I get outside and have a look around I'll have a better idea of what we are up against. If there's anything you can do though, I will let you know." He wasn't about to put the young ones to work unless it were absolutely necessary. It was best if they stay with Dawali and keep warm.

Placing a couple of shovels by the wall, he looked back to his mate. "I'll climb out and have a look around, then I'll come and help you out if it's safe." With some effort, he pulled himself up and out the window of the Town Hall and immediately felt the harsh bite of the cold wind against his fur, but it was nothing compared to what it had been before. The snow was very deep, and his feet and legs sank into it, but he trudged around to the front of the building. It would take some time, but they would be able to dig themselves out. Nayati walked back to the window and stuck his head back in. "I think we can get started. If you hand me the shovels first Lili, then I'll help you out." If only there were more bodies to help, but there was nothing that could be done about that.

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Liliana was there to be told what to do. She was slightly disappointed when the only other volunteers were the pups but what could they do, the others were probably so devastated that they did not notice what was going on. Nayati wen to where Dawali indicated shovels were and came back putting them in the middle of the room, bringing only two with him and leaning them on the wall. She listened as he told her what he was going to do and he pulled himself out of the window. She waited patiently, though she wanted to get out and do something. Then Nayati stuck his head in instructing her to hand up the shovels first, which she did. Then she pulled herself through the window with the said help that Nayati had voiced to her. Looking around, she could barely tell what was what anymore. The snow was so high. Ok lets get everyone out.

She said, though her body just wanted to wade through the snow and go to the stables, but she would not abandon her people like that. The animals could wait. She moved through the snow where Nayati had passed through before. Seeing the door, she groaned slightly. She couldn’t really see the door, but she knew it was there… and it was going to take a long time to dig out, so she started, going closest to the door first, moving the snow to the side of where the door was, so that it was out of the way.

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Sorry I'm late! But Claudius is hereee to the rescue! :)

Claudius had been sleeping for hours now. He had been trying to pretend he was home in his comfortable den, but could not fool himself to believing something that was obviously a lie. He had made the trek to the village when the snowstorm had not yet hit, hoping he could possibly try and find his sister or Liliana. He’d grown bored being alone, something he’d never expected, but ended up in the town hall when the snowstorm hit. He clutched his mason jar of dye like a security blanket, curled up around it in a corner where he hoped no one would bother him. It had been quiet, too, for a while.

He could hear voices at the edge of his consciousness talking about digging themselves out of the town hall. Groggily, Claudius began to wake up. He was taking his time re-acquainting himself with the surrounding environment when suddenly: a cold wind! He sat straight up and felt a single shiver crawl down his spine. He pulled his legs out from under him, stood up, and and leaned against a wall. He saw Liliana emerge from another part of the town hall with two shovels and then climb out the window. Claudius quickly retraced her steps and found another shovel for himself. He carried it to the window, stuck his head out and saw Liliana disappear around the other side of the town hall. He threw the shovel through the window and then climbed through awkwardly. He ended up tripping over his feet – since he was not very proficient in climbing through windows in his Optime form – but regained his balance and stood up. He picked up the shovel and carefully walked around to the front of the town hall. He poked his head around the side and inched closer.

“I’ll help,” he said quietly. He held the shovel in his hands, hoping he might be of use.


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She had offered her help but there turned out to be nothing for her to do. Her offered had been denied so she could do nothing but go back over to her uncle and cuddle up next to him. She slipped back beneath her blanket in order to stay warm while she waited. She glanced back at her uncle again. She figured that he wished that he could get out there and help as well. The small girl would chance a guess that her uncle didn't like being stuck without something to do. That he didn't like being stuck without some way to help as well. But with his injury there wasn't anything to do and because of her size, plus the inability to shift, they didn't need her help.

She shifted around to curl up tightly and just play the waiting game again. Just another month and she would be at the age to start shifting. Another month and perhaps they would have let her help out. Another month and she would move up into the adult ranks. She simply had to deal with waiting until then to be of any use to the tribe it seemed.

She stayed cuddled up next to her uncle. This waiting was getting hard to do. But she refrained from going to sleep and simply stared at the doorway instead, waiting for a break through to be made. She was watching and waiting to see if the others could break through from the other side. What else was there for her to do? She glanced up to Dawali for a moment before focusing on the door once more. She remained silent as she waited, uncertain of what words to give to help in this situation. She just yawned and rested her head on her paws.


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